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To connect AMR devices to a PC or Printer via 9-Pin Sub-D Connector

ZA1909-DK ALMEMO RS232 Connector Cable, 5-foot cable
ZA1999-NK5 "Daisy Chain" cable to connect two AMR Devices together to make an AMR Device Network
ZA1909-DKL Fiber-Optic version of ZA1909-DK, ensures electrical isolation, 5-foot cable
To connect AMR devices to a PC over long distances (up to 1km). RS422 networks require one Network
Driver box per network and one Device Node Box per connected AMR device (or network of devices
connected together via ZA1999-NK daisy-chain cables). Fiber-optically connected Network Driver Box
#ZA5099-NTL requires 12VDC power. Connected AMR devices may be powered by the RS422 network
depending on the sensor electrical requirements and distance between AMR device and Network Driver
box - consult Clark for details. Connections between Network Driver Box and Device Node Box(es) is
done with LD0032 multi-conductor cable.
ZA5099-NTL Network Driver Box, fiber-optic connection to PC, includes converter
for RS232 and 9-Pin Sub-D connector with 5-feet of fiber-optic cable
to connect Driver Box to PC, use with ZA1012-NA1 power supply or other
12VDC/200mA supply
ZA5099-AS Network Driver Box integrated into 9-Pin Sub-D PC connector plug
ZA5099-NVL Device Node Box, includes 5-foot fiber-optic connector cable and plug to connect AMR device to Node Box,
use only with ZA5099-NTL Network Driver Box
ZA5099-NVB Device Node Box, includes 5-foot connector cable and plug to connect AMR device to Node Box, use with
either ZA5099-NTL or ZA5099-AS Network Driver Box
ZA1012-NA1 12VDC/200mA AC/DC Power Supply to power ZA5099-NTL Network Driver Box
LD0032 6-Conductor Cable, specify length in meters
Use ZA5099-NVE or ZA1945-DK to connect AMR device(s) to an Ethernet LAN via Cat-5 cable with RJ45 connector. IP Address for the AMR
device(s) is assigned via software and programmed into the ZA5099-NVE/ZA1945-DK. It is possible to connect multiple AMR devices to one
ZA5099-NVE/ZA1945-DK via ZA1999-NK daisy chain cable (between the AMR devices) and/or via ZA5099-NVB or ZA5099-NVL Device Node Box
(connected directly to the ZA5099-NVE Ethernet box).
ZA5099-NVE TCP/IP Ethernet Connection Box to for use with RS422 networked
loggers, includes 5-feet of fiber-optic cable and plug to connect to
AMR device
ZA1945-DK TCP/IP Ethernet connection plug to connect AMR device or daisy-
chained ALMEMOnetwork to LAN. Not for use with RS422 connected
ALMEMO network.
Connect remote AMR device(s) to a modem and dial them up from a PC. Allows for all programming
functions and memory download capabilities, just as if device was connected locally. Can connect to
single AMR device or AMR device network.
ZA1709-MK Modem, specially-programmed to support AMR device communications
ALMEMO Network Connections
RS232, RS422, TCP/IP, Modem
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