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When God Pinched My Toe
Part 4 ! "#

Part 41: Lesson #15 ! Planet "ased in Lo#e and Friendshi$
$Many of you have gotten used to reading the words of channels who reach across the dimensions to
ma%e contact with us in order to bring you helpful information and reassurance during these difficult
times. &his by itself is a sign that the consciousness of the planet is rising. 'n (ust a few months, many
of you have come to loo% forward to learning and sharing these messages, the words of Yahweh. 't
gives )s great pleasure to be able to communicate with so many of you on a regular basis. *e %now
that it is difficult to pull yourselves away from the distractions of your fast!paced lives to ponder
thoughts about cosmic events and the history of the )niverse, when you are focusing on issues li%e
how you will pay your rent and what to ma%e for dinner.
't touches our hearts deeply to see how many of you are struggling every day to become better at what
matters to you ! being better friends, lovers and parents, searching deeply within yourselves to root out
the source of your unhappiness and fear. *e commend you for your efforts, swimming against the
stream, as you might say. 't is a difficult challenge to loo% inside your own psyche when you are
hampered by the limitation of a human brain, but you %eep trying, and with greater and greater success.
*e will remind you once more that the answers lie outside your brain, within the realm of your
soul+body, that connection between soul, heart and spiritual mind which allows you to e,pand your
sense of %nowing far beyond this life e,perience.
-s the time draws nearer to the .st of December, your restlessness may remind you of the important
choices which lie ahead. -gain, ' will remind you that although there may be difficult transitions for
some of you, there will be no -pocalypse. /aia is read(usting to her ascended vibrational level, which
will effect all life on Planet Earth in the coming years. &here will be room for all to e,perience the soul
path you chose before entering into this incarnation, whether it be to fulfill your desire to -scend once
and for all to the higher realms and to remain there to continue your soul (ourney, or whether you
choose to continue the (ourney with your fellow humans in some way. Many of those reading this may
choose to -scend, and then return to be of service for your fellows. 0thers may choose to e,perience
the birth+death cycle, but with the opportunity to e,perience a planet based in 1ove and 2riendship.
&he coming years will be a transition time for those who remain with /aia, a time for reevaluating and
recreating a way of life which will be very different from the dar%, fear!based e,perience of life as you
have %nown it until now. -s your D3- is activated to include abilities of greater spiritual
e,pansiveness and connection, you will e,perience a level of e,hilaration and peace of mind un%nown
to you now. /enerosity and %indness will become the way, because anything else would be
unthin%able. &here will be an end to greed, competitiveness in the sense of wanting to control or defeat
others, and the wish to be superior in wealth or material goods. &hese tendencies will melt away, ta%ing
the institutions and practices which supported them along with them. 't has already begun4 your
financial systems will undergo massive ad(ustments, as poetry, philosophy and architecture ta%e
precedence over economics of all %inds. &rade will benefit all, and the purpose of establishing
distribution channels will be for the pleasure and comfort of all. 5unger and poverty will become
un%nown, as the source of those scourges ! war, corruption and greed, become a distant memory.
Yes, what we are describing is a Paradise on Earth, compared with what has occurred over the last
6,### years. -s you go through the ne,t few wee%s, the shifts to your conscious and unconscious minds
will prepare you for a new day, a new paradigm. 3othing you have e,perienced in the past will be
repeated in the 3ew /aia, so your old adages about the need to study history lest you should repeat it
will no longer apply, although you may want to study the history of your planet for the great interest
and lessons it holds.
&his is a difficult concept for most humans ! the act of suspending (udgment, withholding reaction,
waiting to see how things play out. 't goes against your training, to (udge, inspect, analy7e and
scrutini7e every detail for answers. 8ut, you see ! and here is the philosophy lesson for today ! all those
activities presume that &he &ruth lies in dissecting and understanding something which has already
happened. &his is true whether you are analy7ing a subatomic particle or dissecting a cadaver. You can
only analy7e something from the past. You cannot use these methods to predict or understand the
future, because all the conditions will have changed. &his will leave some of you feeling upset, even
angry at the prospect that you cannot figure it out.
*e want to reassure you that your /od!given abilities 9'f ' do say so myself: are more than sufficient to
carry you through a life at a much higher level than what you are used to. *hat you e,perience as
intuition is really your deep connection to your 5igher ;elf, the soul!in!higher!dimensions which
carries wisdom far beyond your near!sighted view from here on the ground. Your heart, the formerly
languishing source of <reativity and 1ove, will e,pand to develop s%ills in the area of telepathy,
teleportation and 2aith which have been previously practiced by only the most elevated spiritual beings
among you. Yes, you will all begin to feel and hear the presence of your ;pirit /uides and &eachers, as
you have seen the channels doing when they wor% with us. 2or most of them, their e,perience of us is
of up!close!and!familiar teachers who spea% to them all day long with <ompassion and 1ove. &his
ongoing e,perience has taught them to feel no fear, and to see% fulfillment in service to others as a way
of life because that is what feels famil!iar 9as in family: to them. &his is the relationship we foresee
with all of you, in the 3ew /aia which will be reali7ed within the coming era.
&he turning point will occur on Dec. .. &he hopes and dreams of all the 1ightwor%ers of the entire
Multiverse have been reali7ed in the transition of /aia from the dar%est of =rd dimensional e,perience
to higher vibrational levels. 't remains to be seen what form this new adventure will ta%e in terms of the
activities and structures which will be built anew on /aia, with the combined consciousness of her
newly elevated humans at wor%.
*e celebrate the triumph of a Dream which has been awaiting fulfillment for thousands of years, with
>oy and 5appiness beyond measure.
*e love you one and all, our Dear <ourageous <hildren,
Yahweh and -ll the 1egions of 5eaven$
Part 4%: Learnin& to Li#e 'ith Lo#e
Yahweh said?
$*e will ma%e this a short message tonight. You have all been wor%ing hard to absorb the rising
energies of love. *hat an irony is that@ Your systems are so used to tolerating poison and small daily
abuses, constantly inflicted, that unconditional love is enough to ma%e most of you cho%e and sAuirm@
&his will change. *ith each passing day, the field of energy sweeping across the planet will awa%en
thousands more, and then millions more, until every single person on the planet will have been either
lifted by the ecstasy, or infuriated by the interference. Yes, of course there may be a few who are so
cold!hearted and dead that they are unable to evolve at all. 'n fact, they are the ones in the news in the
past few wee%s. 't is unfortunate that your news outlets are so fascinated with violence and gore,
because it presents a very distorted perspective on what is actually happening on the planet.
*hat we see from our birdBs eye view is the beautiful /aia and her inhabitants awa%ening to feelings of
1ove, e,citement and pleasure in the small and wonderful events of everyday life. 2riends are reaching
out to friends with long!une,pressed warmth and gratitude. <hildren are being noticed and fondly
affirmed for their charming ways. -nimals ! well, the animals are already on a very high level, with
e,amples of the lion laying down with the lamb, symbolically. - recent story described a lion who
adopted the baby ga7elle who was orphaned after the mother was eaten. You see, the feelings of
%indness and good will are felt in their most basic form by the animals who are sensitive to the
resonance of energies around them.
&he effect of this energy is profound and universal. Your scientists have not yet discovered the
subatomic particle which carries the emotional feeling+meaning which is generated by large numbers of
human beings who feel an emotion in concert with each other. ;tudies have shown that meditations
conducted with large groups can effect the purification of water, the level of crime, and the healing of
seriously ill patients. &hey have not yet widely publici7ed the effect of many people together feeling an
uplifting and celebratory feeling, but it is massive, cumulative, and ongoing.
- crescendo of feeling is sweeping across the planet, lightening and lifting spirits. 't has now gathered
such momentum that the outcome will be unimaginably wonderful. *e cannot tell, from our
perspective, whether the result will be overwhelmingly spectacular, or simply unbelievably wonderful.
't is that good, and it is than%s to those hard!wor%ing, well!meaning regular people whose dedication
and love for their fellow humans has led them to spend many hours every day in connection with the
children, family, and community members who matter to them. &his resonates far beyond the small
group who e,perience this intimacy and contact. 't ripples outward, building e,ponentially as it moves
5eavenward to meet the incoming waves of 1ight energy flowing toward you from outside the
atmosphere of the Earth. *hat a wondrous crashing of lightning and charged electricity emanates from
the meeting of these positive energies@ 't has truly created a tsunami of 1ove@
5ow it warms our hearts to see our beloved <hildren lifting their heads to the s%y, calling out to us in
(oy and celebration@ *e hear your prayers and your gratitude, your lingering fears and your tender
e,clamations of love for one another. 2or your love, we send more love4 for your fears, we send more
love, and for your tenderness, we send more love.
<arry your heads high, Dear 0nes. >oin hands every chance you get, and continue to practice the
meditation ' gave you in 1esson C . 't is gratifying to see the success and comfort many of you have
found after practicing this *ay of the 1ight.
*e celebrate your ongoing successes, and we welcome your Auestions. ;end them to us, and we will
try to answer them all, to allay your fears and put a smile on your face at the same time@ >ust try us@ Do
not hesitate to contact this channel with your Auestions and concerns. You have wor%ed for this for
thousands of years. You deserve to be %ept in the loop, as you li%e to say.
*e love you without limit, and loo% forward to your comments and Auestions,
Your Yahweh and <ompany$
<hanneled by Kathryn E. May on Dec. ., .#., # pm.
Part 4(: Lesson #1) Cos*ic +#ents !re ,nder'ay
$' want to tell you about the cosmic events which have been discussed on the internet, but have not
been officially ac%nowledged by the government institutions who control information. 't is important
that citi7ens be informed, even though their media outlets no longer provide that service. ' am happy to
tell the secrets, because they have been hiding good news. )nfortunately, this is because the traditional
approach to anything which seems ine,plicable should be feared, and therefore hidden from the public
lest it cause them to panic, or cause them to be less easily controlled.
*e do not fear panic. *e believe that is an insult to the intelligence and balance we see growing every
day in the population of Planet Earth. *e see your curiosity, and sometimes concern, and we wish to
satisfy both whenever we can. 2ortunately, we now have the advantage of sharing our information with
you through channels who serve as our Doices. &his is wonderful for us, because we have very
interesting news.
December ., .#. is going to be a cosmic+psychological+emotional+biological event. *e will start
with the cosmic part. -s most of you %now, the <enter of the Mil%y *ay is also the <enter of the
)niverse as you %now it. 't is sometimes called the /od 5ead, or the ;ource of -ll things. &hat it is,
the <enter of <reation ! the wor%shop from which *e have sent outward the <onsciousness of 1ove
and 1ight over billions of years, embodied in the planets, stars and beings of every form and substance,
including you, the <hilden of our 5earts, and your dear courageous planet /aia. *e have our fingers
on the heartbeat of the )niverse, you might say.
&he intricate interplay of mass 9energy:, motion, gravity, and all the physical forces of the /reat
)niverse interacting with the <onsciousness of -ll 8eings are coming together at this time in never!
before ways. &his will create an interaction with the individual process of Planet EarthBs -scension to
higher dimensions, which will complete on Dec. ., and with the individual soul paths of every being
on the planet. 8ecause you all %new that this completion was one of the possible scenarios which was
li%ely to occur during your lifetime, you came into embodiment now with the hope of playing a part in
this momentous event. You have each been instrumental, individually and as a group, in the co!creation
of this /reat -scension of the human race.. &his will create an
-s the planets and stars align in very auspicious ways with the center of the )niverse on .+., and the
-ngels stand holding open the gates of the Portals all souls must traverse when they go from the spirit
world in higher dimensions to the lower levels of =D in the Earth realm, *e will use this Portal to send
Earthward the most powerful energy waves the Earth has ever e,perienced. Many of the more
commonly understood laws of physics may seem to be transgressed, but there are more comple, 1aws
which your scientists have yet to identify. -nd yes, there will be an appearance of the 0rion planet+ship
3aburu which will play a part in the creation of new creative energy on /aia, but do not fear a <osmic
8attle of the sort your science fiction writers prefer. &his is an event of 1ight, a sacred elevation in the
life of a planet and of the human race, as well as a shift for all the )niverse as well.
*e will send enormous waves of 1ove from the Eth Dimension of <hrist <onsciousness to surround
and permeate the bodies of every being on Earth. &his final tsunami of 1ove, along with the
accumulation of energy which has been building for several months now, will wor% on your D3- to
change the biological networ% of physical responses with which you respond to everyday life. You have
lived for thousands of years with the adrenaline!based fight or flight system as your survival
mechanism, which served you because the dangers you faced in less civili7ed times reAuired Auic%
action to insure survival. &his will no longer be necessary in the 3ew /aia where 1ove and 2riendship
will reign supreme and the lion will literally come to lie down with the lamb.
3ew conditions reAuire new biology. You will feel yourselves changing from the fear!based responses
which were so familiar to you to 1ove and <ompassion for your fellows, whether human, animal,
vegetable or mineral. 5ostility, rage and fear will become a thing of the past as you grow into your
3ew /aia surroundings.
2or some of you, the transition will be nearly instantaneous as you ma%e the leap to life in higher
dimensions. 2or others, the changes will seem more gradual, so that you might say to those of us who
have been trumpeting this ;hift, $*hat was the big deal aboutF$ *e assure you, it is a truly big deal for
life on the Planet. 1i%e the weather, you might not notice it right away if the temperature were to rise
by degree every day, but you will feel the effects soon enough. 2or those who are completely
unprepared for the events to come, there will be a protective veil of forgetfulness which will subdue the
conscious awareness of the most dramatic Auantum leap of energy, but the ultimate effects of change
will ta%e place in everyone regardless of their state of conscious preparedness.
*e do not wish to cause terror or massive disruption in the process of ma%ing these monumental
changes4 we are creating the Dawning of Your Dreams, the 2ondest *ishes of your 5earts, which you
have helped to bring into being. /aia will be going through unavoidable shudders and shifts, but your
deep connections with her consciousness will help to mitigate the upheavals. <ontinue to send your
loving energy downward, deeply anchoring into the 5eart of /aia. 't will help to stabili7e you as well.
*e do want you to be aware that whatever the outcome of these changes may bring for individuals,
they will be e,actly in alignment with the soul contracts you designed for yourselves before coming to
this life, whether you choose to ascend in a human body to the 6th dimension and beyond, or whether
you chose to live out a regular cycle of death and transition to spirit form as has been the way on Earth
in the past. -s always, we honor your free will choices.
*e tell you these things to calm your an,ieties as you proceed through the intense changes which may
be causing you to e,perience physical symptoms which might feel li%e illnesses to you, but which are a
part of the clearing process in preparation for Dec. .. 1oo% to your symptoms to remind you of the old
memories of trauma and pain you may have left une,amined. Geach out to healers and friends to learn
calming practices to elevate your energy and heal your past in(uries. 0ffer a hand or a shoulder to
others who may be suffering the growing pains of opening their hearts and minds. Do not try to hide
your feelings or suppress them with the old methods of self!medication4 the changes in your bodies
begin to re(ect such practices to the point where you will find it necessary to change your habits
because of the negative side!effects.
-ll in all, it is going to be a pretty e,citing time leading up to the finale on the /reat *inter ;olstice of
.#. ! the beginning of a new life on /aia. 5old onto your hats, Dear 0nes, we have wonders in store
for you.
*ith great 1ove, we send you Peace in this glorious time,
Your Yahweh and the 1egions of 1ight$
<hanneled on Dec. =, .#. at " pm by Kathryn E. May
Part 44: Lesson # 1- What it.s /eally Li0e 12n the 2ther 3ide1 "et'een Li#es4
$&oday weBre going to tal% about something new. *e do not wish to bore you with any repetition in
these messages. &his is fairly easy, since there is so much to tell you about in these comple, and
fascinating times.
Many of you are bracing yourselves for some sort of shoc% on Dec. .. 3o matter how much you may
have read about the transition coming up, it is not possible for you there on the ground to comprehend
what is coming, but we continue to try our best to give you enough information to allay your fears
while also preparing you to ma%e what will feel li%e a dramatic shift in you physical, psychological and
spiritual state.
*e have tal%ed a bit about your biological and emotional preparation involving a change in your D3-
and the tsunami of 1ove which will lift your spirits and increase your feelings of love toward yourself
and others. &oday we will tal% about your spiritual path.
Many of you who call yourselves $spiritual but not religious$ have become aware, at least peripherally,
of the concept of past lives, or reincarnation, as you call it. Perhaps if we give you a better picture of
what reincarnation really is, and how it wor%s in the bigger picture of the evolution of a soul, you will
feel more comfortable about the dramatic events which are transpiring this month.
2rom a human, on!the!ground perspective, it would seem that the real life is here on Earth, and the time
between lives would be some form of vacation in 5eaven where angels and other spirit forms, only the
good ones, float around playing music and sitting on clouds. -t least, this is the way religions and
Genaissance painters have mostly represented it. -s you may be e,pecting, ' am going to say? 3othing
could be further from the &ruth.
1etBs start from a more accurate description of where you live when you are not here on Earth. &here
are many levels or dimensions of e,istence within the spirit realms. *e will begin our discussion of the
first . dimensions, of which those from = to 6 or E are of greatest importance in our present situation.
&he first two are the realm of thought 9st dimension: and the realm of unstructured feeling, among
other things 9.nd dimension:. &he third dimension, with which you are most familiar, is your present
Earth e,perience, where touch, taste, smell, sight and sound define the material e,istence where things
appear solid, and your body is well tuned to process the relatively heavy energy and gravitational pull
of the = dimensional plane. You are also fully immersed in an e,perience of space+time which unfolds
in a linear fashion, giving you the impression that there is a one!to!one correlation between actions and
reactions, cause and effect. Your human brains are highly adapted to this limited version of reality, such
that you hardly recogni7e the possibility of other forms of e,perience.
&he primary reason you are not aware of past lives or of your life in other dimensions is because of the
Deil of 2orgetfulness, which your ancestors long ago devised with us as a way of creating a life
e,perience which could be uniAue, discontinuous from previous lifetimes, and which afforded the full
e,perience of free will, without a connection to previous fears, remorse, or ego complications. &his Deil
is not absolutely opaAue. Memories and feelings, as well as access to )niversal %nowledge may
resurface in dreams, and the ability to pierce the veil can be cultivated, as with people who are %nown
as psychic. 't has been our wish, as the important shifts of this era approach, that more people have
access to higher dimensional e,perience. &his is the reason so many people are having $paranormal$
e,periences and are newly interested in the information which psychics can search out for them, and
not only on the sub(ect of future love and money in their own lives. Many are e,periencing the
happiness of communicating with ancestors and friends who have $passed on.$ &his is a much better
description than $dead,$ since there is no such thing. -s the personBs body dies, the soul leaves its
connection to the vessel which has housed it and returns to the higher dimensions.
3ow we will tell you about what happens after a life is finished. &he soul, set free of the bounds of a
constricting material container, is able to e,pand as it rises gently toward the 1ight, which is the 1ight
of )nconditional 1ove, generated and sustained, with the help of our 1egions of -ngels and Master
/uides, for the purpose of welcoming and enveloping the 5omecoming soul. Each soul is welcomed,
as the prodigal son was welcomed in the 8ible story, regardless of the Auality of the life lived. Every
one of our Precious <reations is welcomed with celebration and (oy.
-fter a period of rest, as needed depending upon the circumstances surrounding the departure from the
body, the individual soul will go through a process of review which encompasses all the events and
emotional connections which were made during the past life, under the mentorship of a highly evolved
/uide. &his process includes a reversal of roles, in real time, so that the soul may e,perience the
feelings and thoughts of all the others who came in contact with him+her in any important way. ;+he
will feel all the disappointment, pain, anguish and anger which resulted from his+her own actions, as
well as the actions of 1ove and community, compassion and forgiveness which led others to positive
turns in their paths.
&he process of reviewing and feeling the dar%ness one has caused leaves the soul with greater
understanding of the effect of dar% actions on others, and inspires deeper empathy, compassion ad
forgiveness. 't also encourages the attitude of ta%ing responsibility for oneBs actions, which tends to
carry forward into subseAuent lives. You can see now why the e,perience of living many lives, in many
different circumstances and historical periods, would tend to hone a soul of greater integrity, depth and
virtue. &he optimal soul path is one which carries the person along a tra(ectory toward greater and
greater challenges, by living lives of greater degrees of difficulty as the soul grows in stature and
confidence. *e will revise one of your favorite adages here? 'f it doesnBt %ill you 9or even if it does: it
will probably ma%e you stronger. You see, from our perspective, $death$ is (ust a familiar transition
from one plane to another, characteri7ed by great learning and evolution of the soul ! a thing to be
0f course, there are sometimes occasions where an ambitious soul ta%es on more than s+he can bear, or
unforeseen shifts in the tra(ectory of a life may bring devastating hardship. 8ecause of your free will
contract, nothing is absolutely predetermined, although possibilities can often be seen in advance of an
event. &herefore, a lifetime on /aia has always held a sense of mystery, anticipation and great
e,citement for the brave souls who venture here. &here is nearly unlimited variety in the possible
choice of e,periences ! rich or poor, male or female, blac%, white, yellow or red ! all options are
encouraged as the soul wor%s their way along the -scension path through hundreds, even thousands of
lifetimes. Many of those souls who were born in the early days of Planet Earth are now wor%ing their
way up the -scension ladder to positions of responsibility as -scended Masters in the higher realms of
the Eth through the =th dimension. -lthough ine,perienced souls do not have access to the higher
realms because the freAuencies there would not be tolerable for them, souls from higher dimensions can
descend to be of service to those who follow, as they most often do in some form.
*e, the <reators and 5elpers of the high realms oversee with compassion and deepest love as our dear
children struggle through enormous challenges which test their valor, their integrity and their capacity
for 1ove and 2orgiveness. ;ome lifetimes may be more successful in one area or another, but all are
fodder for learning and advancement, and all are loo%ed upon with the utmost respect, because we are
aware of the inherent level of difficulty which is inevitable in a life on /aia in =D, where even the
privileged and well!loved individuals encounter difficulties.
&he goal of this process is to elevate yourselves to higher e,pressions of 1ove, <ompassion,
2orgiveness, /ratitude and Empathy, nothing else. 'n terms of soul evolution, it matters not at all
whether you achieve great wealth or fame. Money, awards and accolades may ma%e the (ourney more
pleasant for a time, but they are not a measure of soul value or progress at all, in spite of the way you
have pursued those things in your *estern cultures above all else. *e see these pursuits as unfortunate
distractions, e,cept in rare circumstances where the individual uses their position of wealth and fame to
lift others from despair, poverty, and in(ustice.
-s you can probably discern from this description, the process of soul evolution is largely reviewed
and understood at the end of a life, in the 8ardo, that place in the 4th dimension where planning and
evaluation has ta%en place in the past. 2rom there, souls have had the option to pursue training,
teaching and learning in progressively higher realms, with or without further so(ourns to $8oot <amp$
on /aia. 5owever, it is understood throughout the Multiverse that soul!training on /aia is the most
perfectly!tailored testing ground to develop the higher freAuency 1ight!filled Aualities of 1ove and
other virtues, which we consider the /od Aualities. <onsider yourselves courageous, Dear 0nes, no
matter how bogged down and confused you might be feeling at present.
&his discussion will serve as the introduction to the ;pirit Gealms for our purposes. *e will continue in
this vein in future messages with more information about the wor%ings of the higher ;pirit Gealms.
Please ponder this carefully and pass it on to your family members and acAuaintances. Many will find
this information enlightening, since it has been largely unavailable until now to those who are still in a
)ntil tomorrow, *e will shine on you with )nconditional 1ove and 1ight,
Your Yahweh, ' -M &5-& ' -M.$
<hanneled by Kahryn E. May on Dec. 4, .#. pm.
Part 45: Lesson # 15 When The Ti*e Co*es666
$*hen the time comes, you will all be e,actly where you should be. You have made your plans with
the full %nowing of your 5igher ;elf, who guides you in all important things. Even if you have
defiantly refused to listen to your intuition and decided to be somewhere unli%ely on December ., it
will be e,actly where you need to be.
;ome of you ! the dedicated 1ightwor%ers who have wor%ed so hard to spread the word and inform
people of the important good news about -scension ! have felt at times that your wor% has been in vain
because so many people still seem to ignore the encouragement to loo% inward, prepare, be awa%e, and
develop greater love and spiritual connection now, when it really matters. 't has not been in vain. *e
wish to tell you that all your efforts are appreciated and meaningful, even if the people around you
seem to be oblivious to your nudgings.
You cannot see, from where you are, the ripples of light energy which flow outward from each of you,
intersecting and overlapping sometimes when you gather, filling the space around you and flowing
outward for long distances when you are alone. Your energy of love and concern touches the walls in
your rooms, the trees in your yard, the neighborsB houses, and much more. 0nce felt, the energy of
1ove never dies. 't echoes forth across the )niverse, raising the vibration as it goes. 't has a powerful
cumulative effect, which is why we are now at this e,citing (uncture where the level of 1ight energy
has shown forth so powerfully that the entire )niverse is being lifted to new levels.
*hat does this mean to you in your everyday livesF Everything. *hat does it mean to you that the air
you breathe is fresh and cleanF *hat does it mean that the mailman, the store cler%, the butcher the
ba%er and well, everyone, is feeling friendlierF *hen the level of civility and %indness rises in your
childrenBs schools, at your wor%place, in the sports arenas and the playgrounds, when the public
servants and the service wor%ers everywhere loo% at you with respect and considerationF You may be
thin%ing that this picture is impossible, given where you are now as a culture, where every news report
contains descriptions of people behaving violently or mean!spiritedly. 8ut loo% between the lines.
&here is growing disgust and outrage about the %ind of $bad behavior$ which went unnoticed # years
ago, and there is also a new tendency to report incidents of heroism and %indness. ;tories abound of
neighbors helping neighbors, relief wor%ers volunteering to help rebuild after the hurricane, firemen
traveling a thousand miles to help their fellow firemen in need after the storm.
&urn off your televisions and loo% around you. 3otice how often you hear someone spontaneously
burst into song as they go about their day. 't is wor%ing, My <hildren@ &he event we have called
-scension is already happening. You have been told about the individual choices which determine
where each individual will $land$ as they come out the other side of this historic event. ;ome will
consciously choose complete -scension, and will e,perience a brand new way of life in higher
dimensions. 0thers will wa%e up on Dec. .. and insist that nothing has changed, but even for them, it
will have changed, because the energy of the planet has moved to a higher level, and they will have to
adapt to the lighter atmosphere over time. &hose who have chosen complete -scension may be as%ed to
return to help those who did not achieve it on the first round, but they will not be permitted to reveal all
the elements of their %nowledge to their students right away. &hey will become the spiritual teachers of
the 3ew Era of Enlightenment, bringing their wisdom, compassion and %indness to others. 3ew
organi7ations and institutions will be established which will change the balance of power and lift the
level of well!being of the entire planet. 't will be a truly /olden -ge, as the second wave of human
beings lift each other to a new appreciation of art, music, and beauty in all its forms.
You see, Dear 0nes, these last convulsions of emotional Dar%ness which you are witnessing now are a
natural precursor to the shift toward 1ight. &hose whose soul contracts are coming to an end now will
be leaving the planet, one way or another, clearing the way for ever greater feelings of cooperation,
companionship and light!heartedness. &hose who have created havoc with their power!hungry ways
will be phasing their way out, as genuine freedom becomes the only acceptable form of life. Despots
and tyrants, conniving ban%ers and croo%ed politicians will find their way bloc%ed by individuals who
are stronger, better organi7ed and solidly in the 1ight. 2undamental changes in institutions and social
structures will evolve gradually, as old, rigid systems which favored the wealthy and powerful will give
way to greater fairness and eAuality of opportunity. &his does not imply a leveling of society to
mediocrity or boredom ! (ust the opposite. - new openness will encourage all to flourish in a way that
will allow everyone to wor% at something they love, and love whomever they choose.
You are truly on the verge of a new era, My <hildren. &here is no turning bac% now. You have
e,pressed your hopes and dreams for a new world of peace, and it will be yours. 3ow is the time for
each of you to envision the beauty of living out your own part as an instrument of change, and to begin
living each day as the <aptain of your own Destiny. You will reap what you sow, in the most positive
sense. &hose plans and dreams you initiate now will come to fruition in a new way, with the help of the
/uides and -ngels who will be ever ready to assist if they are as%ed. 't will become a familiar and
completely acceptable tradition to call on )s with the %nowledge that we will be here, more visible
than in the past.
*e loo% forward with delight to the welcoming a 3ew Era on /aia, your precious and hard!wor%ing
Mother, who has supported and nurtured you for thousands of years. Your partnership will become
more open and more satisfying for all. 't is truly a time of celebration throughout the gala,y and
*e send our constant encouragement and )nconditional 1ove,
' -m &hat ' -m$
<hanneled by Kathryn E. May at pm, Dec. 6, .#.
Part 4): Lesson # 17 Fallen !n&els Made 28r Path 9arder
$/ood evening, everyone, *e (ust want to tell you once again what a pleasure it is to watch all of you
going about your days, chec%ing in with your friends who might need your help, offering a hand to
someone in need, finding new ways to be charitable this holiday season. 't warms our hearts and thrills
us beyond words to see all of you growing in your ability to e,press love and %indness. -s always, you
rise to the occasion for special events, whether they be celebrations or natural disasters. &his <hristmas
season offers some of each, because the hurricane clean!up is far from over, and there will be many
people who may not be able to rebuild their houses on the vulnerable beach fronts where the ocean is
li%ely to inundate the land again.
$Many things are changing in your world. &he economies across the *estern world and much of -frica
and the Middle East are suffering from years of war, over!borrowing and corruption, while all the
world braces for increasingly severe weather events. &here are also many rumblings of approaching
earthAua%es around the world. *e want to e,plain to you that this is not the End of the *orld. 't is a
necessary read(ustment on the part of /aia as she completes her transition to the 6th and Eth
dimensions. 't may not yet be clear to you what this means to you in everyday life, but ' can assure you
that it will mean profound changes for everyone on /aia.
$' have already told you about the wonderfully positive aspects of this dramatic shift to a Planet of
1ove and 1ight. 't is now important that we give you more information about the resolution of many
old difficulties involving Dar% forces which have made life difficult on /aia for centuries. Many of you
are aware of the violent criminals you sometimes call psychopaths, and KathrynBs boo% has delved
deeply into the tendencies and actions which ma%e up what we have called -busive Personality &ypes.
't is our hope that as greater numbers of you awa%en to our 1ight energy, you will be less and less
fascinated by the <hildren of Dar%ness we wrote about in *ho 3eeds 1ightF *hat we have to tell you
here may help.
$0ne of the things that were stressed in the boo% is the tendency for people to be horrified by violent
criminal acts, but to tolerate emotional abuse, even calling it love. &his has destroyed families, stifled
children and created an oppressive society, which you have become so accustomed to that you hardly
notice it. *e are referring here to the general lac% of civility and attentiveness to the needs of the
socially and economically less fortunate souls who have bravely ventured into a life as less advantaged
people during the last ,### years. 'n addition to the abuse of women and children which became
commonplace during these times, the economic abuse of whole classes of people, and recently of
whole countries by a cold!blooded ruling class has reduced much of the world to poverty and desperate
health and educational conditions.
$&hese powerful groups who have controlled and manipulated the sources and the flow of money on
the planet have reached the crescendo of their power over the past =# years, draining treasuries of most
of the countries of the world. 't has gone mostly unnoticed by the general populace, because the
information has been carefully controlled, and the propaganda machines have convinced most of the
people of the Earth that anyone who is wealthy must by definition be honorable and deserving. 'n this
era, nothing could be further from the truth. although not all rich people are selfish and greedy, there is
a pervasive tendency for those who have been financially successful to do as the reptilians do, and feel
arrogant, turning their bac%s on the less fortunate and feeling entitled to do so.
$&hese Dar% tendencies have been pervasively taught across the globe by certain groups who have, for
thousands of years, been in a battle for the souls of EarthBs people. &heir goal is to compete with )s, the
1egions of 1ight, in a battle to show that Dar%ness is Power, and that separation from )s, the <reator
of -ll, they can ultimately win over all the people. &hey are defiant, cold and calculating in their
actions, and determined to gain ultimate power, against what they see as the *ill of /od. ;ome of you
have read discussions about the 0rion forces, the reptilians and others who have brought their Dar%
ambitions to bear on the most fundamental wor%ings of Planet Earth. ' will tell you now that it is true
that Dar% 2orces 9we call them the Dar% 5ats: have been e,tremely influential in shaping the way life
has evolved. &heir clever development of the pervasive use of money allowed them to gain control
over the lives of everyone on the planet, without their %nowledge.
$&heirs is the old tale of the 2allen -ngels, 0ur precious <hildren who have left the fold, so to spea%,
to venture as far away as possible from the 1ove we offer, and from the process of soul development
which we described to you yesterday. &hese beings were also a precious part of 0ur original <reation.
&hey came from the 1ight and 1ove of what you call /od, or -llah, or >ehovah, but unli%e those of you
who are reading these messages, they have ta%en a path of defiance, refusing to go through the review
and evaluation process at the end of life which builds compassion and integrity. &hey do not come bac%
5ome for the solace and )nconditional 1ove which allows the rest of you to continue to grow, in spite
of the e,tremely mind!bending conditions you were born into throughout many lifetimes.
$0f course it is folly for any beings to imagine that they are more powerful in Dar%ness than in 1ight,
and to believe they can be more powerful than their <reator. -lthough they have succeeded in using
mind!control over many of the people, they have not managed to reach into the depths of their beating
5earts, where the memory of <ompanionship, 1ove, and great 2ulfillment draws them bac% 5ome at
the end of their lives, where they learn, restore themselves, and begin again. Each lifetime for these, my
/olden 2lame children, is a renewed struggle to bring 1ight to their fellows on Earth. Most begin with
great hope of using their gifts to be of service in bringing the %nowledge of 0ur 1ove to others who
have lost their way, but eventually most succumb to the temptations and omnipresent needs which are
created by using money as the medium of e,change.
$*e are here to tell you now that the plan of the Dar% 0nes to ta%e over absolute control of Planet
EarthBs people has not succeeded. -lthough they were able to create conditions of great need on the
planet of absolute abundance, they were not able to control the 5earts and ;ouls of the people. 0ur
Dear <hildren, you have succeeded in holding your own, gradually ma%ing progress against the 2orces
of Dar%ness. You have %ept your awareness of the sensations of )nconditional 1ove and have tried to
bring those feelings into your lives as much as possible, against great odds. You have continued to send
)s your heartfelt prayers, even as prayer and genuine devotion to &he *ay of 1ight became triviali7ed
and twisted into artificial and empty religious practices ! icons of the intellect, empty of real meaning
or feeling. -s religion turned hatred and (udgment into a sacrament, you remained steadfast in your
belief in &he /reater /ood, the coming of a better time for all.
$You have succeeded, Dear 0nes, in withstanding the hypocrisy and temptation. You have remained
steadfast in your connection to 1ight, even though you have felt wea%ened, depressed, or hopeless at
times. &hose who would have led you to turn against your connection with /od ! as you %now me !
have not succeeded. -s we have said, your rising consciousness and your nearly universal 9e,cept for
the Dar% 5ats: pleas for assistance from us has enabled what we will call here &he ;econd <oming.
&his time it will not be the presence of a beloved Messiah which will come into your lives. Gather, it
will be &he 8reath of 1ife, the energy which will pour across the planet in increasing blasts of 1ove
and 1ight over the ne,t two wee%s, reaching a massive pea% on Dec. .. Yes, it is the End of &imes. 't
is the End of the Geign of 'nvisible &error which has held humans captive to fear and an,iety, lac% and
hunger. 't is truly the dawning of a 3ew Era on /aia ! a /olden -ge which will have nothing to do
with Gobber 8arons and everything to do with prosperity for all.
$Your lives may feel as if the disruptions will never end, but you will see progress if you $%eep your
eye on the pri7e$ ! the establishment of 1ove and 1ight as a way of life. 3ew technologies, which will
be given to you in phases within the ne,t few years, will allow an $end run$ around the Dar% 5ats and
their power, much of which lies in the possession and e,ploitation of fossil fuels, ban%ing,
pharmaceuticals and food production. -ll these activities will be returned to the people, as individuals
and collectives who will wor% for the /ood of -ll the People.
$;o we tell you, do not be sad or fearful. *hat is ahead will bring fulfillment for all, no matter what
level of development you may have reached by this moment. &hat too will change. You will be
elevating with the rest of the )niverse, to a higher state of being. -s this happens, the reptilians+Dar%
5ats will also be influenced. *e will not turn away from our Dear <hildren, regardless of their past
actions. Every soul must be saved, to be brought bac% into the loving arms of their long!forgotten
Masters, /uides, and their /od, who will welcome them 5ome at last, no matter how long that may
ta%e. 't will be done.
$/o in peace, My <hildren, 1earn 2orgiveness, and you will sail on to a loftier e,perience than you
have ever %nown.
$*e love you, one and all,
Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on Dec. H, .#. at pm.
Part 4-: Lesson #%: ;<! Chan&es 9a$$enin& <o' and God.s 2$$osition to
/eli&io8s La'
Kathryn? &oday was an especially difficult day for me and for others ' spo%e to. 't feels li%e the
physical symptoms of being overwhelmed, fra77led, but ' am not feeling it emotionally, (ust physically.
't is a different combination of feelings than ' ever remember feeling.
$*hat you are feeling is natural, given the stress of what you have been trying to accomplish recently,
but that is not the most powerful reason. You are right about the feeling not being recogni7able, because
it is a response to all the new energy around you, li%e a whirlwind that %ic%s up dust as it passes.$
K? 't also feels li%e the physical symptoms of being really tired, and a little off balance and out of synch
with time as ' usually e,perience it. *obbly.
$&hatBs right. Your system is being overwhelmed by the energy we are sending, in ever greater intensity,
even though you have been prepared for this emotionally. &his is why we send the energy in waves, to
give you a chance to absorb and ad(ust, then rest for a while. &oday was a case of energy rising Auic%ly,
from about I am on the East <oast.
$&he energy is made up of a combination of things. 0f course the $carrier$ energy is our )nconditional
1ove, which many of you are accustomed to feeling, but there are also other elements which are more
disruptive to your nervous system. &here is electrical energy of a special sort, involving photon
particles, which create an interplay with your D3-. /enes which were dormant for thousands of years
are now being activated to fulfill the human destiny which we envisioned from the time your race was
<reated. &here has always been more potential than you were using, as scientists have noticed. &hose
dormant abilities are now being spar%ed into action. &his is why we tell you that the planet will be
changing4 because the human race is changing.
$'t is natural that a disruption in your genetic ma%e!up would ma%e you feel grumpy, or at least off!
balance. &he process is ongoing, not yet complete. &he result for all humans will eventually be a more
open sense of connection with the Earth herself, and with )s, and with each other.
$*e have said that greed will become a thing of the past because it will no longer be a part of your
genetic ma%e!up to be as aggressive as you have been. &his will not change your drive to create ! (ust
the opposite. &he energy which you used to have to use to subdue and manage your difficult emotions
will be available to accomplish other things. 't will not be an absolute change right away, (ust subtle
shifting in the tendencies to react from a fight or flight stance. Gage will be downgraded to anger, anger
to mild irritation, irritation to neutrality. 0n the positive scale, happiness will increase enormously, for
many reasons, but first among them will be the sense of calm and self!confidence which comes from
managing your emotions well, and trusting yourself. &his will become easier as subseAuent generations
of children are surrounded by people who are balanced and companionable.
$&he early atmosphere which most children are forced to acclimate to is generally one of an,iety,
irritability and impatience, even in the best of families. &his will change as more and more parents are
free to wor% only at the things which bring fulfillment and creative satisfaction in harmony with others.
&he days of 6#, H#, E# hour wor% wee%s will be a thing of the past. 2amilies will spend rela,ed time
with each other, en(oying outdoor activities and community events. 1ife will be more li%e what you
have felt when you are $on vacation.$ Yes, ' am describing an idyllic state. 't may ta%e some time for
all the elements will be in place, but life on /aia will begin to improve very soon.
$&he first changes will be felt internally, since that is what ma%es e,ternal change possible. You will
feel a greater sense of calm, which will lead into gratitude. You will begin loo%ing around yourselves
with pleasure, noticing the beauty in 3ature, and in each other. Your ability to $read$ emotions in each
other will increase, ma%ing communication less strained, more fluid, as your telepathic abilities
develop and become acceptable, appreciated, even admired. You will notice in your friends and family
members a new recognition of who you really are, which will ma%e it easier to at last embrace the &rue
3ature of your own being. &his dramatic shift in the way you are perceived will reduce the an,iety and
paranoia of having been largely misunderstood by those around you.
$'t is our fondest wish that none of our Dear <hildren ever again e,perience the terrible depression
which results from $being hard on yourself.$ 't was never our intention for you to suffer this harshness
to your deepest ;elf. &o us, you are perfect, wonderful <reations of our 5earts, un%nowing and badly
misdirected, but perfect in the 8ody and the ;oul we created for you. You too% on this challenge of
coming to Earth now, you the ones who were most eager and insistent about volunteering at this time.
&here are only so many soul!slots to offer, depending upon the possible births available over the past =
or 4 generations. You are the ones who were chosen to be here now, the special emissaries of 1ight and
1ove who have wor%ed for many lifetimes to accomplish this feat of -scension. 8e assured that not
every soul who might have been ready to incarnate has been able to do so yet.
$'t is important for you to %now that from the point of view of ;pirit, the opportunity to e,perience life
in a human body is a precious gift, not an affliction which you must suffer through. You, My <hildren,
were the eager and e,cited ones who wor%ed hard to accomplish this transition to higher elevations,
and without your efforts, every one, it would not be possible. You may be thin%ing that you have not
contributed enough, or what you came here to do, but that is not the way we see it. 'n our eyes, you
have risen to the challenges, even when the results do not seem remar%able. You have continued to
learn and to grow. &his is what we appreciate and admire.
$You see, we are more aware than you were before you came here of the actual in situ challenges you
would encounter. 't is often the tendency of eager souls in ;pirit form to underestimate the e,treme
difficulty of adapting to the dense, dar% atmosphere you have all been e,periencing. *e %now how
hard it is to maintain your balance, to withstand the forces of Dar%ness, and to maintain your strong
connection to )s under those circumstances. 2rom 0ur point of view, getting through a life with the
ability still intact to breathe a comfortable breath and reach out a hand to another is a triumph. 'f you
are able to maintain a sense of goodwill and achieve a level of introspection it is a grand victory.
$*e are also aware of the tendency you have to thin% of your /od as someone who critiAues and
(udges everything you do, and thin%s in terms of punishment and deprivation for those who fall short of
their original plan for their life. *orse yet, many religions preach a hell!fire and brimstone scenario in
which /od+-llah+>ehovah+Yahweh would frown and condemn you if you have pleasurable se, without
getting married first, or dance ecstatically, or sing rollic%ing, e,uberant songs. 3othing could be further
from the truth. *e revel in seeing our Dear <hildren feeling (oyful and free, and we hope to see much
more of it in the coming times. 0f course we smile on those who adore their children and their partners.
$Gegardless of the legalistic entanglements your cultures have imposed as law, 1ove is all that matters.
*e find it especially regrettable when those laws are passed in the name of religion. *hy would we
care how and where you create 1oveF 'f a relationship is based in )nconditional 1ove, it will spawn
good feelings in the people around them. 1aws should never be imposed to control how or when or
whom a person can love or marry if they want to, e,cept of course to protect children from abuse. 0f
course, there would be no need for such laws in a loving, respectful culture where abuse was not a way
of life.
$*e understand that the strong se,ual instincts you have lived with can also be very difficult to
manage, and can lead to unfortunate lustful transgressions from )nconditional 1ove. 't is unfortunate
that the combination of a harsh and (udgmental culture combined with strong se,ual attractions can
produce an environment of impossible oppression of those instincts, ma%ing them even more difficult
to manage. &his too will be modified as the more aggressive tendencies are mitigated with D3-
changes. You will find your love relationships more fulfilling, less demanding, and richer in tenderness,
companionship and genuine respect for one another.
$*e tell you these things to try to come between you and your self!hating disrespect. *e cannot stress
enough how wrong this Dar%!force inspired idea is. 't was one of the most destructive original Dar%
ideas which came between you and your ;pirit connections, along with the idea that *e are cruel as
well. 'f you believe we want to threaten, condemn and control you, then it would be all right to do it to
yourself, wouldnBt itF 't is not. *e love you, and we do not want to see you suffer unnecessarily,
especially at your own hand.
$-ccept our 1ove, Dear 0nes, and begin now to establish the same conditions on Earth as we have
created here, in the higher dimensions, and which you have e,perienced each time you come 5ome to
us after a life on /aia. 5ave no fear of the future, because we will not initiate circumstances which
were not in our 0riginal -greement ! your ;oul <ontract. 1oo% forward with (oy, as we do, to the
coming adventures.
$*e love you as our own, every 0ne of you, regardless of your successes or failures as you see them.
8e at peace, live in 1ove,
' -m &hat ' -m$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on Dec. E, .#. at pm.
Part 45: Lesson #%1 Indi&eno8s 9eroes and 3o8l +#ol8tion for !ll
$3ow is the time for all good men and women to come to the party.
$*e are gathered here in our favorite spot in the center of the )niverse, planning the reception for our
Dear <hildren who will be ascending in the ne,t few wee%s. &here is overwhelming e,citement about
this momentous event, unheard of in the history of the Multiverse ! the -scension of a large number of
souls without any of them having to leave their bodies, as is has always been before. 't is a long!
awaited event, in the planning for thousands of years. &here have been many challenges and obstacles
to overcome, especially on the part of those who are ascending. 't was their (ob to raise the level of
consciousness on the planet to the point where the tipping point was reached, between Dar% and 1ight.
$*e always believed in our family of beings on /aia. *e watched, sending our 1ove and
Encouragement over the eons, as the brilliant ones carried the torch of 2aith, <ompassion, and 5onor.
&hrough tragedy, hardship and want, they managed to %eep alive the gentle love of families, the (ustice
of fair dealings, the love of community, and the pursuit of beauty and %nowledge. *e wept with (oy as
the procession of generations haltingly evolved. ;ometimes here, sometimes there, a bright 1ight
would ignite, and with it other bright 1ights would emerge. You see, that is the way we see you, as
beacons of 1ight, and as human souls who carry that 1ight.
$;ome of you have spent many lifetimes on /aia, others have received your soul training in various
places throughout the Multiverse. &here are many options available to those who wish to elevate, many
e,periences and adventures a soul might choose in their long path toward the highest dimensions,
where the /reat Masters and -rchangels ! the Enlightened 8eings who are our treasured &eachers !
reside with )s. &hey are the -dventurers, the 1eaders and ;aints who have also spent lifetimes on
Planet Earth, for life on /aia is considered the stone that hones the blade, the fire that tempers the
metal, the test of all tests. &hose who began their lives on /aia tend to come bac% many, many times,
developing a great love for the planet of their growth, and the place of their Dreams.
$/aia was not always so Dar% and heavily populated, polluted and stressed, of course. ;he has always
been considered the most beautiful, although small by comparison with the other great stars and
planets. ;he has carried out her duties to nurture and provide for 0ur <hildren as many civili7ations
came and went, the most notable in your present consciousness being the -tlantis people. *hen the
Earth was terribly in(ured by the -tlanteans, she was forced to throw them off, as a dog sha%es off
water. - few remained, to begin again, in tiny poc%ets where survival superseded their previous
technological advancement and levels of learning. 3evertheless, there are descendants of those original
survivors who remember the %nowledge which was handed down through the generations to this day.
&hey are beginning to come forward now, to tell their stories and to teach their fellow humans who are
less grounded in the history and the appreciation of their connection to /aia.
$&hese descendants have wisely remained mostly in hiding, away from the fast!developing centers of
civili7ation. Many of them live in tribes you would consider $primitive,$ but they are the carriers of
deeper wisdom than most people can even imagine. &hey maintained their connection to the world of
;pirit as their primary focus, and have not participated in the material pursuits of the $developed$
world. 3ow, as their numbers have been driven into the deepest forests and (ungles, the highest
mountain pea%s, they at last come forward to tell their stories, before they ma%e the (oyful transition to
higher dimensions.
$&his -scension is an easy shift for them, because they have been closely connected to their /od, to
their ancestors, and to the ;pirit /uides who participate fully in their daily lives. &hey are those you
have called the $indigenous$ people, and they have done the wor% of steadying and nourishing /aia for
the benefit of all man%ind. *ithout their service as the conduits between Earth and ;pirit, it would not
have been possible to reach this point of -scension, for /aia would have had to create far greater
upheaval to save herself if it were not for their constant resistance to the $progress$ which has
devastated air, water and food sources.
$3ow, the forces of 1ight from every area of the planet are beginning to merge, sharing information,
spreading the *ord, preparing themselves for the (oyful -scension. &here is new respect in spiritual
communities for our Dear <hildren of the 2orests and Mountains. Elders from ancient communities are
beginning to travel around the world to ma%e contact with each other and with those who are hungry
for &ruth. *e celebrate this new sharing. 't has helped to raise the consciousness around the globe. &he
ease of travel you have achieved in recent years has also contributed to this great sharing.
$-nd now, many of you will e,perience the )ltimate /ift of ;haring, the e,perience of being together
without barriers, without race or language or age to interfere with free and open communication. 5ere
in higher dimensions we have no need for limited language4 we can communicate without words far
more effectively. You will e,perience a world without many of the limitations you ta%e for granted, li%e
gravity, the need for a constant supply of food, and fatigue. *e cannot begin to describe to you in
words how different it will be for those who ma%e the choice to -scend now.
$2or the scoffers and disbelievers, it will not matter whether neighbors or friends or even family
members have ta%en the leap into higher dimensions. &hey may find ways to avoid seeing the obvious,
as they do now, but their lives will improve anyway, much to the credit of those who have made this
-scension possible and will be participating in it. &here will be a veil as there has been in the past,
although a lighter one, between the %nowing ones in higher dimensions and those still wor%ing through
their soul (ourneys at various levels of completion. &hat veil is li%e a one!way mirror, through which
the -scended 0nes will always be able to pass if they wish to.
$&hose who fear being left behind because you donBt feel ready for the challenge of such a shift need
not worry. &here are mountains to climb and races to run for all levels of souls, and your education and
enlightenment will not be neglected. 't is our wish that eventually, every single soul will elevate to
higher dimensions, in a continual procession of 0ur 1ightbearing *onder%ind <hildren. &he future will
hold great challenges for some, great triumphs for many, and as always, wondrously varied
opportunities for enlightening soul e,perience and growth.
$*e love you one and all,
$' -m &hat ' -m, and the 1egions of 1ight$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on Dec. ", . pm.
Part 47: Lesson #%% This =ear =o8r /elati#es Will Co*e to >isit in 3$aceshi$s
$/reetings, My <hildren, You are fast approaching the longest night of the year, Dec. .. 't is an
auspicious time for the human race ! a time of change, and a time to celebrate. 't is appropriate that the
holiday season falls at this time, for the birth of <hrist is symbolic, even for religions other than
<hristianity. 't represents new birth, the (oy of family gatherings, and the celebration of life in
community with others. ;ince the earliest times on Earth, humans have loo%ed to the s%ies at this, the
end of gathering dar%ness and the dawn of the gathering 1ight, to e,press relief and gratitude that the
dar%est days will soon be behind, and the spring cannot be far behind.
$&here remain several months of cold in the 3orthern latitudes, but of course that is because the land
does not recover from the dar%ness as Auic%ly as the people do. -nd you will recover this year, in a
way you have never e,perienced before.
$&here is a group of stars in your s%ies %nown as ;irius. -mong those stars is a planet somewhat
similar to your own. &he planet you call ;irius, after its group, has long been inhabited by beings very
similar to yourselves. &hey are human beings, with some slight differences in genetic ma%eup from
your own, and they are very aware of the transition you are going through at this time. 'n fact, a
number of ;irians are here among you, to help out where they can. &hey are very e,pert in organi7ing
together to get things done, because they come from a culture of cooperation and 1ove. 0ne such
person is now one of the great 5eads of ;tate on Planet Earth. 5e came as a volunteer because of the
great need for strong leadership in the face of the gathering strength of Dar% 0nes who are intent on
controlling the minds of all the people, and thereby gaining control over all the planetBs resources and
wealth. &heir efforts to help out have been very successful in maintaining the upward tra(ectory of the
worldBs consciousness as we approach the date you have all chosen for your -scension ! .+.+..
$'n the deepest well of your consciousness, you have a shared ancestral memory with the people of
;irius, for they have been in contact with the people of Earth more than once during your development.
&hey have ta%en a benevolent oversight role at times, bringing new information and technology at
crucial turning points in your history. 0ne of those times was during the period at the end of the
-tlantean civili7ation, when they foresaw the disaster in the ma%ing, as the leaders decided to $play$
with powerful forces which were beyond their ability to control them, much as your leaders have toyed
with nuclear energy before it was completely understood, and have embraced genetic engineering as if
it were a cure all for all ills, with little thought to the possible disastrous results. &hey admire your
creativity and spontaneity, but being a more mature culture, they have long feared for your survival.
Kathryn? *ere we seeded here from ;iriusF Do we come from the same blood!lineF
$Yes, My Dear, it is true. ' paused in answering your Auestion to ponder whether your audience is ready
to hear this %ind of information, but ' do stand behind the adage that the &ruth shall set you free, so '
will tell you. You have personally felt an affinity for your ;irian distant relatives because you and many
of your fellow 1ightwor%ers have spent lifetimes on ;irius, reaffirming your affection and partnership
with the Mentors and &eachers who loo% so fondly on your adventurous pro(ect ! life on /aia, as she
completes her -scension.
$&hey are very interested in you because their own planet went through a similar elevation, but they
were not able to remain on their planet in bodies as you will do. &hey were forced, li%e the -tlantis
people, to leave the planet until it settled into a new rhythm of growth and more temperate weather
conditions. 'n fact, many of them incarnated here on Earth in the early days when it was idyllically
beautiful and rather benign, before the e,periment with the 0rion+reptilian faction gained in influence
and power. &hey could not tolerate the Dar%ness which overtoo% /aia, and so have retreated to observe
and cheer you on. &hey do not have the stomach for the %ind of hostile contentiousness which is
common fare on the airwaves in recent years. &hey are a gentle and loving people, unused to violence
and mayhem, so it is Auite a sacrifice and a challenge for them to sign on to a life here. &hey have
elevated themselves to a higher vibrational level, similar to the one you are approaching. 't is therefore
very much in their consciousness to identify with your challenges and growing pains.
$' tell you these things now because ' hope you will find comfort in %nowing you have 8rothers and
;isters across the )niverse who care for you very much, and who see you as the adventurers and
travelers who left 5ome long ago to establish yourselves in this new outpost of beauty, mystery and
great energetic intensity. &hey are not your only progenitors4 there have been visits by several other
groups from far!off gala,ies over the millennia. Your $races$ of white, blac%, yellow and red are in fact
ancestors of these early space travelers, as the myths and songs and stone carvings convey. 0f course,
these visits were possible because of the many planets where the technology has advanced to the point
where reliable spacecraft can carry them millions of lightyears in wee%s or days, although it is still
considered a great underta%ing in real!life terms.
$3ow, lest we $blow the lid off$ your <reation beliefs, which would upset many on /aia enormously,
we can reassure you that you were indeed created by a 1oving /od who loo%s after you still. You all
were ! ;irians, Earthlings, 0rions and all, and each birth in the most far!flung outpost in the Multiverse
renews the <reation of which *e are an intimate part. *e love you one and all, and whenever one of
our reluctant souls comes home to re(oin with us in 1ove, as do all the souls from all the planets
between their various incarnate lives, we welcome all without reservation. 8etween those lives, *e are
$;o you see, Dear <hildren, you ;tar 8rothers and ;isters are indeed that ! although perhaps you would
call them <ousins. &hey care for you as family, and are here to celebrate the holidays with you@
*elcome them with open arms, Dear 0nes. Your lives will be enriched and enlightened by their
presence. You will come to see that you are not so different from them in your souls. Many of their
ships are here to help you. &hey welcome visits from you4 in your dreams or in meditation, you will be
able to (oin with them in loving communion if you open your minds and open your hearts to the
$impossible$ idea that this year, the relatives come to visit you in space ships@
$*e are with you always, and love you beyond measure,
$Your Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m, spea%ing for the friends and fellow travelers who send their 1ove.$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on Dec. I, .#. at pm.
Part 5:: The Creation 3tory
$0nce upon a time there was nothing. - great dar%ness was everywhere. 3othing moved, nothing
breathed, nothing lived. &his nothingness lasted for an eternity. &hen, one day the nothingness began to
move, li%e a great slumbering giant awa%ening. 1ittle by little, the great nothingness stirred, stretched,
and yawned an enormous yawn, and from the mouth of the great nothingness emerged 1ight. &he light,
being light, spar%led throughout the nothingness, bringing marvelous energy and vitality forth in
waveparticles which traveled for thousands, then millions, then billions of years, outward, ever outward
into the farthest imaginable distances.
&hen the /iant gathered the spar%ling energy particles in his hands, loo%ed at them lovingly, and
beamed 1ight energy into them. creating first a consciousness, then a form, then a feeling, until &he
/reatnesss had made a <hild of 'ts 'magining, a 1ove1ight which contained all the elements, forms,
feelings and awarenesses which the /iant possessed, but this <hild of the /iant was different in one
way ! the <hild had features which gave it a separateness and togetherness at once, difference and
sameness, and /iant called it Male and 2emale, and he 3amed it /od. &he difference and sameness
gave the /od 8eing the ability to communicate, interact and 1ove the alter part of its 8eing, and
allowed /od to develop and grow in the process of 1ove feelings and communication with each side of
itself, while learning to revere and model itself after the /reat 0ne, the ;ource of -ll 8eing, which was
1ove 'tself.
$-s /od grew stronger and brighter with the breath of the /reat 0ne breathing gentle 1ight into its
being, eons passed, and /od learned that 5e+;he could perfectly harmoni7e with the 0ther;elf to learn
wonderful acts of <reation. &ogether it+they began to imagine together, with the /reat 0neBs help, and
glorious <reations began to appear. 't made /od feel delighted, e,cited, e,hilarated and in awe to see
the wondrous shapes, colors and combinations of relationships they could create, and so geometry
began to reveal itself. 1arge and small shapes could be set in motion within the field of the
waveparticles, and wondrous interactions began to e,press themselves, and so the 1aws of Physics
began to reveal itself as well. 0n and on, the /od <hild and <reator /iant played and created, in 1ove
and 1ight. - world of magical spinning spheres, whirling around each other, some fast, some slowly, all
began to interact and influence each other with their energy, mass and velocity. -nd so they learned to
<reate, to 1ove, and to 'magine.
$&hen one day /od became aware of the /reat 1ove within the <onnection between Male and 2emale,
and of the great wish to recreate in their own image. -nd so /od gently held a sphere in trembling
hands and breathed 1ight and <onsciousness into the sphere, with /reat 1ove and the 'ntention to
create a being which would be separate but with and of itself. -nd so a planet was born, and they all
smiled and felt overwhelming (oy. &hey then decided to create a spar%ling, burning globe of fire to
warm the planet, to give her a companion and partner, but they had to wor% very hard to ma%e sure all
was balanced and harmonious so that the planet did not get burned, or stray too far from her
companion, and so other planets were formed and put to the tas% of organi7ing, orchestrating and
balancing the whole system, and so the first gala,y began.
$*e cannot deny that there were learning mista%es, when one or more of our dear planets might lose
their grip on the web of consciousness which held them together, and go careening off, sometimes to a
spectacularly tragic end. &hose accidents made us feel very sad and careful as we proceeded with our
<reation wor%. *e learned that Mother /od was especially good at certain aspects of the <reation
process ! those gentle and nurturing Jualities which were the powerful glue that held our created
elements together. ;he was harmony, warmth and gentleness, and she brought the elements of
attentiveness, prudence and discretion, whereas 2ather /od tended to be a bit more bold, venturesome,
and intrepid, and more focused on the e,citement of stretching the boundaries of our reach.
$*e learned, over an eternity of eternities, to defer to one anotherBs strengths, and to revel in the
harmony and balance we could e,perience as 0ne. /reat ;ource smiled on our efforts, and spar%ling
energy particlewaves flowed from the mouth and eyes and hands of <reator, always providing limitless
material for our Divine *or%. *e %new it was Divine *or% because of the wondrous creations we were
able to envision and bring to life, and with every new creation we fell in love, with our new 8eing and
with 0ur;elves.
$-s the eons passed, we learned how to combine and separate the elements of the energy around us to
recombine it in limitless and wondrous ways. *e started with the simplest elements first, the ones you
would call o,ygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, and we found we could create liAuids, gasses and
solids, then we began to fill out our dear planets with water, gaseous atmospheres, and mountains.
1ater came imaginings of great crowds of growing things, but we %new we would need help with our
beautiful creations, so we began to wor% toward envisioning beautiful spirit beings who could help us
to create wondrous and unlimited variations of all the things we wanted to create.
$-nd so we did as our /reat ;ource had done. *ith careful and loving supervision, we began to gather
the spar%ling waveparticle elements in intricate and comple, combinations. -s a potter does with his
clay, we shaped and formed them, then we held them gently in our hands, and we breathed the ;pirit of
1ife and 1ove into them, and we created 3ature ;pirits in great numbers. *e danced and cried tears of
(oy to see the 1ight 8eings who began to increase in numbers around us. 1i%e us, they were
Envisioners and <reators who learned with us to carefully, through millions of years in your counting,
to carefully bring their creations to us and together we would breathe the 1ight of <onsciousness into
the small beings they created at first.
$1ittle by little we learned to combine and recreate variations of beings who could interact with each
other the way the planets and suns balanced and harmoni7ed with each other. Each being was created in
1ove, and was honored as the consciousness awa%ened. 2irst small single celled creatures were made,
which became the basis for freely moving creatures and plants. More and more comple, beings were
created which could grow, and then we learned how to create creatures and plants which could recreate
themselves. -lways and ever, each being was honored and, along with the 8reath of 1ife, was given
<onsciousness. -nd so the ecosystems were born.
$*e dearly loved our creatures and plants and the ;pirits who helped us to create them. 5owever, we
were aware that they did not possess something which was in us, and that was the ability to feel
emotions in the way we did. -lthough they were able to cooperate in some ways, they did not feel
<ompassion for one another the way we did. -nd so, the /reat Dream of Dreams began. 't was to be
many millions of years of learning, first with animals large and small, the ones you call mammals, then
eventually with the primates of many shapes and si7es who were amusing, intelligent and who were
loving and %ind to their babies. &hese intelligent animals had deeper and deeper connections between
their brain and their hearts, and when we breathed the 1ight of <onsciousness into their bodies, they
absorbed from us the 'nternal 1ight which we call ;oul. Each species was separate and precious in our
eyes, different and wonderful in their own way.
$&he great fish and sea mammals gave us special delight with their sensitivity to sound, light and
motion, and their ability to travel long distances. *e wor%ed to create special abilities of
communication and intelligence, especially for the air!breathing dolphins and whales, who would come
to the surface to interact with each other. -lways in our hopes and dreams, we envisioned a beautiful
8eing, the <hild of our 5eart, who would be a free, independent and 1oving 0ne, a part of )s and our
<onsciousness of 0ne, and a <reator in its own right.
$8illions and billions of years passed before we were s%illful and %nowledgable enough to combine our
creative powers and the force of our /od <onsciousness, in concert with the Dreams of the /reat
;ource, to create a 8eing of 1ight who would wal% the paths of the planets, with our close observation
and supervision. *e were able, as we are now, to send waves of particlewave energy which would
ignite genetic possibilities in the 8eings when conditions created by the evolution of the parent planets
might reAuire it, or when we saw the opportunity to give our 8eloved 0nes further advantages.
$'t was most crucial to us that the growth of our Dear 0nes in intelligence and creative abilities always
be accompanied by growth in their souls and their hearts. <ompassion, 1ove, and especially the Auality
of Empathy were a long time coming, as you might say, in the long history of development of all the
species, including humans. ;o you see, the <reation of Man%ind was a very recent highlight in the long
evolution of growth across the )niverse. 9*e ob(ect to your *estern languages, by the way, which call
all humans Male.: 'n our eyes, there is no such concept. *e, in our /od <onsciousness are neither
Male nor 2emale solely, but possess both Aualities, as do all our creations, including humans. *e have
designed small differences into your bodies so that you could e,perience the electrical attraction which
is so conducive to passionately felt 1ove, but that is a story for another day.
$*e have tried to introduce you to the <reation ;tory from our point of view. You will notice that both
those who believe in evolution and those who believe in <reationism are correct. 8oth elements were
present in eAual measure in our wor%, however, without the ;par% of 1ife <onsciousness which we
breathed into every tree, every ant and every prairie dog, every planet and every sun, there would be no
1ife as you e,perience it. *e will not say 1ife as you %now it, because many of you are completely
unaware of the life which e,ists around you. You have in recent generations held the amusing belief
that if a tree or animal cannot spea% to you in words 9and preferably in English:, then it does not
possess intelligence or consciousness. You will become increasingly aware of these intelligences
around you as we send the ne,t very intense wave of energy to awa%en your own awareness in new
$-nd now, we will leave you to ponder your thoughts about this story we have told. 0f course, we are
never further than a thought!wave away from you.
*e love you, the <reations of our 5opes and Dreams, our Dear 0nes,
Your Yahweh, 2ather /od, never without the sweet blessings of Your Mother /od.$
Part 51: The +arthlin& 3tory
$&onight ' will tell you the rest of the story. &here are many details which were left out when ' told you
the creation story last night. ' wanted to give you a day to thin% about the story ' told you, to get used to
it. 1etBs see, where shall we beginF 0f course itBs difficult to relate the memories of thousands, even
millions of your years.
$Every moment for us is filled with e,citement, pleasure, challenge and yes, learning. &he process of
creation is a never!ending awesome enterprise. -s ' told you yesterday, we have always felt the divine
presence in all that we do. *e spea% to you with a sense of deep connection, love and commitment to
the ongoing pro(ect which is our creation, our co!creation ! yours and ours. &his process of -scension
is ta%ing place now in this time, in this hour, and this coming wee% because of your wor%, your help,
your planning and your your wishes and dreams. <ontrary to what you have been told in stories and
myths, we do not simply cause things to happen, li%e moving you around on a chessboard without your
agreement or consents.
$'t is difficult for you to comprehend that we created you ! yes you are the creations of our hearts ! and
we created with love. &hat ma%es all the difference. *e wish for your growth and for your happiness4
we do not wish to control you or hamper you in anyway. )nli%e the parents you are familiar with, we
are not a &iger mom or a bac%stage mom4 we do not control or manipulate or demand that you wal% the
path we have created for you. 3o, that is not our way. *e have created you in perfection with
intelligence and freewill. 't says in your 8ible that man was created in our image. &here is some truth
in that, although it doesnBt capture the whole picture. You have Aualities in varying degrees which are
our Aualities ! some more, some less, because you were created in a human body with its limited three!
dimensional breadth. 0f course it is not possible for one human to contain all the Aualities of the
universe, but those Aualities resonate as echoes in every human who lives. 2or instance you have
among you e,tremely talented artists, who by their own description would call themselves terrible
business people. &hat is as it should be. 't means that there is enormous variety and complementarity
among among you.
$&hin% of the people you have loved K they are uniAue, irreplaceable, because they have strengths
which you find fascinating, compelling. Perhaps you love them because of the wonderful way they
complement you, and you them. Perhaps you find them intriguing because they are different enough to
be truly interesting and rare in your eyes. ;o you see you and all others are created as a part of the
whole, the whole dream, the dream of our hearts and our 'magining.
$3ow let us return to the larger story. ' hope you will not be disappointed when ' tell you that planet
earth was not the first to feel the footsteps of human children. 5uman life began far across the gala,ies
in a place your astronomers have not even named yet. 0ur children there evolved slowly across the
millennia, practicing their crafts and learning to live in groups, learning to feed themselves and to care
for their children. &heir s%ills grew and progressed until they developed higher levels of technologies
K technologies which tested their abilities to reason, to protect and to nurture themselves in the face of
possible annihilation. &hey were not successful, those beginning humans, but enough of their %ind
survived to carry on. &hose who began anew were cautious enough to hide the %nowledge of their
forebears to prevent a repeat of the previous disasters.
$&his process continued with greater or lesser success over many civili7ations. &hese humans also had
much to contend with in the way of natural cycles of shift and growth which was a result of their own
planets development, (ust as your ancestors learned throughout your history. Eventually after many fits
and starts they were able to create a highly advanced and highly educated civili7ation based in 1ove.
&hese, my children, are your ;tar 8rothers and ;isters. ' will not relate to you the entire story of their
history, because ' %now you are more interested in hearing about how your world came to be. 1et us
say only that these adventurous and loving ;tar 8rothers and ;isters did not remain on the planet of
their beginning, but ventured forth across the vast distances to e,plore and populate other planets.
;ome of them are here now, waiting (ust outside your atmosphere to be of service. &hey have gathered
much wisdom on their long path to where they are now, but they are different from you in one regard.
$-lthough it may be difficult for you to comprehend, they are human beings who have not e,perienced
the %ind of absolute freewill which you e,perience now. &hey have remained within the orbit of our
care and nurturing throughout their evolution. &hey would not complain that they have been enslaved,
because they have not been4 they have e,perienced their challenges, their disappointments, and their
tragedies, because they too have e,perienced death, and after that, -scension. &his is the process which
you have %nown throughout your lifetimes. -fter each life you would return 5ome to us, to our 1ove,
where you would be renewed in the sense of belonging in a way that you cannot conceive when you are
in your separate individual bodies. &his is the life and death cycle which all living beings have
e,perienced on all the planets until this time. &here are e,ceptions to this rule, some souls who were
able to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, and who chose not to continue the cycle of birth and
death in a body, but this has been a rare occasion and always it was an individual process.
$3ever before has there been a planet, or a group of people who were prepared to move together with
their dear planet to ascend as a group. 't is possible now on /aia for this e,perience to occur because
you planned it. 3ever before have there been so many souls who were challenged so deeply that they
were inspired to (oin together to fight their way out of the Dar%ness which threatened to overcome
them. &his is why /aia in her =!D configuration was called 8oot <amp, because it created in you a
sense of daring, defiance, and nobility of purpose. You are warriors all, my Dear <hildren. 't has often
led to your turning against each other unnecessarily, but even in that process, you learned the rules of
warfare, which allowed you to behave decently even as you went about the business of %illing each
other. You have learned to show honor under duress, and compassion even in the most traumatic times,
and you have done it together.
$During the great war, your photographers and (ournalist recorded acts of great heroism and great heart.
&hose images and stories inspired you to bring those values home to your dealings with each other, in
your every day lives. Even the rampant racism which e,isted before and during the war became
impossible to sustain in the face of evidence which would not allow disdain or belittlement of those
brave soldiers of many colors who fought and died so that even their oppressors might live in freedom.
-nd so you began to learn to respect and admire one another regardless of color, and then finally,
regardless of gender. 0nce those barriers began to crumble, we offered you greater challenge, in the
form of same!se, relationships, of disability of all sorts, which became too visible to ignore any longer.
You have my children succeeded, for the most part, to *ithstand the manipulation, the grandstanding
and the hate speech of those dar% one who would prefer that you turn on one another.
$*e have watched in awe as you became more and more resolved up to right the wrongs of racism,
discrimination, and hatred of your fellow men and women. &his process continues every day, as your
news stories tell of children who have committed suicide because there schoolmates bully them. *hole
communities are left to mourn in shame and confusion at the force and power the words of their
children carry, and the irreparable damage which can be done with words.
$-s a culture you are now rapidly learning that there is no such thing as a (o%e, when that (o%e causes
suffering to anyone. >ust as the brave photographers of the *orld *ars brought home their lessons, you
now e,perience those lessons every day in your own home via the 'nternet. 'n (ust a few years, this
technology has changed everything. 't is no longer possible for a tyrant to bomb or gas his citi7ens into
submission without garnering the distain and contempt of his worldwide audience. &his sharing of
information has allowed for a closer connection among the citi7ens of the world, who have found
partnership, support, and camaraderie in their united resolve to suffer no more under the oppressive
rule of Dar%, selfish and power!hungry leaders. You understand that this shift in consciousness has
happened very Auic%ly, but you truly have no idea what it means in the relative history of your planet.
'n spite of the 2orces of Dar%ness which have permeated every area of your lives and filled every
breath with fear and an,iety, you have prevailed in your upward march toward the Dream of a world of
>ustice and 1ove.
$;o you see, my children, we view your struggles from a very different perspective than you do. Even
as we write this message, there are thousands of people marching in solidarity in the streets of cities in
Michigan to ob(ect to laws which would wea%en that very solidarity for the benefit of those whose only
concern is profiting from the labors of those wor%ing people. Everywhere on the planet, people are
gathering to forge relationships based in common values of compassion, honor, and concern for the
wea%est among you. 3o, it is not done, but it is growing fast, and we are blowing the winds of change
to empower those who would protect and honor the value of each precious human life, regardless of
that personBs social or economic status. *e loo% on with wonder and respect as whistle!blowers come
forward to spea% &ruth, ris%ing their lives and their livelihoods to protect their countrymen and fellow
$;o, dear Earth <hildren, you are not the first to e,ist in human form, but you are the most heart!strong,
determined and effective 0rgani7ers the )niverse has ever %nown. You have all attended
demonstrations, held for the purpose of standing up for some unfair or unreasonable action on the part
of those in power. Gemember the heady e,hilaration of standing shoulder to shoulder with those who
were, if only for those hours, blood and brothers and sistersF &hese are our feelings toward you, our
<hildren, as you march in large numbers toward a triumphant passage into the higher elevations you
have earned so well, and earned together.
$&he light of one candle is illumination4 the light of a thousand is a firestorm. 'n this historic event, you
will carry each other, with the combined synergy of 1ight which is the greatest power in the )niverse !
1ove ! and 1ove shared cannot be defeated.
$*e await your arrival in higher dimensions, Dear 0nes. May you come in great numbers. 0ur arms
are open to embrace you.
$Your 2ather and Mother /od -nd the 1egions of 1ight.$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on Dec. ., .#.
Part 5%: The Most 38ccessf8l ;ay +#er
$&oday is a glorious day, because yesterday was the most successful day ever on Planet Earth, because
of the effects of our 1ove 8lasts which awa%ened so many of our Dear <hildren from their slumbers.
5ave you noticed how many people are smiling for no apparent reasonF Yes, December ., .#. was a
historic moment in the history of /aia. 't has made possible the beginning of a new /olden -ge, one
which will include all the people in the creation of beauty and prosperity in a new way.
$Most of the readers of these messages are living in the ).;. and <anada, and so are not aware of the
behind!the!scenes activities in countries around the world, since your press corps has been all but
eliminated by the giant media conglomerates who prefer to disseminate distracting entertainments
rather than news. 5owever, the evidence is there, in the &witter and other social media sites and
internet channels which disseminate the true stories as told by eye witnesses armed with their telephone
cameras ! ultimately the most reliable sources.
$'n fact, this new form of interconnection has changed life irreversibly in the most remote places on the
planet. 5ere is one e,ample? intelligence resources are no longer a controlled stream of information
from government!controlled agents. *ith nothing more than a cell phone, a person can become the
window to the world for a whole village. &he effect is electrifying, especially when that village
happens to be in a state of foment in reaction to a oppressive and cruel regime, such as the irrationally
arrogant -ssad in ;yria, whose insular regime has completely underestimated the resolve and courage
of the people who will now refuse to succumb to oppression. &he success of other recent rebellions
have made surrender a thing of the past. &here will be no place in the /olden -ge for tyrants or cruel
and selfish %ings. &his will be made far easier by the removal of the Dar% 5ats who have left hunger
and misery in their wa%e in every corner of the world.
$- second e,ample which mightnBt be obvious to you from your perspective is the e,plosion of
peaceful demonstrations in Michigan and *isconsin, where wor%ersB rights are being usurped by the
profit!motivated corporations and their elected representatives under the name of $right to wor%.$
5owever, the Powers &hat 8e will not succeed, because these wor%ers, who were willing to
compromise but not surrender, will not return to a state of slavery this time. 0nce citi7ens have tasted
the dignity and individual freedoms which were achieved by the magic of collective bargaining, they
cannot unlive the e,perience, and they will not be manipulated as they were during the last so!called
/ilded -ge, which benefitted the wealthy at the cost of the many.
$&his current struggle, which might seem li%e a dismal retreat to reliving old battles, is not so. -s our
dear <hildren of -merica have done before, they are arguing first one side then the other of an ancient
argument about the allocation and uses of power, in full view of the eyes of the world, who listen
carefully and learn, through their unofficial sources, the rationale and the ways of democracy and itsB
accompanying responsibilities which must be shared by all. -s activists have been fond of saying,
$democracy is not a spectator sport.$ &his will become increasingly clear, as all members are as%ed to
help in the creation of a new civili7ation which will serve the needs of an Enlightened citi7enry.
$Your protests and rebellions across the globe are educating those in power to consider the needs of all
the people, ta%ing into account their uniAue abilities and needs, as well as the need for access to
elevating cultural e,periences of all forms, rather than encouraging material consumption which only
profits the few. -rt, music, great literature and great architecture will come to the forefront of life in a
new way, celebrating the <reative <lass with reverence and appreciation as the new leaders. &hey will
ta%e the place of the <aptains of 'ndustry, whose time is now completed. 't was an important era in the
creation of technologies and supply chains which can now be e,panded and rewor%ed to ta%e into
account the needs of the planet so that /aia will never again be forced to suffer at the alter of /reed.
$3ow let us return to the discussion of -scension, and the progress you are all ma%ing in elevating
yourselves in preparation for leadership in the coming age. ;ome have already volunteered for the
difficult tas%s of returning from their idyllic e,perience of life with us in the higher dimensions to
return as the Messengers of &he &rue *ord, the teachers of a new connection with )s in the ;pirit
world which will not reAuire any adherence to dogma, or any establishment of religions as you have
%nown them. &hose elements, which were needed when the Deil bloc%ed the direct e,perience of
communion with )s, have also been completed. -s you all become more intuitively aware of our
presence, it will become an everyday habit for all of you to come to spea% with us, your /uides and
dedicated 5elpers, for guidance, and for deep connection with the 2orces of 1ight which fuels your
inspiration, compassion and forgiveness. Yes, life will be easier, as we have promised our Dear 8rave
/aian ;ouls. You have wor%ed tirelessly, through many lifetimes and thousands of years to bring
yourselves to the level where your collective consciousness could be ready for this glorious -scension,
for this event, uniAue in the )niverse, was planned by all of you, with the leadership of the one you call
>esus, to occur as a mass celebration, along with your dear planet /aia, who has also heroically done
her part.
$0ur (oy is beyond description as we watch in wonder as our dear children, the <reations of our 5earts,
advance toward their /raduation Day, December ., the date you have chosen to advance to a higher
dimensional e,perience and a new beginning. &here will indeed be new challenges and pu77les,
emerging from sensations with new meanings and e,periences for which you have no words.
$*e will be here beside you to support and comfort you as you forge new ground. *e will send oceans
of )nconditional 1ove in the " days which remain in the preparation phase of this glorious cosmic
$*e honor you4 we adore you,
Your Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on Dec. =, .#..
Part 5(: Manifestin& =o8r ;rea*s
$*hen you discover new abilities within yourself, it can be difficult to accept the power which comes
with them. 8reathe, envision a world of peace, prosperity and sharing 9communion:, and it will be so,
for you individually, and for everyone who (oins wholeheartedly in creating this 5eaven on Earth. ' say
this to you, as your Psalm says, $for &hine is the Kingdom and the Power, and the /lory, forever.$ You,
my children, are the ones who will deliver yourselves from Evil, will forgive those who have trespassed
against you, and will live in /race, here by our side. 2or 5eaven is your <reation even more than it is
0urs. &ogether, you will create the planet of your envisioning4 it is up to you to e,press, through the
transmission of your own energy, whether you prefer a planet of chaos or of peace, of hunger or of
plenty. Your actions, as an e,tension of your thoughts, will establish the foundation for coming
generations of /aians.
$;o, Dear 0nes, let your actions be guided by gratitude, compassion and forgiveness, and the violent
ones will give up their weapons and retreat in silence. Envision war, chaos and violent death, and so it
shall be, for yourself and those around you.2or those unused to the concept of manifesting what you
envision, ' will e,plain a simple concept which may help you. &his is a volatile time in terms of
manifesting, because at the moment of the *inter ;olstice on December ., .#., there will be an
historic alignment in which /aia will be in the path of energy which flows directly from the center of
the Mil%y *ay /ala,y, which is in fact the blac% hole your scientist have identified. &hat flow of
energy, more powerful than at any time previous time in your planetBs history 9due to comple,
alignments and interactions which ' will not go into here:, will continue for = days, from December .
to .4, and will thereafter subside slowly over a period of months. &his gentle subsidence will allow for
gradual change, although it may seem sudden to those of you who have not been prepared for this time.
$&hese changes will be the manifestation of the Dreams and 5opes of all Earthlings, with the e,ception
of the Dar% 5ats who have for centuries e,ercised mass control over the minds and lives of all 5umans
on Earth. &hose who have upheld the e,pression of Evil have been defeated at last by the efforts of
1ightwor%ers across the planet who have refused to succumb to mind control, and who will now come
into their own as 1eaders and Envisioners of the 3ew /aia.
$3ow, here is how they have accomplished this feat, and how they will tip the balance yet again in the
December .!.4 period. You see, there are timelines of possibility which approach closely at times.
&hese are the times when you have the intuitive feeling, $&his could go either way,$ as you saw in your
last ).;. election. &he $will of the people$ can cause a timeline (ump to create a scenario toward peace
and sharing, or continue on the old timeline of chaos and war. -t this (uncture, you chose peace, and
the future scenario has ta%en a new direction, adhering to the alternate timeline which had come within
(umping distance, you might say. &he result is already becoming evident, as advocates for peace and
fair dealing raise their voices with new energy. Dishonesty and chicanery will no longer be tolerated as
customary in business, politics and other social structures. 5ow powerful this effect will be, and how
Auic%ly it is felt will be a matter of mass consciousness.
$8e aware, Dear 0nes, that now, more than ever before, you create your immediate reality by
e,pressing it in actions. You will truly reap what you sow.
$3ow, ' will answer a Auestion from 'sabel about whether it is important to meditate. &here is no
absolute answer, but we will try to e,plain? &he process of meditation usually, but not always, helps
people to reach higher levels of consciousness, shifting the brain into alpha rather than beta states, and
thereby ma%ing it easier for the meditator to $pierce the Deil$ to ma%e contact with higher dimensions
9)s:. 't is important that the person resist the temptation to become impatient or distracted. &here are
e,ercises which we encouraged Kathryn to include in her boo%, based on breathing and centering in
your brain, which we recommend. &here are also many meditation <DBs available. *e will as% Kathryn
to record a new meditation <D using our suggestions. )ntil then, %eep trying, and with continued
practice you will find remar%able progress toward mindfulness and inner peace.
$3ow, <., as you wish to be %nown, we wish to reassure you that your good wor% has great power. You
have set it in motion, and have thereby contributed to the e,pression of a glorious 3ew /aia. 't is time
for you now to turn your awareness toward absorbing the 1ight of healing. Do not fear illness or pain.
<oncentrate instead on the path of your own -scension, and the glorious events ahead. *e send this
message to all 1ightwor%ers and healers, most of whom are by now e,hausted and in need of
nourishment and solace. &a%e the Divine Energy of 1ove we send you. -bsorb and metaboli7e it into
nourishing 1ight to protect and sustain you eternally.
$*e love you one and all, dear Earthling <hildren,
Your Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m, and the 1egions of 1ight who offer their help now in this magnificent
<hanneled by Kathryn May on December 6, .#., at .am, from 5awaii
Part 54: <e's Fro* the Planet
$Dear 0nes, tonight we have a message for you about something very different. *e feel it is important
for you to be up to date on the fast!moving events ta%ing place on /aia, and the implication they hold
for your future. 2irst, some news from far!off places. *e want you to %now that it has been decided by
the /alactic 2ederation of 1ight that it is time for an intervention, which is now possible because of the
enormous numbers of conscious reAuests from EarthBs people. -s we have told you many times, we
have a strict non!intervention policy, and can only offer assistance when the balance of 1ight reaches
overwhelming proportions. &he primary selfless reAuest which your people pray for is an end to war.
&he tolerance for murder and mayhem which war creates has waned dramatically, as people are
increasingly aware of the useless loss of life and destruction of homes, schools, hospitals, and
everything that ma%es life livable. -fghanistan is (ust the most recent e,ample of year upon year of
devastation with no apparent benefit e,cept to the weapons ma%ers, all of whom are foreign powers.
$0n every continent, refugees from either poverty or war struggle to find a way to raise their children
with the minimum of food and education, while the wealthy benefactors of war flaunt their e,travagant
possessions and lifestyles on television for all the world to admire and envy. &his has indeed created
envy and discontent, and is beginning to foment revolution, as it has so many times before on the
planet. 5owever, this time we will be able to help with the transition to a fairer and more eAuitable
situation because of the gradual end of the war machine. 3ot only will this eliminate the wasted ta,
money and natural resources4 it will eliminate the untold billions of wasted resources to rebuild what
was destroyed. 'ronically, it has been the pattern for the ).;. and itBs allies to both destroy and rebuild
whole cities across -sia and the Middle East in the past H# years, all at the e,pense of the ta,payers.
$&his senseless waste will be stopped, with help from well!placed representatives of the /201, who
have already succeeded in dismantling ! with their advanced technologies ! most of the weapons of
mass destruction on the planet. 0ther sources of man!made danger have also been neutrali7ed,
including some of the secret ionosphere!manipulating energy technology which has the potential to
destabili7e the balance of the planetBs magnetic field, as well as creating massive earthAua%es and
hurricanes. &hese super powerful technologies have no place in an environment where any number of
world leaders, in an irrational moment, could bring absolute destruction to the entire planet. *e have
eliminated this doomsday possibility, so you can rest easy in %nowing that the Dar% 5ats will not
accomplish this mayhem, which they were stupidly convinced they could survive by hiding in their
underground bun%ers.
$You may have noticed the rash of illnesses among some of the most oppressive of the worldBs leaders.
&his is not the result of any homicidal action on our part, but rather a pervasive change in the energetic
matrices across the planet, which will no longer sustain concentrated Dar% energy. &he result will be a
withering and disappearance of life!threatening Dar% 2orces, human and otherwise, including many of
the illnesses which are e,acerbated by imbalances in the emotional+physical body. &his change process
will continue over a period of years, as the atmosphere of Planet Earth comes into her own as the Planet
of 1ove and 1ight she was originally created to be.
$Your story of -dam and Eve is the much!misunderstood allegory of the beginning of the trouble on
/aia, when the serpent, representing the 2orces of Dar%ness who were actually beings from other
places in the gala,y, too% it upon themselves to challenge the power of 1ight, which you call /od, by
seducing humans away from their deep connection with )s by offering promises of material delights.
&his is often misinterpreted as the discovery of se,uality by our beautiful and innocent children, or
evidence of the wic%edness of women. &his is a gross distortion, as we have mentioned before. 2rom
our perspective, the power of women is a sacred gift, and unless it has something to do with
e,ploitation, se,uality has nothing to do with Dar%ness. &o be very direct about the matter, we gave our
dear humans orgasms to prepare them for the e,perience of -scension.
$-nd so it is that the time of peace, global prosperity and goodwill, along with personal fulfillment, is
now a probable timeline in /aiaBs immediate future. 5ow long it ta%es to implement fully will be
entirely up to you, Dear 0nes. /enerate 1ight in all your dealings with each other, and you will
e,perience 5eaven on Earth within your lifetime.
$Every hour, every action now goes toward building the Auality of life you will e,perience in the
following hour. &here will be little delay in feeling the conseAuences of your actions 9although we do
not intend to imply that you necessarily control absolutely everything that happens to you individually !
there are billions of you interacting every hour:. You will, however, become aware of speeded up
action!reaction responses because of the increase in timespeed, which has reached a crescendo at this
(uncture. -n act of service to others will reap rewards in (oy and fulfillment as never before. ;o, get out
your *hite 5ats and your musical instruments, our heroic children, it is time to celebrate. &here will be
dancing in the streets@
$*e are brimming with pride and admiration, as we hope you are now,
Your Yahweh, -llah, >ehovah, ;hiva, 8uddha, Mohammed, ;ue, Mary, >esus, Magdalene, -shtar, all
the -rchangels, ;aints, Master &eachers and /uides, ancestors and more.$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on December H, .#., at " pm, from 5awaii.
Part 55: ,$$er and Middle Gaia ;escri?ed
$*e have been as%ed so many times about what it will be li%e for those of you who choose the path to
the highest vibrations in this -scension process, for there will be several options available. &he middle!
road option has been referred to the -+8 option, which will be an highly improved =!D life on /aia,
characteri7ed by peace and prosperity within the tone of 1ove, which you can feel ta%ing place already
in response to the recent tragedies. &here is already a growing intolerance for abuses of all %inds,
combined with greater compassion. &hose who remain in this configuration will not be aware of the
departure of family or friends, e,cept to awa%en from the coming = days of &ransition with the memory
of relationships which ended naturally some years ago. &here will be no trauma and no emotional pain
as a result of the ;hift.
$*e will tal% now only of the highest path of -scension, which is the one most of you are interested in.
*ith this option, some of you will rise to the vibrational level of the 6th dimension, where everything
is different. Yes, Kathryn, here you can levitate, in the sense that you have voluntary control over the
effects of gravity to some e,tent, as many of you remember in your dreams from your earlier
e,periences here between lives. 5ere, 1ove was in the air you breathed, and regular physical needs of
the body did not e,ist. &his time, however, you will retain some of the sensations and reAuirements of
the body, which will evolve and change over the coming months and years according to your evolving
preferences. Your familiar surroundings will continue, with some ma(or changes which will restore the
natural beauty of /aia in ways which will delight you. 5ighly evolved technologies in the hands of
Enlightened 8eings will ma%e your lives stress!free and convenient without the danger to /aiaBs
$&he most fulfilling parts for you will be the ability to create what you envision at will, and to
e,perience unlimited numbers of relationships characteri7ed by )nconditional 1ove. Yes, it will be
Paradise on Earth, with the added delights of sensory e,perience similar to what you e,perience now in
a body ! the best of all possible worlds, in the eyes of those who helped to design this magnificent
e,periment. ;o, never fear, my Dear 0nes, you can ma%e this transition now without having to worry
about those you may leave on /aia -+8, or as we are calling it, Middle /aia. &heir lives will be far
better, and they too will have the opportunity to advance when they are ready, and you will be there to
welcome them@
$;ome of you have already made the commitment to descend bac% to =D to help with the establishment
of new social structures, new educational systems, and new ways of managing transportation, energy
systems and other new technologies which will ta%e the place of the to,ic uses in e,istence now. ;o,
you see, important s%ills will be needed to help with the smooth transition, which may ta%e several
generations, or hundreds of years, depending upon the manifesting intentions of the citi7ens. *e will
also be sending s%illed teachers to pass on the new spiritual truths which will eventually ta%e the place
of religion as it is %nown now.
$You can see by this description that it is the intention of all human souls to eventually raise the level of
vibration on Middle /aia, as you might call it, to more closely resemble 6D )pper, or 5igher Dibration
/aia. &his is the Dream you have all %nown for many lifetimes, and will be the destiny you will create,
as you have created this glorious elevation. &here will be a level for everyone along the way in their
individual growth as a soul, whether beginner or advanced. Each e,perience is uniAue and precious and
will be provided for without e,ception.
$3ow, ' will as% Kathryn to accept your email reAuests to come to (oin with you on the Eve of your
December .st celebrations, along with our dear -rchangel /abrielle, to help with the group -scension
for those who are ready to ma%e the transition on that day. -s% for them to attend, and we will ma%e the
arrangements for them to arrive at an appropriate time, to add to the festivities and to guarantee the
success of the /reat Event. Do not worry about distance or timing. 0ur -shtar will ta%e care of
$*e send you unlimited )nconditional 1ove to speed you on your way, Dear 0nes. 2ly, and we will
catch you in our waiting arms, with delight,
Your loving Yahweh, and all the ;ouls of the Multiverse, who watch in anticipation and awe.$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on December E, .#., at " pm from 5awaii.
Part 5): ! Messa&e of Lo#e !nd Gratit8de to Li&ht'or0ers
$Dear 0nes, it is such a pleasure to %now that so many of you are reading these words, sharing the
(oyful e,pressions of 1ove we send to you every single day. *e are grateful for this opportunity, and
for your faithful reading and absorbing the deeper meanings of these messages, which are always and
ever, 1ove.
$You are the sensitive and aware ones, 0ur Dear <hildren. You loo% forward to our communications as
much as *e do, and as the momentous time approaches for the /reat -scension, we become even more
(oyful and e,cited as we see your 1ights beaming forth, and your energies becoming more loving every
day. 't is wor%ing, yes, it is@ You can feel the waves of 1ove energy sweeping across the planet, filling
your hearts and awa%ening the deepest parts of your minds, where you remember, you are
remembering, Dear <hildren, why you are here@
$'t was not simply to live out (ust another life on /aia, oh, no, it is so much more than that@ &his is the
new beginning, even more than it is the ending of a difficult, painful era which you have all lived
through and mastered beautifully. You have learned forgiveness in the midst of tragedy, compassion in
spite of brutality, and %indness in the face of cruelty. You are brilliant, glowing e,amples of the
goodness human beings are capable of, and you increase in s%ill and in 1ight every day.
$Yes, we are sending enormous amounts of high vibration energy every day now, but that is not the
reason you are moving at such speed4 it is you@ You have continued to raise your levels in concert with
the vibrations we send, ma%ing it possible for you to absorb and metaboli7e the higher dimensional
energies, (ust as we hoped you would. You are growing and e,panding in your capacities before our
very eyes, and it is truly a wondrous thing to witness. *e honor you, and we than% you for the
contribution you are ma%ing, each of you, to raising the vibration on the planet, higher and higher as
each day passes. &he hopes of thousands of years is truly materiali7ing now, and *e are the <reators
and <o!creators of this wondrous event. 5ow can we e,press to you in words the (oy of witnessing the
fulfillment of something so momentous that it will resonate throughout the )niverse, and will raise the
vibration everywhere, for every planet, every star, every being in the )niverse is effected by this
elevation of energies on your beautiful /aia. *e are 0ne, and we are -ll. You, as individual souls and
as part of the 0ne have done your part to create this miracle.
$&omorrow, we will send you helpful information, but for tonight, we are moved beyond words... we
send you )nconditional, unending 1ove,
2rom )s, all of )s$
Part 5-: !scension ;ay
$*e wish to inform you that it is time to put on your seat belts and be ready for lift!off. &he time has
come for all of you to reap the rewards of your hard wor% over many lifetimes. &his pro(ect, -scension
/aia, has been supervised and planned with efforts on your parts, in close cooperation with out dear
;ananda, whom you %now as >esus. &his date, December ., .#., is not the end of /aia, by any
means. 't is a new beginning of a more elevated e,perience of life on /aia. -s we have told you, the
first very important difference will be the fading away of those we have called the Dar% 5ats ! those
among you who were dedicated to evil. -fter thousands of years of misery at their hands, which you
have struggled against valiantly, and have finally overcome energetically,the tables have tipped in favor
of 1ight. &heir influence will no longer hold sway over the economic, political and social life on Planet
-s /aia moves to higher dimensions, all souls, even the Dar% 5ats, will be brought 5ome to the 6th
dimension where all will review and assess the progress made so far in this lifetime, and you will each
ma%e your decision about how you will proceed with your uniAue soul path ! whether you will continue
on the less arduous =D /aia, whether to -scend and remain in the 6th dimension to reincarnate no
more, or whether you will ascend but return as teachers and helpers in full contact with )s 9without the
Deil of 2orgetfulness:. &hese sound li%e simple choices, but they will not be made lightly, nor will you
decide beforehand, because you do not yet have the awareness which comes with the 6th dimensional
perspective concerning your own soul needs and history. -ll the necessary considerations will be ta%en
into account within the = day window, which will come to be %nown as the $= days of dar%ness$ since
many will have no memory of the events.
3ow, a word about the possibility that many of the Dar% 0nes ! those of the 0rion+reptilian factions
who have lived apart from their <reators, in the false belief that they could escape from &he power of
1ight and 1ove to become separate in the power of evil ! might refuse the offer to be forgiven and
welcomed bac% into a life of 1ight. *e have hoped that they might be convinced when they e,perience
their life reviews, but it is possible that there may still be $hold!outs.$ 8ecause they cannot be
reintegrated into life on /aia, they will be offered the choice to return to the now!soulless shell of 0ld
/aia. ;ince her soul has elevated to her new configuration in higher dimensions, which yesterday we
called Middle and )pper /aia, the former representation of /aia will be left unsupported, without life
or breath to sustain it in reality. ;ome have referred to this as Planet 8, the dead planet for empty souls.
*e hope that few will choose this option, but those who do will e,perience the necessary soul
e,periences which will help them to eventually -scend, as all beings are destined to achieve eventually.
&his discussion will sound familiar to those of you who have read $*ho 3eeds 1ightF,$ the boo% we
as%ed Kathryn to dedicate .# years to writing, in preparation for -scension. -s the years of re!
configuring all the structures and social mores on planet -+8 evolve, this volume will act as a guide for
clearing the human mind of all residual Dar% tendencies left from the generations of mind control on
the planet. ;chools will be established for this purpose, and this volume will serve as a guide for
-scension for coming generations. -ll those dedicated 1ightwor%ers who have prepared themselves for
service to /aia will be called upon to bring their wisdom, to continue the -scension process on Planet
-+8 until all human souls have completed the learning process to allow each and every one to (oin us in
the conscious e,perience of 0neness in the highest dimensions.
;o, you see, this process of communicating with you through these messages was (ust the beginning of
the new era of change and fulfillment of the /reat Plan of -scension of which you are all a part.
Even the sleepiest among those humans on Earth today will begin to awa%en, as the new consciousness
of <ompassion, 2orgiveness, Kindness, and &ruth begins to illuminate the very ground they wal% on.
You, My <hildren, will be the ones to carry the /olden 2lame of Yahweh to light their way.
/o in peace, my Dear 0nes, and %now that our imminent meeting with you in higher dimensions will
be one of (oyful 5omecoming. 0ur celebration will shower you with the Goses of Kamara in every
color of the rainbow, a more glorious Gose 8owl Parade than anything you have ever witnessed before.
*e await you with open arms,
Yahweh, spea%ing the words of Mother+2ather /od, and representing all the 1egions of 1ight, who
(oyfully serve you on these momentous days.$
Part 55: Today.s The ;ay
$&oday is the day, Dear 0nes. &oday you will $meet your Ma%er$ as the saying goes, and what a
(oyous meeting it will be@ 2or all of us here in the higher dimensions, it is a birthday to beat all
birthdays ! the beginning of the granting of all fondest wishes, all true hopes and dreams, for today you
will all begin a new life. &he new life you will live will be the one of your choosing, and we can
promise you this? there will be no more massive wars, no more starvation, and no more Dar% 2orces to
distract and manipulate you, no more living in fear, and most of all, no more sad and lonely separation
from )s, the /uides and Masters and Enlightened 8eings who love you beyond measure, and who
revel in the delightful prospect of being closer to you, now and ever after.
$;ome of you will decide to end the seAuences of life and death on /aia, because you have served long
and well, remaining there through long and difficult times, beyond your own need for learning the
lessons which =!dimensional life has to offer souls on their path to growth. 0thers of you will find
relief and solace in your so(ourn with us in the coming days, and will then return in newly healed
bodies to Auietly help your friends, children and family members who have not yet fulfilled their life
paths on /aia. Yes, there may be some sadness for you who have greater %nowledge of what awaits you
here in higher dimensions when your wor% is done, but there will be many compensations for you, our
2aithful 0nes, as you dedicate your days to service to others. You will have your loving partners with
you, some of you for the first time in a very long time, and you will no longer be threatened or vilified
for your 2aith, or for your advanced ideas which challenged those who could not open their minds or
their hearts. *e will remain ever at your side to support and sustain you, and you will have the
ac%nowledgment of other 1ightwor%ers who will create a community of friends to be good company
for each other.
$&hose ;leepy 0nes who will remain consciously unaware of the massive changes ta%ing place around
them will have been changed in irreversible ways, at the level of their D3-, by the end of the coming
three day period. Even the more belligerent ones will become more approachable and more loving in
their everyday lives, although the changes will come slowly from your point of view. 8e patient, my
Dear <hildren ! a new day is dawning, and you will stand in the sunshine of a glorious new way of life.
$' promised you these things before you came to live this lifetime on /aia, and tomorrow this promise
will come true.
$*e love you, 8rave *arriors, the passionate and loving humans who have fulfilled the promise of
your &rue 3atures, overcoming fear and pain to live with honor, generosity and %indness in spite of the
difficult combination of 1ight and Dar%ness you have had to contend with in yourselves and in others.
You have honored your commitments in a way that e,ceeded our hopes, and you will now reap the
&here is nothing more we can say now, e,cept to tell you to breathe easy, stay calm and e,perience the
waves of (oy and love we send you. Your transcendent moment is only hours away.
*e await our glorious reunion,
Your Yahweh, Mother+2ather /od$
Part 57: ;ay T'o is ;one !scension Contin8es
$&oday is December .., .#.. 't is the beginning of the new era on /aia, your beloved Planet Earth.
Many of you have been surprised that you have not been swept away in a tsunami of sudden change,
the li%es of which would outdo your 5ollywood special effects, but that is not the way this event will
transpire, because of course this is a co!created event. -lthough those of you who are reading these
messages may be among the most enthusiastic participants in this moment, there are billions of others
who have barely yet noticed the ;hift. 't will ta%e some time for them to to do their part to move the
planet toward the fruition of the Dream of peace and universal prosperity for all.
$Meanwhile, you my 8rave 0nes, do not lose heart, but continue your determined march toward higher
dimensions. You are highly visible to us, with your shining 1ights and your effortful struggle during
these past two days to stay the course, to fulfill your heartsB desire to ascend to be here with us.
$You as%? $'s there something ' still need to doF$ Yes, sha%e off all fear and doubt, and manage your
intense feelings to modulate all, transmute all into the essence of 1ove. Keep going4 you will achieve
your dreams, as the power of the energy of our 1ove gathers behind you, li%e the wind at your bac%,
increasing your own. You will indeed fly with angels, delivering the Message of our 1ove and of our
Presence here with you, as the 1ight increases day by day.
$'n your dreams, you are flying li%e eagles, Dear 0nes. ;ome of you are moving along your path
calmly, some having felt pea%s and valleys of feeling over the past two days which may have
frightened you with their intensity. &his is to be e,pected. You have never been here before, but are
feeling your way, moving toward the gates of the promised entrance into the 6th dimension. <ontinue
to clear away old residues of Dar% ideas, (udgements, the hidden anger, sadness, and most of all, the
to,ic self!doubt which has been a leaden weight hanging over you, stifling your (oy and creativity.
<elebrate instead the increasingly illuminated path of connection with us, with the entire world of spirit
beings, who await your contact with such anticipation and (oy@
$'ndeed, we are most delighted to hear the many among you who spea% assuredly about your own
ability to hear and feel our messages yourselves, and feel you may not need to rely on the wor% of those
channels who have dedicated their time and energy in service to bring forth our teachings. *e
congratulate and welcome your participation, and we invite you to carry the message in every way you
$'n this 3ew /aia, the more the merrier is of course our motto. 5owever, there are still many who are
(ust beginning to awa%en. 'n the meantime, we have as%ed at various times for certain of our channels
to serve as $&he Doice$ for one or more of us. &here are currently a number who have volunteered to
do the arduous wor% of being ever available and willing to carry our messages accurately and with no
reward but the pleasure it gives them to serve. &hey ta%e on the added responsibility, often with some
trepidation, fully aware of the possible ridicule or ris% to them professionally, as when we as%ed
Kathryn to be $the Doice of Yahweh.$ *e do not wish to cause our hard!wor%ing channels added
difficulty, but it has made it possible for us to develop a wor%ing relationship with those with $boots on
the ground$ who may have a special affinity for our individual way of presenting our message, or
whose individual fund of %nowledge may be especially suited to our needs at the time. 2or instance,
many of you may have read other wor% from channels whose scientific bac%grounds ma%e smooth
communication about highly technical information possible. *e reAuire of all these 1ightwor%ers that
their involvement with ego be %ept in chec% to create minimal interference in transmitting the message.
2ortunately, those e,periences have been rare in recent years, since the Deil is thinning, and our
connections are stronger all the time with larger numbers of scientists, s%illed healers, and heart!
centered volunteers of many talents.
$*e wish to e,press our gratitude and admiration at this time to those who have dedicated themselves
to bringing the message of -scension to so many individuals, reaching across the planet in every
language. *e loo% forward eagerly to the time when those numbers increase to include every single
soul on the planet. &hat will be the day of the glorious final -scension of the human race. )ntil that
time, we encourage you to read widely and continue to learn from the many $voices$ who form the
chorus which will sing the $hallelu(ah$ we carry in our hearts as we approach the coming sacred
$&his year mar%s the beginning of a truly great moment in what you call the history of the )niverse?
the birth in the 6th dimension of our beautiful /aia, and the beginning of the -scension of the human
race to consciously (oin her there.
$*e love and support you one and all, in whatever path you ta%e to continue your soul lessons toward
the ultimate reali7ation of the Dream of 0neness with -ll. Every soul is uniAue4 every being precious in
their own right. *e now as% you to continue your wor% by increasing the vibration of forgiveness
toward those who have created the painful and destructive elements on /aia during your many
lifetimes there. 2or we wish you to understand that ultimately, all the souls must be saved, even if it
means helping them to save them from themselves. Your forgiveness will begin to put that process in
motion, but that is a topic for another day.
$*ith our )nconditional 1ove, Dear <hildren,
Your Yahweh$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on December .., .#., . am. 2rom <alifornia
Part ):: Let.s @ee$ Goin&
$&his message is for the many of you who have wor%ed hard and who feel disappointed that you have
not yet felt the dramatic shift you were hoping for, and which had been described here and elsewhere as
a palpable and perhaps visible change. ' %now you are feeling disappointed, although you have felt the
energy flow across the planet, and have %nown the e,perience of being lifted by the feelings of 1ove
which you felt coming to you during these three days. You may be feeling headaches today, as the wave
crests over you, the culmination of many wee%s and months of hope and e,pectations.
$You have as%ed why, when you were led to believe it would be different, is this all it isF 0ur answer to
you is no, this is not all there is. You have not yet reached the highest level of -scension, because the
timeline in which a large number of people would ascend together has not yet reached the crescendo
which would allow it to come to fruition. &his does not mean it will not be possible for any individual
to -scend, as we described it. 't does mean, however, that the -scension process will be somewhat
more gradual and less dramatic than we had hoped.
$0f course it would have been gratifying for all of us as well as for all of you if large crowds had
flowed through the gates together, but it appears that there will be further wor% to do, for all of us. *e
understand your disappointment, but we encourage each of you to continue as you have done over the
past months and years, to lift yourselves up in your daily lives, to create the centers of love, safety and
comfort which you have already envisioned. &he time will come for you, My <hildren. Do not be
disillusioned, but do redouble your efforts to live the lives of compassion, 1ove, and 2orgiveness which
will fulfill the path of ascension for each of you individually. 2or this path of soul development is an
individual one4 no one can do it for you, even )s, your loving /uides and Master &eachers. Each of
them has e,perienced the path of -scension on their own terms, living out many lifetimes of service
before they could reach the level of soul vibration which would carry them into higher dimensions.
$Each of you had a contract coming into this life, and that contract will be fulfilled in various ways, at
different times for each individual. -lthough some of you had one timeline option which would allow
for -scension in the December . to .4 period, if that possibility was not fulfilled in this short
timeframe, it does not mean it cannot happen in the coming days or years. Many of you have felt, as the
time drew near, that your connections to your present lives were too precious to let go, and you found it
impossible to envision ascension without the sadness and separation which you associate with death.
Perhaps it will ta%e further wor% to accept the letting go of old e,pectations and beliefs in order to free
yourselves sufficiently to completely accept that you will be e,periencing something you have never
felt before, that it will be unimaginably (oyful, and that it does not automatically mean loss.
$'t has been part of the human psyche for thousands of years to e,pect that change is to be feared. *e
deeply regret, for your sa%es, that our hope for the highest possible outcome has not yet occurred, but
from our point of view, what we see is a wonderful success. Everywhere on the planet, people who did
not have the same e,pectation of positive change that you had, have breathed a sigh of relief, and have
stopped predicting and imagining chaos and disaster. &his has already had a very positive effect on the
energy of the planet, and will relieve her and )s of the burden of having to push against the negative
force, the accumulated energy of Dar%ness, which reached a crescendo on December ., and which is
still being promoted in the media as a continuing possibility. Even the massive energy of 1ove and
1ight which you all felt has not yet been sufficient to overcome the counterforce which is the residue of
evil you have lived with for centuries. *e will need the participation of many human beings to achieve
the ;econd *ave of -scension.
$*e urge you to continue, individually and in your groups, to wor% hard toward freeing yourselves of
all fear, all negative e,pectations, and all an,iety. -s we have told you in the past, it is by riding the
wave of your own love and (oy that you will wal% through the portals to a higher dimension. E,amine
your poor aching hearts, Dear 0nes, and ma%e even greater efforts to heal yourselves and each other.
$'t is not over (ust because one mar%er on your calendar has passed. 3ot at all. &he December date was
chosen by the population in general as their target date for mass -scension. 3ow you can choose
another date if you wish, but we would encourage you instead to simply continue, feel the ongoing
wave of energy which will remain strong for many months. 1et it continue to propel you forward to the
dream you have envisioned for yourselves.
$*e will continue to be here to encourage you, and this channel has agreed to continue to bring our
messages to you as long as necessary, as have others. /reater numbers of 1ightwor%ers will begin to
awa%en and come forward to assist in the process, and all will proceed along a more gradual timeline,
but still one which, in evolutionary terms, is e,tremely rapid change.
$*e love and support you, and urge you not to be discouraged or trapped into absolute forms of
thin%ing, li%e a now!or!never scenario which will prevent you from %eeping your eye on the goals you
set for yourselves during the preparation for this wee%.
$1oo% bac% now, review the picture you had of yourself and the life you envisioned, and ma%e it come
true. &his will be fulfilling the path toward -scension you were planning. You see, it is very difficult
for us to describe to you what a life of absolute 2aith and 1ove loo%s li%e while you are still operating
with a fear!conditioned human brain, but we will continue to try.
$2or now, try to accept that all is going according to plan, that your dear /aia is accomplishing her
Dream, you are still on trac% for -scension if that is your soul path, and these days have been
successful in every important sense e,cept for those who tend to thin% in terms of deadlines 9which we
do not:. &here is no deadline for soul evolution4 it is an ongoing process. &he coming wee%s will test
your resolve further, and thus will prepare you for your own eventual -scension. 1oo% at your progress
over the past wee%s, celebrate your dedication to growth, and press on, Dear 0nes, the future is in your
$*e love you one and all,
Yahweh and the 1egions of 1ight.$
<hanneled by Kathryn May on Dec. .4, am., <alifornia.
Part )1: The 3irians !re Co*in&4
$'t is a very important time now, because those of you who have prepared for the ascension process by
wor%ing hard to live a life of service and to elevate your consciousness are very central to the
continuing growth of the planet.
$*e do not wish for you to suffer because of the less than perfect ascension process during the last
wee%. 't is for you to %now that this is not the first time that the population of Planet Earth tried
unsuccessfully to achieve full -scension. 't has happened four times in the past, and never has come as
close to the level of 6th dimensional vibration as you have. *e were watching in wonder as you
meditated, performed wonderful acts of %indness, and raised the level of light to unprecedented heights.
You have come close to the goal this time, My <hildren, and we are delighted and proud.
$*e did not discuss the possibility with you that you might not accomplish the goal of complete
ascension because it was within reach, and li%e the coach of a potentially winning team, we did not
wish to consider how to proceed in case of a loss, until the game had been played. -nd play you did,
with great 5eart. 3ow we will go to Plan 8, which we hope will ma%e sense to you in the conte,t of
past messages.
$&he original Dream for Planet Earth, from her creation, was for her to ascend to the 6th dimension and
beyond, ta%ing her inhabitants with her. &hat plan was side!trac%ed for many eons with the invasion of
the Dar% 0nes whom we have called the 0rion+reptilians, and to some degree the greys, those beings
without heart or soul connections whose only wish is to destroy the Divine Plan. &heir only interest is
in gaining power over the human population, and since the early days of -tlantis, their greed and
selfishness has held sway, bringing misery to millions of EarthBs inhabitants. -nd now, you have come
close to freeing yourselves and your fellow humans. 't will be done, Dear 0nes, *e %now that. 't is
only a matter of awa%ening a few more, and getting them to wor% with you for the common good.
$-nd now, ' will tell you something more which may help you to %eep going in good spirits. 't is this?
the planets turn, the evolution of the gala,ies continues, and your good wor% has had a palpable effect
on the rest of the )niverse. Your 1ight emanates outward, helping to raise the level of consciousness
throughout the living )niverse. You are watched and admired, because of your determination and
strong will to ascend. *hile you have stopped to ponder the results of your efforts, which may seem
less than you had hoped, a magnificent ;hift has occurred on ;irius, the planet of your ;tar 8rothers
and ;isters. &heir path of -scension has led them into and beyond the 6th dimension, as each soul has
wor%ed through many lessons as you have, but over a longer history. 8ecause of your inspiration, they
have made the decision in their own <ouncil, to attempt their own mass -scension ! for them it will be
to the Eth dimension, the level of <hrist <onsciousness. ;o you see, you are heroes in the eyes of the
/reater *orld.
$You might wonder how this will affect your own process. *e can assure you, without referencing the
mathematical eAuations, that you will indeed feel the power of their decision. 't means that your strong
allies have dedicated themselves to lead a similar effort, and will be coming in greater numbers to be of
service to you, as their commitment to elevating themselves through what you might thin% of as
inspired $community service.$ &heir arrival among you will bring you increased numbers of dedicated
1ightwor%ers, who will be agreeing to incarnate, or in some cases, drop in to a body of one who wishes
to move on to another plane. &his will help to raise the vibration around you, and will increase your
numbers very Auic%ly.
$*e are delighted that they have considered this daring move, and that you will be helped further in
your struggle to rid yourselves and your planet of Dar% thoughts and fears. &here are already some here
helping, but because of the intensity of prayers for peace, and your rededication to the <hrist Pro(ect
over this <hristmas holiday, you have set the vibrational stage to allow )s and our 5elpers and /uides
to come to help you directly. You will begin to feel the ;hift in consciousness as you reali7e you are
welcoming more 1ightwor%ers and dear friends into your circles, and your burden, which has
sometimes seemed solitary and effortful, will be lifted by the delightful e,perience of being one among
an increasing army of dedicated and generous souls.
$*e hope you are able to appreciate the sacrifice this will entail for your ;tar 8rothers and ;isters,
who, li%e you, have lived many lifetimes on their own 5ome Planet, and for whom a $tour of duty$ on
/aia is truly a heart!felt dedication to service in a difficult foreign land, or as you would call it
$hardship duty.$ 't might be compared to one of you agreeing to go to the Gepublic of <ongo, or the
deepest (ungles of 8orneo to serve for an entire lifetime as a volunteer with Doctors *ithout 8orders.
-nd so, it will be done. *elcome them, Dear <hildren, for they will appear as some of the most
forgiving and compassionate among you. >oin with them in than%s and gratitude for their service, for
they will teach by living their high vibrational consciousness 9compared with the sleeping humans
around you:, and their humility, and they will need your support as much as you need theirs. You will
e,perience a renewed sense of the true )niversal 8rotherhood of Man%ind, as they bring their gentle
perspective to life on fast!evolving /aia.
$-nd so, we leave you tonight with the good news that you 5ollywood movie ma%ers would revel in as
good plot material? &he ;irians are coming, they will (oin you in your struggle against evil, and they
bring reinforcements which will strengthen your numbers and lift your spirits with their own inspired
actions. &hey will (oin with the one some of you have already identified as $the ;irian <ommander$ to
help speed your success and teach their own effective methods, not the least of which is a tendency
toward patience, compassion, and high integrity.
$*e congratulate you on your ongoing resolve, and we continue to send our waves of )nconditional
1ove to help you elevate as you continue on your path,
Your Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m$
<hanneled <hristmas night, am, by Kathryn May
Part )%: <e' Feelin&s <e' World
$'t is a strange time for many of you, a time of sleep, a time of dreams, a time when you are pu77led by
what has happened, or what has not happened. You may feel you are floating through time, or stuc% in
the mud. Do not despair, and do not stop your continuing efforts to %eep realigning, rebalancing, even
rewiring your brain and your emotional responses. &his is as it should be, for it is a time of tremendous
change for individuals, and for your planet.
$&his message will be brief, because it is a time for inward reflection, not discussion. 0ur channel is
deeply in a trance state and is wor%ing to remain focused in order to bring you this message. You may
be feeling similar feelings. Do not resist it. 1et your body sleep and your mind run free. You may find
you need many e,tra hours of sleep these days. &hese are important hours during which your D3- is
being recalibrated and your creative abilities along with it. You will find you will be able to accomplish
things with ease which in the past would have caused an,iety or stress. Your lives will become easier,
Dear 0nes, because you are coming into your own, in terms of your abilities to be the <reator race you
were intended to be. 1et us help you.
$You may be thin%ing that nothing in your world has changed, that the moment has passed and
everything is bac% to normal. *ell, it is bac% to what you would call a new normal. 3othing will be the
same again.
$You will be given tas%s which may challenge your abilities4 embrace them. You will be as%ed to love
people you would not have found lovable in the past4 embrace them too, with forgiveness and
compassion. 't is a time for growth, for new and unfamiliar e,periences and events4 embrace them
without fear or embarrassment or self!consciousness. You are e,panding, Dear 0nes. 't was your plan
in coming here4 embrace it, and %now that as you wal% your path, we are with you every step, and send
you love and encouragement to ease your way.
$/o in peace, <hildren. 1ove one another as we love you,
Yahweh, for the 1egions of 1ight$
Dia Kathryn May, Dec. .H, .#., I pm
Part )(: We 9a#e /eached the 4th ;i*ension
$&here is much to tell you, My <hildren. 't is a time of fast!paced change. You may have been feeling
the waves of energy which continue to wash across your planet, elevating and illuminating everything
around you. You may feel moments of unreality, as if things are shapeshifting in front of your eyes4 you
may have trouble staying awa%e. &hese are normal feelings, a response to the powerful energies of
1ight we are sending to help you. You are doing your part, Dear 0nes, by $going with the flow,$
allowing the change to ta%e place deep within your nervous systems and your minds. 't is part of the
agreement we had with you before you came here to live out this life, so do not fear, it is all as it should
$-s the 1ight energies ta%e hold more and more, people will find themselves doing more of the things
which are acts of service, and less of the things which were self!centered or ego!driven. 2or some, the
change may seem slight enough to be barely noticeable, but it is change, nevertheless, and it will
continue. 2or those who were already in alignment with 6th dimensional ways, there may be little
change in their outward actions, but inwardly they will find far greater peace of mind, and a sense of
destiny which is powerfully fulfilling.
$-nd so it is, Dear 0nes, that the evolution of Planet Earth continues. /aia herself has reached the
fulfillment of her dreams of -scension, evolving as she was determined to do, into the 6th dimension,
with elements of the Eth and beyond. 't is difficult to describe to you in words, since your language
does not allow for understandings of things without the concepts of time and place, but we can tell you
that you have elevated with her, into the 4th dimension, to remain in the circle of her care, with the
option to continue further to ascend with her into higher dimensions. ;o, you see, the road is open to
you as never before. &he actions and thoughts you create now will determine, in a much more direct
and powerful way, what will happen in the coming days..
$You are ta%ing your places as the <reator Gace you were born to be. You have freed yourselves of the
heaviness of =rd dimensional reality, by lifting yourselves above it. &hings will become easier now4
acts of %indness will resonate powerfully, putting into action the 1aw of -ttraction, which will bring
li%e to li%e, fulfillment in the most direct and immediate form. You have wor%ed heroically to create
this -scension, and your efforts have been felt throughout the )niverse.
$- second effect of your ascension is that Dar% characters whose lives were lived in the energies of
Dar%ness ! lust for power over others, accumulating riches at the cost of others, feelings of arrogance
and superiority in their disregard of /odBs wishes for all to live in harmony. &hese beings will find the
air on /aia too rich for their blood, so to spea%. &hey will find themselves sic%ening and dying one
after another. 3o medical help will ma%e a difference for those who are unable to breathe 1ight. &he air
you are breathing now is filled with the energy of 1ight and 1ife. 't will lift and sustain those who raise
their consciousness to align with it. ;o, breathe, dear <hildren, and celebrate. - new day is truly
dawning for all of you.
$*e will bring you further news as the days pass, but for now, meditate, strengthen your connection to
)s through the opening of the Deil, and %now that we are always in your midst,
Your Yahweh, in concert with -ll &hat 's.$
Dia Kathryn May, Dec. .E, .#., pm, 3ew Yor%
Part )4: ! Wa0e-,$ Call Fro* =ah'eh
$Dear 0nes, ' wish ' had better news for you, but there is something you need to %now about which
may affect your lives in a serious way. Knowing will allow you to ta%e measures to create what you
need for success and happiness, but without some wor% on your parts, the outcome will not be as
glorious as it might be. ' am referring to the need for all human beings on the planet right now to
awa%en and (oin the effort to raise the level of consciousness so that all can remain in the happy
arrangement of being carried along and cared for by dear Mother /aia, the source of your sustenance
and comfort ! life itself.
$Mother /aia, as we have said, has been rewarded for her good wor% over millennia, nurturing and
providing for her human inhabitants as well as all the other creatures and plants who call her body
home. ;he has elected to finally elevate herself to higher dimensions, leaving the =rd dimension behind
entirely. ;he has decided to move slowly into her destiny as a 6th dimension and higher planet in order
for her dear children to %eep up and stay with her ! something which has never been done before in the
history of the )niverse. -s we have told you earlier, this is an historic event, this -scension of planet
and human inhabitants together. *e had hoped that the Dec. .!.4 period of increased 1ight energy
would be sufficient impetus for all the inhabitants to raise their level of vibration to the 6th dimension,
but the resistance to the ;hift proved greater than we could overcome, even with the massive input of
)nconditional 1ove.
$;o, you see, we now have a dilemma. Mother /aia is ascending, and some of her beloved humans are
%eeping pace with her change, but others remain asleep, or blithely defiant of the need to sha%e off their
smug complacency and begin to contribute by putting their energy behind lifting the consciousness of
the whole by elevating themselves. -s long as large numbers go about their lives as if nothing were
happening, the ship will falter, and eventually sin% under its own weight, while /aia goes sailing off to
higher elevations. &his is not what we wish to see happen.
$&hird dimensional life has its attractions ! the downward pull of sensory pleasure for its own sa%e,
which can become a hedonistic trap, li%e a whirlpool which can capture a personBs attention for years.
;ome are able to escape it only to enter another trap of wor%ing to prove themselves successful ! an ego
trap even more addictive than hedonism, because of its high level of social acceptance. -nd so, large
numbers of my dear children spend years of their lives without e,periencing a deep connection with
)s, or even with each other, and they remain unaware that anything is missing, as long as they have
met the standards for $success$ which the culture prescribes.
$'t brings us great sadness to see them trapped in the lies which the Dar% 2orces ! the ones we have
called the Powers &hat 8e ! have perpetrated across the planet. &hey have convinced the general
populace that earning is living, that wealth and fame is more valuable than 1ove and 1ight, and that
separation from the ;ource that <reated them is not a matter of concern. 'n fact, they have convinced
many that hewing to the traditional beliefs and dictates of a religion is the same as connection to ;pirit.
&his is a tragic illusion, one of the worst of the lies of modern life which we try to dispel by sending
you these messages.
$Please, Dear <hildren, listen to the call of the -rchangel /abrielle. 5er trumpet sounds from on high?
-wa%e, remember who you are and why you are here. You came here with the sole intention of being
of service to one another, to (oin in the /reat -wa%ening which would raise all man%ind to the 6th
dimension and beyond. &his is our tas%, yours and 0urs. *e have pledged to help you in every way we
can, but we cannot brea% our pledge to honor your free will, even if it means we have to watch you sin%
into the Auagmire of a dar% and empty planet, the shell of your dear departed /aia. &his possibility is
abhorrent to us, if not to you.
$;ome among you have done the yoemenBs share of service to others, acts of unbelievable %indness, as
your Ged <ross calls it, and compassionate outreach in times of need. &hey have raised the vibrational
levels to the 4th dimension ! part way there. 0thers of you continue on your day to day satisfactions,
content in the fact that you are not one whose life has been devastated by natural disasters or family
trauma. You are the ones, the fortunate ones, who have lived many lives of service, hard lessons and
pain, but you have forgotten why you sacrificed so much and wor%ed so hard in former lives. 't was not
so that you could lie down and bas% in your own fantasies, no, it was because you had prepared
yourselves for this moment ! this challenging, daring, e,traordinary moment which would call on your
deepest commitment to the greater good. 8ut you have slept through reveille, and you missed the
battles which gained the ground needed to ma%e the -scension possible. You are now about to miss the
roll call when the time comes for all to show up, put your shoulder to the wheel, and push the great
vehicle which can carry every one of you to a truly 5eavenly triumph.
$5owF you are sayingF &he way forward is simple. Put down your cell phone games, sha%e off your
&D hypnosis, leave your des%, and go out into the streets and do something to ma%e someone elseBs life
better. -nything, so long as it is not designed to profit you or your ego. Gead a child a story. &a%e a
neighborBs dog for a wal%. <oach a team. /et groceries for an elderly person, or ta%e them to their
doctorBs appointment. Pic% up the garbage on the street. ;end a card to someone who is sic%. 8a%e
bread for your family. Play catch with your %ids, or someone elseBs %ids. &utor a child in math or
reading for free. &a%e the place of your %idsB video games by teaching them to tal% with you about real
things. ;it on a par% bench and tal% with someone, and really listen to their story. 0r sit on a par% bench
and really connect with the planet, your Mother Earth who needs your care as much as you need hers.
3eed we say moreF 't is simple, and it is 1'2E.
$&hese simple acts of %indness, compassion and connection are the acts of 1ove and 1ight which raise
your consciousness by getting you out of your own head, out of concerns for your own comfort and
safety and into your heart, and into the flow of uplifting energy which is generated by the )niversal
1aw of 2low? *hen you give, you create a flow of energy which will carry good will and (oy outward
into the world, and it will carry you along with it. /ive from your heart, without e,pectation of any
reward or reciprocity, and you will feel (oy. &he more you practice, the more carefree and happy you
will feel. 8e rec%less and daring in your generosity, and you will truly fly.
$-wa%e, Dear 0nes, it is time to reap the real rewards of your coming here to Planet Earth this time.
DonBt miss the /reatest ;how on Earth. 't was designed by you and for you. *e have an appointment
with destiny, as you might say. ;ome of you have slept through the alarm, which has been going off for
a more than a wee% now. -rise, and ta%e your place beside )s as we ascend together to a glorious
/olden -ge on 3ew /aia.
$*e are here for you always. ;end your Auestions and your concerns, and we will answer them. *e
love you more than words can e,press,
$Yahweh, and all the 1egions of 1ight who are at your service. >ust as%.$
Dia Kathryn May, Dec. .", .#., pm.
Part )): ! Messa&e of Lo#e to Li&ht'or0ers
$YesterdayBs message was a bit stern, we %now. 't was not simply positive, as we have tended to be for
many months now. 't was a change of pace because we saw that after the .st passed without chaos and
mayhem, many of you who had invested a great deal in preparations for -scension were confronted
with rather self!satisfied $'!told!you!so$ responses from family and so!called friends. 't was a tragic
reminder of how out of touch these fol%s are4 how insensitive they are to the energies swirling around
them. Even if they were feeling the ;hift, they interpreted it as a headache, or something they ate. *e
hope that our reminder gave you the opportunity to answer their obliviousness with another challenge.
Please pass on our words to as many as you can. Do not be concerned that they may refuse to believe it,
or may even refuse to read it ! some will, and it will touch their hearts, if not their minds.
$&here is a method behind our approach, you see. &he opening line was intended to appeal to those
who still only respond to fear. 't was not intended to upset those of you who have wor%ed as hard as
you could to be of service to others and to clear away old fears and pre(udices. You are continuing your
ascension wor% regardless of the naysayers around you, and we admire and appreciate you for that. You
have been resting more, spending time in meditation in order to communicate with )s, and have been
attended to by our 1egions of angels, healers and guides, who are helping to recalibrate your nervous
system to accommodate the higher vibrations. 't may be ama7ing to you that people around you seem
to be going about their days as if nothing were happening, while you are reeling from the effects. 't is a
measure of how far you have come, Dear 0nes.
$/aia has slowed her final ascent in order to allow more time for her dear children to accompany her,
although we cannot %now how long that will be. &hose of you who have been the staunch
environmentalists and Earth%eepers are very close to her, and will have little trouble remaining in her
embrace as she achieves the last degrees of elevation. &he same is true for 1'ghtwor%ers of all %inds,
whose wor% has been to bring compassion and healing to both humans and animals.
$5owever, we are concerned that the rest of the population, which is still a large number, are lagging
behind, and we need your help to lift them, awa%en them, and help them to see the fulfillment in a life
of service. 8ecause of this problem, we have as%ed large numbers of you who would otherwise have
ascended to the 6th dimension, /aia -, to remain on 3ew /aia, which we have referred to as /aia -+8,
the planet!still!in!ascension. Your continued efforts will be rewarded with deeply satisfying moments
of fulfillment and pleasure, and life will be easier for you now, if you have learned well the lesson of
manifesting your dreams.
$&his soul wor% is a continuing process, wherever you might be, in any dimension, time or place. *e
have begun another phase in the wor% which combines the efforts of your dear Mother /aia with her
human inhabitants, and all the Kingdoms of Earth. 't is a comple, and challenging process, reAuiring
the cooperation of all involved, and the help of many 1ightwor%ers here in higher dimensions.
$2or each of you in bodies at this moment, there are do7ens who are watching in anticipation or
actively wor%ing to hold steady and balance the enormous energy generated by the -scension of your
planet and the highly charged and conflicting energies of 1ight and Dar% which are colliding with
tremendous force across the surface of /aia. 2rom our perspective, it is li%e a lightening storm, flowing
in waves around the planet, and must be managed carefully in order to avoid the apocalypse which was
one of the timelines which many envisioned and still are fascinated by. &hat timeline, which is (ust
recently passed, included the possibility of another complete cleansing of the Earth, so that she could
begin again in a higher dimension, but it was one which many of you, in deep connection with your
dear /aia, did not permit to come into fulfillment.
$You will feel the atmosphere lighten as you come out of your deep meditation state. 2or those of you
who have traveled far and wide with us to higher dimensions and other )niverses, it may ta%e days or
even wee%s for you to feel balanced, but you may continue to have the unreal sense of disconnection
from time. You will adapt to it, but it will become a familiar feature of life on 3ew /aia, since ties to
the =rd dimension have already been bro%en.
$-llow yourselves time for solitary reflection, My <hildren. &his is a necessary part of every day, from
now on. 8reathe the life force around you4 it will strengthen and sustain you. 8e open to change in
every sphere of your lives, whether it be relationships with people, with food, or with the animals and
natural environment. Everything has changed4 it is now beginning to unfold. -nchor yourselves deeply
into the center of /aia, and ride with her as she ascends higher into the 1ight. Do not let anyone or
anything distract you from your (oy and inspiration. You will find it will become easier and easier to
maintain your compassion and 1ove, even in the face of negativity and violence around you. 't is all a
part of the unfolding of a new way of life, the triumph of 1ight over Dar%ness. &han% those who have
played the role of the Dar% 5ats who inspired your resolve to live in 1ight and to rise above their
destructive ways. 2orgive them, %nowing that their days are numbered, and their path will be harder
than yours is now. 'n forgiveness, you will be lifted higher, your energy will become lighter, and you
will begin to smile in your heart.
$'t is night in the 3ortheastern ).;., and a deep blan%et of snow has created a profound Auiet on this
transition night, approaching the 3ew Year. -ll the creatures who were so busy foraging and chattering
with one another during the day have gone to sleep. &hey too dream of )s, and we send them our 1ove
to brighten their dreams, as we do yours.
$8e at peace, go in love, and remember that we are always here with you,
Your Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m $
Dia Kathryn May, Dec. .I, .#., pm
Part )-: (rd Thro8&h -th ;i*ensions ;escri?ed
$2irst, ' would li%e to answer some of the Auestions Kathryn has brought to me. &here has been a lot of
tal% about the -scension process, and how /aia is elevating herself to the 6th dimension and above, but
we have not clearly e,plained what that entails, what is different about the 6th versus the =rd, and
where the 4th comes in, and what happens above the 6th dimension.
$'t is very difficult to e,plain what a dimension is in language. *e usually resort to analogies and
metaphors because a =rd dimensional brain is not eAuipped to picture these things, but weBll try to be as
clear as possible, and at least describe what the differences are. -s you %now, your e,perience of the =!
dimensional world is one defined by time and space. You see it with your eyes as perspective, you see
that things have depth, breadth and distance. &his gives the appearance as if the things around you are
made up of solid mass that you can touch, see, measure and weigh. 'n fact, as your scientists have
discovered, this could not be further from the truth. &he things around you only appear to be solid.
&hey actually are made up of atoms and molecules which contain tiny bits of matter and enormous
amounts of space between them. 5owever, the energy contained in the molecules is not limited to or
created only by the mass, or the action of the mass. EinsteinBs famous theory based on the velocity of
the speed of light 9<: was only true under certain limited circumstances.
$You see, the space between the particles is the %ey to understanding dimensions, space travel, and the
ability for me to send information through space to my friend who is writing this down, and there is no
delay as there would be if our thought!waves traveled only at the speed of light. ' can be lounging in
my 8arcalounger in the center of the gala,y, millions of light!years from Kathryn in hers, and she
e,periences it as if ' am there beside her, because ' am in both places, in all places. 0ur conversation
has none of the delays you see when &D correspondents stand in &ahrir ;Auare and tal% with the des%
in 3ew Yor%. &his is because the speed of thought is not constrained by the laws of physics as you have
understood them.
$3ow, this brings us to the differences between dimensions. &he 4th dimension is ad(acent to the =rd in
the way you e,perience it. 't is the close!by place!which!is!not!a!place, the nearest space between the
particles. *hen you dream, you are probably traveling in the 4th dimension or beyond. 'n this $place$
your dreams have the Auality of timelessness, events are not seAuential, and you can fly. &hus, you have
already left behind the constraints of space+time. 5owever, your dreams are still concerned with =!
dimensional e,perience, people, and you feel the Earth!bound an,ieties li%e fear of missing an e,am, or
falling off a cliff 9but you donBt hit bottom:. &his is a manifestation of 4th dimensional thin%ing+feeling.
5ere we will %eep our discussion to the e,perience of being in various dimensions, rather than trying to
build a case for the scientific proofs.
$&he 4th dimension is the transitional $place$ human beings traverse after leaving the body, before
going to the 1ight which carries them to the 6th dimension, the 5ome in the ;pirit world of many
souls. &hose specters you call $ghosts$ are those humans who have not completed their transition bac%
5ome after a difficult or confusing death. &hey remain close to the Earth, still connected psychically to
the life they (ust completed. *e thin% of them as the $lost souls.$ who need encouragement and
guidance to continue their (ourney to the 6th dimension to re(oin their spirit family and reconnect with
)s in the state of )nconditional 1ove.
$&he 6th dimension is characteri7ed by the atmosphere 9the space between the particles: of
)nconditional 1ove. You cannot see the substance, 1ove, but it operates li%e the dar% star which can be
detected by its effect on the behavior of its sister stars and planets. 't pervades the space between, but
the essence of 1ove can only be felt by a living consciousness embodied within a soul being. 8y
embodied, we mean an organi7ing force, not a literal =D body.
$;o, you see, beings in the 6th dimension operate as coherent entities, communicate with each other
telepathically, e,perience emotions, learn from the lessons of lives lived elsewhere, and are helped to
integrate the e,periences by being immersed in the feelings of )nconditional 1ove and companionship,
and by assistance from /uides and Masters who have ascended to higher planes, but who return to help
their students. - 6th dimensional soul who is newly ascended from a human life in =D might feel
fleeting feelings 9memories: of (ealousy or anger or frustration, but these feelings are mitigated by the
overwhelming e,perience of 1ove, and are the sub(ect of intense study or additional life assignments,
leading to further elevation.
$During the time of study in the 6th dimension, after completing their life review, souls have access to
the wonders of the /arden, where all the plants and animals that have ever e,isted on Earth can be
e,perienced in their most perfectly fulfilled state. &he 1ibrary contains all information about every life,
every soul, and every event, in past, present, and future timelines, to be studied by those souls whose
special life goals can be more fully met by these forms of information. 'n the <onservatory+5all one
can e,perience all the music, art, sculpture and dancing ever created in its most perfect form, as the
creators intended it. ;o you see, there is no limit to the possibilities for e,pansion of the soul+mind
$-s souls evolve through their lessons and have gained high levels of e,pertise in their preferred
endeavors, they may accomplish the goal of raising their soul vibration to a higher level, which allows
them entrance through the portals to the Hth dimension, where <reation ta%es on new meaning.
*hereas creating what one imagines is a characteristic of the 6th dimension, these abilities are
e,panded to more esoteric levels in the Hth. You might thin% of it as the 1aboratory of <reation, where
high level Masters oversee and teach the study of physical properties of the )niverse and their use
9physics, space travel, energy forms:, biology 9species creation, hybridi7ation: and other useful
sciences. 5ere you will also find political scientists who wor% to design better forms of governance,
architects who e,pand the boundaries of materials and design, and healers who combine ancient and
modern techniAues and medical treatments to be developed for the wellbeing of human%ind.
$Many are familiar with the Eth dimension as the 5ome of the <hrist <onsciousness. 5ere the essence
of )nconditional 1ove combines with all the Aualities we thin% of as /od <onsciousness in human
form? <ompassion, Empathy, /enerosity, &ruth, and especially 2orgiveness. 0ur dear >esus 9>eshua: is
the representative of <hrist <onsciousness with whom you are most familiar. 5ere the ;chool for
-scended Masters begins the training for those who feel drawn to become &eachers and /uides for
man%ind on Planet Earth or in other gala,ies, but it is the special wor% of >eshua to oversee the
-scension of Planet Earth and her inhabitants.
$Many of you have wor%ed closely with the <hrist energy between and during many of your lifetimes,
to ta%e your e,pertise as healers, community leaders and teachers to ease suffering and elevate the
consciousness of those who have been under the spell of Dar% 2orces so long. &his wor% is coming into
focus with great intensity now, as /aia moves slowly, leaving her active involvement in =D and
moving directly to the 6th and Eth dimensions. 1i%e many other souls, /aia does not stop to ta%e part in
Hth dimensional activities. ;o, you see, -scension is not a strict step!by!step progression, but may
involve leaps, returns to previous endeavors, and pauses to reintegrate, in harmony with the needs of
oneBs soul path and the needs of others, as /aia is doing now.
$2or now, ' will leave you to ponder this information. 'f you should wish to continue the lessons to
learn about higher levels+dimensions, ' will provide further information. >ust as% your Auestions and
your channel will pass them on to me, as we did with tonightBs sub(ect. )ntil tomorrow, ' -m eternally,
Your Yahweh$
Dia Kathryn May, Dec. =#, pm.
Part )5: ! <e' =ear.s "lessin& and G8idance !?o8t !scensionitis
$&onight is the last night of your year, .#.. 't would be fitting for us to celebrate this glorious
transition with a song. *e are singing the 5allelu(ah chorus here in the 5eights, as we (o%ingly call the
higher dimensions. 0pen your soul ears, that intuitive reception capability you were born with, and you
will hear the -ngel <horus singing the most beautiful celebration music of all...5allelu(ah, hallelu(ah...
$1et those sounds play for you in the bac%ground as you read this message from me+us, with hearts
brimming over with love and hope for the 3ew Year K a truly historic 3ew Year, even from our
perspective where we measure time in terms of millennia. You cannot possibly imagine our happiness
at seeing more and more humans awa%ening, loo%ing around them and discovering that life on Planet
Earth is indeed worth living, and worth celebrating.
$- wonderful, heartwarming event occurred in <anada this wee%, when .." people, one by one,
decided to literally $pay it forward$ as they pulled up to the ta%e!out window at a &im 5ortonBs shop.
2or hours, each person who approached the window paid for the order of the person behind them. Each
one in turn did the same, as the restaurant wor%ers counted gleefully. .." individuals did their part that
day to reach out to a stranger, purposefully ma%ing someone elseBs day begin with a smile. &hose
playful and generous <hildren of /od e,pressed the simple principle of living in service to others? >ust
do it. *ill any of the people in that wonderful line ever forget that e,hilarating moment of shared
givingF *ill the wor%ers in the restaurant or the reporters who told the story ever feel the same about
human potential for %indness as a natural instinctF *e congratulate and celebrate them all, for they, and
the thousands li%e them are ma%ing the world a better place for everyone.
$3ow we would li%e to answer 1indaBs Auestion about the illnesses she is observing all around her. Yes,
it is a common symptom of ad(usting to the new higher levels of energy for many people to e,perience
digestive and respiratory illnesses, great fatigue reAuiring many e,tra hours of sleep every day, and
lowered immunity to contagious diseases. &his is indeed due to the physical stress on the human body
of adapting rapidly to the changing environment. )nfortunately, it is not a choice at this moment, to
adapt or not K it is simply a necessity, but one which you are capable of without any permanent
damage. 't helps to %now that you are suffering from -scensionitis, as we have called it, and that it will
occur in waves, and will decrease over the coming months. &hin% of it as similar to the acclimati7ation
needed when you go from sea level to .,### feet. &he body will go through a period of ad(ustment,
then will balance out in time. 8e patient, drin% plenty of fresh water, eat lightly and %eep to
predominantly fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine and any processed or
otherwise unnatural foods, and you will adapt Auic%ly. -bove all, do not revert to the old paradigm of
fear. 't is normal, and it will pass. -s for treatable medical conditions, it is not time yet to radically
change our approach to healing, but that too will shift as the new attitudes of 1ight and -wareness
come to the fore.
$'t is truly a time of great change on Planet Earth. &he -ge of -Auarius has begun, and all life will be
shifting from a time when fear, an,iety, competition and want filled the human psyche, to a time of
love, compassion, %indness and forgiveness. &he energy shift within /aia and in the air that you
breathe will bring about rapid changes, in evolutionary terms, but we trust that all of you will embrace
the changes and $roll with it$ as you li%e to say. 3ever in your lifetime has this %ind of ;hift ta%en
't is a new e,perience for everyone alive today, and it is a new e,periment in the )niverse itself, so we
urge you to raise your level of consciousness by applying the following simple rules?
! Do not thin% or spea% negative ideas, not to yourself or anyone else.
! Monitor you attitudes and thin%ing to re(ect any future!oriented feelings of dread, an,iety or fear.
9*hat ifFF:
! Meditate several times a day on the people and things you are grateful for.
! <are for yourself and others in an attentive, loving way, always see%ing the greater good.
! Practice deep breathing, absorbing the nutrients and sustenance now available in the highly charged
air. You will find you have less need for food.
! ;leep when you need it, regardless of your previous needs.
$-nd now we must close, to allow our dear ;cribe to sleep as she too must do. ;tay the course, Dear
0nes. Practice your consciousness!raising techniAues every day4 read the boo% we have created to
ma%e this ;hift easier for all of you 9*ho 3eeds 1ightF:, and continue to bring your Auestions to me so
that *e can offer you any information or encouragement you might need in this important time.
)ntil tomorrow, Your Yahweh, spea%ing for the )niverse of 1ightwor%ers of the 5igher Gealms$
Dia Kathryn May, Dec. =, .#., !am
Part )7: We !re "ein& Gi#en a Ma0e-2#er and It Isn.t 38rface ;ee$
$&oday 'Bm going to give you some more information about the dynamics of -scension, and how the
forces which are now playing across the planet will affect all of you in the future. &he forces of which '
spea% are twofold ! the energy blast we have sent to you through the opening which was created by the
special alignment of the Mil%y *ay, your gala,y, which reached a pea% on Dec. .. &he waves of
energy we spo%e of earlier contain the )nconditional 1ove essence, and more. 't is the very essence of
your Mother+2ather /od. You might thin% of it as /odBs breath, which we breathe into your lungs, your
eyes, your hearts and minds, that you may %now )s and feel our presence. - second e,tremely
powerful influence is the solar activity ! your scientists call them solar flares ! but they are much more
than that. 0ur dear -rchangel Metatron has described the process in detail elsewhere, but here we will
simplify the concepts for you.
$&he ;un was created along with /aia and other planets to be a co!creators in a partnership which
would provide a habitable environment for the human beings who came later, after a long period of
evolution. &he traces of that evolution are now becoming available to your archeologists for study. 't
has only been during the last ##,### years or so that humans as you %now yourselves have e,isted on
Planet Earth, and this is the first time in that period that the conditions we describe above have
happened here. ;o, you see, this is no ordinary !year cycle of sunspot activity. 't is a momentous
event, allowing the great force of plasma energy to flow across the planet uninterrupted for many
$*hat we are calling plasma energy is made up of photons which bombard the Earth with great force,
disrupting and changing molecular structures in your bodies and brains. -lthough the feeling it creates
may be unsettling, it is a very positive occurrence, which will help to recondition your reactions to
events around you, ma%ing you less prone to fear or rage responses. 't is also beginning a shift from the
carbon!based ma%eup which has been your biological structure to a crystalline structure. &his will
create in you ! especially in those who welcome this ;hift and ta%e an active part in moving into the
new configuration ! the ability to radiate 1ight in a more powerful way, much the way the crystalline
structure of a Auart7 crystal absorbs and radiates 1ight.
$*e understand that it is difficult for you to grasp how all this could be possible, since you e,perience
your bodies as solid and finite in their nature, but it is not so. &here are many possibilities for variation
in the bodyBs biological ma%e!up4 for instance, consider the small variation in D3- which brings about
the ability for a fire!fly or a phosphorescent sea creature to light up. Many of the potentialities you
were born with, as seemingly inert strands of D3- are being activated, and it will ma%e it easier than
every before for humans to raise their level of consciousness and ma%e direct contact with )s behind
the ever!thinning Deil of 2orgetfulness.
$&here will be those who will be able to return to Earth as 1ightwor%ers who will not be unaware of
their origins or their life path, but will come ready to be of service in their own uniAue way. &his too
will bring enormous advantages to the humans who are on the planet in the coming 3ew -ge. 'n fact,
we are already there, for there are many among you who are remembering, day by day, what their
mission is, and they are ta%ing up the challenge, against all odds, to spea% out, act on their spiritual
beliefs, and help others to awa%en to the &ruth of who we are, what we wish for our dear <hildren, and
how the world wor%s on the other side of the Deil, here in the 5eights.
$You see, we are not the severe and humorless lot your religious teachers of old and even some of the
painters of the Genaissance portrayed. *e do not condemn or torture, or even (udge you. *e simply
ma%e it possible for you to learn, and that learning is not inflicted upon you ! no, it is co!created
according to the needs which your /reater ;oul identifies and helps to design. *hile some of the life
paths your /reater ;oul creates may seem cruel or unnecessarily difficult, such as lives in slavery, or
death by torture, or an early accident, you cannot %now from your perspective 9unless you learn to
discuss it with your /reater ;oul: why such e,periences were chosen until you begin to understand
your soul path, and the growth which results, as the driving force behind these choices. *hen you
begin to truly grasp the nature of 1ife, which is ;oul 1ife, you will see how the most difficult lives help
to elevate your sense of compassion, empathy and forgiveness, thereby raising your level of
consciousness to higher levels.
$&his process of raising your level of consciousness is what we refer to as -scension. &his brings us
bac% to the connection to what is happening now on your planet. &he conditions have never been better
for each one to elevate, and you have been given the great advantage of not having to live through
many more lives of arduous wor% to reali7e it. &he photon bombardment which will wor% to adapt your
bodies to higher energies is a tremendous gift for those who are able to be here now. Do you see now
why so many souls were clamoring to come to /aia during this historic eventF Even the most
unattractive slots, by most standards, were filled, with waiting lists. 't is the opportunity of a lifetime,
as you might say, because much of the soul wor% is being made easier for you by the biological
changes. -nd so, the 8oot <amp which was Planet Earth will be no more. -s your cultures evolve to
higher levels of cooperation, heart!based governance and spiritual connection, lives lived as war
refugees, abused women and children, and in e,treme poverty will cease to e,ist.
$3ow it is up to you, Dear <hildren, to clear away the din of negative news reports, trivial arguments
and selfish grandstanding, and forge ahead, with your heads held high and your hearts singing in
celebration. ;hine your 1ight, and your 1ight will increase. ;hare your %nowledge, your wealth, your
food and your %indness, and you will receive ten!fold. &his is the )niversal 1aw of 2low, which we
e,plained in our boo%. *hen you give selflessly, you elevate yourself neurologically, biologically and
spiritually. You will be e,ercising the new potentials as they come on line, (ust as you did when you
were a toddler, and you threw yourself into learning your new s%ills of wal%ing, tal%ing, and learning
about the world. 't is the same now. -pproach your new life with wonder, openness and 1ove, and you
will thrive. &his we %now.
$/o forth with courage and 1ove, Dear 0nes4 your future is bright.
*ith all our love, Yahweh and the 1egions of 1ight$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. , .#=, " pm
Part -:: It Isn.t ChaosA It.s Fertile Gro8nd for Chan&e
$Dear Geaders, *e are delighted to %now that there are some who follow our words every day and gain
comfort and %nowledge which helps them in their daily lives. &hat was our hope when we as%ed to
begin this pro(ect. *e have not previously ever had the opportunity to spea% with many of you on a
daily basis. You are becoming a family, although many of you may not %now one another. Perhaps you
will meet one day when we plan a gathering so that you can celebrate together. 'n the meantime, your
energy forms a vorte, of light, connected by the *eb which surrounds the Earth. 1i%e your internet,
there is an energy web which allows feelings and thoughts to flow in every direction around the planet.
Your energy is powerful, and growing. *e are immensely gratified by this, and hope you will bring
many more into the fold, as the wor% of changing your world begins in earnest.
$You are already feeling the changes beginning to ta%e hold. People who were belligerent and arrogant
9as some of your <ongressmen have been: are beginning to soften, although we have not won over the
whole lot yet. -s the year progresses, you will see changes because the constituents, and others in
<ongress ! especially the women ! are becoming impatient with the rigidity and false righteousness
with which any progress is bloc%ed. &he tragedy of this past <ongress has been that most of the rigidity
comes out of fear and pre(udice, because white men do not want to be led by a 8lac% president.
$*e have spo%en in the past of leaving behind the old fear!based civili7ation. &hese are the attitudes
and actions have been standard form in past decades, based in the belief that rage and self!protection
are a normal reaction in the face of change which might present a threat to oneBs personal power. &his
tolerance for hostility and pre(udice will not remain unnoticed or unchallenged any longer. Decent
people everywhere are awa%ening, and with that awa%ening comes higher e,pectations about the way
people in power should behave, and how leaders should lead. &hey will no longer tolerate pettiness and
lies which have been standard fare in the news in recent years.
$0ne glaring e,ample was Auoted in the news today, without comment, when a <ongressman
pretended to be outraged that a group of $sleep!deprived octogenarians$ came up with a plan at .
oBcloc% in the morning 9referring to the ;enate, of course:. &his clever!sounding sound bite completely
dismissed the fact that this proposal had been under discussion for many months, but was only agreed
to at the last hour. &his has been a favorite tactic with those who wish to manipulate and frighten the
populace into thin%ing that $government$ 9that is, everyone e,cept them: is completely irrational and
out of control, and their lives are in danger because of the rec%lessness and irresponsibility of this
present administration. &here is no ac%nowledgment that the present deficit was increased
logarithmically by the inclusion of the debt from # years of war. &hese enormous numbers had been
hidden previously by the magic of accounting. -nd so, deception was layered upon deception, creating
a morass of lies which the media blithely repeats without Auestion, and which created the atmosphere
of an,iety and insecurity you have all lived under for centuries now.
$;o, you see, as the population awa%ens, the atmosphere you breathe will also change, because the
overall tradition of dishonesty, manipulation and power grabbing will no longer be ta%en for granted
and therefore encouraged. 0utrage will be e,pressed only when there is genuine unfairness revealed,
not as a means of rabble!rousing. *hen civility and %indness become the norm in everyoneBs homes
and neighborhoods, it will come to be e,pected in the office place, in the halls of government, and in
the schools.
$3o longer will there be a child who is isolated and lonely who remains invisible to everyone around
them. 3o family will be e,pected to live on below!poverty wages while wor%ing full time, and no
woman will be raped and beaten and then blamed for it, because when you, My <hildren, raise your
voices to insist on creating a %inder, gentler society, you will be heard and respected. You will create
together, completely new forms of organi7ing yourselves, new ways of educating your children, and
more humane and effective ways of curing illness, which will become less and less prevalent as you
clean up your environment, with /aiaBs help. 'ndividuals will awa%en to the inner %nowledge that
health is as much a state of mind as it is a physical condition, and that each one is responsible for their
own emotional and spiritual growth and for creating a culture of support for others as well.
$You are beginning, Dear 0nes. You have planted the seeds for your own lives of fulfillment, and you
will at last begin to see the fruits of your labors and of your dearest hopes and dreams. You will be the
leaders of the 3ew -ge which has already begun, and you will lead by virtue of your strength and
1ight. You have patiently struggled against the tide, feeling isolated and disrespected at times, but the
tide has changed, and you are the first ones now moving in the direction of the change. You have
always had our admiration and love, but you will now find new respect and acceptance from the world
at large. *e celebrate you, and urge you on. You are truly the harbingers of a 3ew Enlightenment
which will begin to spread to all as the fundamental goal of life, and which will become the center of a
life built on 2aith, 1ove and <ompassion.
$;o, todayBs message is this? when you loo% around you and see chaos and conflict, shift your Dision to
a deeper setting, where you operate in the very center of your brain, and you will see fertile ground
being plowed up for a new planting, and you will envision the harvest to come. ;hould you find
yourself longing for the old, orderly systems, remind yourself that the old Matri,, (ust as the movie
portrayed, was actually enslavement.
$You are on the verge of discovering true freedom. Prepare yourself by anchoring with )s, with /aia,
and with your family and friends who will be your circle of 1ove and ;upport as you all go forward. 't
will seem li%e a great un%nown, until you are able to reach deeply into your unconscious memories to
reconnect with the plans you made before you came here, and with the )niversal &ruths, available to
you through your 5igher ;elf, where all systems and creations are already %nown.
$/o in peace, Dear <hildren. Do not be unhinged by the demands of ad(usting to the new energies your
bodies are absorbing. You will acclimate, little by little as needed, and the results will delight you, as
they do us.
*e 1ove you and applaud you, our brilliant 1ightwor%er team.
Yahweh, 9' -m &hat ' -m:, Mother+2ather /od and all the 1egions of 1ight.$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. ., .#., pm
Part -1: 5th and 7th ;i*ensions ;escri?ed Fro* 28r Point of >ie'
$Dear <hildren, *e are watching with interest to see how many of you will reali7e how profound the
changes are since we began to cover the Earth with %isses ! li%e the wind on your face, the warm sun on
your bac%, we have sent the energy of 1ove and 1ight in continuous showers across the planet. Do you
feel itF *e hope so. Ellie (o%ed today that the symptoms of -scensionitis are affecting everyone, but a
lot of people (ust thin% itBs something wrong with their stomach, or itBs the flu. 't is true that many have
been stric%en with some seasonal illnesses, li%e colds or bronchitis, but this is partly because their
immune systems may not be %eeping pace with the rising energy patterns. 't is also the case that
especially hard!wor%ing 1ightwor%ers bear the heaviest burden, in that they are most susceptible to
feeling and fully absorbing the energies, and may have the most severe symptoms, but they will also be
the first to raise their dimensional levels, according to their own soul paths.
$*e promised you earlier to tell you about the higher dimensions beyond the Eth, and many have as%ed
how many levels or dimensions there are, or if they are unlimited. *e will try to answer your Auestions
in as understandable way as possible. 'n a sense, the levels are as infinitely numerous as there are souls4
in another sense, they are finite, in that souls must rise to a certain level to pass through the gates of
each higher dimension as they wor% their way up the ladder. 't is not that there is anything e,clusive
about higher levels. &hey are simply not accessible to beginner souls because the higher vibration
would not be tolerable to someone whose standard operating level is lower, so you see it is a natural
progression, much the way you progress through grades in school.
$-lso li%e school, there are souls who proceed very fast in one area but may need e,tra wor% in others,
and so their plan for further lives on /aia or elsewhere will be tailored to help them develop their
strengths and minimi7e their wea%nesses, and this continues at every level of development. &o
accommodate these varying needs, there are several levels within each dimension, which allows for a
fairly fluid transition from one to another as souls progress.
$*e described the =rd through Eth to you earlier. &oday we will describe the "th and Ith dimensions.
-s we said, the Eth is the level of <hrist <onsciousness, the training ground for developing 1ove and
<ompassion where our dear >eshua can often be found planning and overseeing the -scension process
for Planet Earth, but many of the Masters who wor% on this level have ascended to the highest levels
and come bac% to serve in a teaching capacity. &he Aualities of 1ove and 1ight increase in intensity and
purity at higher dimensions.
$3ow, the Eighth Dimension. &his is a level of special studies, you might say. 't allows souls who wish
to practice their creative and manifesting s%ills to do so at a higher vibrational level, studying the art
and science of manifesting while also learning how to free themselves of the restrictions which
commonly hold bac% souls from discovering their true /od!li%e powers. &his is an ongoing challenge,
to become more and more uninhibited, untrammeled in the ability to co!create new ob(ects, new
technologies, or new worlds. 0f course, this is a simplified e,planation. &here are greater comple,ities
to e,plore and understand at each level.
$-t the 3inth 1evel, it is possible to use the lightness which souls feel in their 1ightbodies to
e,perience things which would not be possible at lower levels. 2or instance, here is where ;t.
/ermaine and others might be found teaching their students how to transport themselves across great
distances, and how to change form, by entering into a human body, then bac% to 1ightbody and bac%
again, for special missions which involve trans!portation of 1ightwor%ers for temporary assignments to
Planet Earth or elsewhere, where they may serve as special messengers or agents of change. 't is also a
favorite level for large meetings of Masters from many dimensions and areas of e,pertise, because of
the lively atmosphere. 2or many of them, it is a pleasant descent from the highest of the etheric
atmospheres to a place of greater density, a familiar playground of past studies. ;o, you see, there are
no rigid reAuirements or rules about what ta%es place in each dimension4 it is determined by the Auality
of what you would call the atmosphere, and what is possible under the varying conditions of higher and
higher vibrational levels.
$'t is a part of the nature of a soul to be attracted to the adventure and learning possibilities offered by
ascending to a higher level, (ust as the %indergarten child loo%s forward eagerly to first grade and the
still mysterious!seeming lessons to be found there. ;uch it is in the ;chool of ;oul -dvancement ! there
are ever more challenging and fascinating opportunities for scholarship and advancement, but always
with the ultimate goal of being of service to others in the purest possible state of )nconditional 1ove.
$-nd so we have given you a small introduction to the world of 1ife!after!1ife, as it has been called,
the world (ust beside and around you, (ust beyond your =!dimensional vision. 't is there for you after
you complete this life, or it is available to you in meditation, in hypnosis, or in your dreams. *e are not
separate from you ! not at all. *e are here, (ust the other side of the Deil of 2orgetfulness. &he veil is
thinning, giving you greater access to communication with )s, with your ancestors and /uides and
with your own /reater ;oul. 'f you practice calming your mind, sitting Auietly without trying to ma%e
it happen, you will begin to hear and see and feel the energies and colors and voices which are the
evidence of our presence.
$*e send you continuing energies of 1ove and 1ight, 0ur Dear <hildren,
Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. 4, .#., = am
Part -%: /adically ;ifferent Points of >ie' !rise fro* ;ifferent Le#els of
$&oday letBs tal% about why there is such a schism in -merican life between two groups of people who
feel strongly about their heart!felt beliefs, to the point that it is difficult for both sides to even conceive
of why the other would thin% and feel the way they do, since the feelings are completely alien to them.
&here is a simple, but not at all obvious e,planation, which ' will try to give to you. *e understand that
the readers of this blog tend to be spiritually evolved, relatively open!minded, and inclined toward
fairness and compassion. 8ecause of this, we feel we can offer you this information without danger that
it will be misused.
$'n our message yesterday, and in an earlier post, we discussed the process of elevating through
dimensions, and in the ;tory of <reation and &he Earthling ;tory we told you of the great influence of
visitors from other places around the )niverse who helped to $seed$ their D3- for the early
development of the strain of humans who have grown up on /aia. /aia and her children, by
comparison, are at an early phase of development, still mostly stuc% in the =!dimensional heaviness of
their lives on Planet Earth. 8y comparison, souls who traveled through and evolved on planets in the
gala,ies of ;irius, as ' mentioned a few days ago, 9$&he ;irians are <oming$:, the Pilaiedes, Dirgo and
many others, have already e,perienced the ascension process, have evolved into the spiritual levels,
and so are not in need of further =!dimensional lessons to complete their soul path. 'nstead, many of
them have a special interest in Planet Earth because of their e,periences on /aia in the days of her
beginnings and wish to help her inhabitants, whom they loo% upon as young brothers and sisters. &hese
are the elder brothers and sisters we refer to as ;tar ;eeds. &hey have incarnated in growing numbers as
the -scension of Planet Earth approached fruition.
$&he ;tar ;eeds of whom we spea% have developed a sense of natural camaraderie and generosity
toward their fellow humans from having lived in the atmosphere of )nconditional 1ove which is
characteristic of their home planets. &he ones we call 1ightwor%ers are mostly these souls from afar.
&heir philosophy of life and attitudes toward their fellows tends to be one of ta%ing the caring,
compassionate approach which encourages gentle handling, respect for oneBs free will, appreciation for
the struggles and failings of the individual, and a strong belief in the power of unified action. &hey also
tend to be positive and life!affirming, and trust in the process of living through life lessons to provide
for oneBs enlightenment, rather than e,ternally imposed control. &hey are peace!loving, creative
thin%ers, they tend to strongly resist oppression, and abhor power struggles of any %ind.
$0n the other hand, $native$ Earthlings have lived through a very different e,perience, and a shorter
one. 't has been complicated by the combination of complete free will and the intervention by the
beings we have called the $fallen angels,$ who have deliberately and very successfully created a
civili7ation of fear, mistrust of one another and competition engendered by artificially devised scarcity
in every area of life. &hey have learned to be wary, cautious, and resistant to change. ;ince this has
been the pervasive atmosphere on /aia, it has affected everyone, including many of the ;tar ;eeds,
who have struggled to remain positive and self!sustaining in the face of the Dar% 2orces who have
remained in power and in control of all the important resources, including the health of the planet
herself, which they have come close to destroying.
$;o, you see, Dear 0nes, each of these firmly!held perspectives springs directly from the e,perience of
the souls involved. 3either is strictly right or wrong4 they are simply different levels of e,perience,
pro(ected outward onto the world. ;omeone who is innately fearful will see danger and e,pect
confrontation and attac%4 someone who has learned and lived with generosity and trust will feel safe
and trusting and will e,pect cooperation and friendship. 0ut of these differing e,periences and their
e,ternal e,pression come fully formed theories about politics, child!rearing, religion and education.
You can see from this description why there are progressives and conservatives, &ories and *higs, and
the progression of similar opposites through the ages on the Earth Plane. 0f course, this bifurcation is
carried to fruition in the atmosphere of duality which is an inherent part of life in this =rd dimensional
world. 't is combination of duality, =!dimensionality and free will which ma%es life on /aia seem so
utterly divided at this point in the last stages of her =!D e,istence.
$You are feeling the frustration of witnessing these e,tremes which are dividing the populace.
5owever, the hopelessness you might have felt is not warranted now, as /aia raises herself out of =!D
to leave this e,treme duality and intransigence behind forever. &he loudly proclaimed $conservatism$
which has muscled itself into the town sAuare is in its last throes, because elevating means leaving
behind, not %eeping and reifying old ways. 't also means that during this incarnation on Earth, even the
younger and less e,perienced souls will learn trust almost by default, by e,periencing it in their hearts,
their bones and their minds as they are bombarded from afar by our waves of )nconditional 1ove.
$'t is an important element of this -scension process that the new atmosphere be continued over an
e,tended period, for one day or one wee% would not be sufficient to overcome the convictions of many
lifetimes lived in Dar%ness and fear. 't is for this reason that we proceed with a combination of
compassion and insistence 9for we %now it is truly in the interest of the entire population of /aia to
elevate to higher 9and happier: levels of e,istence. *e nudge you if you stray from your path of
fulfillment, and we celebrate 9$5allelu(a$: when you go forth with renewed levels of 1ove for your
fellows ! yes, even the ones on the other side of the fence ! and a sense of compassion where it is
warranted. 8e gentle but firm with those who would drag you down into their Dar% view of the future,
and of humanityBs potentials. >ust as you ac%nowledge with your own children, someday everyone will
grow up and see the 1ight. 't is the way of the )niverse.
$2or now, continue to teach patience, forbearance and tolerance, as your ).;. President has become so
adept at doing. Do not slow down your pace of wor%ing hard to elevate yourself through acts of
service, daily meditation to review and learn from each dayBs events, and by practicing balance in every
area of your comple, and demanding lives.
$*rite your Auestions to us, or as% Kathryn, and encourage others to do the same. *e will try to help
you move through this difficult time with grace.
$*e love you beyond words, our brave and resolute 1ightwor%ers,
Yahweh, and all the 1ightwor%ers in ;pirit who are standing ready to help you.$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. 6, = am.
Part -(: The Wor0 2f "8ildin& a <e' World "e&ins
$Dear <hildren, time is passing Auic%ly on your Earth plane. &his is not only a personal perspective ! it
is a reality. 8ecause of the energy shifts happening over that past months, the flow of time was literally
compressed, creating a sense of faster movement. You have now passed through Lthe eye of the needle$
and are being propelled in the direction of positive change. 't will be a time of e,citement, e,hilaration,
and wondrous evolution as you are now wor%ing from a higher dimensional level than you were
previously. -lthough the overall consciousness of the planet did not yet rise to the 6th dimensional
level, you are on your way.
$8ecause the original contract you all (oined into with >eshua and your guides, there was an agreement
that you would move together ! something that has never been done before. -lthough some of you have
indeed moved to the 6th level and beyond, we have as%ed that all remain for some time further, to help
your fellows to raise their level of consciousness as well. Your wor% as 1ightwor%ers is being felt, Dear
0nes, even though you may identify with ;isyphus, pushing his roc% up the hill. Your touch is felt
every time you come in contact with others, and even when you meditate to raise your own
consciousness you are ma%ing a contribution. ;o, do not become impatient with your own progress or
the progress of others. *e have designed alternatives for everyone, regardless of their level of
awa%ening, so no one will be left without life lessons to help them elevate, as has always been the case.
$*e did spur you on with our descriptions of the possible mass -scension to the 6th dimension,
because we could see how close you had come to lifting the entire population to wal% through the
portals together. 'n terms of overall success, yours was phenomenal. 'n the process of wor%ing hard to
raise the vibrational level on the planet, 1ightwor%ers everywhere raised themselves to new levels, and
the people around them were greatly affected by it. 2or you to have accomplished the shift out of the
=rd dimension and into the 4th was a heroic act of will, and of 1ove. 2rom the perspective of evolution,
thin% about it@ You have evolved to more loving, more spiritually open human beings within the space
of a few months. &his has given you a base from which to operate which will allow further change in a
much accelerated timeframe.
$3ow, we wish to encourage you to ta%e up your banner once more, and to renew your commitment to
the most remar%able social contract ever created. *e %now you may have become discouraged by the
traumas and bad behavior which have flooded the airwaves in recent wee%s? gun violence, seemingly
pointless contention in the halls of government, and loud discussions on topics which in and of
themselves sound barbaric, li%e whether women should be protected from rape or not, and under what
circumstances. 't does reprise the Middle -ges, but there is good to come of such idiocy. 't is
awa%ening those individuals who were so complacent they did not notice the -scension process even
when it blasted over them, because the discussions have reached such a level of ignorance and
meanness that even those who had been inclined toward self!protection and isolation are becoming
outraged. &his will ta%e some time to be felt, but the effect on more and more citi7ens in all parts of the
world is reaching a groundswell.
$-s -mericans, you are not used to watching other countries closely, but things are happening Auic%ly
elsewhere too. 2or instance, PortugalBs President has strongly challenged the ban%ing system which has
a strangle!hold on most of EuropeBs countries who have been forced to borrow from the cabal. &he
systems of economics and ban%ing have become so secretive and protected from scrutiny that it is
difficult to see that there is much more to the story than the fact that deficits are created by spending
too much on social programs. &his is not the problem. <ountries all over the globe have been entrapped
into ta%ing part in the usury of the 'M2 and the *orld 8an%, and once seduced, the noose tightens.
$*e will soon see global resistance to the $austerity measures$ imposed by the ban%ers who %now well
how they will cause suffering and hardship to the people, but turn the screws to maintain their power.
&his power has put them in charge of most of the wealth of the planet, e,cept for a small portion
controlled in -sia. &he tsunami in >apan was partly man!made, an attempt to bring >apan to her %nees,
and to cause her to be forced to borrow and thereby be enslaved. ;o far, >apan and <hina have mostly
resisted the siren song which has entrapped the rest of the world, but the money!manufacturers
continue to try. You will see continued upheaval in the mar%ets, which will affect mostly those whose
goal it is to hoard money. 0thers who have deep connections with their communities, their neighbors
and families will ride out the shifts together, finding creative ways to help each other as the world
economies shift along with the global consciousness.
$3ow, bac% to your personal development. <ontinuing your efforts to elevate yourselves and those
around you will contribute to the swift and positive resolution of the global upheavals. &he shifts are
necessary and inevitable4 the timing and smoothing out of the effects will be up to you. You have seen
that prayer ! especially group meditations ! have a powerful effect on the planetBs vibrational levels. 'n
fact, this whole -scension process began in earnest with the uplift following the 5armonic
<onvergence of I"E, the first organi7ed mass meditation to heal and bring peace to the planet. ;o, you
see, it has been a mere .6 years since we saw the real possibility that man%ind might reach -scension
by the end of .#.. -nd so it is. You have lifted yourselves and your planet to a place from which much
greater change is now possible. You will now need to cultivate the ability to continue wor%ing toward it
as you did when you had a deadline, without becoming discouraged or impatient. 't was a useful
strategy, to have a goal of a single date, but of course the )niverse does not actually wor% that way. 't
served to spur you on, but at the cost that you might become disillusioned or upset if it didnBt wor% out
e,actly as we all had hoped.
$3ow that you have settled down and begun to integrate the changes which continue to ta%e place, we
hope that you will find it in your hearts to continue the climb to higher elevations. 't is in your natures
to grow and to build. Most of you have had a short rest, and will continue onward on your spiritual
path. *e congratulate you, we celebrate you, and we will be here, wor%ing behind the scenes with the
ones who have pierced the Deil in order to %eep in constant contact with )s, as we wor% together to co!
create the 3ew *orld on /aia, which will evolve as Auic%ly as your combined efforts allow. 1oo%
around you4 more and more of your fellow humans are softening, learning to listen, and are becoming
willing to reach out in service as never before. &a%e heart, and call on us to offer our support, our
comfort and our 1ove as you ta%e on the difficult challenge of moving your civili7ation forward, one
nano!millimeter at a time.
$*e send you our blessings and our )nconditional 1ove,
Yahweh, for the 1ightwor%ers who are wor%ing beside and around you always.$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. 6, .#., # pm
Part -4: ! Ti*e For For&i#eness
$'t is good news *e bring today. &he forces of Dar%ness have ta%en another blow. &his time it is in the
area of politics. You will soon be hearing news of another scandal4 this time it will bring down one of
the most powerful and contentious of all obstructionists in the ).;. government. *e tell you this with
relief for your continued uplifting, but with sadness for those who have dedicated themselves to the
conAuest of wealth and power over others. *e as% you now to prepare yourselves for further shoc%ing
revelations, and to be ready with forgiveness for all the diabolical acts you will see revealed in the
coming months. *e remind you again that it is through the lessons these Dar% 0nes bring to the
populace that you are able to grow in your resolve to carry on in integrity and 2aith. 8y their e,ample,
they teach, and by your feelings of revulsion, you are taught to turn away from Dar%ness and from the
people who seed much of the pain, material deprivation and political upheaval on the planet.
$&he levels of e,treme deprivation you have seen in your brushes with poor neighborhoods in your
own country or documentaries of $third world$ countries, will cease to be, as Auic%ly as your
envisioning and actions can ma%e it happen. You have felt powerless to effect needs of such
monumental scale in the past, but the portals have opened, and the winds of change are indeed blowing
fiercely across the entire planet. &he charity wor% of past generations which provided a drop of hope,
or a grain of rice to millions will now bring real change, as travel to remote places becomes more
available and people with love in their hearts are able to find new ways to offer themselves in service,
for an hour or a wee% or a lifetime. &hey will be seeing with new eyes ! the opened third eye which
sees every human being as a brother or sister ! and there will be greater resources available at every
$>ust as you are preparing yourself for forgiveness toward those who created such starvation and want,
also prepare yourself for hope. You have an e,pression, $the tide has turned.$ *ell, it has, and rather
than receding, prosperity will increase, but in a completely new form. &here will be no room for
hoarding to assure oneBs $security.$ Gather, security will come from being part of a nurturing, reliable
community where no one goes hungry, and no one is alone or isolated. &his will reAuire increasing
vigilance concerning the way your food is produced 9by small farmers who raise their crops and their
animals with love:, and the way your natural resources are distributed and consumed. *ater would be
plentiful in areas of current drought if the technologies to minimi7e waste were used, and if humans
again learn to associate the water flowing from the tap with the streams and rivers it originates from,
and the needs of the planet to distribute her riches across vast regions as is natural to her own
inclinations and tendencies.
$'t has long been standard practice for the most powerful cities, states and nations to ta%e what they
need and more, regardless of the impact on those whose land, water and energy resources are pillaged.
&here has been a sense of entitlement ! in fact, general agreement ! that the one with the biggest stic%
gets the victorBs spoils, whether it be in politics, commercial competition, or social interactions. &his
philosophy, which celebrates greed and wanton gluttony, has been the source of great sadness for )s,
for /aia who suffered terribly, and for the victims themselves. &his wantonness is the legacy of
Dar%ness, brought to Planet Earth by the Dar% 5ats we have referred to the 0rion+reptilian faction. *e
have watched as they co!opted the hearts, minds and spirits of our Dear <hildren of /aia.
$'t was our hope that as you came bac% to us between each life to restore your balance and heal your
hearts, that you would one day be able to return to your dear planet as the *arriors for 1ight you
intended to be as you returned for each round in the ring, where you were pummeled and beaten down
by the Dar% 2orces. 0ur contract with you did not allow us to intervene directly, but we continued to be
the team in your corner, cheering you on, throwing the weight of our 1ove behind your brave pro(ect.
-nd now, the power of your convictions and the persistence with which you have pursued (ustice and
fairness has tipped the scale. Every act of %indness, every vision of 1ight and 1ove, every e,pression of
compassion has had its effect in increasing the 1ight and decreasing the Dar%ness.
$'t is now a time for celebration, and also a time of mourning. &he 1egions of 1ight are clearly carrying
the day, and it will be a time of rec%oning for the ones who served as the Dar% catalysts for change.
;ome of them are fallen angels, but some are victims of the cruelty which destroyed their connections
to their own hearts and souls. &hey were $recruited$ to be foot!soldiers of Dar%ness, sometimes for
only one lifetime, against the protests of their /reater ;ouls. 0thers ! and this may seem strange to you
from your perspective ! were our highest Masters, who came to create havoc on such a grand scale that
all the world would rise up against them to create a groundswell of change.
$&hese valiant souls 95itler is a recent e,ample: have done 0ur wor% at great ris% to themselves so that
vast changes could be initiated. &he >ews, our special emissaries of strength and commitment, were
souls who volunteered for the /reat *ave of <hange which became *orld *ar ''. *e understand that
this may be shoc%ing news to you, but we urge you to remember? *e do not command or order our
Dear <hildren to ta%e part in events which will be dangerous or deadly. &he volunteers who come for
these difficult assignments do so because of their own commitment to 1ight, and to creating a better
world for those who come after them. &hey also come from the higher dimensions, where it is %nown
that 1ife is eternal, and that enlisting for duty on the Earth plane is a brief opportunity to elevate and
$*e tell you these things now to prepare you to forgive, for the ones who may appear to be the worst
enemies of 1ight are not necessarily as Dar% as they appear. You see, the 1egions of 1ight are not
strangers to ;pecial 0ps activity, and have had their own ways of rebalancing the scales. &herefore, do
not (udge, but simply wor% to protect your own, and ta%e the necessary steps to constrain the activities
of the Dar% 0nes, but do not turn to revenge or inhumane punishments, for that taints you with the
lower vibrations of Dar%ness. &hose who have created evil will be reAuired to return to the fold ! the
cycle of reviewing their lives and feeling the effects of their destructive actions as they replay every
act, every word which caused pain to others. &hus, each soul learns compassion and empathy. *e can
assure you that the Dar%est 0nes sometimes become the strongest advocates for peace and (ustice after
a life of evil.
$-nd so you will now enter a phase of Peace and Geconciliation. 5ow effectively you are able to
negotiate these sensitive issues will have great bearing on your progress toward establishing the
foundations of the 3ew /olden -ge. /reat responsibility will fall to your lawma%ers, (udges, attorneys
and especially, your Presidents and Prime Ministers. <hoose carefully, My <hildren, to assure the
Aualities of steady hands and big hearts in those who will lead you into an arena filled with either
hatred and vengeance, or with compassion and 1ight.
$8reathe, fill your hearts with (oy and hope, and go forward together, my Dear 0nes. You have begun a
brand new phase of evolution in which companionship, %indness and prosperity will reign once more
on Planet Earth.
$*ith love and admiration, we envision your success,
Your Mother+2ather /od, spea%ing as Yahweh, ' -m &hat ' -m.$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. H, pm
Part -5: The <e' 3$irit8ality as Co*$ared to /eli&ion
$&his is a good day for 1ight. &he awa%ening continues across the planet, spurred by increasing
numbers of 1ightwor%ers li%e you, Dear Geaders. &hose of you who read these messages every day
9and ' %now there are growing numbers of you: are beginning to feel comfortable with sharing your
hopeful feelings about the future with others, and telling them about what we discuss here. ;end them
here too, Dear 0nes, so that ' may connect personally with more of you. *e are wor%ing hard to ma%e
contact with as many of you as possible, and this new era has given us this new medium of the internet
with which to come closer to you. *e appreciate this, because it removes the $middle man,$ the priest
or pope or minister, who have always pretended to be the go!between for $lay people.$ *e do spea%
through our channel, Kathryn, but she is careful not to impose her own opinions or feelings, and the
more you read these messages and do your meditations, the better you will become at contacting us
directly. &his is the goal, you see, for each and every one of you to feel comfortable opening your
channels to spea% with us directly. -nd then, there will be no need for religions as you %now them now,
where individual humans set themselves up as e,perts in how *e thin% and behave. *e can tell you
that a great deal of what passes for $5oly ;cripture$ is nothing of the %ind.
$*hile weBre on this sub(ect, let us give you a few e,amples of places where the 8ible pontificates on
topics which are simply made up to reflect the feelings of the writer, not )s. 2or instance, we do not
punish or retaliate against our <hildren. &he system of soul development which is in place is sufficient
to allow each soul to progress individually, at their own pace. Punishment doesnBt wor% anyway. 't (ust
ma%es people angry and resentful. *e also respect /aiaBs independence, and her need to sha%e the
violent invaders off her bac% from time to time, as she has been ready to do when underground nuclear
testing became a popular fad among rich governments. -nd now, frac%ing ! a diabolical invasion of her
mantle ! has caused her enormous pain and anguish, but we have not intervened. *e do not single!
handedly create tsunamis to drown sinners, nor do we cause earthAua%es to swallow up fornicators or
merry!ma%ers. *e gave you se,uality for your pleasure, not to punish you over it, and we love singing
and dancing, especially roc% and roll. 9' am told to put a 4: here ! K.:
$'n the boo% we wrote with Kathryn, our beloved >esus as%ed to have a single chapter which could
debun% the most unfortunate myths about himself and his life. ' will not paraphrase the chapter here,
but we will mention a few of the most horrific lies. 2irst among them was the lie that >eshua, as he
prefers to call himself, was a celibate mon%!li%e man, and that Magdellan was a prostitute whom he
befriended because he felt sorry for her. 3othing could be further from the truth. 0ur Mary Magdellan
was a strong and loving wife, passionately dedicated to teaching the *ord as he was. &his slander has
remained unchallenged for centuries, to our ama7ement. 0nly in recent years have scholars begun to
search for the truth. -s with many other myths, this will eventually be cast aside as fantasy, or a
powerful tool for the manipulation of vulnerable minds. 't was perpetrated by power!hungry men who
deliberately fabricated lies in order to wea%en the power of 5is teachings, and to enslave people with a
rule!bound religion which is impossible for normal people to succeed at, but which does create
enormous guilt and shame. People who are immersed in guilt and shame are far easier to control. $&he
second 8ig 1ie was that >eshua came to Earth to establish a new religion which would worship him,
and which would be called <hristianity. &here was no such intention, to pit the >ews of his heritage
against non!>ews. 'n fact, as you %now, >eshua was a >ew, and was carrying on the traditions of >udaism
with the intent of opening it up to more e,pansive and (oyful traditions, bringing the practices bac% to
direct contact with )s, rather than becoming even more rule!bound and rigid. 8ut *e will not spoil the
story for you4 you can read it for yourselves.
$3ow, bac% to how we manage difficult challenges when they arise anywhere in the firmament, and
especially on the topic of not resorting to punishment, which it seems we cannot e,plain too many
times, since the concept is so ingrained in your picture of who *e are. 3o matter how many times we
describe our respect for your free will status, there are still those who ob(ect that our actions are
arbitrary and unfair. &his misunderstanding may arise from the =!Dimensional perspective which
reAuires thin%ing in terms of duality ! good or bad, fair or cruel. >ust as with your comple, societies, we
are often confronted with comple,ities which arise from the destructive actions of an individual or
group which presents danger to other souls. *e are dedicated to the Protection 9YahwehBs traditional
role: and 3ourishment 9Mother /odBs role: of our beloved <hildren. Yes, all the beings, even the
deranged ones, are our <hildren, and we will ma%e great efforts to help those in(ured souls heal and
come bac% to the 2old, but not at the ris% of damaging those who are wor%ing hard to ascend.
$2or this reason, the -shtar <ommand is standing as Protection against any negative outside forces
which might interfere with /aiaBs successful -scension, for a planet in -scencion is li%e a mother
giving birth. ;he must not be interfered with or damaged in any way. *e are grateful to -shtar and his
1egions, which number in the millions, but that is a story for another day.
$3ow, about evil. &here have been times when, in rare cases, a soul may become so deranged and
dangerous to others because of a dedication to Dar%ness that no amount of counseling, )nconditional
1ove and special attention has succeeded in convincing them not to act outside any contract with other
souls, by bringing misery and death as a matter of their own choice. &here have been rare occasions
where those souls were denied further incarnations, and if they continue to cause havoc around the
)niverse, they can be $dissolved$ bac% into the infinite matter from which all souls are created. *e
strongly resist doing this if there is any chance a soul can be saved, and sometimes *e wait for many
centuries before we decide to ta%e protective action to safeguard the smooth succession of soul wor%
for others. ;o, you see, we are anything but the angry, punitive male with a white beard who sits on
high, meting out punishments and rewards. *ell, perhaps we are a bit liberal with our praise and
planned festivities to celebrate the triumphs of our <hildren, but we celebrate all eAually lavishly,
because all our <reations bring us delight.
$&here are circumstances where one of the angels or other Master &eachers may be authori7ed to
intervene in an individual situation which might otherwise end badly for ones who have not yet
fulfilled their life path. 2or instance, there have often been reports of angels sighted around accident
sites, li%e car crashes, where one or two people might have died without helpful intervention. &here are
also nature spirits who sometimes help out when an animal or even a plant is suffering. &hese are
individual circumstances which are deemed to be out of sync with the soul path of the person or being
involved, and it gives our beloved angels great pleasure to rescue a child from a fire, or deflect a bullet
when the targeted person did not include such an incident in their life plan. ;o, you see, it is a
complicated and many!faceted organi7ation of which you are a member.
$You have a plan before you come here4 one which will best serve your evolution as a soul. You have
chosen to come into this life with certain other souls because your plans are in synchrony, or because
you have spent lifetimes together in the past and you wish to complete unfinished business. -lways, the
goal is to elevate along your individual path, and the plan is to devise scenarios which will benefit all
involved. Your idea of %arma accumulated from one lifetime which needs to be $wor%ed off$ in another
is not accurate. Each life is a learning e,perience in its own right, and further lessons along similar
lines would only be recommended if it would benefit the soul in Auestion. &here are often life plans
which include, for instance, one life as a slave master and the ne,t as a slave, but this would be planned
as a logical learning e,perience, not as punishment for having played the role of the slave master. 't is
common for a soul to reAuest a wide range of e,periences to fulfill their need for learning all the
difficult lessons on the way to -scending to the highest levels.
$0ur original plan, which we have twea%ed over the eons, has always been to allow our children to
e,perience as wide a range of life choices as possible, and they choose for themselves which challenges
they wish to ta%e on, with e,pert guidance from more e,perienced souls. 3o one is ever forced to live a
life which is beyond their ability to succeed, although souls do occasionally ta%e on a great deal, from
the comfort of the higher dimensions where 1ove and 1ight reign supreme. &hey may be counseled
against e,treme difficulty, but none are ever denied their heartBs desire, as long as it is not damaging to
anotherBs heartBs desire.
$;o, Dear 0nes, we create and we oversee, but we do not control and manipulate you as you do each
other. *e are not concerned with power, because we have the power to create, and that is enough. *e
have concern for each and every one of you, and we follow your progress with great interest and
pleasure, especially when you find ways to fulfill your path by being of service in ways which use your
talents and gifts most effectively. Gemember? the things you are good at are your gifts. Do not ta%e it
for granted if the $only$ thing you are good at is ma%ing friends, or ba%ing, or riding a bicycle. &his is a
gift which will play an important part in your life path, and which may bring important learning
e,periences for you and others around you. &his is what matters, all that matters ! your soul
development ! not ma%ing money, not being famous or winning awards, not building an empire of one
%ind or another so that you can be the emperor of your own domain. 3o, it is only the relationships you
create with 1ove, and the contributions to the greater good you ma%e from the bottom of your heart
which really matter.
$-ccruing %nowledge is a valuable pursuit, if you can use that %nowledge to help lift the level of
vibration around you. ;o, loo% to your strengths, my <hildren, and begin to find ways every day to use
those strengths in service to others. You will find your heart e,panding along with your mind, and you
will feel fulfilled in ways you never dreamed were possible. &his is the only religion human beings
need? the commitment to one another, and to ma%ing the connections to )s, your loving <reators, who
will teach you, comfort you, and encourage you to learn the ways of /od, which is the ultimate
resolution to your -scension ! to (oin with us in (oy and )nity, and we will truly become 0ne.
' -m &hat ' -m4 *e -re &hat *e -re4 You -re &hat *e -re. Yahweh.$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. E, .#., pm
Part -): Pict8res to P8t on =o8r /efri&erator
$&onightBs message? Keep up the good wor%. &hings are speeding up to such a degree for 1ightwor%ers
that you will see things manifesting practically from one moment to the ne,t. &he higher your
vibrational level, the faster things will unfold for you. 1ife changes will arrive and come to fruition at
lightening speed, compared to last year, or even last month. 't will feel li%e you are riding in a fast
train, and the scenery is racing by so fast you can barely focus on it before it has moved on.
$0nce you are accustomed to this fast pace, you will be delighted by it, for you are the impatient ones
who pushed forward this shift into the 4th dimension. &he settings are something li%e this? 2or all of
you, the slowest manifestations will occur at lower 4th dimensional vibrational speeds, which is
dramatically faster than =D. 2or those of you who operate at higher vibrational speeds in your own
energy field, it will happen even faster. &his is one of the inherent rewards of elevating your vibrational
energy ! you donBt have to wait for things to play out. 'n fact, those of you who have ob(ected to the fast
pace of life in recent years will see that it was preparation for life in the 3ew -ge. &he difference will
be that you will be doing things that are meaningful and fulfilling, rather than things that ma%e you feel
fra77led and unsatisfied.
$/radually, more of you will be finding more satisfying wor% environments, because there will be
greater ac%nowledgment of the need for satisfying, creative wor% for all. ;econdly, there will be a
leveling of the pay scale to provide for those who wor% hard but do not manage a massive stoc%
portfolio or hedge fund. Pay for wor% will become more eAuitably distributed, with greater recognition
for the time dedicated to wor%, regardless of the s%ill level, or whether there is money management
involved 9the e,orbitantly over!paid sector:. *or%ers who dedicate themselves to (obs benefitting the
greater good, which have been notoriously under!paid, will begin to be appreciated for the valuable
contributors they actually are. -lready the public is beginning to loo% at teachers differently, since the
brave educators of ;andy 5oo% displayed valor befitting Medal of 5onor recipients, when they
shielded the children in their care with their bodies, at the e,pense of their own lives. Parents of those
children will never see their educators in the same light, after such evidence of selfless love and caring.
$Gelationships will also ta%e on a new meaning. Marriages of convenience or economic advantage will
fall apart, freeing the imprisoned partners to find genuine soul connections. 't will become not a
romantic fantasy, but an everyday reality for soul partners to find deep and lasting heart connections
which begin with putting their energies into service for others. *orthy pro(ects li%e hurricane clean!up,
neighborhood rehabilitation and building, li%e 5abitat for 5umanity and other community!based
organi7ations, will become the new dating sites for young people in search of meaningful life
e,periences. 1ong hours in the gym to sculpt oneBs appearance will evolve into challenging and heart!
filling community service, which will ta%e on a celebratory atmosphere as more and more young
people (oin in the group pro(ects which bring everyone, of every age and s%ill level, into the embrace of
a loving community. &he hubbub of laughter and fun will draw even the most reclusive, shy teenager
out of the shadows and into the action. 3o one will suffer alone in their room or fantasi7e about %illing
their neighbors or fellow!students when those people are the source of )nconditional 1ove and
belonging rather than torment, re(ection and bullying.
$*e are not describing an impossible dream. 't is a reality, (ust a heart!beat away on the timeline
ad(acent to where you are now. 't is one of the options that has been envisioned by large numbers of
you, and one which could manifest very Auic%ly if enough of you turn your attention to ma%ing it a
reality. /oodness spreads, as you have seen in recent $good news$ news reports ! a fairly new feature in
the mainstream media. >ust as copycat murderers have been %nown to proliferate after a horrific highly!
publici7ed event, acts of good will are freely contagious, and gain much more traction, because 1ight is
always more powerful than Dar%ness. -longside the acts of violence and greed you hear about every
day is a rolling tide of goodwill, capturing the imaginations of every!widening circles of individuals
and groups. 't is a Auantum leap to raise the vibration from 4th to 6th dimensional reality, but you did it
during the *inter ;olstice. You could do it again for the ;ummer ;olstice. Proceed, Dear 0nes, as if
December .st were /aiaBs birthday, a (oyful event to be celebrated every year, or every season, with
offerings of gifts of friendship and service to your fellow humans.
$&he entire )niverse celebrates with you when you feel (oy. Part of the new global awa%ening will be a
sense of almost unwitting ac%nowledgment of the 0neness of life on 3ew /aia. &here are no separate
races, but only the human race in all its magnificent variety. &here is also no such thing as two separate
and uneAual genders. You have already seen this in the outpouring of compassion and concern from
around the world when two young women were the targets of vicious attac%s ! one shot for her activism
for womenBs education, and one raped and %illed (ust because the perpetrators %new they could get
away with such barbaric acts because of co!conspirators in law enforcement. &hese have not been the
only such horrific acts against women, but they vividly illustrated the primitive conditions still
oppressing more than half the population of enormous areas of the globe. Even women in $developed$
countries have not been spared the psychological trauma of having been made to feel less in every way
than their male counterparts. &he womenBs movement which began more than a century ago will gain
enough high!vibrational energy to create a world in which both men and women will feel comfortably
eAual in value and eAually treasured for who they are as individuals.
$*e give you this encouragement and this Dision so that you can put the snapshot you see in your mind
as you read these words on your minds!eye refrigerator, in full view for you to remind yourselves of
your deep connection to the lives of others around you, and what a powerful influence you can have on
their happiness. Yes, you are your 8rotherBs Keeper, but this does not mean you have to let your brother
sleep on your couch rather than wor%ing. 't does mean you are responsible for creating the environment
in which all can thrive. Gemember that perennial favorite fable, Dic%ensB <hristmas <arol. 't reAuired
only a shift in ;croogeBs consciousness and a bit of change from his bulging poc%ets to rewrite the lives
of an entire family, and for his trouble he gained a sense of belonging and a future filled with love. You,
My <hildren, can have even more wide!reaching positive effects because most of you are starting from
a much higher level than ;crooge. ;o, as you are fond of saying, $/o for it@$
$)ntil tomorrow, we send you )nconditional 1ove,
Your Yahweh$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. E, .#., I pm
Part --: +Bcitin& /e#elations !?o8t Co*in& Chan&es
$0ur channeling partner has as%ed that we create a message to be presented to the ;edona >ournal, one
of the superior publications for messages from higher dimensions. *e are honored to create such a
message, because it would very well serve our needs to be represented in a publication of such high
Auality. *e will present material which has not appeared elsewhere, since that will be the most
interesting material for Ms. ;wanson and her crew. 5ere is our message?
$'t is time now for us to tell you something about the world situation as it applies to the war machine !
that is, the military power which has been stored in hundreds of secret bun%ers and storage facilities,
mostly underground. *e include here nuclear weapons, canisters of poisonous gasses, bombs, and the
hardware used to launch such weapons. 't is our great pleasure to announce to you that all the weapons
of mass destruction which e,isted in the world have been disabled. -ll of them.
$3o longer do children have to learn how to duc% under des%s or run for air raid shelters because
massive mushroom!shaped clouds may appear in their cities. &here will be no nuclear war, no massive
gassing of citi7ens, no radiation sic%ness as a result of e,ploded weapons. &his does not mean all
weapons have been disabled. You still have your challenges when it comes to automatic weapons and
smaller e,plosive devices, but you will not see massive death at the press of a button. *e have been
able to do this with the help of 'ntergalactic forces who have used their advanced technologies to detect
and disable hidden weaponry across the globe. &hey have also had $boots on the ground$ ! volunteers
from other planets who have incarnated here in order to infiltrate the highest levels of the military in
several of the more advanced 9in terms of weaponry: nations.
$*e can tell you now that there were hundreds of thousands of these deadly weapons, most of them in
the hands of $peaceful$ nations, but there were also some being developed in countries li%e 3orth
Korea and Pa%istan. <ontrary to the paranoid e,pectations of ).;. pentagon operatives and
conservative political hysteria!mongers, 'ran was not approaching completion of a nuclear weapon, nor
were 'ranian scientists eager to develop such a weapon. &he era of fear has ended. 3o country, no mad
general, no power!cra7ed dictator can ever again threaten the entire planet. &he <old *ar, which really
continued until this month, will never again be able to spread its clammy hands over the populace of
entire continents, and the lucrative business of advanced weaponry has been effectively discontinued.
$'t will eventually be revealed in detail in the mainstream media that your President, the much!
maligned Mr. 0bama, has been a leader in these efforts to assure world peace. 't has been a delicate
ground game leading up to the final denouement. &here was a period during which some weapons were
still in the hands of those of little integrity. 't reAuired diplomacy and some intelligent negotiating to
stave off disaster, especially in the Middle East, while the underground wor% was being completed.
$&his is not the end of advancing technology, however. Your ;tar 8rothers and ;isters wish to share
their %nowledge with you, to allow you to live in a pollution!free, prosperous environment in which
clean air and water will be the rule, rather than a long!ago memory. &he age of drin%ing water in plastic
bottles is coming to an end, because of the damage to the environment, and because they will not be
needed. 1andfills and the /reat -tlantic and Pacific /arbage Patch will be cleaned up and will also
become a thing of the past.
$2irst, let me tell you about the simple and wonderful improvements which have long been available
but were not able to be developed because of interference from profit oriented global interests. <lean
fuel, free electricity, and the technology to clean up to,ic spills which have poisoned hundreds of miles
of ocean are already %nown and waiting for manufacture and distribution. *ithin a few short years, free
or nearly free energy will be available to every village, every family, school, hospital and home on the
$*e have been wor%ing behind the scenes with several groups of good and generous souls, whose
personal safety would be (eopardi7ed if we were to announce their names at this moment. &here is still
some wor% to be done to dismantle the organi7ations of Dar% 5ats who would order assassinations of
all concerned if they thought they could get away with it. 2ortunately, they are not so secure in their
arrogant e,pectations of protection from their wealthiest and most powerful friends. &he global Mafia
is feeling the screws tighten4 the loc% on any inventions which challenge fossil fuel use has been
bro%en, and the middle class will get its respite by seeing their fuel bills disappear, and with it, the high
cost of other commodities as well. *e ! our human and spirit beings in cooperation, have only to ma%e
the final preparations to insure that the technology will be given will go to all the people, not to a few
investors or shareholders, but to the world at large. 3o one should ma%e a financial %illing by mining
/aiaBs natural resources, which belong to every man, woman and child. &he plunder must not be
allowed to continue, and it will not.
$*e have as%ed our channel, Kathryn, to wor% with those who will be developing the new technologies
in an advisory capacity, to ensure that the engineers develop the most efficient and cost!effective
designs, and that we have full contact with the leaders who will develop the manufacturing and
distribution of the technologies which will free the people of the world from the iron grip of profit!
hungry organi7ations. 0ld business practices which involved borrowing from ban%s and large investors
who would then own the product and its producers will no longer continue. -dvertising will be
unnecessary, since word of mouth and internet sites li%e this one will reach millions of people who will
want to ta%e part in the shared wor% of distributing and installing new energy sources in their own local
centers and around the world through informal channels where governments are slow to let go of their
grip on the sources of wealth that have %ept them in power.
$*e have no ob(ection to seeing people live comfortably, even lu,uriously, but not at the cost of
leaving others homeless and hungry. &here is enormous untapped wealth, which will soon be flowing to
every town and village to ma%e ab(ect poverty and hunger a thing of the past, so the biggest changes
will not be made by ta%ing away from those who are wealthy, unless they are involved in criminal or
usury activities. 9*e include here those activities which poison the food, air and water supply.:
$3ow letBs say something that will really ma%e your ears per% up. *e have a plan, or rather ;t. /ermain
and his crew of financial master!minds have a plan, which was put in place many years ago, but which
is only now being activated. ;ome of the details have been discussed on the - M - Geport, by our dear
&ara and Gama, our hardwor%ing investigators. You can read their findings on their website. *e will
elaborate on their information here.
$&here is a trust fund, you might call it, which was created when ;t. /ermain wal%ed the earth in his
recent incarnations ! that is, the past few centuries. 5e established an enormous treasure trove of real
wealth, gold, precious stones, and cleverly designed financial instruments which would accrue in value,
and put them in the care of a few highly evolved families who have secretly guarded these treasures for
the time that they would be distributed to the entire planet, for the good of everyone alive today. 't
could only be released after the -scension, to assure that it could be distributed fairly in an atmosphere
of higher vibrational energy. &he first of those funds will be begin to be processed and distributed &5';
$&he first aid will go to efficiently run non!profit organi7ations which deliver basic health and
maternity care in poor areas of the world, and to offer the technologies to ma%e massive changes in
agricultural practices and housing in the poorest areas. You will be ama7ed at the clever practices and
designs that are possible. &he funds will be carefully managed to prevent any of the usual graft which
has accompanied government!run aid programs in the past. 't will also be administered with the sole
purpose of bringing the greatest good to the greatest number of people. 3o poor farmer will be
displaced by international corporations or political overlords, and environmental restoration and
healing of natural habitats will be a primary focus.
$'n many areas of the world, local e,perts are already in place who only lac%ed funds to bring their
ambitious dreams of peace and prosperity into being. -ll improvements will be made under the watch
of the shaman, or other reliable channelers who have been tested over the past years for the Auality of
selflessness in their wor%. &hese resources are more readily available in less scientifically!based
cultures. You see, these will all be co!created pro(ects, shared by incarnated humans and ;pirit 8eings
in constant collaboration. 'n what might seem li%e an odd couple pairing to *estern minds, we will
match the highest level technology e,perts with the local spiritual leaders to accomplish these ends.
&his will be the new business model for the 3ew -ge. 'ndividuals will receive their generous beAuests
$You will see increasing numbers of court cases in which greed will be punished with large fines to be
paid to victims, and to the long overdue clean!up of /aia. &hose funds will also be helpful in
rebalancing global wealth and the use of her resources.
$You see, balance is the goal. Gebalancing the use of resources and reclaiming the wealth which results
is not a radical political idea. 't is 0ur *ay, the only fair way to protect /aia and to assure a life of
prosperity and happiness for every single being on the 3ew Planet Earth.
$*e will bring you updates on a daily basis as these e,citing developments unfold. ;tay tuned, and
encourage your friends who might be ta%en in by the media discussions about guns and mayhem. &he
new era has dawned, and nothing will be as it was.
$*e send our love and encouragement. Please (oin us in our glorious wor%,
Yahweh and the 1egions of 1ight who will serve the highest good in these coming times.$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. #, .#=, . am.
Part -5: 9ealin& 28r Tra8*atic 9istory
$*hen you loo% up at the stars on a night li%e weBve had recently, you can see stars you did not %now
e,isted before, when the ha7e of lights or cloud cover created a film over the s%y. You donBt reali7e how
crowded the s%y loo%s with twin%ling stars and glowing planets until there is a crystal clear night with
(ust a sliver of a moon for proportion. &hose moments, which may happen only a few times in a
lifetime for some of you who live in urban areas, give you a sense of the enormity of the )niverse you
can see, and a sense of wonder about the parts you cannot see. *e assure you, the parts you cannot see,
even with your enormous telescopes and orbiting cameras, are far more vast than you could con(ure in
even your wildest dreams. 'f we were to write the numbers of lightyears you would have to travel to
even begin to penetrate the farthest reaches of space, you would fill the entire page with 7eros, and yet,
there is something much faster than the speed of light. 't is the speed of thought.
$3o space ship is needed to carry a thought wave across the entire )niverse, and no resistance to its
passage. -ll that is needed is the intention to ma%e the connection between two conscious beings, and it
is done. &his is how we are able to send these thoughts to Kathryn, and to you at the same time if you
are listening carefully, across thousands of lightyears so that she can type them down on her computer
with hardly a pause. &his is how you communicate with the people close to you, whether you believe it
or not. Especially children have a gift for psychic connections, which they have not yet learned to stifle
or deny at the ris% of sounding $weird.$ -nd now we are suggesting, as we did last night, to conduct
your life and ma%e business decisions based on the perspective of messages li%e this one. Please
understand? we are not suggesting that you ta%e our *ord as 1aw. &hat would be establishing yet
another religion, which is what we are trying to release you from here. *e are suggesting that you open
your minds and hearts to a )niverse of information, understanding and wisdom to which you have
never had access before.
$*e are encouraging you to open your minds and hearts to the stars and planets around you because
this is a very important time in your relationship with the )niverse. Your young Mother /aia is coming
into her own, so to spea%, by elevating herself to levels beyond =D, while the rest of the community of
stars and planets loo% on with interest and good will. Many of them see her as their little sister, and the
beings they support see you as younger brothers and sisters. 'n the story we called &he <reation ;tory,
we mentioned that your forebears began life on a planet far away and long ago. ;o you see, you are
among the youngest of the tribes we have nourished and nurtured, although you are seen as the
scrappiest and most ambitious <reators, and are admired for your resilience and originality.
$Each race of beings, each planet or star system is a bit different in their D3- configurations, ma%ing
even the other humanoid races a bit different from you. -s we mentioned before, your ancestors from
the Pileides, ;irius and other star systems contributed to your genetic ma%eup, but you are not e,actly
the same as them. You are uniAue, my Dear <hildren, uniAue in your emotional depth, your ability to
ma%e strong and lasting connections, and your adaptability to changing environments. *e love you for
your efforts to develop these Aualities, which are, as your 5oly 8oo%s say, in our own image. 0f course
we love all our <reations, but we do not love all eAually. *e love all completely, unconditionally, and
with all our hearts, but each one is different and uniAue, so we love you all for your differences, (ust as
you love your children or your dearest friends or your parents differently. You are each precious to us,
each of you created to fulfill a special path, play a uniAue part, bring a new Dision into the mi,, because
each of you has traveled a path of learning that is different from every other. 0f the billions of Earth
inhabitants, not one has e,actly the same blood type, the same physical features or the same life
e,perience as any other.
$*e tell you these things at this particular time in your development because today, this wee%, this new
year is a time for healing the deepest wound of all, the one so many of you suffer from since infancy !
the feeling that you are not worthy, not good enough, not lovable, not deserving. Millions of children,
as they ma%e the passage from birth to adulthood, establish as their foundation the gnawing conviction
that they are unworthy, and this leads to a life of doubt, unhappiness, frustration and fear. -s a
civili7ation, you are plagued by depression, an,iety, and all the forms of mental illness which flourish
in this to,ic climate of pain and self!doubt. &hese feelings must be healed, Dear 0nes, before you can
elevate to higher dimensions and happier times. &his time, we wish for you to wor% to eliminate those
underlying triggers for the fight!or!flight response before you return to )s to heal in the life!after!life.
3o more will our Earth <hildren need to limp through a painful, angry life until the time when they can
return to us to be restored and made whole again, only to repeat the traumatic process.
$&hose were =!Dimensional feelings, generated and sustained by the planet in a heavy, dar%
atmosphere. 't provided a powerfully effective learning ground for your soul growth over the millennia4
however, most of you have used this proving ground to hone your s%ills over enough lifetimes to have
accrued repeated in(uries, which have ta%en a toll on your souls. &here is a saying, $'f it doesnBt %ill you
it will ma%e you stronger.$ *e generally do agree with that, but we are seeing that it is now time for
you to graduate to a higher form of learning reAuiring sensitivity, compassion and 1ove, not only
courage, stamina and resourcefulness. You are entering into a 3ew Era, and with it, your life challenges
will change in accordance with the needs of the new /olden -ge. 'n the past, business and commerce
were the considered of highest value to the cultures. 'n the coming era, art, music, poetry, and dance
will not (ust entertain4 they will inspire and teach the values of creativity, e,pansiveness and
$*e encourage you to choose from the burgeoning number of healing modalities which are becoming
available to you to heal from the traumas the childhood. 't is inevitable that the only way to truly heal
from emotionally inflicted pain is to involve oneself with another person who allows the true antidote?
a relationship with someone who is considerate, gentle and %ind as well as s%illful in the art of healing
the heart and mind. &hese are not medical issues. Do not be fooled by your bodyBs recent symptoms
which may have sent you to bed with ine,plicable fatigue or aches and pains. &hose were simply the
symptoms of an emotional residue of pain which is trying to escape your body. 1oo% for the underlying
feeling? $' am not good enough.$
5ow will ' recover, you as%F 8y replacing the dar% shadows of doubt with the )nconditional 1ove and
1ight we send you every moment of every day. &rade in despair for fire, sadness and anger for peace of
mind. 0ur ne,t messages will contain e,ercises to release the pain and replace it with 1ove. )ntil then,
we continue to shower you with )nconditional 1ove.
$*e are Your Yahweh, Your -ngels and Your /uides$
Dia Kathryn May, >an , . am.
Part -7: <e' Gaia "rin&s <e' Life Thro8&h the ,ni#ersal La' of Flo'
$5ere we are, at the beginning of a new year, a new age, a new beginning for /aia and all her children.
-ll the Kingdoms of Earth are beginning the new age together, e,panding in their capacities to
e,perience 1ove and 1ight. &his includes the animals as well as people, as you have seen by the many
videos being circulated which depict unusual relationships between species. &his is not (ust because
everyone has a camera now. 't is a genuine shift into feelings of 1ove and /ratitude, especially for
those who have shown %indness. -nimals have the capacity for these feelings, and their e,pansion is
bringing forth more vivid e,pressions of those feelings toward each other, and toward those beings who
have brought compassion and 1ove into their lives. You see, their D3- is changing too. 't is only
fitting that a planet inhabited by 1ightwor%ers and angels in human form be populated with animals of
similar nature.
$&hose of you who are living consciously within the embrace of the )niversal 1aw of 2low have
already e,perienced ama7ingly serendipitous events ! encounters with the person who appears to
answer a pressing Auestion, or someone who offers the very assistance you needed to accomplish
something dear to your heart. &hese are not accidental or coincidental events. &hey are the natural
result of a confluence of energies coming together for a common good. &his is the new and powerful
;hift we have told you about, and as more of you become accustomed to operating within the higher
levels of energy, the strength of these attractions will increase. &his is the phenomenon you have
traditionally thought of as your prayers being answered. 0f course prayers are an important part of the
1aw of 2low, but they are not the ma(or source of this serendipity. You are. 't is your own intention, the
outflow of feelings of 1ove and 1ight creating the vorte, around you which leads to the inpouring of
li%e energies.
$-s one evolves into higher and higher dimensions, it becomes increasingly apparent how thoughts,
actions and feelings are directly connected to events around you. You are not separate from your
environment, the small being who is being buffeted about by forces outside yourself. 3ot at all. 3ow,
we must e,plain so that you donBt then ta%e this statement to mean that you are at fault for all bad
things that happen in your presence.
$*e have already e,plained the process by which you plan the outline of your life before you come to
Earth. &hat outline contains the probability that you will encounter any number of difficult challenges,
as will the people around you. Every lifetime can be e,pected to carry with it the possibility of $bad
things$ happening. &hese are the preplanned 9though not predetermined in the strict sense: events
which are placed in your path to help you grow and learn as a soul. &hey are 9we repeat: not designed
to ma%e you suffer. &hey are opportunities for growth. People who approach their challenges with this
philosophy always find their burdens lighter and more manageable than those who e,perience
themselves as victims, because they e,perience themselves inside the 1aw of 2low, %nowing that good
energies are swirling all around them, and help for their problem is (ust around the bend.
$'magine yourself as a moderately strong swimmer, cast into the water when the railing of your
<aribbean cruise ship gives way. -lone and unnoticed, you suddenly find yourself in the warm water,
several miles from land, which is visible in the distance. &he water is calm, it is early morning, and
your calls for help have gone unnoticed. *hat do you feelF *hat do you thin%F *hat do you doF 1et
us contrast ! the difference between an e,perienced spiritual Earth traveler with strong connections to
their own heart, soul and ;pirit /uides on one hand, and the person whose =D duality!thin%ing leads
them to thin% in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, punishment and reward.
$5ere might be some of the thoughts of the =D person?
$'Bm a goner. 5elp@ 'tBs too far. 'Bm alone, 'Bm going to die. &here are probably shar%s (ust waiting to eat
me. 5ow could they have allowed this to happen to meF Maybe they will see 'Bm missing and send a
rescue boat. 'Bm terrified4 ' canBt breathe4 'Bm going to drown. 'f ' live through this 'Bm going to sue
them for all theyBre worth. 5ow could /od do this to meF$
$&he spiritual see%er would be inclined to thin% something li%e this?
$Yi%es, this is a problem. ' havenBt ever swum this far, but then, ' never needed to...&hey donBt see me.
'Bd better get my shoes off and start swimming. ' can float, so no matter how long it ta%es me, ' can (ust
ta%e it easy and save my energy. ' can do this. ' have a lot to live for. -rchangel Michael, could you
please come along with me here and help protect me while ' swim for shoreF ;t. -ugustine, could you
tal% with the creatures to give me safe passageF Mother+2ather /od, please breathe the breath of life
into me to give me strength. 'tBs a lovely morning, not too much sun yet. ;omeone will see the bro%en
rail. 'Bll send a message to my friend >oe on the boat to loo% for me. 5ere ' go.$
$*ho do you thin% was rescued firstF *ho made it home without a scratchF *ould it be deemed a
miracle if >oe suddenly got the urge to loo% for his friendF 'f he was mysteriously drawn to the bro%en
railing and sounded the alarmF 'f the swimmer was accompanied by a school of dolphins sAuea%ing
and callingF 'f a small cloud shielded the sun so that the swimmer did not suffer sunburnF 'f the sailor
with binoculars on the bridge was drawn to a whale breaching and spotted the swimmerF
$3othing is impossible, My <hildren. *hen your heart is open to the miracles around you, life
becomes a thrilling and magical adventure. Even in the worst devastation of war or natural disasters,
people fall in love, children are born, and as the song goes, a flower grows. You always have the
choice, to concentrate on the disaster or see% 1ove, to sin% into depression, or put your shoulder to the
wheel and push through to a brighter future, and to notice the flower beside the path.
$-s you ta%e hold in your 4th dimensional energy field, be aware that you can continue to rise, li%e a
leaf on the wind, toward the 1ight and 1ove that is your destiny. You are not limited by the energy
around you4 it is only your springboard to higher dimensions. Do as daring souls have always done, and
%eep moving, %eep growing, %eep reaching out to others to give them a hand, and you will be lifted
along with them. You are my birds on the wing, my leaping ga7elles, my valiant tigers, and my gentle
children of 1ight. You possess all that you need to live courageously, create brilliantly, and transcend
the Dar% memories of life on 0ld /aia.
$&a%e the golden flame that is my gift to you4 hold it high in triumph, and lead the procession to higher
elevations still. &here is no limit to the glorious successes you can envision and bring into being. &hin%
big, as they say, and then thin% bigger.
$*e are here to add the spice and the comforts to your days4 *e love you beyond words,
Your Yahweh and all the 8eings of 1ight$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. , .#=, pm.
Part 5:: Who We !re and 9o' We Can 9el$ =o8
$Yes, My Dear 0nes, it is a glorious time to be alive, whether you reside on Planet Earth or elsewhere.
-ll the beings in the )niverses are reverberating with the positive energy flow emanating from /aia
and her inhabitants. -ll beings are souls, of course, and all souls are on individual and shared paths of
-scension. *hen one of you ma%es a leap, it is li%e watching your team win the 0lympics. &he only
difference is that no matter which team is reaching a new level in their growth, it is your team, because
we are all 0ne, even as we are all uniAue entities. 't is a parado, for those who thin% =!dimensionally,
because it is impossible in =D to imagine something which is separate and together at the same time,
but it is not only possible4 it is the way of the *orld.
$&here is a 3ew -ge misconception which says that we are -ll 0ne, meaning there is no differentiation
between us. &his is not true. *e are not all merged into an enormous all!encompassing blob which
allows for no uniAueness, no individuality, no generativity. 8y this ' mean the ability to create, generate
and carry out original actions, original thoughts. 0f course, as you climb the ladder to the highest
vibrational levels, certain differences tend to drop away, li%e the tendency to e,perience the ;elf as
male or female, or the tendency to see the differences between us rather than the similarities.
$&he 0neness of which we spea% ! the understanding that you all are /od ! is a difficult one for many
to grasp. 0neBs mind tends to go to ideas about $/od$ meaning all!powerful, which you do not feel, at
least not if you are mentally balanced. &his is not what it means. *hat it does mean is that you each
have Aualities, strengths and virtues which are the Aualities *e e,press toward you, li%e compassion,
empathy, %indness and 1ove, and that you also are capable of creating, destroying 9in the sense of
doing away with, leaving behind:, evolving, growing, and ascending. &hese are all the Aualities *e
appreciate in 0urselves. You have learned that /od is perfection, but it is not the %ind of all!finished,
absolutely static, unable!to!be!improved!upon concept you thin% of as perfection. 0ur perfection is the
same as yours, e,cept that we embody 9not literally, of course: all the Aualities at once, while you
e,perience them in varying shades and variations in your many lives, as you wor% your way toward
developing all of them in finer form as you move into higher vibrational levels. 'n that way, you
become more and more /od!li%e, you might say, as you evolve.
$'t may surprise you to learn that we, Mother+2ather /od are constantly evolving and changing, as is
everything in the )niverse. 3othing remains e,actly the same, and as we told you in the <reation ;tory,
we learned about the process and developed our creative s%ills over eons, in the time before time. *e
continue that process, (ust as you and all beings do, but we have learned great patience and restraint.
*e have learned to let the forces we set in motion millions of years ago to play out, and of course we
do not see things in the linear way that you do, and so we see infinite possibilities (ust waiting to
become fulfilled.
$;o, our preference is to support our <hildren by sending the energies of 1ove and 1ight. &his is our
contribution to your growth, this and wor%ing to increase the energies you have already put out to the
world in your process of envisioning and dreaming the fulfillment of your passions. You see, the
)niversal 1aw of 2low is really a description of the way we and our teams of Masters, /uides and
-ngels ! the 1egions of 1ight as we call them ! do our wor% of throwing our weight behind the pro(ects
of our human 1ightwor%ers. 8y 1ightwor%ers we mean anyone who is in the midst of a moment or a
pro(ect or a lifetime of effort in the service of others. &he more energy a person dedicates to selflessly
serving others, the more 1ight they generate and transmit outward, li%e a beacon that can be seen
across the great firmament. -nd so it is clear to us who will be needing some e,tra energy coming their
way, because those around them may not always be as cooperative as they could be because of
lingering fear or other impediments. *e do not intervene, as we have said, unless specifically as%ed to
do so, unless it is for the greater good, and it helps to manifest the thing that has already been set in
motion by our human co!creators.
$-s you can see, *e are offering you an inside view of the way we really operate here in the higher
dimensions. &hese revelations would not be news to you if you were here on the other side of the Deil
with us, but they will contradict much of what you have thought you %new, or what someone else
thought they %new about who we are and what we do. -s the energies shift and more of you reali7e you
can now feel the truths in what you read here, the base of %nowledge will gradually shift toward the
more loving and celebratory form of spirituality which is being taught by many of the increasingly
recogni7ed and respected channelers and teachers of the 3ew *ay.
$'n offering you this new material, along with the boo% we wrote with Kathryn, we wish to give you a
strong and clear foundation in &ruth, relayed to you in the most direct and understandable terms. &here
is much to learn about the fascinating sub(ects of physics, sacred geometry, esoteric ancient practices
and the dynamics of space+time, to name a few of the popular pursuits of %nowledge in your culture.
*e appreciate your insatiable curiosity and encourage you to pursue any of the mysteries which
fascinate you, but our purpose here is not to cover all the possible %nowledge bases, but to give you a
basic understanding of the intimate feeling!based structure of the world of ;pirit. 5ere we spea% to
your hearts and your souls, which we %now have been hungry for clear and simple e,planations about
well, yes, your old saw ! what is the meaning of lifeF
$*e have hoped that as you read these passages, you will learn not so much from the particular words
or e,planations but from the tone and the underlying meaning behind our words. 't is our intention to
teach who *e are, and by e,tension who You are in the deepest, truest part of yourselves. 'n the
process, we hope you have been learning to trust your intuition, and to appreciate the fact that you have
a soul (ust waiting to ma%e indestructible contact with you, thereby completing the connection to )s.
0nce in place, this firm connection to your own heart and soul will give you a base from which you
will become discerning and wise about many things, including how to live a meaningful and fulfilling
life. -fter all, this is what everyone wants, is it notF
$*e have seen how persistently you search for gurus, teachers who can teach you &ruth, who can tell
you what is real and what is not, for you have long suspected that what you have been taught is not
right or true, but you had little or no confirmation for the things you really felt. 3ow we as% you to
search inward, not into the depths of your brain, but into the deepest part of your heart, where you
remember the things you %new before you came to this life, where you %new the e,perience of
)nconditional 1ove, and where you lived in 1ight ! glorious, nurturing, limitless 1ove and 1ight. 5ere,
it is so different from your =!dimensional e,perience that your brain cannot conceive it, but your soul
%nows, and your heart carries the sensations and memories of 5ome. 't is the source of the feelings
many of you have of being alone, different and out of place, uncomfortable in your s%in and unable to
comprehend the Dar%ness you see around you, and which you even see in yourselves at times.
$&hese feelings are not evidence of insanity or that you are a displaced alien, or that you were adopted.
&hey are memories of the happy place you came from before you ventured into this difficult life on
/aia. Do not dismiss these feelings, but instead embrace them, savor them as the evidence that there is
indeed such a paradise (ust waiting for you when you return from this precious opportunity to learn and
e,pand in 1ove and <reativity. You are studying abroad, you see. You have had to learn the language
and cultural habits of your new environment, but you are not in it alone. Everyone else is enrolled in
the study program as well. ;o, you and your fellow students are flying blind, you might say, without the
structure of a program to guide you. You have only your hearts to %eep you steady on your course, and
the whispers of your /reater ;oul and /uides to nudge you when you go astray.
$'t is a difficult assignment, this /aia lifetime, but one you entered into with relish and high hopes. Do
not allow the obstacles and painful disappointments to cause you to lose heart. Pic% yourself up, brush
yourself off and go. >ust around the corner is the person or the opportunity you have been loo%ing for.
1ife can change in a moment, and not only for the worse, as you have tended to e,pect. &he new era of
the 4th dimension means that you have come closer to us, more open to the gifts we have in store for
you, and more open to reaching out to us for comfort and solace, yes, but also for the gifts you have
thought of as serendipity or coincidence. -ccept our help, Dear 0nes, and we will gladly fuel your
good wor%s with 1ight energy, lifting you up when you thin% you have come to the end of our
resources. >ust as%. *e have waited an eternity for our dear children to awa%en and open their presents
! the ones we have left under every tree, behind every chimney, and within your own hearts and minds
and bodies.
$8e at peace, Dear 0nes, and allow the e,citement of the 3ew Day flow through you, as it does
through us. *e love you one and all,
Mother+2ather /od, the one you %now as Yahweh, >ehovah, -llah, 8uddha, ;hiva, and ;ue.$
Dia Kathryn May, >an. =, .#., . am, 3ew Yor%