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Letter of Intent*

I, the undersigned Mr/Miss/Mrs certify that I commit myself as a

partner to participate in:
The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 - Sectoral programme: Erasmus
ction: Erasmus Stu!ent "o#ilit$ for Placements
I commit myself to receive .. (please fill a name of student) from
the Slovak niversity of !griculture in "itra, Slovakia (#r. !.$linku %, &'& () "itra, ***,
for placements from (date/month/year) to (please note minimum 3-month
requirement between 1 July 2013 and 30 September 2014)
at (the name and address of the host
organisation/institution), company registered in country!""""""""""""#$ %o """"""""#&
'() %o """""""""
#he goal of the placement *ill include:

,eneral -o. description:

#asks *ill include:
1andidate re2uirements:
Mentor/1ontact person for student placement

(please fill name$ position$ address incl# phone$ fa* and email)
+ commit my institution to respect and obser,e the obligations of the -uality .ommitment for /rasmus student
placements see attached document!#
(ll e*penses will be co,ered by the /rasmus grant and the student/s themsel,es the host organisation/ institution may
gi,e additional salary to the student/s!#
+ understand that detailed program of the placement will be stipulated in official form 0)raining agreement1 that will be
signed by the student$ home and host institution later on#
Stamp and signature
/. 3rasmus practical placement 4 .asic information
%. 5!6I#7 18MMI#M3"#
9#he letter sent .y the organisation /institution *hich agrees to host student/s for 3rasmus placement. #his letter should .e *ritten on
headed paper and signed .y the authori:ed person in the partner organi:ation.
Erasmus practical placement basic information
The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 Sectoral programme: Erasmus
obilit! of "n#i$i#uals
Stu#ent Placements in Enterprises% Training &entres% 'esearch &entres an# (ther (rganisations
Participating countries:
27 EU Member States,
Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein,
)ho can benefit
)ho can appl!
Hiher education institution holdin an e!tended Erasmus Uni"ersity #haracter
$lacement #onsortia
(b*ecti$es an# #escription of the action
% &lacement is a &eriod o' time in an enter&rise or oranisation in another &artici&atin country, with a "iew
to hel&in indi"iduals to ada&t to the re(uirements o' the #ommunity)wide labour market, to ac(uirin a
s&eci'ic skill and to im&ro"in understandin o' the economic and social culture o' the country concerned in
the conte!t o' ac(uirin work e!&erience* The &eriod may be su&&orted as a&&ro&riate by &re&aratory o'
re'resher courses in the host lanuae or workin lanuae*
Host oranisation 'or student &lacements may be enter&rises, trainin centres, research centres and other
The characteristic o' the indi"idual &lacements are+
The student must be &ro"ided with Trainin %reement reardin the &roramme o' the &lacement &eriod,
this areement must be endorsed by the home hiher education institution and the host orani-ation*
%t the end o' the &eriod abroad, 'ull reconition must be i"en by the home hiher education institution 'or
the &eriod s&ent abroad as areed in the Trainin %reement*
The &eriod o' &lacement must be co"ered by a &lacement areement between the student bene'iciary and
hi.her home hiher education institution* The $lacement %reement is based on the Trainin %reement, a
key &art o' which is the /uality #ommitment o' all &arties relatin to the &lacement 0see ne!t &ae1*
2or more details, &lease "isit+ htt&*euro&a*'iches.erasmus34en*html
duration o' the &lacement 5 3 months0 between 6 Se&tember 2763 and 37 Se&tember 27681
student.s recei"e a rant 'rom Erasmus &roramme &aid by the uni"ersity, the amount o' rant
de&ends on the host country
the host may i"e additional salary to the student.s
the host is re(uested to &ro"ide assistance in 'indin accommodation
the recruitment 'or the &lacement will be carried out by the sendin uni"ersity to meet s&eci'ic
re(uirements o' the host 0the 'undamental &rere(uisite 5 a ood command o'
the 'orein lanuae1
the student is re(uired to ha"e the &ro&er health and accident insurance &urchased &rior to the
a letter o' intent to be sined by the host
+,-L"T. &("TE/T
0or Erasmus stu#ent placements
This /uality #ommitment re&licates the &rinci&les o' the Euro&ean /uality #harter 'or Mobility
T1E SE/2"/3 1"31E' E2,&-T"(/ "/ST"T,T"(/4 ,/2E'T-5ES T(:
9e'ine the learning outcomes o' the &lacement in terms o' the knowlede, skills and com&etencies to be
%ssist the student in choosing the a&&ro&riate host oranisation, &ro:ect duration and &lacement content to
achie"e these learnin outcomes
Select students on the basis o' clearly de'ined and trans&arent criteria and &rocedures and sin a placement
contract with the selected students*
Prepare students 'or the &ractical, &ro'essional and cultural li'e o' the host country, in &articular throuh
lanuae trainin tailored to meet their occu&ational needs
$ro"ide logistical support to students concernin tra"el arranements, "isa, accommodation, residence or
work &ermits and social security co"er and insurance
;i"e full recognition to the student 'or satis'actory com&leted acti"ities s&eci'ied in the Trainin %reement
E$aluate with each student the &ersonal and &ro'essional de"elo&ment achie"ed throuh &artici&ation in the
Erasmus &roramme
T1E SE/2"/3 "/ST"T,T"(/4 -/2 1(ST ('3-/"S-T"(/ 6("/TL. ,/2E'T-5E T(:
Neotiate and aree a tailor)made Training -greement 0includin the &roramme o' the &lacement and the
reconition arranements1 'or each student and the ade(uate mentorin arranements
onitor the &roress o' the &lacement and take a&&ro&riate action i' re(uired
T1E 1(ST ('3-/"S-T"(/ ,/2E'T-5ES T(:
%ssin to students tas7s an# responsibilities 0as sti&ulated in the Trainin %reement1 to match their
knowlede, skills, com&etencies and trainin ob:ecti"es and ensure that a&&ro&riate e(ui&ment and su&&ort is
9raw a contract or e8ui$alent #ocument 'or the &lacement in accordance with the re(uirements o' the
national leislation
-ppoint a mentor to ad"ise students, hel& them with their interation in the host en"ironment and monitor
their trainin &roress
$ro"ide practical support i' re(uired, check a&&ro&riate insurance co"er and 'acilitate understandin o' the
culture o' the host country
T1E ST,2E/T ,/2E'T-5ES T(:
#om&ly with all arrangements neotiated 'or his.her &lacement and to do his.her best to make the
&lacement a success
%bide by the rules an# regulations o' the host oranisation, its normal workin hours, code o' conduct and
rules o' con'identiality
&ommunicate with the sendin institution about any &roblem or chanes reardin the &lacement
Submit a report in the s&eci'ied 'ormat and any re(uired su&&ortin documents at the end o' the &lacement