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Pulling Yourself Together

Press escape to begin the game. Watch the intro carefully; as the
little robot is dumped, so are his various parts. An arm here, a leg
there, all of which you will need to retrieve in order to get him
working again.
Click on the bathtub twice, then click on the robot's body twice.
When he falls to the ground, he is close to his head. Click on the
Place the cursor over him, and pull it up to stretch his height. ou
can take the red doll into inventory. Watch the mechanical pack!rat
until it comes close to you, and use the red doll on the rat. "#o use
items, place the cursor at the top of the screen to reveal inventory,
select the item, and when it is placed in an area where it can be
used, it will be highlighted.$ #he rat takes the doll and e%changes
your right leg for it.
Pick up the magnet. Pick up the wire from the spool. Combine the
wire and magnet. Walk to the edge of the embankment, and push
on the pole to bend it. &se the wire'magnet on the pole, and you
will retrieve your left arm. Walk to the right, and you're on your way
to the city. ou were being followed by a police!type, if you were
watching closely. When you arrive at the city entrance, the cop asks
for admittance, and goes in.
A Cheap Disguise
ou can ask for admittance too, but the guard basically says no
geeky robots allowed. ou will need to change your appearance in
order to fool the guard. Walk to the base of the lamppost and climb
up. ou can only go two steps up. (each down below you and pull
the first rung out. &se the rung on the pole to enable climbing one
more step. )o the same process again; this time you can go up four
times. ou are trying to get to that lightbulb, but it's still out of
reach. *tretch up tall, and you can reach the bulb. Walk over to the
striped traffic cones and take one. #ake the other cones, "three of
them$ tossing them into the chasm. ou find a can of blue paint.
Pick it up. Walk to the tank of white paint. Pour the blue paint into
the white, turning it blue. &se the cone on the paint. +ow it's the
same color as the policeman's headgear. Place the lightbulb atop
your head, then the cone. *tretttch up to be as tall as the cop, and
call the guard. ou will totter across the bridge, until you reach the
oil. Whoops, -h well, we'll .ust have to get into the city another
Trapped in the Tram-Room
After you land, you see a railing with a hooked end. #ry it, and you
see you can move the railing. /t doesn't seem to do anything. 0o up
the steps. #ry the lever. Aha, A tram car filled with something
"(aspberries1 Coal1 2nriched &ranium1 3orse!Apples1$ Whatever it
is, it automatically gets into the ne%t room. ou correctly surmise
that you want to go into the ne%t room as well. /t looks like riding
on the tram isn't possible, let's find another way. 4ying on the top
step is the other hook!end to the railing. Pick it up, and re!install it
on the railing. +ow you will be able to send a tram through from
down below. 0o down, and walk to the far right, ne%t to that tank.
#here is a control bo% below the tank, but you can't seem to reach
it. Place the cursor over the robot, and this time pull it down,
crunching him to a short si5e. 0et the control bo% and e%periment
with it. #wo dials are labeled 6 through 7, and A through 2. #he
numbered dial controls the position of the retractable beam from
left to right, and the lettered one controls its height. ou will need
to set them on 898 and 8A8 Climb the steps, and stretch tall in order
to reach the beam. /f you happened to look at the hint for this area,
you saw that you need to retrieve that yellow wedge hanging up
high. 0o to the right, and pick up the wedge. :ack down on the
ground, you find you can place the wedge on either of the rail
tracks. /f you put it on the track close to you, the tram .umps out of
sight. /nstead, put it on the farther track, and get a tram to derail,
spilling its contents. ou can now pull the wheels off the tram, and
place the wheels on the track. *it on the wheels, pull the railing,
and :oom. /n you go.
The Furnace Room
&h!-h. Who's that big thug coming through the opening at the
upper right1 3e lets down a rope, goes to the tram, and stuffs
himself with its cargo. ;eanwhile, you visuali5e him torturing a kid
at the beach. 3e climbs up and disappears. <ust to your right
"screen right, that is$ is a flashing red button. Press it. A control bo%
opens. / suggest doing the following, .ust for best understanding.
Walk to the door you came in, and pull the lever. #he empty tram
goes down the hatch, and a new one arrives, full of cargo. 0o to the
control bo%, and without changing any of the settings, press the red
button on its left side. #he crane will pick up the cargo, dump it into
the furnace, and return to its starting point. *o that red stuff is
either trash or some kind of fuel. #he hint button shows you
hanging from the crane, and .umping into the same opening that
the big guy went into. ou will need to figure out how to change the
settings on the control, in order to get the crane to move in the
correct se=uence. >irst, walk to the door on the right. +o, you
cannot e%it, but there is a lever hanging on a little hook, right of the
door. #ake the lever. (eturn to the other door, and look at the paper
attached to the wall, above the tram control lever. #he pictures
suggest that you .ump in the empty tram, have the crane pick you
up, and .ump onto the little platform you see overhead. ou can
practice with the control bo% until you are satisfied that the crane
will get it right. #he 6!9!? means that the crane is capable of three
actions each time it is operated. #he top setting causes it to go
down!up, the bottom setting causes it to go around the track, and
the middle setting causes it to do nothing. ou need to get up to
that little platform. "+otice that the wires attached to the control
bo% come from a .unction bo% at the platform.$ What you need to
do is make the crane busy, giving you enough time to walk to the
tram and .ump in, then get carried up to the platform. ou want the
crane to go around, then down!up, then around again. *et the
buttons down, up, down.
Press the red button, remember to shrink down to normal si5e, and
go .ump in the tram. When you get picked up, have your cursor
ready near the platform, and click to .ump off there as the crane
starts around again. &se the lever to open the electric bo%. -bserve
that red goes to red, and black goes to black. ou need to switch
the polarity of the circuit that controls the crane's rotation "the blue
side.$ *o ! switch one pair on the blue side only. 4eave the yellow
side alone. +ow the crane will go around the circle in the other
direction. #his is necessary, because you do not want to get dumped
into the furnace. <ump down, and go to the control bo%. )on't
change the settings, and try your plan. @oila, "/f you have been
e%perimenting on your own, you might have caused a short,
evidenced by sparking wires along the cable. 0o to the sparking
wires, and look at them. ou need to untwist the pairs, and put
them together red to black. +ow try it again, and this time have
your cursor ready at the outlet.$ ou're outta here. ou're in another
room. / think it's an observatory, or perhaps a watchtower because
of the telescope. Watch the cutscene with the two thugs. /s that a
bomb they are making1 >inally, you get thrown in the clink. <ee5,
things .ust keep getting worse.
Jailhouse Rock
#alk to the prisoner robot. 3e wants a smoke. 0o to the pipe on the
right, and take the green mossy sludge "uck,$ Also spin the handle
until it comes off, and take it. 0o to the toilet area and take a piece
of paper. *tretch up and place the green stuff on the light, until it
toasts to a brown color. Combine the toasted moss with the paper.
0ive the makeshift cigarette to the prisoner. "2ek ! he lights it in his
eye!socket,$ #ake his arm. 0o to the other wall, s=uat down, and
look through the hole. &se the arm to reach through the hole. #he
lady robot faints from fright. #here are two holes on the far wall.
#he nearer one contains a nasty rat that bites; the other hole goes
to the ne%t room. *hake the cabinet until the broom falls off. #ake
the broom. Combine the broom with the little handle, and you now
have a tool for opening manhole covers. -pen the manhole and
.ump in. Crawl to the right, open the ne%t manhole and stand there.
Tipping Point
Watch the guard as he shoots the target, and leans back in his
chair. When he is leaning back, pull on the chair leg to tip him over.
While he is down, reach up and take his ammunition. When he goes
to the target to retrieve his pellets, throw the ones you swiped onto
the floor. Also reach toward the guard and take his key. /f you didn't
have time to get the key, repeat the above actions. #ip him over
again. #his time, while he is at the target, climb out of the tunnel
and use the key on the left keyhole. "#he red light turns green when
it is unlocked.$ Watch as the two prisoners escape and the guard,
falling on the pellets, chases them. 0o up the stairs and e%it into
the observatory. 4ook through the telescope and see where the
bomb is placed, and also flick the light switch off in order to see the
8real8 time on the clock. "ou are able to go outside, but don't do it
Go Directly to Jail
)own the stairs, and go through the guard room and into the
cellblock. #he room on the far left is closed, but has a keypad for
unlocking it. 2nter the time you saw on the clock into the device,
"it's ABA7$ and the door will slide open. 2nter the room, and click on
the cabinet. (otate the circles until all the red buttons are on the
outer parts of the circles, and all the green buttons are inside,
forming a triangle. ou find a gun. 2%it the room, and enter the
center cell. *tretch up and take the plunger which is stuck to the
ceiling. Combine the plunger and gun. (emember the suction!gun
that the guard used to pull you out of the pipe1 +ow you have one
of those. 2%it the cell, go through the guard room and the
observatory, and up the stairs. 2%it to the outdoors.
Thats !ne "lick Puppy
ou are at the base of a tower. #o the right is a water!filled reservoir
with an oil!filled buoy floating in the center of it. Across the way is a
puppy, hiding behind a barrel. +e%t to you are two metal crates, one
atop the other. /f you try to climb up, you can't. #hey are too tall.
0o to the left until you are in the other side of this large area. #alk
to the pink lady. ou would like to have her umbrella, and she has
lost her puppy. -n the wall is a bo% with si% push!buttons, a lever
on the left, a red button on the right, and some markings on its
surface. #he markings suggest that the buttons need to be
swapped, putting the up!arrows on top and the down!arrows on the
bottom. #he marks also say you can move a button into an ad.acent
empty spot, or .ump another button. #he lever lowers an
electromagnet, and the red button resets the pu55le. +umber the
buttons from the top downB 6!9!?!A!7!C!D. Press them in this
?, 7, C, A, 9, 6, ?, 7, D, C, A, 9, ?, 7, A.
4ook closely at the electromagnet, and you see that it now has
power. (eturn to the crates, go around to the right side, and push
them to the left. Eeep pushing until they are beneath the magnet.
&se the lever on the control to lower the magnet and pick up the
top crate. ou can raise it all the way up or leave it low, it doesn't
matter. Push the bottom crate back to its original position and climb
on it. *tretch tall, and go up to the cab at the top. ou have the
buoy controls. #here are twelve lights "some of them are missing$ a
direction indicator "the green arrow$ a green 0o button, a red -il
button, and two left!right buttons. #he left!right buttons will turn
the arrow to the desired direction. our purpose is to move the buoy
close to the dock where the puppy is, and give it some oil to drink.
#o move the buoy, turn the green arrow to the desired direction and
press the green button. "/f you have moved the buoy to any
location other than the center, you must turn the green arrow in the
direction which will bring it back to the center.$ *et it for A o'clock
and send the buoy over near the dog. Press the oil button and climb
all the way down. &se the suction!gun to get the dog. 0o back to
the pink lady robot and give the puppy to her. *he gives you the
umbrella, and you can e%it through the falling water.
The #oys in the #and
ou've finally gotten into the city, "/f you check through the door on
the left, you will find that it's the very same entrance you tried to
get in as an ersat5 cop, but slipped on the oil instead.$ ou are
looking at a trio of erstwhile musicians; a drummer with no drum, a
sa% player with no keys on his instrument, and a )idgeridoo player
whose instrument, if you look up inside it, is occupied by some sort
of creature. /t's evident that you will need to help these guys. 2nter
the tavern. ou see an oil drum, which would probably make the
drummer happy. /f you try to push it out the door, however, the
bartender ob.ects and smacks you with a wet rag. ou also see a
guy sitting at a table playing some sort of game, something hanging
from the shelf to his right, and another door with a little window in
it. 4ook through that window, and there are those same three
thugs, playing poker. #ake the thing hanging from the shelf. /t's
flypaper. ">lypaper is a disgusting but necessary product. /t's a
sticky ribbon designed to trap flies, and is most often found in
restaurant kitchens.$ 0o outside and use the flypaper on the barrel
of green sludge, trapping some flies. (eturn to the bar and use the
flies on the bartender. 3e will be distracted swatting flies, and you
can take the oil drum outside. *ure enough, the drummer is
delighted. 3owever, the grumpy old bag in the upstairs apartment is
not. *he is disturbed by the noise and flings a flowerpot down.
(eturn to the bar, and this time talk to the guy at the game table.
3e is playing Pente, with an important variation in the rules. "/n the
real!world version of the game, you could capture your opponent's
pieces by surrounding pairs, not single pieces or longer rows. /n this
version, there is no capturing.$ #he ob.ect of the game is to create a
row of five!in!a!row. "8Pente8 is 0reek for 8five.8$ #hanks to a
player named 84amkin8 "/ take no credit for discovering this$ you
can beat the opponent in nine moves. Place your pieces in the
se=uence indicatedB #he opponent's first piece is the one marked
8F8; thus your first move is above his first piece, not alongside it.
When you win, he smashes the table, scattering the parts. 0ather
them and go outside. 0ive them to the sa% player, who plays a riff,
angering the old lady upstairs. #his time she flings the other
flowerpot down, including a live plant. Pick up the leaves. Climb up
the stairs. ou are between several towers. Climb up again, and you
are at the city centre.
Greasing the $heels
#alk to the old guy in the wheelchair. 3e wants oil. #ake his oil can,
and return to where the band is playing. 0o out the door, and place
the oil can on the bridge to fill it. #ake the oil to the old gee5er, who
oils hic chair. +ow he wants sunflower seed oil. #ake the oil can
again. Walk to the bottom center of the screen, and take the crank.
#alk to the pink lady sitting on the bench. *he wants the clock set to
one of the 8infinity8 settings. /nspect the parchment above the
crank, and you see three choices, all of which re=uire the outer
"red$ hand set to @// "seven$ and the inner "black$ hand set to
either the bow!tie or the circle with the dot in it. When you get that
setting correct, she e%its and you can e%amine the parchment
where she had been sitting. ou need to turn the crank some more,
setting the clock to @/ "si%$ and the curly symbol following the
circle!dot one. When you do, the pink lady returns, and the sentry
in the tower leaves his post and e%its. Climb his tower, and take the
%ap that Cat
0o up the stairs ne%t to the pink lady. At the top, you see a robot on
a ladder, working on some wires. 4ounging on the roof above him is
a cat. #o the left you see an owl sitting on the lamppost. >inally, to
the far left, is the entrance to the game arcade. ou can't get there
yet. 0o to the lamppost and open the little door with the lightning
bolt on it. ou retrieve a slider pu55le. *tart by pulling the GC tile
down, then click on the number ? spot, and it falls out of the pu55le.
-h no, #hat dratted owl flies down and steals the tile.
ou need to get that owl down somehow. +otice two things ! as you
stretch and s=uat, so does the owl. Also, when you walk to the
center or left end of the bridge, the owl follows you. 0o to the
center position and stretch up and down. #he owl does likewise,
putting a strain on the wire. H/f you cannot get the wire to break,
go to the menu at the bottom of the screen, and select >ull!*creenB
-ff. +arrow the window and your computer will have much less
rendering to do. #hree or four cycles should do it. )on't rush, a
slight hesitation at top and bottom seems to help.I
:efore solving; you will
lose the upper!right piece
After solving; you will put
the missing piece in the upper left.
#he solution appears not to be random ! for a spoiler, click here.
Pick up the tile. Pick up the end of the broken wire and tie it to the
railing. (eturn to the slider pu55le, but don't put the loose tile in
until you have the pu55le solved; it's way easier to manipulate if you
have two empty slots. *olving the slider completes the electric
circuit. Climb up the workman's ladder, and pull the plug on his tool.
While he is distracted, .ump down and yank on the loop of wire
coming down from the bo% he is working on, creating a tangled
mess in the other bo%. 3e walks over to that bo% to untangle it.
While he is there, climb up his ladder and pull the cat's tail. "/f you
disturbed the cat before moving the workman, the cat .umps into
the big pipe. /f you pulled the cat's tail after moving the workman,
but before electrifying the fence, the cat goes in the desired
direction without harm.$ 0o get the cat. )on't forget to move one of
the tiles on the slider in order to interrupt the circuit, or you'll be in
for a shock. Pick up the fried cat. (eturn to the musicians, and put
the cat into the )idgeridoo. #he cat evicts the critter within, and
disappears around the corner. #he musicians are finally happy, and
the grumpy lady upstairs is so pissed that she throws her radio
down. Pick up the radio. #he boys will play music as long as you
like, but you have miles to go before you sleep. 0o back upstairs to
the City Centre.
The $ater&orks
ou will find that the old man has moved his wheelchair away from
the manhole. Pick up the manhole cover and .ump into the chamber
below. ou see the water tank, which you know to be full of water,
to the right of it a complicated array of pipes, a little table on the far
right, and a creature that looks like a spanner sitting on the pipe
above. 4ooking at the closeup of the array of valves and pipes, you
learn that you need to stop the flow of water above, and that it
takes three valve handles to do it. ou only seem to have one. 0o to
the little table and open the drawer. ou find a book full of
engineer's drawings. Eeep turning the pages until you get to the
back. #here is a valve handle hidden in the book. 0o down to the
floor drain and look into it. #here is another valve handle, but you
can't reach it. (eturn to the pipes and valves and look closeup. >ind
the bent wire hook hanging on one of the pipes. #ake it, and use it
to retrieve that third valve handle from the drain.
Place the handles as shown, and the water will be stopped. Ask the
spanner!guy to unscrew the bottom of the tank, and he will tell you
a story about how one of those brutes took away his music. /f you
can give him back his music, he will help. /n inventory, combine the
radio and the speaker. Put the repaired radio on the little table, and
the music starts. Ask him again, and this time he will remove the
cap from the bottom of the water tank. /t only rises up to the level
of the safety drain, but the poker players get a nasty surprise.
Climb up the ladder, and .ump into the now!empty tank. -pen the
pipe at the right, and crawl in. ou end up on a lift!platform which
seems to be inoperative. Push the red button to drop down.
Ah' "&eet (o)e
Peek through the little window ! and you've found your missing
love. *he tells the story how she was captured by :rutus, and
locked in the kitchen. ou are now playing as her. 4ift the kettle
from the stove, and place it on the floor. -pen the shuttered cabinet
and take the corn. Place the corn on the hot stove, popping it.
-utside, the popcorn shakes the chimney until a lever falls down.
Pick up the lever. &se the lever on the window, giving it to her.
/nside, .ump up on the kettle, and use the lever on the grate above.
&se the lever again to pull down the fro5en tubing. &se the tubing
on the kettle, and she will place the kettle on the stove, put the
tubing into the kettle, defrosting it, and take the tubing into
inventory. &se the tubing on the oil dispenser, and she will pass the
tube outside, where you will fill the fuel tank. +ow the engine is
ready to start, e%cept for one thingB #he up!down controls are
locked by a pu55le. /t starts out with reds on the bottom and greens
on the top. ou need to e%change them, placing the reds on top and
greens at the bottom. Always go clockwise, alternating colors, and
you will get it. *tart the engine, pull the lever upwards, and the
platform will climb to the top.
*es no Fan of +ine
#alk to the big fan. 3e shows you his mood in one bubble, and gives
you a =ui5 in the other. /f you are perceptive and clever, you can get
them all right, but you will be doing that forever if you do. /nstead,
you must deliberately choose the wrong answer several times in a
row, making the fan increasingly angry until he finally blows his
cool, so to speak. Climb in, and you are in the 0reenhouse. At the
far right is a control bo%. #o get it working, you must solve si%
versions of a pu55le. +umber the columns 6!7, and the rows A!2. #o
solve the first one, start in any corner and spiral around until all the
s=uares are selected. *econd one ! buttons :A and 27 are blocked.
*tart in 2A and spiral around clockwise. #hird one ! C? and C7 are
blocked. *tart in )7, go down then spiral clockwise until you bump
into C7, then go counter!clockwise.
3aving sloved those three, the plant!heater is active. Press the little
red button, and watch as the heater causes the plant to sprout fern!
like leaves.
#otany ,-,
0o to the empty flowerpot and plant that little sprig you've been
carrying around. 0o around to the right side of the heater, and push
it once to the left, toward the new plant. 3eat the little plant and it
matures into a nice sunflower. 3aving moved the heater, you can
see a small stick in the flowerpot of the big carnivorous plant. #ake
the stick. 0o around to the left side of the heater, and push it up to
the carnivorous plant's pot. "#wo pushes to the right.$ 0o to the
control bo% and apply heat to that big plant. #he pods open,
e%pecting to be fed. Climb up the stairs and prop the mouth of that
first pod open so it can't bite. (each in and take the lens. -ptionalB
/f you don't want the leftmost plant to feel uncared!for, push the
heater over to it and give it a shot. /t grows some new pointy
leaves. 4ooks like a variety of )racaena.
0o back to the control bo% and select the fourth pu55le. :locks :9,
:A, )9, )?, )7, and 27 are blocked. *tart in :?, go clockwise,
"down!left!up$ and the rest is self!e%planatory. >ifth pu55leB A7, CA,
)6 and 2? are blocked. *tart in :9 and go up!left!down!up, and the
rest leaves no choice. >inally, A?, AA, A7, 26 and 29 are blocked.
*tart in C9 and go down!left!up. #he rest is involuntary. Press the
little red button. +ow the pro.ector has power.
#here are two uses for that lens. 3ave you noticed a blue butterfly
making a circuit1 When he lands on the railing, you can look close!
up at the butterfly with the lens. #he pattern on its wings is a clue
to unlock the e%it. "/f you do that, actually the pro.ector is
unnecessary$ -therwise, you need to install the lens into the front
of the pro.ector and put some slides in it. *ee the desk under the
screen1 #he bottom drawer contains a series of botanical pictures,
and the top drawer contains other stuff, including a picture of the
butterfly. 0o to the lock!bo% at the e%it, and click on the little lights,
reproducing the pattern from the butterfly's wings.
4ooks like a can of sardines, doesn't it1 Pull the key, and the door is
unlocked. :efore you go out, go to the *unflower plant and shake it,
collecting its seeds. 0o outside. ou are on a crossover between two
towers. Across, you see a large robot apparently cradling its child.
-n your side, you see a device with a handle "who can resist pulling
a lever, right1$ and down below the device, a drain. #he device is a
press, capable of e%tracting oil from sunflower seeds. 0o down the
steps, and place the oil can on the drain. Come back up, put the
seeds into the machine, and operate the lever. Cycle it three or four
times, and the precious yellow gunk goes into the oil can. #ake the
filled oil can. 0o across the bridge, and talk to the big guy. 3e needs
batteries for his little one. *lide down the pipe and climb up to the
City Centre. 0ive the sunflower oil to the old man. 3e drops his
bandage, oils his knees, and gives you a pass to the Arcade. Pick up
the bandage. 0o upstairs and enter the Arcade. "#hat electrician is
still working on the tangled wires, 4-4$
T&o Tough Games
#o the left is a bicycle!powered generator that will give power to the
G6 and G9 arcade games. "#he G? game is broken; don't waste
your time on it.$ Power up the two games and play them. #he first,
a simplified *pace /nvaders, can be played with the mouse or
keyboard. Eeyboard controls are *pace to shoot and left!right
arrows. )on't even think about playing this game with the mouse.
ou will still be there tomorrow. *trategy is to shoot out the two
middle rows of aliens and let the outer two rows go down off the
screen. #hey won't re!appear, and you can sit there and shoot the
big red 7J!point one 'till you win.
#he second game is a bit of a challenge. #he ob.ect is to put the
small red bo% into the big red bo%, which unlocks the e%it. #here are
five levels of increasing difficulty; here are the solutions. #hankfully,
you can use the keyboard arrows here as well.
6 !
), (, &, (, (
9 !
(, ), 4, &, (, (, ), ), 4, &, &, 4, ), (, &, 4, ), ), (, (, &, &, 4, ),
(, (
? !
), (, &, &, ), 4, 4, ), (, &, &, 4, ), (, ), 4, &, (, (, ), 4, &, 4, &, (,
), (, &, &, ), (
A !
&, 4, 4, 4, (, (, ), (, &, 4, 4, ), (, &, 4, 4, ), (, &, (, ), 4, &, (, (,
4, &, 4, ), 4, &, (, (, (, ), &, 4, 4, 4, ), (, &, (, ), 4, 4, &, (, (, (,
7 !
&, (, ), 4, &, 4, 4, ), 4, &, (, (, (, ), (, &, 4, 4, 4, 4, ), (, &, (, (,
), 4, &, 4, 4, ), 4, &, (, ), (, &, (, (, 4, 4, ), 4, &, 4, ), (, &, (, (,
4, &, (, (, ), 4, &, 4, ), (, (, &, 4, 4, 4, ), (, (, (, (
3aving won both games, you now have two coins. (eturn to the City
Centre and purchase two batteries from the vending machine. /n
inventory, combine the bandage and batteries. ou need to take the
batteries to the big guy at the broken bridge. ou can either .ump
down the reservoir and repeat the lift!platform scene and go
through the greenhouse, -( go down the stairs to the left and
shinny up the same pipe you slid down to get here. )'oh, 0uess
which one's easier.
(ifes .ps and Do&ns
0ive him the batteries, and he steps aside, delighted his little one is
active again. 0o to the elevator door and press the call button.
Whoo, #hat's some sna55y elevator. +ice plant. Pick some soil out of
the plant and sprinkle it on the floor. Click on the robot vacuum to
make it drop a light bulb. Collect the light bulb. 0o ne%t to the
elevator controls and inspect them. ou see that there are four
possible floors. >loor 6 is where you are; at the big guy's location.
>loor J is mid!tower, where you shinnied up the pipe. >loor !6 is
beneath the tavern "and the poker game and the kitchen'prison$
>loor // is the top of the tower, where you want to go now. /n order
to learn the correct setting for >loor //, you need to stretch up and
pull the top leaves of the plant aside. ou see a star pattern. -pen
the controls and insert the light bulb. "#here are two places for the
bulb; you can't put it in the 8wrong8 one.$
Click on the bulbs in the se=uence indicated.
"7 to C is not shown because /'m not fast enough to capture the
2%it the elevator and you are in a fancy lobby. 2nter the door to the
right, the bathroom. 4ook down the toilet. -h no, #here's that bomb
we saw the big oaf carrying up the tower. )on't worry about him
though, he got soaked at the poker table. 0o to the far left in the
lobby. ou can talk to the little robot bolted to the wall above the
stairs. 3e tells you how he was captured on *amarost. -n the wall
is the control for the vacuum. Pull the lever down four times to send
the vacuum into the bathroom. 0o in there and .ump atop the
vacuum in order to stretch up and reach the scissors. (eturn to the
control and pull the lever up twice, to position the vacuum under
the chandelier. 0o to the electric bo% ne%t to the bathroom door and
click on it, turning the power off. <ump up onto the vacuum and use
the scissors to cut down the chandelier. <ump down and use the
chandelier on the vacuum. +ow it's a grappling hook.
#urn the power back on, and send the vacuum into the bathroom
again. >ollow it in there, and use the grappling hook on the toilet.
0o to the controls and pull the vacuum out of the bathroom. 0o see
what happened. ou have pulled the toilet from its mount, leaving a
gaping hole in the floor. &se the paper dispenser to descend. Click
on the bomb to swing toward it. ou discover that the wiring is
mi%ed up and you need to put it in order. According to the
instructions inside the door, 6 should connect to A, etc. #race the
wires to see which fuse they actually go to. "ou can leave fuse :
where it is$ and interchange the others as shownB ou only have
four minutes. "heh!heh ! this is your payback for tangling those
Whew, 3aving saved the world, you can now go up the stairs in the
lobby. #alk to the bobble!headed robot. 3e seems to be in charge.
+ow you get the whole story of how you got taken to the dump and
your girlfriend was abducted. 0o to the shuttered machine at the far
left and open it. #hese two pu55les are tough. 3ere is the solution
provided by AmanitaB
Frustration Time
3aving unlocked both sides, you can take the power cord. &se it to
connect to the big robot's brain, and you are in a ma5e "/ hate
ma5es, did / ever say that before1$ in which you must shoot down
?? ! yes, #hirty!#hree little demons. ou only get to look at a little
section of the ma5e at a time. ou must first find the key to umlock
the chamber where the pistol is hidden. #here are multiple free lives
strewn throughout the ma5e; you can only pick up a free life if you
have lost one of your five lives. (efer to the following map ! /t at
least shows the route to the key, and the pistol chamber. :y the
way, there is no e%it to the ma5e; you succeed when you have
found and destroyed all ?? demons. A few of them are larger, and
re=uire two shots. ou will see some bots on the way to the key
while you are still unarmed. <ust whi5 on by them, they are kind of
slow!witted, and if they shoot at you you can always dodge the
bullet. <ust remember to return to that path after you get the gun.
A little number at the top left keeps count of the remaining demons.
At the finish, you receive the final light bulb as a reward. (eturn to
the elevator and insert the bulb into the control. ;ake the si%!
pointed star by starting at the top, and go clockwise, skipping two
bulbs each time. #he elevator descends to the lowest possible
position. 2%it the elevator, and you are underneath the tavern. 0o
right and take the hammer. &se the hammer on the little glass and
take the key. +o, the key does not fit the padlock. 2nter the
elevator and use the key to open the panel on the right. #ake the
can of li=uid nitrogen and return to the padlock. >ree5e the lock,
then whack it with the hammer. /t breaks, also breaking up that
poker game; and allowing you to rescue what's!her!name. ou end
up in the tower again. 2%it the tower to the outside, and e%amine
the gi5mo on the wall to the left. (emember the two fre=uencies !
D.J and 6JK. 0o inside and tune the radio to those fre=uencies.
4isten to the musical clue. /t's easy to reproduce, but if you are
deaf, you will be stuck without knowing the se=uence some other
way. 0o outside and play the tune on the gi5mo. As soon as the
steps e%tend, click on your friend and she will lock the steps in
place. Climb to the top of the dome and fly off into the sunset.
-h yeah ! click the prongs in this orderB 6, A, 9, ?, 7, 9, ?.
Walkthrough copyright 2009 by Tally Ho.
*olution to the *lider Pu55le
4eave the missing piece in your inventory for now.
+ote that .ust clicking on a tile won't move it, as it usually does. ou
must click and drag.
+umber the slider positions thusB
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
;ove the tiles as followsB
9(, 7(, A(, 7&, D&, K&, L4, K4, C), 7(, A(, L4, C), 7(, D&, L4, 6).
/nsert the missing tile into the G6 slot and the electrical connection
is complete.
":e sure you have tied the wire to the railing before completing the