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Contemporary Full Length Plays.

Compiled by American Conservatory Theatre, suitable play suggestions for high schools.
Title Author Style Cast Leasing
A Raisin in the Sun Hansberry Drama French
A Street Car Named Desire Williams Drama DPS
A Thousand Clowns Gardner Comedy French
Ah! Wilderness ONeill Comedy 9M/6F French
All My Sons Miller Drama DPS
Amadeus Shaffer Drama DPS
And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little Zindel Comedy DPS
And they dance real slow in Jackson Leonard Drama 3M/4F Dramatists
Angel Street Hamilton Drama French
Anne of a Thousand Days Anderson Drama DPS
Ascension Day Mason Drama 4M/5F Dramatists
August Snow Price Play 2M/3F Dramatists
Bad Seed, The Anderson Drama DPS
Barefoot in the Park Simon Comedy French
Barretts of Wimpole Street Besier Drama DPS
Becket Anouifh Drama French
Belle of Amherst Luce Drama French
Biloxi Blues Simon Comedy French
Blithe Spirit Coward Comedy French
Blue Denim Herlihy, Noble Drama 3M/3F French
Born Yesterday Kanin Comedy DPS
Boys Next Door, The Griffin Comedy 7M/2F Dramatists
Breaking the Prairie Wolf Code Mueller Play 2M/4F Dramatists
Brighton Beach Memoirs Simon Comedy 3M/4F French
Broadway Bound Simon Comedy French
Butterflies are Free Gershe Comedy French
Cactus flower Burrows Comedy French
California Suite Simon Comedy French
Cat on A Hot Tin Roof Williams Drama DPS
Chapter Two Simon Comedy French
Childs Play Marasco Drama French
Children of a Lesser God Medoff Drama 3M/4F Dramatists
Childrens Hour, The Hellman Drama 2M/12F Dramatists
Chopin Playoffs, The Horovitz Comedy 5M/3F Dramatists
Come Blow Your Horn Simon Comedy French
Courtship Foote Play 3M/5F Dramatists
Cry Havoc Kenward Drama 13F French
Curious Savage, The Patrick Comedy 5M/6F Dramatists
Dark At The Top Of The Stairs Inge Drama DPS
Dark of the Moon Richardson/Berney Fantasy 28 both French
David and Lisa Reach Drama 11M/11F French
Design for Murder Baston Thriller 4M/6F French
Diary of Anne Frank, The Goodrich/Hackett Drama 5M/5F Dramatists
Dining Room, The Gurney Play 3M/3F Dramatists
Dino Rose Drama 7M/11F Dramatic Pub.
Diviners, The Leonard Drama 6M/5F French
Effect of Gamma, The Zindel Drama 5F Dramatists
Enter Laughing Stein Comedy 7M/4F French
Fools Simon Comedy 7M/7F French
Foreigner, The Shue Comedy 5M/7F Dramatists
Full Moon Price Drama 4M/5F Dramatists
Getting Out Norman Play 7M/5F Dramatists
Good Doctor, The Simon Comedy 2M/3F French
Hagars Children Joselovitz Drama 6M/3W Dramatists
I Hate Hamlet Rudnick Comedy 3M/3F Dramatists
I Never Saw Another Butterfly Raspanti Drama 4M/7F Dramatic Pub.
Invisible Friends Ayckbourn Fantasy 4M/3F French
It Happens Every Summer Rogers Comedy 7M/13F Dramatic Pub.
Ladys Not For Burning, The Fry Comedy 8M/3F Dramatists
Lemon Sky Wilcon Play 4M/3F Dramatists
Lily Dale Foote Play 4M/3F Dramatists
Love, Death, and the Prom Jory Comedy/Drama VARIABLE Dramatic Pub.
Lovers Friel Comedy 3M/5F Dramatic Pub.
Title Author Style Cast Leasing
Lydie Breeze Guare Play 4M/3F Dramatists
Matchmaker, The Wilder Comedy 9M/7F French
Miracle Worker, The Gibson Drama 7M/7F French
Museum Howe Comedy 9M/9F French
Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Bishop Comedy 5M/5F Dramatists
My Children! My Africa! Fugard Drama 2M/1F French
My Sister Eileen Fields/Chodorov Comedy DPS
Nerd, The Shue Comedy 5M/2F Dramatists
Nice people Dance to Good Country
Blessing Play 3M/2F Dramatists
Night Mother Norman Drama DPS
Night Thoreau Spent in Jail, The Lawrence, Lee Drama French
Noel Coward in Two Keys Coward Comedy French
Odd Couple Simon Comedy French
Of Mice and Men Steinbeck Drama DPS
Oh, Dad, Poor Dad, Mammas Hung
You in the Closet
Kopit Comedy French
On Borrowed Time Osborn Comedy DPS
On Golden Pond Thompson Comedy DPS
Once In a Lifetime Kaufman/Hart Comedy 24M/14F French
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Wasserman Comedy French
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Wasserman Comedy/Drama 13M/4F French
Ordinary People Guest Drama DPC
Ordinary People Guest/Gilsenan Drama 6M/3F Dramatic Pub.
Our Town Wilder Drama French
Our Town Wilder Drama 17M/7F French
Peter Pan Barrie Fantasy 25 MIXED French
Philadelphia Story, The Barry Comedy 9M/6F French
Picnic Inge Drama DPS
Picnic at Hanging Rock Shamas Mystery 8M/18F Dramatic Pub.
Pillow Talk Shapiro Comedy DPC
Plaza Suite Simon Comedy French
Pleasure of His Company, The Taylor Comedy DPS
Prank Kalinoski Drama 7M/5F French
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The Allen Drama French
Prisoner of Second Avenue, The Simon Comedy French
Private Ear, The Shaffer Comedy French
Private Lies Coward Comedy French
Pygmalion Shaw Comedy French
Rainmaker, The Nash Drama French
Rebel Without a Cause Fuller Drama DPC
Reindeer Soup Pintauro Drama 4M/5F A. Agent
Rimers of Eldritch Wilson Drama 7M/10F Dramatists
Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket, The Parnell Play 5M/5F Dramatists
Robe, The Douglas Drama DPC
Say Goodnight, Gracie Pape Comedy DPS
Scenes and Revelations Garonzik Drama 3M/4F French
Shadow Box, The Cristoffer Drama SF
Shayna Maidel, A Lebow Drama 2M/4F Dramatists
Shooting Stars Newman Comedy 1M/7F Dramatists
Six Characters in Search Pirandello Drama 12M/8F French
Skin of our Teeth, The Wilder Fantasy 5M/5F French
Sometimes I Wake up in the Middle
of the Night
Collected Comedy/Drama 10-20 Dramatic Pub.
Splendor in the Grass Leslie Drama DPS
Spoon River Anthology Masters/Aidman Collected 3M/2F French
Stand-up Tragedy Cain Drama 9M French
Star Spangled Girl Simon Comedy French
Steel Magnolias Harling Plays 6F Dramatists
Story Theatre Sills Comedy French
Street Scene Rice Dram 16M/11F French
Take a Giant Step Peterson Drama 7M/7F French
Tea and Sympathy Anderson Drama AF
Teach me how to Cry Joudry Play 3M/7F Dramatists
Teahouse of the August Moon Patrick Comedy 18M/8F/3C Dramatists
Title Author Style Cast Leasing
Tender Trap, The Shurlman, Smith Comedy DPS
Theres A Girl in my Soup Frisby Comedy French
To Gillian on her 37
Birthday Brady Play 2M/5F Broadway
To Kill a Mockingbird Lee/Sergel Drama 11M/6F Dramatic Pub.
Twelve Angry Men (Women) Rose/Sergel Drama 12M (12F) Dramatic Pub.
Up the Down Staircase Kaufman/Sergel Comedy 12M/18F Dramatic Pub.
Valentine and Valentina
Roschin, Vacchina,
Drama 8M/10F Dramatic Pub.
Vanities Heifner Comedy French
Wait Until Dark Knott Mystery 6M/2F Dramatists
What I did Last Summer Gurney Play 2M/4F Dramatists
Who Will Carry the Word Delbo Play 23F A. Agent
Whose Life is it Anyway? Clark Drama 9M/5F Dramatic Pub.
Whose Life is it, Anyway Frayn Drama DPC
Windshook Gallagher Drama 4M/3F A. Agent
Winesburg, Ohio Anderson Drama DPC
Women and Wallace Sherman Drama 1M/4F Dramatists
You Cant Take It With You Kaufman/Hart Comedy 9M/7F Dramatists
Zoo Story, The Albee Drama French

Contemporary One-Act Plays
Title Author Style Cast Leasing
A Young lady of Property Foote Drama 3M/6F Dramatists
Dance and the Railroad, The Hwang Drama 2M Dramatists
Dancers, The Foote Drama 3M/7F Dramatists
Happy Journey to Camden and
Trendon, The
Wilder Comedy 3M/3F French
High Tide Slaight Comedy/Drama 3M/2F Bakers
Kaleidoscope Bradbury Drama 7M OR 7F Dramatic Pub.
Laundrey and Bourbon Mcclure Comedy 3F Dramatists
Lone Star McClure Comedy 3M Dramatists
Midnight Caller, The Foote Drama 2M/5F Dramatists
Painted Rain Allard Drama 2M/1F A. Agent
Pullman Car Hiawatha Wilder Comedy 15M/18F French
Sightings Slaight Comedy 2M/1F Bakers
Tears of my Sister, The Foote Drama 3M/4F A. Agent
Why do we Laugh? Gregg Drama 4M/4F Dramatic Pub.
Blind Date Foote Drama Dramatists

Title Author Style Cast Leasing
A Funny Thing Happened On
The Way to the Forum
Gelbart, Sondheim
Musical/Comedy LARGE MIX MTI
Bramble, Stewart,
Musical/Comedy/Drama 11M/8F TW
Bye, Bye Birdie
Stewart, Stouse,
Musical/Comedy 22M/26F TW
Musical/Drama 12M/7F RHML
Cowardly Custard Compiled Musical Revival 6M/6F FRENCH
Dames At Sea
Haimsohn, Miller,
Musical/Comedy 4M/3F FRENCH
Fantasticks Schmidt, Jones Musical/Drama 8M/1F MTI
Fiddler On The Roof
Harnick, Stein,
Musical/Drama 12M/10F MTI
Godspell Schwartz Musical/Drama 5M/5F
Grease Jacobs, Casey Musical/Comedy 9M/8F FRENCH
How To Eat Like A Child
Ephrom, Forster,
Musical One Act 6-30 MIXED FRENCH
Little Shop of Horrors Ashman, Menken Musical/Comedy 5M/4F FRENCH
Mack and Mable Stewart, Herman Musical 10M/5F FRENCH
Me and My Girl Rose, Furber, Gay Musical/Comedy 11M/8F FRENCH
Merrily We Roll Along Sondheim, Furth Musical/Comedy 27 MIXED MTI
Minnies Boys Marx, Fisher,
Title Author Style Cast Leasing
Molly Baileys Traveling Circus Terry, Metcalf Musical 3M/4F BROADWAY
1940 Radio Hour Jones Musical/Comedy 10M/5F FRENCH
Musical/Drama LARGE MIX RHML
Oliver Bart Musical/Drama LARGE MIX TW
Once Upon A Mattress
Rodgers, Barer,
Thompson, Fuller
Musical/Comedy LARGE MIX RHNL
Musical/Drama 11M/3F MTI
Musical/Drama 7F DRAMATISTS
Secret Garden, The Norman, Simon Musical/Drama 11M/10F FRENCH
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The
Manchester, Carr,
Musical/Comedy 5M/6F FRENCH
Sound of Music, The
Musical/Drama 9M/15F RHTL
Starmites Keating, Ross Musical 6M/6F FRENCH
Thurber Carnival Thurber, Elliott Musical/Comedy 4M/4F FRENCH
Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall,
Gesner, Jackson Musical 4M/18F FRENCH
Wiz, The Brown, Smalls Musical/Fantasy MIXED FRENCH
Carnelia, Grant,
Schwartz, Faso
Musical/Comedy/Drama 10M/7F MTI
Youre A Good Man Charlie
Gordon, Gesner Musical/Comedy 4M/2F TW

Title Author Style Cast Leasing
Antigone Sopocles Tragedy 3M/3F/10C Public
Antigone Anouilh Tragedy 6M/4F French
Alls Well That Ends Well Shakespeare Comedy 10M/6F Public
Andromache Euripides Tragedy 4M/5F Public
Aria De Capo Milay Poetic Fantasy 4M/1F French
As You Like It Shakespeare Comedy 16M/5F Public
Bald Soprano, The Inesco Comedy 3M/3F French
Cherry Orchard, The Chekhov Drama 9M/5F Dramatists
Comedy of Errors Shakespeare Comedy 11M/5F Public
Contrast, The Tyler Comedy 5M/4F Public
La Dispute Mirivaux Comedy MIXED Dramatic Pub.
Electra Euripides Tragedy 5M/2F Public
Enemy of the People Ibsen/Miller Drama 10M/3F Dramatists
Lark, The Anouilh/Hellman Tragedy 19M/7F Dramatists
Medea Euripes Tragedy 5M/2F Public
Midsummer Nights Dream Shakespeare Comedy 13M/7F Public
No Exit Sartre Drama 2M/2F French
Rivals, The Sheridan Comedy 9M/4F Public
Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Tragedy 17M/4F Public
Saint Joan Shaw Drama 22M/2F Bakers
School For Wives Moliere Comedy 8M/3F Public
Sea Gull, The Chekhov Drama 7M/6F Dramatists
Tis Pity Shes a Whore Ford Tragedy MIXED Public
Twelfth Night Shakespeare Comedy 11M/3F Public
Two Gentleman of Verona Shakespeare Romance 11M/3F+ Public
Two Noble Kinsman, The Shakespeare/Fletcher Romance 13M/7F+ Public