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12 Week Financial Freedom Plan

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Surviving the U.S. Dollar Collapse
Do we continue motoring on as usual when we know the ship is sinking? Making life changes
to improve our and our familys resilience to the problems that are inevitably coming is only
There is much to support the fact that the collapse of the U.S. Dollar is a certainty, and will
occur in 2 years or less. When the collapse occurs, dollars (and all other fiat currencies) will not
be accepted unlike hard assets like precious metals, especially gold, which I am buying.
1) This is what happened in Zimbabwe when their currency collapsed:
2) This video details what will happen in the United States:
Personally, I foresee the U.S. borders being closed in less than 3 years, before the Mark of the
Beast (i.e. the RFID Chip) is required to be implanted into all citizens. Obama enacted the chip
requirement on March 23, 2013, which must be carried out within 36 months. Source:
SovereignMan ( ) is a website that I find quite valuable to find
out what is going on in the world and what steps we need to take to help ourselves. Simon
Black's reporting relates to endtimes issues that are impacting out lives and freedom right now.
We are at critical point where we still have options in determining the future of our lives. One
never know when those options are taken away.
Mr. Black offers solutions to solve these isues, and there are many more solutions if one does a
little research online. The bottom line is that Blacks website is a great resource for us Christians
to map out a plan of action to drastically improve our future before we cannot. Certainly Mr.
Black wants to sell his annual newsletter subscription, but he provides a lot of free information
that is invaluable.
In early April 2014, I left the U.S. permanently, and relocated to Playas de Tijuana, BC, Mexico;
my wife and daughter are already in South Mexico. We will relocate to Chile after my daugher
finishes school in early June.
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12 Week Financial Freedom Plan

There are many countries, especially in South America, that offer more freedom than the USA,
have better medical services at reasonable prices, and are safer places to live when the world
worsens. There is not doubt that these countries will be better off financially to handle the
endtimes events. Chile, for example, has debt vs GDP of only 12.8% versus the USA sits at
101.53%. These statistics are from the end of 2012, and the U.S. is certainly worse off now as
the Feds have printed a lot more currency (i.e. further dilututing our wealth).
My first priority, now that I have left the U.S., is to secure a 2nd citizenship/residency, and my
2nd priority is relocating to Chile. As far as my income stream, I have already gone global and
through a non-U.S. based company. I never want the U.S. Government to have the ability to
shutdown my business again as Obama did by mandating additional licensing to do the same
business that I had been doing for 8-years. This means staying out of "licensed" business
activities like being a mortgage broker, which I was doing when the mandate came down.
Relocating outside the U.S. and securing a non-U.S. based income stream is part of my solution
to secure the future of my family. Even though you may not agree with everything that I have
written, I hope you at least consider what you foresee as the worst possible case and act on it.
One last reference, which sums everything up and even expounds on what I have written
above. Check out this article: Why Personal Resilience and Self-Reliance Are Essential For A
Free Life by Simon Black:
May 6, 2014

Author: Bill Eatock