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Fire water pumps General Requirements

The selected company will be required to design, fabricate and test the equipment in
compliance with Mustang Canada Inc. and Husky Energy requirements.

Scope of Work

1) The major scope of work items shall include design, fabrication, inspection, testing
and certification of the Firewater Pumps Packages. Each Firewater Pump Package
will be NFPA 20 compliant and shall consist of a complete packaged unit, complete
with all auxiliary equipment necessary to make it a safe and operable, standalone

2) The Firewater Pumps shall be of an electric submersible type with the capability to
meet the following conditions:
Service Duty Qty Flow
Cont. 3 1300
160 m
58 m

3) The Firewater Pump Diesel Generators will be mounted on a skid, which will be
installed in an A60 rated room, located on the cellar deck area of the WHP. The skid
shall be complete with all ancillary equipment, controls and instrumentation.

4) Each package shall be complete with, but not limited to the following equipment and
Centrifugal, vertical turbine pump c/w coarse suction strainer
Pump discharge column riser, head with flanged outlet nozzle and surface
Mechanical Seal
Diesel engine generator for submersible motor
Motor cooling, seal flushing and bearing lubrication system incl. oil
circulationunit/header tank as required
Automatic air release and vacuum breaker valve
Caisson chemical dosing piping and dosing ring
Instrumentation for protection and monitoring
Primary and Secondary starting systems suitable for black start
24 hour diesel day tank sized based on full load fuel consumption
All electrical / instrument cabling, junction boxes, terminals and accessories
Suitable for installation in a Class IZone 2 hazardous Area and shall be certified
per CSA requirements.
Earthing bosses for the skid and earthing of individual items
Mechanical, structural, electrical and internal process design of equipment
Fire suppression system (for diesel generator enclosures)
Spreader bars, slings and shackles for installation of the skid using single point
Material selection in accordance with Project Specifications
Dedicated combustion air intake with rig-saver, separate from
ventilation/cooling air supply for enclosure.
All necessary piping, fittings and valves.
Mounting on a structural steel skid, with vibration isolating mounts.
First fill lubricants and consumables (Buyer Approved).
Torsional analysis, covering the entire operating range of the unit.
Fabrication and assembly of the complete package.
Protective coating in accordance with Project Specifications.
Tagging in accordance with Project Specifications.
Inspection, Testing and Certification.
All necessary F&G detection devices as per Project Specifications (for diesel
generator enclosures)