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Are Tassels Relevant?
It appears to be a custom that is shrouded in Judaism: tassels (or tzitzit, as some say). Was
this a command for the Jews? Was this practice something that should be continued in
todays society? Where does Turah stand in reference to wearing these strings on the four
corners of our garments known simply as tsytsth?

tsytsth (H# 6734): floral or wing-like projection, i.e. a forelock of hair, a
tassel. Tsytsth is taken from H# 6731 tsyts, which means a flower or a wing (as gleaming in the air).
kanaph (H# 3671): edge of a garment, wing, quarter, flap or skirt.
Kanaph is taken from H# 3670 kanaph, which means to project laterally.
bagad (H# 899): covering, garment, a garment used to cover the body.
pathyl (H# 6616): twine, bracelet, thread,
takalath (H# 8504): cerulean mussel, the violet colored die obtained
therewith - blue.
gadal (H# 1434): twisting, thread, tassel, or fringe.
kasah (H# 3680): cover, or to conceal.
bany (H# 1137): built; taken from H# 1129.
banah (H# 1129): to build, establish, build up, have children.

kraspedon (G# 2899): a margin, specifically a tassel, fringes hanging
down from the garment: Greek Septuagint for tsytsth.

Origin of the Wearing of Tsytsth
(B-mdbar/Numbers) 15:32-41after a man was stoned to death for breaking the Shabath,
hwhy commanded Yasharal to wear tsytsth - H# 6734. These tassels were to be worn on the four
corners of their kanaphym H# 3671. The tsytsth would project laterally from the kanaph, and move
freely with the wind, they were to be worn on their bagad H# 899 (Given the nature of these words,
male belt loops are disqualifiedthey are not the same). Each tsytsth must have a braided (H# 6616)
thread of blue (H# 8504). Although most translations read sons of Yasharal, the Hebrew word used
(bany, from H# 1137) also represents children and/or nation. The entire congregation stoned the man;
the entire congregation received the command to wear tsytsth. By looking (they are to be seen) on the
tsytsth, they would remember to do and guard the commands or hwhy not to whore after their own
lusts, and to be set-apart; this command was given for all generations.
(Dabarym/Deuteronomy) 22:12hwhy commands Yasharal to make gadalym (H# 1434) on
their garments, thus signifying tassels must be intertwined. He again commands them to be put on a
four cornered kanaph (H# 3671) on our covering, or the garment used to conceal use (the same word
used for the dark moon H# 3680).

[vwhy Wore Tsytsth
(MathathYahu/Matthew) 9:20-22 ( (AurYah/Luke) 8:43-48)the woman with the
issue of blood did not touch the hem of the Mashyachs garment, the Greek says she touched the
kraspedon (H# 2899). At this time, even the Master wore tassels, where was the command to stop? This
scripture fulfills prophesy written in (Malaky/Malachi) 4:2and for you who fear My Name,
the sun shall shoot forth beams of righteousness and healing in His wings (H# 3671). Prophesy
compared the sun shooting forth beams of righteousness to the cure/healing found in the kanaph of the
coming Mashyach, but only for those who FEARED THE NAME. The woman that touched [vwhy knew
of this prophesy, and she feared the Name.
(MathathYahu/Matthew) 14:35-36as many as touched His tsytsth (kraspedon G# 2899)
were healedremember the prophesy.
Mark 6:56as many as touched His tsytsth (kraspedon G# 2899) were healedremember the

Prophesy of the Importance of Tsytsth in the Last Days
(ZakarYah/Zachariah) 8:23in the last days, the nations will recognize us by our kanaph (H#
3671), remember, the kanaph is the flap or skirt of our garment wherewith we wear tsytsth.

The Conclusion of the Matter

With a command so simple, the confusion is so great. Yasharal has been commanded to wear tassels: all
of Yasharal and not just the men. There is no command found in Turah that tells us we are to wear
tassels around a prayer shawl, or on a garment that we wear when we read or pray. It does not matter if
your tassels are not pretty, nor does it matter if they do not go along well with your latest outfit;
Yasharal has been commanded to wear tassels. Theses tassels should be seen on the garment that
covers them (not the same as belt loops), throughout their generations.

Chazun/Revelation 22:11

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