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Sample GM Diet Day 1 Plan

Breakfast (8:30 AM-9:00 AM)

1 cup of diced apples and 1-2 glasses of water

Mid morning Snack (10:30 AM-11:00 AM)
1 bowl raw papaya and 1-2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00 PM-1:30 PM)
1 bowl of watermelon or muskmelon and 1-2 glasses of water

Afternoon Snack (4:00-4:30 PM)
1 orange/sweet lime/chico fruit and 2 glasses of water

Evening (6:00-6:30 PM)
1 glass coconut water

Dinner (8:00-9:00 PM)
1 bowl of melon and 2 glasses of water

Sample Diet Plan for Day 2 of GM Diet

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
1 cup boiled potato and 2 glasses of water

Mid Morning (10:30-11:00 AM)
1 bowl of cabbage or red lettuce (raw) and 1-2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
1 cucumber, 1 tomato and boiled beet and 2 glasses of water

Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)
2 tomatoes or 1 cup cherry tomatoes and 2 glasses of water

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
Boiled broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus with salt and spices and 2 glasses of water

Sample GM Diet Day 3 Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
1 apple and 1-2 glasses of water or 1 cup of diced melon and 2 glasses of water

Mid Morning (10:00-11:00 AM)
1 bowl of cantaloupe mixed with papaya and 2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
1 bowl of mixed cucumber, lettuce and tomato with boiled beet and 2 glasses of water

Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)
1 orange or ripe mango and 2 glasses of water

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
1 bowl of boiled broccoli, fresh greens and raw papaya and 2 glasses of water

Sample GM Diet Day 4 Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
The best way to start Day 4 is by consuming a banana paired with a glass of warm milk. Some followers
prefer a bowl of sliced bananas on milk like those in breakfast cereals, only without the cereal content.

Skim milk should be used all day in this stage; full milk proves to be heavy on the stomach and filled with
unnecessary nutrients that are not beneficial to the weight loss regimen.

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
Lunch served in Day 4 consists of a bowl of vegetable soup. Most soup bowls consist of various
vegetable produce flavored with herbs and spices. Best vegetable soups that can be served during lunch
include tomato soup and cabbage stew, as they are packed with natural flavors that the taste buds
would savor even as the day ends.

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
Dinner in Day 4 may consist of a serving of vegetable soup and banana shake. This can be quite heavy to
handle later at night, so followers may forego the shake and focus on the soup, as this alone can keep
them full until the next morning.

GM Diet Day 4 Midday Snacks and Beverages
In Day 4, the only recommended snacks would be bananas and milk, which can be served in cold banana
shakes. These snacks prove to be essential as they taste naturally delightful and at the same time are a
popular drink even in conventional beverages.
Recipes for GM Diet Day 4

Cabbage Soup recipe for Day 4
1 cup shredded cabbage
1 cup sliced celery
1 onion, minced
2 sliced green peppers

Boil onion, peppers, cabbage and celery in water together with salt, pepper and herbs for flavoring. Any
flavoring may be used as long as there is no fat included. Extra vegetables may be added except for
beans as they add extra calories. Serve hot.

Banana Shake Recipe for Day 4
2 bananas, sliced
2 glasses skim milk
2 glasses crushed ice

In a blender, mix all ingredients until a creamy, frothy shake is formed. No sugar is required as the flavor
is already naturally sweet. Serves 2

Sample GM Diet Day 5 Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
Breakfast may start with braised beef and soup. This will keep the stomach heavy and full for most of
the day. The soup provides energy, while the meat becomes a source of protein, iron and fiber. It can be
a bit boring to eat beef but it may be paired with a sliced tomato.

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
A hamburger patty may be consumed during lunch time together with tomatoes. The hamburger may
be baked or fried but not in too much fat, as it already contains its own fat material. Since the body will
be producing extra uric acid, it is likewise recommended to drink extra glasses of water to flush the urine
out naturally.

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
Another hamburger may be eaten by dinner, although health experts recommend beef soup and
tomatoes so that the body would feel more energized. The soup also supplements the water lost during
the day.
GM Diet Day 5 Midday Snacks and Beverages
During Day 5, the only beverage allowed to be consumed is water, and not juice. It is because the body
has already been given doses of juice for the past three days, and water helps a lot in flushing out the
excesses for Day 5. Drink up to 14 glasses of water on this day so that the body system will be detoxified
and get rid of unnecessary nutrients provided by the meat.

Recipes for GM Diet Day 5
Below are a couple of recipes for you to use when you are on day 5. These recipes are really easy to
prepare and should not take you very long.

Grilled Beef Slices
1 cup beef tenderloin strips
1 lemon zest
Salt and pepper
Season the meat with lemon zest, salt, pepper and coriander and rest for 10 minutes. On a hot grill place
tenderloin strips and until golden brown. Serve with sliced tomatoes.

Beef Burger
1 1/8 pound beef patty
Salt and pepper
Rub beef patty with salt and pepper then place on a hot grill. Occasionally baste with a slab of butter
until patty becomes tender and reddish brown. Serve with tomatoes and cucumbers.

Brown rice and tomatoes. Instead of beef, brown rice is used on Day 5. One cup of rice is good to last
for the day together with tomatoes in order to induce cleansing

Sample GM Diet Day 6 Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
Breakfast on Day 6 may be started off with a bowl of mixed vegetables. These vegetables may be
sauteed or stewed, so that they would have a more tender bite and taste. Having a bowl of vegetable
soup with beef cutlets is likewise recommended, as this would keep the stomach satiated throughout
the rest of the day.

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
During lunchtime, any form of mixed vegetables and beef may be eaten. Asian-style cooking is the best
in this mealtime, as dishes under this cuisine consist mainly of beef and vegetables. A bowl of beef and
broccoli may sound ideal for Western diet followers, but as much as possible do not include potatoes or

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
Dinner may be served with vegetable soup and a hamburger, especially when the follower has gone
through a long and tiring day. The soup will light up the senses and replenish the lost energy, while the
beef content brings back the protein, iron and fiber lost.

GM Diet Day 6 Midday Snacks and Beverages
Beef and vegetables may continue to be eaten during snacks, although it is recommended to munch on
the greens during mid-mornings and beef during afternoons. This is because the appetite has to be
contained at normal levels, so as the appetite would not crave for other types of food.

Water is still the best beverage on Day 6. Water keeps the lost sweat replenished and the senses
rejuvenated. Coconut water may be taken during afternoons, but this may create bloating and loss of
appetite by dinner.

GM Diet Day 6 Recipes

Beef and Vegetable Kebab
1 broccoli
1 red tomato
1 yellow bell pepper
6 beef cubes
1 onion

Cut all the vegetables into quarters and skew them on barbecue sticks together with 2-3 beef cubes per
stick. Baste with butter and season with salt and pepper then grill on open fire until beef is tender.
Makes 3 servings

Brown rice and vegetables. On this day mixed vegetables may be consumed all day, together with one
cup of rice.

Sample GM Diet Day 7 Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)
A bowl of brown rice may be served during breakfast. It is best to consume brown rice in the morning as
it would provide all the energy and carbohydrate requirements for the rest of the day. To those who
want to save the rice for lunch, they may eat a slice of papaya or melon followed by 1-2 glasses of water.

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)
During lunchtime, a bowl of brown rice may be matched with cooked vegetables such as cabbage,
broccoli and asparagus. This can be a boring meal so it has to be followed up with a slice of mango or
watermelon to keep the appetite satisfied.

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)
Day 7 ends with yet another bowl of greens and brown rice. However, most followers prefer to only
have vegetables as they dont want to feel bloated at night. Brown rice can be heavy for dinner, so as
much as possible increased fluid intake should be observed.

GM Diet Day 7 Midday Snacks and Beverages
Midday snacks should consist of fruits, mainly berries. Raisins prove to be a great snack especially during
mornings, while strawberries (without cream) may be ideal for afternoons and after-dinners. Water
should be consumed at 10-12 glasses, but at the same time fruit juice can be taken during midday

GM Diet Day 7 Recipes

Moong Dhal Sprouts with Fruit
1 ripe fruit (pear, mango, apple, grape, strawberries or cherries)
1 cup moong sprouts (raw)
1 peeled and sliced cucumber
2 green chili peppers, chopped
1 tbsp cilantro
1 dash of salt

Soak the moong dhal sprouts overnight. The next morning, drain the water from the sprouts and cover
loosely with cloth set for two days. Once the setting time has elapsed, rinse the sprouts and place on a
bowl. Mix the sprouts together with the fruits, chili peppers and cilantro. Add salt to taste. This recipe
can easily serves 4.

Up to two cups of brown rice may be consumed, together with fruit and vegetable servings.