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Topic: What are the advantages and disadvantages for children of television?

Nowadays, in the modern life, TV is considered a widely-used device in most of families

{household}. It is really becoming {or It has become} a close friend not only to many!
adults, but also to lots of! children. "owever, there are both #ros and cons relating to this
#roblem {m$nh ch%a th&y b'n ch( ra n) l* #roblem n+n , -.y n+n d/ng #henomena0
hi1n t%2ng}. In this essay, I will discuss some of the! reasons why the #arents should
allow their children to use it television! and some of drawbac3s.
4et5s begin by loo3ing at the #ositives of the fact that the many! children are so! 3een
on s#ending a lot of time in front of a! TV. It is true that watching TV is one of the most
interesting ways! {-6 one of th$ #h7i d/ng ways} to rela8 after a strenuous course or a
long day in {at c9ng o3} school. There are a #lenty number! of channels to name a few:
{such as;namely c9ng o3} <artoon Networ3, =isney <hannel,! and so on!>
?econdly, by watching TV, the children can get a lot of information. @hat I mean by this
is that they can get some s3ills such as singing, dancing, and s#ea3ing a foreign
language! learning to sing, learning to dance or studying foreign languages and so on.
Aesides!, instead {instead l* mBt tC liDn} of going out or #laying useless games, they can
sit Euietly in front of TV, and allowing! their #arents can to! coo3 or do anything they
want without worrying about their beloved children are being s#oiled by some violent-
#rovo3ing games! {viFt lo'i c.u reason-result v* th+m G m$nh add -Hng sau -I l*m rJ
nghKa v* c.u vLn hay v* cM 3Ft hNn}.
Turning to! the other side of this situation. ?#ending an e8cessive #eriod of time
watching TV without their #arents5 control and guidance! 4ac3ing of adult5s control, the
children tend to become a <ouch O Potatocouch #otato!0 who won5t are not interested
in! doing! anything else, e8ce#t but! watching TV hour by hour . This! that might
cause them! to neglect to #ay attention to their studies! study.
Qoreover, @atching the screen for a long time could be not only harmful not only! {chR
G c&u trRc c.u #arallel , -.y} to their eyes but also to the develo#ment! of their
#ersonalities {#ersonalities -Fm -%2c}. In other words, they may be eager to be reserved
or increase the li3elihood to develo#! autism. This by no mean is the e8#ectation of!
won5t be e8#ected by their #arents. In addition, there is a handful of a variety of!
#rograms which contains some matters that will are! be ina##ro#riate to! their age.
In summary, the #arents need to weigh u# between two sides! of watching TV before
allowing their children to s#end time in front of the screen!. Personally, I believe that
by! having of a! good control, they won5t will not need to! worry about TV im#osing
many negative effects on! the negatives with their children.