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Lesson 13 Reading Math; Add and Subtract Science: Air & Weather November 9-13, 2009

Grammar / Language: Days of the Week and Months of the year (all need
to be capitalized because they are specific NO SCHOOL

Mrs.Greenhaw’s Knowledge Munchers COME JOIN US TONIGHT

WITH A SHORT PTO meeting Math homework: PRACTICE
adding and subtracting with
and without pictures and /
or manipulatives. Also, re-
Reading Stories: member to be counting by
Spelling Words: 1,2, 5 and 10 forwards and
1.chip 1. “Rich Gets Big” pages 16-23
backwards. The kids have a
difficult time counting
2.chin 2. “A Butterfly Grows” pages 28-45 backwards in written form
and filling in the number..
3.inch 3. “Caterpillars” pages 46-49 IT IS CRUCIAL that we also
4.such 4. Complete Think Critically ?’s on page 44 (Due make MATH A PRIORTITY
TOO. We all know we have
5.catch Thursday) to be able to add and sub-
6.match 5. Complete Comparing texts and writing activity on tract to function in the
world. Think about all the
7.wish page 48 (Due Thursday) ways you deal with numbers Remember all Spelling homework is due on Friday* everyday: knowing how
much money to give to a
9.saw As we go along, we may add, but I would never cashier, how much change
ask your child do more than what I thought they to expect, balancing check
10.were book, how to tell time, radio
could handle. Homework should not take long.
station, dial a phone num-
AM– Accelerated Math Please don’t spend more than an hour on homework ber, calendar, etc. Make a
list with your child of all the
We will begin this program at night. You may need to encourage and help
ways we use numbers.
soon. Your child already has a them adjust and pick up their pace with writing /
print out behind their green
motor skills. If it is taking longer, are they Strategies for adding:
pocket in their binders. Chil-
focusing? Do they have a tv or ipod or computer 1. Say big number and
dren may work their problems
out on the paper and circle or something or someone that is distracting them count on.

and keeping them from doing their best? This 2. Use number line, but
their answers. They will be
still say big number, put
given a scan tron card to routine establishes a lot and gets things set in finger on big number
mark / bubble their answers. place for the future that I assure you will make and move over on num-
This is a program that will ber line counting on.
your life a little easier each and every year as
allow your child to have addi- 3. “flip it” so if you have
there is always a little more challenge each year. 2+3=5, and to flip it we
tional practice on things they
say 3+2=5 (2 and
need extra help with or ad- Get into good practices and habits, if for no other
3 are addends and 5 is
vance onto new topics at reason for your sanity. If they don’t do their the sum) This will help
their own pace. homework now, can you imagine what it will be like with fact families and
multiplication later.
AR –Your child should be trying with 8th grade Algebra, Science, Social Studies
to take 1 test per day minimum. It and Journalism (writing) classes and try to do
More things to work on…
would be ideal if they read it at sports at night with all that. Make it easier and
home the night before, but that has Fluency: phrasing
less stressful now on you and your child. I will be
not been the case for everyone. I (grouping more than word
will require them to read and teak happy to offer strategies through a conference if together at a time when
tests everyday whether they have you would like. Just call or e-mail and set up an reading aloud). We are
read it at home or at school. appointment. I want the BEST for your kids. I also working on speed,
Many times if they are reading at work hard for them and with them. Please accuracy, details, and
school, I have read it to them, with
them, and they have read it. , or I continue to always encourage them, not to just do reading with emotion
according to endmarks.
have a peer tutor work with them their work or to just get it done, but to do their
and read it to them, with them best. Thanks as always for your continued support.
and listen to them read it by
I love my job! :) It is more like a hobby. I am so
themselves before I allow them to
blessed to have the opportunity to help your children learn and be
take a test. a test on it. I hope
this explains my process for you. the best they can be. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you
and your children.
e web!!
We’re on th rtelementa

Please read an AR / library book every night. I think we only have a hand full of
students in our class fulfilling this obligation. It needs to become a priority and
part of your child’s responsibility. You can help by asking them what the name of
the book is that they brought / bring home is, and ask them to tell you about it.
For example, they should be able to tell you the characters (who or what is in the
story they read), the setting, what happened at the beginning of the story, in the
middle of the story, and at the end of the story. They should also be able to write
a summary using these words along with that. First, …. Next, … Then,…. Last (or
Finally or At the end of the story,….) Those words should be the beginning of each
sentence and then I liked or did not like this book because….. And then…. My fa-
vorite part of the book / story was….. PLEASE HELP ME HELP YOUR CHILD. If
your child sees and thinks you think this is important and sees that you care about
this, then they will make it priority and a responsibility and be more likely to do
this without you having to harp on them and remind them. We need to get into the
habit of reading everynight and create lifelong readers. Reading is a skill and a
strategy that helps us to advance in life. We learn from reading and writing.
Think about what all you read everyday: menu at McDonald’s, bank statement,
newspaper, text on televisions, phone, e-mails, computer, we read more than we re-
alize. Have you thought about it that way? Please don’t take this time to practice
for granted. This is a seed, a positive seed we are planting and wanting and hoping
to blossom into endless opportunities. You have wonderful children and I want us to
work as a team to help your kids be the best they can be at anything they choose
to pursue.

Also, the students will finished. day. I have

have fluency folders with There are several timers,
passages soon. Our hope many ways you but batteries do
and request is that you can do this. not last as long
will listen to your child You can pur- as I would like
read, time your child and chase $1 tim- and sometimes it
write down (keep a log) ers from the cost more to
of how many words they Dollar Tree to replace the bat-
read in a minute. You time them Read Fiction or Non-Fiction tery than it
Books, but nourish your
could use timers on mi- reading. If brains!! :) does to just re-
crowaves, count to 60 they bring a place the timer.
slow in your mind and timer home from school, This will help them
then mark where they please return it the next tremendously.