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This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is
altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be
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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be
linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly
the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as
powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in
the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,
Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript
as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at
this time and to bring unto you the blessings of liberation, light, integration and simplicity.
Greetings Beloved Ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with each of you upon this
day as we hold you firmly upon the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Brothers and Sisters today is certainly one of those days that shall be imprinted upon the
spiritual tablets of Earths history. Today is one of the most important days for grounding the
light of fluid love and building the foundation for the greatest morphogenetic field to ever
have been created by a collective consciousness of independent souls working together in a
community of light.
The 666 number combination evokes immense fear in many peoples hearts. Upon this day
upon your planet, the collective consciousness is predominantly experiencing very strong
waves of fear. This process is part of the old realms of power trying to keep their original plan
in place. However, the critical mass for morphogenetic fields of destructive information to be
dismantled, is in place. Therefore, it means there are enough conscious lightworkers fully
active in their role to break down that morphogenetic field. It is not a process that manifests
overnight. It shall take some weeks for this to move into its new state. You are all the
anchoring conduits for this morphogenetic field. This energy is being focussed upon by
lightworkers all over the world, for the Great White Brotherhood has sent out the message to
the lightworkers bringing in the dawn of the golden age to focus on the light of 666.
Six in itself is the number vibration of the dimensions of joy, of union, family. It is the
number of love. It is the number where one experiences the feminine presence anchoring all
the aspects of divine love. The 6 vibration in its opposite is that of divorce, separation. That is
what was focused upon in the past, which is what has brought the understanding that 666 is a
negative vibration. No longer are you being influenced by the negative vibration of 666. No
longer do you have to buy into separation, divorce, unhappiness, suffering and sadness. Today
is the day of empowering humanity by grounding the templates of freedom, liberation and joy
within the physical realms of consciousness, the emotional, mental and spiritual realms. The
collective consciousness is undergoing a very important initiation in learning how to utilise

the quantum field as a key to manifestation.

You are all alchemists. Alchemy is the science of turning base metals into gold. Therefore, as
an alchemist you are turning your base qualities into golden consciousness. That is what it
means to be a true alchemist. Fear is one of the darkest base qualities in existence, and when
one is operating purely from base consciousness one is operating purely from fear motivation.
Fear motivation is what has kept you separate, divorced from your higher self and the
awakened aspects of self experiencing qualities of the life experience beyond what you are
currently accustomed to.
Fear guarantees you an existence of separation. It is the frequency that keeps you trapped and
locked into the astral plane of Earth consciousness. Moving out of fear is your ticket to
freedom. And yes, that is primarily the bottom line in freeing your soul. I speak not of the
natural instinct of fear which preserves your physical safety. I speak of the collective illusion
feeding illusions that entrap the mind and the emotions in physical circumstances that do not
feed ones soul, ones body, ones mind and heart. Living in a state of fear depletes you of
your life force, resulting in all the physiological systems of your body breaking down. Disease
exists within systems where energy is stagnant, or when there is an overcharge of negative
energy. It is very clearly evident in stagnant water. Bilharzia breeds in stagnant water as do
many other toxic life forms. The detoxification process all of you have been experiencing
over the past years has been the process of removing all the toxins in your mind, your heart,
your body and your being. Wherever poison is present, it will spread its poison to everything
else around it. Fear has been the greatest debilitator of humanity.
Take a child and tell them about the bogey man, or monsters. Speak about fear based concepts
and watch the childs face change. See the panic emerge in their eyes and they freeze. Or,
they run and cower in a corner. All of you have experienced this. You have been shown the
bogey man. You have been taught to fear the monsters, which in truth, were created
deliberately by a system consciously intending to disempower the collective consciousness so
as to maintain their levels of power. Today, the 6th day, of the 6th month of the Christ year
2006, is where the door closes to the powers of the past. They are stripped of all their power;
they are stripped of the mechanisms they utilised in the past to maintain their rampage of
continuously feeding humanity with fear-based concepts. This is the beginning of the final lap
of the end. This is now the time, Brothers and Sisters, where you will witness the collective
dismantling ofyou have experienced this. You have been shown the bogey man. You have
been taught to fear the monsters, which in truth, were created deliberately by a system
consciously intending to disempower the collective consciousness so as to maintain their
levels of power. Today, the 6th day, of the 6th month of the Christ year 2006, is where the
door closes to the powers of the past. They are stripped of all their power; they are stripped of
the mechanisms they utilised in the past to maintain their rampage of continuously feeding
humanity with fear-based concepts. This is the beginning of the final lap of the end. This is
now the time, Brothers and Sisters, where you will witness the collective dismantling of
systems in your world that have been empires of great power, that now will fall to the ashes
where their diabolical deeds will be revealed for all to see. And it is in this realisation of truth
that mankind and womankind can rise like the phoenix from the ashes, reclaiming the true
power of light.
The fire element shall be re-ignited and the passion for life shall burn brightly. The fire
element is the solar plexus. It is the chakra that governs your ability to take action, utilise your
will and make decisions. Because you have lived in a world of disempowerment, your solar

plexus has been diminished and paralysed. Many of the solar plexus points on the planet at
this time are in the throes of war. The battle between the ego is at its peak, and many will fall
as a result. This is not a cleansing to be feared. See it as a collective detoxification, a release
and dismantling of the old because the new is upon you. It is not something that you are still
striving to create. It is already fully manifested in the etheric fields around your planet. All
you have to do now is access it consciously, and magnetically, and consciously will it into
your physical reality and anchor it firmly. This is the time of creating your piece of heaven on
earth. The 666 vibration is activating a new stairway to heaven as we like to call it. This new
stairway to heaven is a new ascension spiral being anchored within the heart of Mother
Africa. The energy was anchored six days ago at Kilimanjaro. Much preparation has been
done over the past three years to prepare humanity for the anchoring of this sacred ascension
spiral. The ascension spiral vibrates in perfect unison to the octaves of the 666, emitting a
vibration opening the dimensions of fluid love to the collective consciousness for the duration
of the full awakening leading up to 2012.
This activation has been approved by the Great White Brotherhood as an opportunity for
humanity to step into an accelerated healing incorporating the power of fluid love. Your
understanding of the power of intent is probably the most important thing you need to invest
time and energy in understanding. You are magnetic. Your energy field is magnetic, therefore,
everything held within your energy field will attract its like magnetically, which is why "like
attracts like".
Whatever change you desire in your life, you and only you, can be the change. For in that
moment, magnetically you change the frequencies and instantaneously, initiate the process of
attracting your magnetic equal. There is no way on Gods green Earth and blue! that
you can change anyone in your space without changing yourself. Therefore, do not even
waste your time in trying to change your husband or your wife, or your mother and your
father, or the black sheep of the family. Look in the mirror and that is where you begin your
change. I guarantee you that that practice will bring you the change you desire.
So now, Brothers and Sisters, based on that bit of information, you are the catalysts in
anchoring the new template of information based on every existing light aspect of the 666
stargate. The energy you are being exposed to today is an energy you will carry with you for
the rest of your souls existence. Therefore, it moves beyond your current lifetime. You are
acknowledged as a key to the freeing of the colony of souls experiencing human life. And
wherever you transit to beyond your earthly experience, that imprint will be acknowledged
and you will then be in a position to free souls wherever your soul chooses to go.
There is a small print though! The small print is: free yourself first!
And again, I promise you, I give you an eternal guarantee - it never wears out - that by freeing
yourself, everything around you will be freed. I tell you today that everything your heart and
soul desire you can have. I speak not of your ego, I speak of your heart and soul you can
have it. And you do not have to sell you soul to me to get it! You can have it by making the
changes you desire within others, within yourself. That guarantees you your freedom. And
this is the day when the mass consciousness is being given the identical opportunity to free
So Beloved Ones, with your assistance and with your permission, we have been asked by the
Great White Brotherhood to lay the foundation for the biggest morphogenetic field ever to be
created in the new world to counteract the energies of fear that threaten to keep humanity

Before we do this, let me explain briefly what the morphogenetic field is for those who are
not familiar with it. A morphogenetic field is a system of information - like a blueprint. It
contains information, not energy. A morphogenetic field containing the information never,
ever loses its intensity. This is what has made it such a useful tool for those consciously
disempowering communities and individuals. A morphogenetic field is created from a
physical form. Therefore, what you put out, is what you program into the morphogenetic
fields around you, and it is this basis, or this blueprint of information that follows you
throughout your life, contributing to the either constructive or destructive patterns you
When you focus on something negative, you create it. The reason for this is because you have
created a morphogenetic field embodying the information you harp on, and because it never
loses intensity, it has tremendous endurance, and follows you wherever you go. And if you
are continuously focusing on the same fears all the time, the morphogenetic field becomes
like Velcro and sticks to you, to your energy field, to every aspect of your life, depleting your
life force.
When one has conscious information, as you now have, you are empowered and have the
ability to create such blueprints embodying very powerful information but of a quality that
empowers the source drawing information from it.
So, if you are willing to participate in the creating of the foundation of this morphogenetic
field, please follow what we are now to deliver. If it is not your wish and your will, simply sit
in the stillness and communicate with your guides.
Close your eyes, place both your feet firmly on the earth. Take a deep breath in through your
nose, exhaling through your mouth, allowing your body to relax. Continue doing this.
Straighten your spine, draw your shoulders back and relax all the muscles in your body. Relax
your jaw, relax your tummy muscles and just be in your body. We need all of you to focus on
a memory of a very positive nature, or simply think about anything that brings lightness, joy
and happiness to your heart.
Try and remember more occasions when you felt aligned, at peace and filled with the joy of
life, where every human being you laid eyes upon, you loved, and the world was such a
beautiful place. Feel the memories of the feelings stirring in your heart chakra, feel it stirring
in your belly until it fills your entire physical body. (Pause)
I want you now to imagine a blueprint. You are now going to encode this blueprint with
information. All the information will be charged with the feelings of lightness, joy and
positivity that you have tapped into. Begin by programming this blueprint with some of your
fondest and most positive memories. And you can do this in any creative way your
imagination indicates to you. (Pause)
Now begin programming your blueprint with all the words that stir positive, light and happy
feelings inside of you. (Pause)
Now begin programming in the images that evoke the same feelings of joy, happiness and
lightness. (Pause)

Focus your concentration now on your immediate family and your close social group
experiencing positive, joyful, loving interactions. Program all of this into your blueprint.
Move your concentration now to acquaintances, perhaps your work colleagues. See all of
them experiencing joy, happiness and freedom and programming it into your blueprint.
Extend this to strangers you may see on a regular basis but have never spoken to and expand
beyond that your community, the province you live in. (Pause)
Move it to embrace the country you live in. Expand this vision to the continent you live upon.
Now extend it to the rest of the world. (Pause)
Draw your concentration back to your blueprint. Take note of all the information you have
programmed in it, and if there is anything you wish to add, do so now. (Pause)
Allow your feelings and your emotions to inspire what you wish to add to your
morphogenetic field, for it is the intensity of the emotions and of the feelings that root the
intensity maintained within the information within your blueprint. (Pause)
Now imagine the blueprint you have created connecting to every blueprint that has been
created in this room today. (Pause)
Visualise your blueprint, which is now connected to all the blueprints within this room,
connecting with all the positive blueprints created by every lightworker on the planet focusing
on the light aspects of the 666 vibration. (Pause)
Brothers and Sisters, this has now fully activated the 666 gateway of fluid love to be anchored
permanently on earth as it is in heaven. The sacred ascension spiral embodying the energy of
the 666 foundation anchored at Kilimanjaro is also in its final stages of becoming fully active
and by 6pm this evening it will be fully complete in its activation. The morphogenetic field
you have created for yourself will have completed its construction of light by the same time.
And the foundation for the planetary morphogenetic field that shall replace the original matrix
created by those choosing to control humanity will be in place. Take a deep breath in, and as
you exhale imagine the blueprint you have created finding its resting place within your energy
field and the collective body of Mother Earth. Imagine roots extending from the core of the
blueprint you have created. See these roots penetrating Mother Earths body, moving to the
centre of her body. See these roots being cemented within the core of her body.
Take another deep breath in, and as you exhale, take a few moments to acknowledge what
you have created. Know that what you have done is real, and will impact on your life in a
positive way, because that is the information that you have programmed it with. Take another
deep breath in, and as you exhale, draw your consciousness back into your physical body,
concentrating on the time and place you are currently in.
Brothers and Sisters, we wish to thank you, for your assistance and contribution to the
creation of the new template. The morphogenetic field, the matrix whatever you wish to
call it shall become the source of energy of stimulation, inspiration and light for the
collective consciousness. It is this information that shall inspire every individual soul to find
their authentic selves, to get in touch with truth that exists within the quantum realms. The

stargate now open results in the truth that has been kept from humanity being revealed, which
is what shall result in what I spoke of earlier, of all of that which embodies darkness
crumbling to become ash. And it is from the ashes the phoenix shall rise carrying the light of
truth, the flame of freedom.
Each of you have an imprint of the phoenix within your solar plexus, which shall rise,
carrying the flame of freedom to all your upper chakras, blazing a trail through your lower
chakras, resulting in the fully awoken kundalini on a planetary scale. Lady Gaias kundalini
is stirring, eagerly she awaits the full activation of this fire energy. Fire is what shall burn
through the illusion. It is the destructive anger, the fire of the ego, that shall cause the
downfall of those deliberately disempowering humanity. It is the flame of passion that shall
free the souls to step fully into their creative power, and as empowered individuals build the
cities of light. By this I do not mean that your cities will physically crumble, and you will
have to physically rebuild everything. I speak of the consciousness that shall infiltrate all the
places you currently inhabit, and your concrete jungles become cities of light. The dominating
energy, if I can call it this, will be love not fear. Love has billions of facets to it. Every angle
is a life lesson. You are learning the truth about love. What you have experienced as love, is
not even a drop in the ocean. Trust that your soul, your higher self, and all the higher aspects
of yourself are now holding the compass directing you along the path of authenticity, thus the
path of truth your truth. Again, I emphasize, you change what needs changing in you, so
that what you desire on a heart and soul level comes to you.
Beloved Ones, we now wish to explain to all of you that the energy leading up to today has
resulted in many of the children of the planet experiencing an immense amount of anger,
sorrow and sadness. The majority of the children currently incarnated on the African
continent, in parts of Canada and America, in areas of Asia, in fact all over Europe as well,
were the souls that experienced the very first energy severance to their higher self. This has
resulted in many children not coping with the current energies, behaving in ways their parents
are not accustomed to. It will begin to ease as a result of the anchoring of the 666 energies.
For now on a soul level as well on a conscious level they are integrating the knowing that the
time of change has come, guaranteeing the safety of the future of their soul.
We bless all of you with the courage, with the confidence and the belief in yourself to
constantly create your morphogenetic blueprints with the power of your soul. This does not
mean that you will never have a bad day again sorry to disappoint you! (laughter).
However, it does mean that what you clear now never, ever, ever will you have to face again.
It will have been cleared from your DNA, therefore permanently, and completely removed
from the genetic imprints of all future generations to come. So, yes, it is intense at present, but
all of you Beloved Ones are ending the pattern of future generations carrying the sins of the
fathers who came before them. So rejoice, Beloved Ones, for you are setting all future
generations free by committing to ending the pain and the suffering now. I promise you, you
will reap the rewards in the not too distant future. The revelations and insights will become a
part of your daily experience as opposed to being constantly haunted by worrisome,
troublesome thoughts and expectations of fearful outcomes. That is truly outdated.
I beseech all of you to take some time, and ponder my words. I tell you:
You are free! You are free! You are free!
Everything that causes discomfort, pain or suffering, no longer needs to be or must be a part
of your life. The 666 stargate holds the mirror before you, and with the help of Neptune, the
planet of illusion, with the help of Pluto, Mercury and Uranus, you will be shown what you
are in denial about. Most of you have been shown this already, but just in case there is

something you chose not to look at. Whatever you are afraid of doing, or not doing, will come
under the spotlight, because you are free, you are free to experience your piece of heaven on
Take note of the excuses you make every time you talk yourself out of doing something you
know in your heart must be done. Every excuse is the egos input convincing you to remain
within your comfort zone. And that, Beloved One, is drawing information from the old
morphogenetic blueprints. Now is the time for you to tap into the abundant store of courage
inside of you. The reward for using your courage and shattering all of the old mechanisms that
have resulted in you feeling trapped, and hating your life will be so much more valuable, than
what you are afraid of losing. Bearing in mind that you cannot ever lose what is yours by
divine right not ever! It is energetically impossible. And if it does move out of your space
temporarily, it will return to you. That is why it is suggested that if you love something let it
go. If it returns to you, it was always yours, if it doesnt it never was. This in itself is a
wonderful lesson of detachment. The ego attaches itself to its comfort zones, be it a person, a
job, a home, an attitude, a belief system, a habit. When you detach, the only thing that matters
is experiencing joy and the love of life in every moment. And then everything you need is
automatically there, because you are not fighting the process, you are flowing with it.
So let go of your fears and your worries, let go of your habits, your addictions to people,
places, substances and energies, and I assure you, as do all the universal beings of light, that
then, everything you truly need, will literally fall into your lap. It is the law. Is this clear?
Very well.
Beloved Ones, are there any questions we can assist you with at this time?
Question: Master Kuthumi, Im sitting with a numerology at the moment, and there is
confusion about the placing of the "Y", whether it falls into a vowel or a consonant. Can you
give me information on this?
Lord Kuthumi: At this time, the "Y" is falling into a vowel, as a feminine energy. Do you
Question: So it is used as a vowel?
Lord Kuthumi: Yes. You are welcome.
Question: Lord Kuthumi, I have a question on behalf of a friend of mine, (Gillian Omani), in
London, who is awakening at the speed of light. And, I would like to ask on her behalf who
her Spirit Mother and Father are and if there is any message for her, especially regarding the
option of moving to New York at this stage.
Lord Kuthumi: Certainly. Her Spirit Father is Lord Merlin and her Spirit Mother is Lady
Pallas Athena. Sister, it is not our place to tell her whether to make her move or not to the
place of New York. However, we advise her to search her inner being and determine what
exactly will result in her greatest happiness, what will feed her soul with a sense of freedom.
We trust that by her doing this, she will discover much about her fears and her desires. It is
this action that shall prepare her for the future and assist her in making future decisions. Is this
clear? (Yes, thank you). You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.
Question: Lord Kuthumi, can I please ask: my husband and I were on a road over the Easter
weekend and we ended up exactly in the centre of the rising moon and the setting sun, in
complete opposite. It felt pretty profound. Can you give me insight into what was going on

there please?
Lord Kuthumi: You were at the right time in the right place? Not that you were caught
between a rock and a hard place, but that you were caught, perhaps between the God and the
Goddess energy. Beloved Sister, what you were experiencing was in fact the perfect opposites
facing one another of masculine and feminine, the God and the Goddess. That was an
experience for the both of you to connect with the profound essence of masculine and
feminine standing opposite one another, serving and living together as equals. Is this clear?
You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.
Question: Lord Kuthumi, in your previous channellings you made mention of the founder of
the morphogenetic field? Who is the founder?
Lord Kuthumi: It is in fact Dr Rupert Sheldrake.
Do any of you have any questions regarding the energy of today, and what has unfolded
Question: Lord Kuthumi, I greet thee with love. My questions is that in the process of
discovery that Im now ready to do, to what extent could I exceed the boundaries of creating
ascension for others and I respect that it is their journey, to my final process of illumination
which involves the atomic-phasic displacement?
Lord Kuthumi: Brother, it can affect many levels of the ascension process. What is most
important is that, whatever core group you are working with, be a group that is fully
conscious and supportive of utilising the energy to bring further illumination. Not too long
ago, a few weeks ago in fact, the energy of the 9th dimension opened to the collective
consciousness, bringing the energy of spiritual illumination. This has resulted in many old
ways ending with the promise of new life and new beginnings. What you have spoken of is a
large part of the promise of the new as a result of leaving the old behind, and spiritual
illumination results in individuals feeling empowered enough within themselves to leave the
old behind and embrace the promise of the new. Do you understand this? (Thank you.
Absolutely). Peace and blessings be with you. Any further questions?
Question: Greetings Lord Kuthumi, I wonder if you have a message for Gilla and Warren at
this time?
Lord Kuthumi: Yes, we certainly do. Their son, Troy, yes, has chosen a very, very important
time to anchor his physical body at such a premature time. Twenty five weeks is the time
when the soul anchors a new vibration within the forming foetus which links their 13 guides,
Spirit Mother and Spirit Father to their earth family. He is developing a template of strength
for his family. He is bringing the teachings of courage for his family, and will always
represent that icon of strength, determination and the will to live for his mother and father.
Please convey our love to his parents. Lady Mary and Lady Nada are constantly present with
little Troy. Even though his physical body is so small, he is in fact a mighty angel of strength.
All his guides and spirit parents are present. Lady Mary is his Spirit Mother and Lord
Metatron is his Sprit Father. They must believe in Troys ability to pull through this, and at
all times must honour his choices and what he has created to experience in this lifetime
regardless of its duration, and of course that applies to everyone on Earth.
We suggest that Troys parents communicate with his Spirit parents daily, asking for any
guidance or any suggestions regarding Troys needs energetically which shall support his
small human body physically. It is vital that they communicate with Troy telepathically, for
this will enable them to receive information from him regarding his needs at this time. If it is
possible, Troy is asking for an amethyst and quartz crystal to be placed in his incubator, or
very close to his incubator, preferably within it. Tell his mother to be creative.

The crown chakra will hold the quartz crystal vibration and amethyst the base chakra
vibration, and this is the flow of the energy between base and crown which is a very important
part in the creation of a number of the morphogenetic fields carrying all the information for
the golden age. This energy is being balanced at this current time between England and South
Africa. This process is vital in building the solid spinal column, the courage for the rest of the
world to follow suit. In other words, living authentically. Do you understand? (Yes, thank
Peace and blessing be with you and with your son to come and Troy and his parents, and to
you too, Douglas, the father of the child. We will not leave you out!
Beloved Ones, is there anything else we can assist you with?
Question: Lord Kuthumi is there any message for my granddaughter Serena, and is there any
reason that she came earlier?
Lord Kuthumi: Free will? It appears that her early coming was certainly her free will and
choice. It is astrologically suitable for her and that will serve her in her life to come. All the
astrological influences that all of you experience on a daily basis and that which you
experience at the time of birth, influences your life to come. Therefore it was, should be say,
perfect timing.
Beloved Ones, I shall take one last question.
Question: Lord Kuthumi, I was just wondering if you have possibly for me any messages
from Quinn?
Lord Kuthumi: The vision being presented for you is that of a merry-go-round, showing the
circular movement of your energy, perhaps running around in circles, like a dog chasing its
tail. The message for you is to slow down, to stand still and find your centre, so that the flow
of energy moving through your life becomes one that supports you, rather than one that
causes chaos. The most important part of your message from Quinn, is your need for balance,
and to find the centre within yourself, for that shall relieve you of the many unnecessary
responsibilities you carry, that are in truth not yours. This is not limited to a physical nature.
Psychically you take on many other peoples worries, their pain and suffering. Quinn is very
concerned about that part. Is this clear? (Yes, thank you).
Beloved Ones, before we end this transmission, we ask you again to remember the power of
light within the 666 number combination. Every time you focus on its light side, you
strengthen the information within the foundation within the new planetary morphogenetic
field we have created. You also strengthen the life force within your body.
Do you know why numerologists have not been able to find the 666 number in so many of
their perceived leaders of the world they have labelled the anti-Christ? Because 666 is not the
number of the devil! You would have thought they would have got that one by now!
Triple six (666) is the number combination to freedom. It is the entry to the 9th dimension.
What is 6 X 3?. Eighteen. What is 8+1? Nine = spiritual illumination? The ending of the old
with the promise of the new the 9th Dimension of unconditional love.
That is what the 666 has brought, and why then can humanity not experience its power?
Because they have been brainwashed to fear the 666 as being that of the so-called devil.
Remember what I said about the bogey man and the monsters "make them fear it". The
manipulative one's said, "They will run away from it and cringe in the corner. Our work is

done for us, we never have to fear losing power." You get the picture?
So, 666 is your friend. It is the vibration of freedom, the 9th Dimension of unconditional love.
It is the time, the dawning, today, of spiritual illumination unlike your world has ever
experienced. And if you thought people were waking up fast in the past three years, watch the
progress from this day forward. It is the ascension wave that is clearing the way for those.
Water cleanses. You need water to support you bodys detoxification process. Your tears are
a form of detoxification. With this wave of change, comes the mastery of the lesson going
with the flow of life. One better than that is growing with the flow of life! The entire water
system of your body functions on how you flow or do not flow with life. So all the water that
has been present on Earth over the past year has been all the water Mother Earth has needed
to detoxify her body. Do not fear the water - flow with it. Do not fear the 666 play with it!
The 15th of the 6th, 2006, will bring another level of the 666 energy in. 1+5 = 6.
Dance and laugh your way through the 666 stargate into the realms of fluid love, though the
dimension of magic, miracles and manifestation, spending some time to play within the 8th
Dimrension of abundance and settling to rest within the 9th Dimension of unconditional love.
Many of you will experience the peace that comes with feeling unconditional love towards
those around you. Many times the rooting of unconditional love in your heart toward others is
what will open the way to find the freedom to leave them behind if that is your souls
choice and move in a new direction or move together.
So, it is then, Beloved Ones, that on this day of spiritual history being made, we bless all of
you with abundant joy, with union, we bless you with the energy of laughter and freedom, and
all that you require to keep you in alignment with the blueprints of light.
Trust in the many invisible arms that hold and carry you through this magnificent time of
change. Know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all One and with you always and in
all ways.
May the light of Mother/Father God shine brightly through your heart, clearing the pathway
before you. Know that all is well in your world, that you are protected and guided at all times.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in
love. Adonai.
Michelle Eloff
083 478-6777
Founder/Director - The Lightweaver & The Lightweaver Children's Fund, Kuthumi's
Library of Light, & The Lightweaver University of Quantum Consciousness
Trance Voice Channel Specializing in Ascension Initiations, Ascended Master Teachings &
Old & New Sacred Site Tours locally & Internationally