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‘Grammarin Practice want to practise gran "Enjoyable exercises based on real-world situations | Quickto do _Testsafter every 0 units _ With answers _ Informed bythe Cambridge international Corpus eer 40 units of - self-study grammar CAMBRIDGE exercises To) ‘Canes, Now York, Melbourne, Madi, Cape Town, Singapore, Sio Pala, Beh Cambridge University Pres “The Edinburgh Bung Cambridge C2 SRU, UK soca org Information on thle: waewcambridgeorg/9780521618281 © Cambridge Univesity Pes 2005, “Ts publication sin copyright Subject to sttatory exception an othe provision of felon collective ening areements to epdeton of sy part my ake place without dhe writen Perminion of Cambridge Universty Press nt published 2005, Sr paming 2008 Proud in Dubai by Orewa Pres A catalogue fr hs pub i ae fom he Bis Lary ISHN 978-0-521-61828-1 paperback TNA B84) - bo STUDIINEA VEDHOKA KNIHOVNA Pisdnbébo rae 19 -08- 2008 2009 14716 ere do yout? quem 4 {moet row ad thn Shem pines atime 6 ‘What oyu tang aot? 4 ert an tiple orconamon? 5 Wie was seeing Jerboa 10 6 Fused 0 alone Tre whe dy 1 Aor aig you Seite pat le 13 Het ate nce 10 Tho ha aed eps pest ‘eat 1 (Uae 1-10) 17 He it 10 minutes ago poet peer orpot singh? 19 12 tov beter et down nice 20 12 Do you inky cou? 14 Mc boas Seaton are 22 18 Irmade tmysat ave one 25 1 She pat on cot to hep warn 18 Ty phoning hr at home 18 nad bean wiki a oy pat peer consncan 2 20 ereedet he ried wed) 30 Test 2 (Units 11-20) 31 21 A ng an youre a ‘oda 3 28 The fins about frah 24 Thor aro et a5 ary 25 Vino wie? ue 30 26 Dont mate aoe! mae 0 27 Linvtag no ty 28 Hawoneasaweler ite 12 29 Fhopeso 1 4 190 She edhe had een in Test’ (Units 21-20) 6 131 She was gir otal fin ut 32 wid hen win 50 38 By tetine hee ished se en fo thy 34 You musts joing Sng cases 85 837 My car which row, 38 wae big reared fre Gu conamole pee) 5H 30 Thats goodisea eon 40 ream ow cook Test 4(Unts 31-40) 3 regular verbs 07 Spating 70 ‘State eb an ve pat 71 ‘von hoy 72 [Where do you live? ‘uostion _auallany ver subject ors Wate) goutami a work Dian) ym wah Showldin) 1 ey = wy a re ening Bal? Foro when on 1 ae Tend (0-Who ts the Jon da’ NOT Phd 1D) waite the words in the coreet order to make questions. eft n_ Wha di you fc work lastnight > [By Make questions with @ question word and answer them for you. 1 How long have you been studying (ou Thre yeas 1 woe anon anda momo he newer cates Howe match does this tour cst? #8 Whore /val/be oH te coaches? is 4 Ioabout bc