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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

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Secrets and tips on how to score 7+(7.5/8/8.5/9) band score in
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

Recent IELTS Achievers of Our Institute:

Congratulations to Mr Ahmed Elaskar on scoring 9 in General Training Reading (8

Congratulations to Mr Pundit on Scoring 9 in General Training Reading

Congratulations to Mr. Pankaj Pai Kakode (our online student from Goa, India) on
scoring 8.5
overall in IELTS General Training as well as Academic module

Congratulations to Miss Harsimran Kaur on scoring 8 in ielts test.

Congratulations to Mr Gurvinder Singh on scoring 9 in Listening and 8.5 in Academic

Congratulations to Mr Agam Saluja on scoring 8.5 in Listening.

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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
Congratulations to Mr Abhisekh ,our online student from Delhi on scoring 9 band score
in General training Reading.

Congratulations to Ms Bhavani Harshini,our online ielts student from London on scoring
7.5 band score

Congratulations to Mr Kaushal , Mr Swapnil Sagar and Dr. Anuradha Mahadik on scoring
8 bands

overall with 9 band score in Reading.

Miss Elizabeth has scored 8.5 band score in Academic Reading.Congratulations!

Congratulations to Lovepreet Singh on scoring 8.5 band score in Academic Reading and
overall 7.5 band score.

Dr. Manisha Chouhan : 8 band score in Academic(

Dr Mahima Indulkar- 8 Band score in Academic (Reading- 8.5, Listening- 8.5, Speaking-
7.5 and Writing- 7)

Dr Parth Shukla- 8 band score General Training ( Listening- 7.5, Reading- 8, Writing- 7,
Speaking- 8.5)

Mr Ankur Joshi- 7.5 overall (9 in Listening)

Dr Amruta Gupte :7.5 (Listening- 8.5, Reading- 7, Writing- 7, Speaking- 7)
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

Mr.Mihir Jain : 7 band score in Academic module

Mr.Neelesh Kumar Singhal and Mr Tej Anand: 7.5 band score (General Training Module)

Mahek Dhoot (7)

Dr. Lisa (7)

Miss Garima Sharma and Mrs Shikha Budhlani:7 in GTR

How to describe negative experiences:

How to describe negative experiences:

Linking( _cohesive) words for ielts General Training and Academic Writing for scoring 7_8_9 in
ielts test /Exam

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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
One cannot deny that,It is vital that,It is undoubtedly true that,It is worth analysing the pros and
cons of---,Thus, What is more

Use synonyms of words: 1.Benefits=advantages=positive aspects=merits 2. causes= reasons
behind 3.ways= steps,course of action,solutions,measures

4.Effects= consequences,repercussions,results

How the ielts Speaking test scores are marked?

-They are marked on four criteria : Fluency and coherence,Grammatical range and
accuracy,Vocabulary and pronunciation.

IELTS Speaking Topics-1 (Ielts Blog, India)

Describe your hometown.
Whats special about it?
Where is your hometown located?
Is it easy to travel around your hometown?
What is it known for?
What do people in your town do?
What are the main industries in your hometown?
What problems face your hometown?
What languages are spoken in your hometown?
What are the advantages of living in your hometown?
What are some problems faced by your hometown?
Compare your hometown with another city.
What are some environmental problems faced by your hometown?

Describe your education.
What kind of school did you go to as a child?
Did you go to a co-educational school?
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
What was your favorite subject as a child?
Who was your favorite teacher?
What is the education system like in your country?
Do you think your country has an effective education system?

IELTS Speaking Topics-2 for IELTS: updated on (06/05/2014) on
ielts blog, India


1.Do you like the same colours now which you liked in your childhood?

2.Do you generally follow fashion?Why or why not?

3.What things are in vogue these days?

4.Should uniform be compulsory at the work places? Why or why not?


1. Do you like to get surprised gifts or informed gifts?

2.What factors should be kept in mind while buying gifts for someone?

3.What is the difference between gift giving in the past and nowadays?

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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
3. Leisure time.

- Compare the way old people and young people spend their leisure time.

-How much free time a person should have every day?

4. Money & work.

- Can you give me some examples of how different jobs have different salaries? (Give
both high-paying & low-paying examples).

- In India, do men and women receive the same pay for doing the same work.


-What are the advantages and disadvantages of emails, compared to handwritten letters.

6. Decision making & young people (or children).

- Are children influenced in the same way by parents and by grandparent.

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of risk taking?

7. Shopping
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

What do you think are the advantages of buying things from shops rather than
How does advertising influence what people choose to buy? Is this true for
Do you think that any recent changes in the way people live have affected

shopping habits? Why is this?

Task-2 Speaking Topics (new) for IELTS: updated on (06/05/2014)

1. Describe the worst traffic jam that you experienced


-what problems you faced

-How you felt about this problem

2. Describe your favourite house other than your own

- what kind of place it is?

-What facilities are available over there?

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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
- Why do you like this place?

-2. Describe a friend whom you have met after a long time

-Who this person is

-After how long did you meet

-What you did together

3. Describe a product from your country

You should say

-which is this product

-Where and how it is made

-How it is useful

4.Describe the classmate whom you admire

You should say
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

-who this person is

-What is remarkable about him or her

-explain why you admire this person very much

IELTS Speaking Topics-3 for IELTS ( 2014-2015) by High Profile S
GC, Indore, MP, India.

(updated on IELTS Blog , India on 06/05/2014)

A. What is your concept of an ideal hanging out corner

B. What are the recreational facilities in your home town?

1.Should historic buildings be preserved?

2.What is the difference between ancient and modern architecture?

3.Should historic buildings be converted into heritage hotels.

4.Should sports be made compulsory in schools ?

5.Tell me about traditional sports of your country.
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

6.What do you think are the benefits of playing team sports ?

7.What problems are faced by old people in your country?

8.Why the old age homes are increasing these days?

9.Are people in your country interested in weather news?

10.Talk about the place with scenic beauty that you have visited?

11.Do you like speaking English a foreign language?

12.Do like to read Newspapers and magazines in a foreign language

13.What type of English/reality TV shows are popular in your age group?

14.What is the difference between attitude towards poor people in the past and nowadays?

15.Do you prefer to have few friends or many friends?Why?

16.Is it important to keep in touch with your childhood friends?

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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
17.What is the differnce between a neighbor and a friend?

18.Where and how do you make friends?

19.What do you think about social media friends?

20.Is it necessary that your family and friends should like each other?

21.What is the difference between on line and classroom training?

22.Do you think examinations are necessary?

23.What is the difference between hand craft and machine made items

24.What type of things are collected by people.Why?

25.What is the difference between traditional and modern architecture?

26.Is it important to study history?

27.What is the importance of parks in our lives?

28.What type of dance do you like?Why?
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

29.Which is your favourite hanging out place? Why?

30.What is the importance of flowers?

31.Why are you taking ielts test?

32.Do you think family events are important?

33.What is the difference between family events in the past and these days ?

34.Should sportsmen be given preference in jobs ?

Essay Topics for IELTS /TOEFL /English Test (Academic and General)updated on Ielts
blog,India on 06/05/2014

by High Profile SGC, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India: online and class room

IELTS test preparation institute( 2014-15)

Recent ielts exam topics:

Give reasons for noise pollution in cities and suggest some measures to reduce it

13 / 25
IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
X.1 Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards

y.1 Advantages and disadvantages of bicycles

Z.1Why people change their looks through fashion,jewellery,hair colour etc: advantages
and disadvantages

Z.2.Some people earn to spend and enjoy while other save it to make their future secure.
( March 8,2014 General)

A.These days employers are trying to employ equal number of male and female employees.

What are the advantages and disadavantages of this.

1.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of risk taking.

2.Should universities accept equal number of male and female students in each subject?

3.Should donations be given to charity organizations?

4.Disruptive school students should be taught separately.

5.Should pocket money be given to children?

6.Is corporal punishment justified?

7.Saving flora and fauna is vital to stop environmental

8. Use of non biodegradable materials should be
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

9.Rising juvenile crimes is a matter of great concern.
Suggest some practical solutions to reduce these crimes.

10.Analyse the causes related to brain drain.

11.Should conscription be mandatory?

12.Pros and cons of factory farming.

13.Today's children get too much freedom.

14.Obesity among children is a major concern these days.

15.Some people pursue simple hobbies while some people
pursue complex hobbies

Do people with complex hobbies enjoy more than people
with simple hobbies.

16.A person should change his or her career at least once
in a life

time.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this.

17.Are computer games useful or harmful for students?

18.Old people suffer from loneliness and health problems

days.Suggest some solutions to overcome these

19.Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they
promote education first.

20.Does travel help to promote understanding and communication between the countries.

21.Is killing animals for food unnecessary and cruel?
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

22.people can no longer expect job for life.What individuals and governments do to develop
preparedness for the

culture and environment having different working conditions.

23.People at high positions should retire at the age of 55 in order to give opportunity to the
young people.

24.A woman can not be an effective employee and a good mother at the same time.

25.Are famous people treated unfairly by the media?

26.To what extent does the internet increase social cohesion

27.Convenience foods will replace traditional foods in the future.

28.Learning to manage money is one of the key aspects of adult life.How in your view can
individuals best learn to

manage their money?

29.Crime is happening all over and nothing can be done to put an end to it.To

what extent do you agree or disagree
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

with it.

30.Many people believe that media coverage of celebrities is having a negative

effect on children.To what extent do

you agree or disagree with it.

31.Are talented people born or can talent be learnt?

32.Children play less with each other outdoors these days.How it positively or negatively affects

33.Should children be allowed to use smart phones?



35. Ifchildrenbehavebadly,shouldtheirparentsacceptresponsibilityandalsobepunished?

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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.





37. Inwhatwayshasinformationtechnologychangedworkandworkingpracticesinthepast



40.. Isanimaltestingnecessary?


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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.


Letter writing for IELTS General Training module


1.Write a letter thanking the transport company whose employee

helped you get the lost luggage back.

2.You have been overcharged by the store for the items not

purchased by you.Write a letter to store to refund excess money

charged to you.

3.Write a letter to your neighbour complaining disturbance caused by his dog.

IELTS/Toefl vocabulary section

Coming soon

Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic)/Graphs:For scoring

7/7.5/8/8.5/9 band score

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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.
highest,the greatest,the lowest,the most,as many,twice as many,not as many,much
more,slightly more,considerably,in favour of ,opposed,had a neutral stand

Linking words for ielts writing/Connecting words for ielts writing

In addition,Furthermore,Moreover,to begin with,in the first place,on the
other hand,however
up,to conclude,to summarize

New Linking words for 7/7.5/8/8.5/9 band score in Ielts Writing test

Coming soon

Key tips for ielts test (Academic and General)for scoring

7/7.5/8/8.5/9 band score

How to score 7/7.5/8/8.5/9 band score in ielts test?


1.There is no negative marking .

2.Read, write and listen at the same time. It is tricky, but practice well.
20 / 25
IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

3. Don't panic if you think the topic is too difficult or the speaker is too fast. Relax and tune in.

4.Small errors can lead to low scores, so be careful with your spelling at all times.

Remember, if you want a high score you should aim to get all questions in parts one and two
correct. Avoid any careless mistakes in the easier sections.

5.Try to anticipate what the speaker will say. This requires concentration.It is easy in your own
language, but it is more difficult in English.

6.Read instructions carefully, don't just glance at them. They are not always the same as in
practice or previous tests.


1.There is no negative marking.

2.Extra time is not given for writing answers.

3.Do not concentrate on words you do not know.It wastes a lot of time.Instead of that try to
guess the

overall meaning.

4.Be careful about singular and plural nouns.
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

5.Read the instructions carefully.

6.Do not make spelling mistakes

7.Manage your time properly.

8.Avoid spending too much time on a difficult question.Remember that every question carries 1
mark only.


1.Underline the key words in the task

2.Clearly divide the paragraphs.

3.Do not repeat ideas.

4.Do not go off topic.Stick to the topic.

5.Avoid informal language.

6.Task 2 carries more marks.

7.Get your Writing tasks assessed by the competent ielts trainer.
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.


1.Do not learn answers by heart.

2.Ask for clarification if it is necessary.

3.Speak at length.

4.It is not the test of knowledge.

Link for academic word list (useful for ielts/toefl/gre/gmat)

Spellings are important in ielts test.
Try to guess and anticipate the answers.
Keep watching this space for commonly
misspelled English words:


, haemorrhage,beginning,bouquet,memento,souvenir,maintenance,bureau,

bouquet,queue,balcony, forty,ninety, giraffe,jealousy,fulfill,violence

English Grammar Tips for ielts test:

1.Everyone, someone,anyone ,nobody are singular nouns.
23 / 25
IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

2.All uncountable nouns take verb form as per singular noun.


We can use they

- to mean experts or authorities

-when we do not know or do not need to say if the person is male or female

I asked a teacher whether they corrected my assignment and they said no!

IELTS secret Listening Tip:

Read instructions carefully, don't just glance at them.They are not always the same as in the
practice or previous tests.

For more secret listening and Reading tips, follow "online ielts trainer" on twitter.


Online ielts help,trainingand tutoring for International English Language Testing System test
conducted by British Council
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IELTS Tips and Tricks, IELTS Speaking Topics.

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