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Teorii despre Printul Jumatate Sange Pur

Dean Thomas
Motive pentru care el este Printul Jumatate Sange Pur:
- are jumatate sange pur, deci este posibil din aceasta privinta (mama Incuiata, tatal
- ce spune JK o!ling despre cartea a "-a: Parti cruciale de informatie din cartea a 6-a au fost
planuite orginal pentru Camera Secretelor, dar foarte demult (prima schita a Camerei Secretelor).
Am realizat ca locul cuenit acestor informatii este cartea a 6-a.
- ce spune JK o!ling despre #ean $%omas: Poestea lui a fost inclusa intr-o schita timpurie a
!Camerei Secretelor! dar apoi taiata de mine, pentru ca era ca o digresiune inutila. Acum nu cred ca
istoria lui o sa iz"uteasca reodata sa apara in carti.
- pentru cineva care nu este din cale a&ara de apropiat de 'arr(, este mentionat destul
de &recvent.
- la &inalul cartii a )-a a&lam ca el ajunge prietenul lui *inn( - ast&el o sa &ie mai apropiat
de 'arr(, on si 'ermione, si probabil ii va de+valui unele secrete lui *inn(.
Gilderoy Lockhart
o!ling said t%at t%e second boo, !ould directl( relate to t%e si-t%, and *ildero(
.oc,%art !as a major c%aracter in t%e second boo,. /lt%oug% %is reappearance at St.
Mungo0s in #rder of the Phoeni$ !as une-pected, it ma( mean t%at o!ling still %as
somet%ing in store &or %im. /lso, in boo,s t!o and &ive .oc,%art vie!ed %imsel& as
ro(alt( (al!a(s signing autograp%(s, t%in,ing %e !as %ig%er up t%an ever(one else, etc.).
$%oug% it seemed t%at %e !as just arrogant, %e ma( %ave a reason &or al!a(s 1pla(ing
t%e King1...

Remus Lupin
emus .upin is %al& blood, as revealed b( JK o!ling in %er Marc% 2334 c%at. 5o! t%at
Sirius is gone (or at least temporaril(), 'arr( ma( loo, up to .upin as %e did to Sirius.
/lt%oug% 'arr( is in no! !a( related to %im, .upin !as b( &ar 'arr(0s &avorite teac%er at
'og!arts, and %e mig%t be able to %elp 'arr( deal !it% t%e loss o& Sirius -- a&ter all,
.upin lost a good &riend, too. 'o!ever, .upin !as not mentioned in Cham"er of Secrets,
!%ic% directl( relates to t%e plot o& t%e si-t% boo,.

A Female Prince?
/lbeit t%e &act t%at !%enever 667 o& 'arr( Potter &ans %ear t%e p%rase 1'al& 8lood
Prince,1 t%e( t%in, o& a male prince, it is indeed a possibilit( &or t%e prince to be a
&emale. 9ebster0s evised :nabridged #ictionar( states t%e &ollo!ing &or t%eir main
de&inition o& 1prince1: 1$%e one o& %ig%est ran,; one %olding t%e %ig%est place and
aut%orit(; a sovereign; a monarc%; -- originall( applied to eit%er se-, but no! rarel(
applied to a &emale.1
It !ould not be unli,e o!ling to get most ever(one sni&&ing in t%e !rong direction, and
t%en surprise us all !it% t%e ,no!ledge t%at t%e 'al& 8lood Prince is a &emale. / simple
glance at t%e dictionar( opens more doors t%an t%ere are in t%e #epartment o&
M(steries...!ell, ma(be not %uite t%at man(. ;-)

Strange as t%is ma( sound, it is possible t%at 'ermione0s cat <roo,s%an,s ma( be t%e
'al& 8lood Prince. /s surmised b( =eritaserum editorialist Step%anie in late 233> (read
%er article %ere), <roo,s%an,s is %al&-cat, %al&-Knea+le. 9e also ,no! t%at <roo,s%an,s
is a male.
<roo,s%an,s is a %ig%l( intelligent cat - possibl( too intelligent? It is also a possibilit(
t%at <roo,s%an,s is an /nimagus !%o ,no!s more t%an !e t%in,. @rom %is be%avior in
t%e t%ird boo,, !e can assume t%at <roo,s%an,s !ould be on t%e Arder0s side, because
%e seemed to ,no! Sirius0s true identit( and %e tried to %elp %im. It remains possible
t%at <roo,s%an,s could be t%e 'al& 8lood Prince.
Godric Gryffindor
I !as reading 1'arr( related to *r(&&indor?1 b( /s%b( and I %ad t%is idea--I0ve %ad it a
lot actuall(, just never told an(one. I ,no! t%ere is a t%eor( on !%( *odric isn0t t%e '8P,
but I trul( t%in, %e is. *odric: I believe in t%e boo,s, in one o& t%e Sorting 'at0s songs,
!e0re told t%at Sala+ar and *odric used to be real good &riends. Most &riends s%are
common interest at some point in t%eir time. $%is, as !ell as t%e &act t%at a little bit o&
=oldemort !as put into 'arr( !%en %is parents !ere ,illed, could0ve been !%( 'arr( !as
almost a Sl(t%erin. $%e person !%o sa(s t%at *odric isn0t t%e '8P because %e isn0t a %al&
blood is &orgetting one t%ing: o!lings never said t%e '8P !as actuall( a %al& blood.
Since most !i+ards and !itc%es bac, t%en !ere pure, it0s ver( possible t%at *odric is t%e
'8P simpl( because %e &avors t%em. $%in, about it, %o! man( %al& bloods are in
*r(&&indor? 'o! man( are in Sl(t%erin? Put o& t%ose t!o, *r(&&indor %olds t%e most, as
!ell as muggle borns. Sure, t%is doesn0t sound to convincing. I guess I just cant put it
into !ords, but I trul( believe t%at %e is t%e '8P. I also strongl( believe t%at 'arr( is
*r(&&indor0s last remaining %eir simpl( because, as /s%b( said, it !as be a great t%ing to
%ave t%e last remaining %eirs battle it o&& in t%e last boo,. $%e &act t%at t%e Potters !ere
living in *odric0s 'ollo! does not mean t%at0s !%ere t%e( livedB I seem to remember
some!%ere in one o& t%e boo,s t%at t%at0s !%ere t%e( !ere %iding. $%oug% I do believe
t%at t%e( c%ose t%at o& all places because t%at must0ve been !%ere *odric once lived
and, i& t%e Potters are related, t%en !%( not sta( !%ere one o& t%e &our greats(especiall(
i& t%e(0re an ancestor) once lived? /lso, as /s%b( said, #umbledore could0ve been
impl(ing t%at 'arr( is related to *odric !%en %e said 1Anl( a true *r(&&indor could0ve
pulled t%at out o& t%e %at.1 ...Ar ma(be, since !e all ,no! %e is, #umbledore !as just
being cra+(.

Salaar Slytherin
I t%in, t%ere is a strong c%ance t%at t%e '8P is Sala+ar Sl(t%erin. C) 1$%e 'al&-8lood
Prince1 !as an alternative title &or <oS and so !e %ave to assume t%at it0s bac,ground
t%at !as edited out !it%out spoiling t%e <oS plot. 5o! most o& t%e <oS !as about t%e
1'eir o& Sl(t%erin1 (!e onl( &ound out about $om iddle rig%t at t%e end). I& (ou !ere
'arr( and &ound t%at (ou mig%t be t%e 'eir o& an evil !i+ard, D t%e rest o& (our magical
&amil( !ere dead, and (ou !ere !orried about (our o!n evil tendencies coming out,
!ouldn0t (ou tr( to &ind out a bit more about (our supposed ancestor? 'arr( is al!a(s
as,ing about %is &at%er, mot%er, etc, in t%e ot%er boo,s. 8ut b( t%e end o& <oS, all t%at
!e ,no! about Sl(t%erin is, %e lived about C333 (ears ago D %e !as a Parselmout%. I
suggest t%at originall(, 'arr(E'ermione did more researc% and &ound out about
Sl(t%erin0s bac,ground, !%ile tr(ing to &ind t%e <%amber, but t%at t%is in&ormation made
t%e boo, too long (and ma(be too dar,) so JK edited it out until a later boo,, realising
t%at it belonged in a later boo, !%en 'arr( !as more po!er&ul. 2) Sl(t%erin !as
notorious &or onl( teac%ing pure-bloods. 8ut most people at 'og!arts assume t%at %is
'eir is 'arr( (!%ose mo%er is Muggle-born); and in t%e end, it turns out to be $om
iddle (a %al&-blood %imsel&) - i.e., t%e ver( people !%o are most li,el( to be speciall(
selected b( Sl(t%erin are not o& pure blood t%emselvesB 5obod( in t%e boo, comments on
%o! odd t%is is. 9%ic% suggests to me t%at t%e dar, secret o& Sl(t%erin 'ouse is t%at
Sala+ar Sl(t%erin !as not pure-blood eit%er. Per%aps %e !as t%e illegitimate son o& a
(non-magical) prince and a !itc% (!%o mig%t %ave been persecuted or burned) and gre!
up %ating non-magical t(pes &or t%at reason. >) I can0t &ind an(!%ere in t%e boo,s t%at
de&initel( sa(s Sl(t%erin is dead. /pparentl( t%e 'og!arts grave(ard !ill appear in 8oo,
". 9%at i& t%e( open a tomb and &ind Sl(t%erin per&ectl( preserved in suspended
animation? /nd &inall(, 4) Sl(t%erin doesn0t necessaril( %ave to come bac, to li&e an(!a(.
/ll %e needs to do is vouc%sa&e a !eapon or po!er to %is real 'eir, =oldemort, !%ic% !ill
%elp %im !in t%e !i+ard !ar. /nd all our %eroes %ave to do is stop %im getting it.

I t%in, it could be @iren+e. 'e is one-%al& %uman and one-%al& %orse. 'e is noble and sees
be(ond t%e %ere and no!, as a true leader s%ould. 'e is part o& t%e inner circle and can
be trusted. 'e is also enigmatic.

It is possible t%at t%e %al& blood prince ma( not actuall( be %al& blood t%emselves, but
rat%er one !%o !or,s at protecting t%e %al& bloods in t%e !i+arding !orld. 'al& blood
prince ma( re&er to t%e 1prince1 o& t%e %al& blood0s, rat%er t%an a 1prince1 !%o is %al&

!alf "lood
In 'olland 'al& 8lood means (ou are %al& %uman and %al& somet%ing else. So I t%in, it is
eit%er .upin because %e is part !ear!ol& or 'agrid because %e is %al& giant.

C. o!ling doesn0t speci&icall( clari&( t%at t%e 1'al&-8lood Prince1 is a %al&-blood. $%e
1'al&-8lood Prince1 could simpl( be t%e prince o& 'al&-8loods, and as #umbledore de&ends
t%e !%ole sc%ool, %e also de&ends 'al&-8loods.

Tom Riddle
%e( %as an(one t%oug%t t%at it per%aps, just ma(be could be tom riddle???? i %ave a
couple o& &irm points to bac, up m( t%eor(: C. j, said t%at it !as nearl( t%e title o& <oS.
t%e main stor(line in <oS surrounds tom riddle rig%t? 2. tom riddle- a %al& blood >. tom
riddle- %eir o& sl(t%erin (%ence t%e ro(alt( lin,s) 4. o, o, j, said t%at t%e '8P !asnt
voldemort or %arr(. 8:$ in <oS, !%en %arr( as,s dobb( i& t%e reason %e cant go bac, to
%og!arts is voldemort, dobb( sa(s 5A. because its tom riddle, not voldemort.
%P#AT&' J(R a anuntat ca Tom Riddle nu este T!& !ALF "L))# PR*+C&,
deoarce Tom Riddle este una si aceeasi persoana cu -oldemort.

I t%in, it could be Seamus @innigan. Seamus could be t%e %al& blood prince because in
SSEPS (Pg. C2), :S ed), %e o% so casuall( mentioned t%at %e !as %al&-blood. 9e %ave
seen slig%t details li,e t%is come bac, up in &uture boo,s. I !ould just ,eep an e(e on
t%at conversation.

'ere are some reasons t%at Pro&essor Snape ma( be t%e 'al& 8lood Prince:
C. 'e %as similar c%aracteristics to bot% 'arr( and =oldemort. $%e( all %ad a bad
c%ild%ood ('arr(- living !it% t%e #ursle(s, getting beat up, etc.; $om iddle- %is mot%er
died and %is muggle &at%er put %im in an orp%anage; Snape- t%roug% t%e Pensieve !e
sa! %is &at%er screaming at %is mot%er and %im cr(ing so it appears t%at %e !as abused
b( %is &at%er !as also tortured at and %esc%ool).
2. 'arr( and Snape are bot% largel( tied to =oldemort. 'arr( %ad an encounter !it%
=oldemort !%en %e !as a c%ild t%at le&t a permanent scar, and Snape is a &ormer #eat%
>. $%e anagram PosiedonG Fvans. Posiedon !as t%e *od !%o rescued a princess (.il(?).
So i& t%e stor( goes do!n t%at route, t%an Snape !ould be a prince.
4. It0s Huite possible t%at %e is a %al& blood, considering !e ,no! almost not%ing o& %is
parentage and not all Sl(t%erins are pureblood.

'ere are Huite a &e! reasons !%( 'agrid mig%t be t%e 'al& 8lood Prince:
C. Fste jumatate sange pur. (vrajitorEurias)
2. 9%( did $om iddle %ave 'agrid, not an( ot%er person, e-pelled in %is t%ird (ear? Ms.
o!ling does not include people or details &or no reason, ever(t%ing in %er !riting serves
a purpose. $%is %appened in t%e <%amber o& Secrets and o!ling said t%at <%amber o&
Secrets %eld man( clues to t%e si-t% and sevent% boo,s. 8ut 'agrid !as still allo!ed to
remain on sc%ool grounds &or t%e rest o& %is li&e? Ma(be #umbledore ,ne! somet%ing?
>. .ucius Mal&o( and %is son tr( to get 'agrid into trouble man( times.
a. In t%e <oS Mal&o( most li,le( persuaded t%e minister to remove 'agrid &rom
b. In AotP, Mal&o( and &ello! #F0s o&&spring tras% 'agrid to :mbridge.
c. 'agrid0s pet is ordered to be e-ecuted on t%e orders o& .ucius Mal&o( even
t%oug% it did not cause an( serious damage to %is son.
d. 9%( do t%e Sl(t%erins %ate 'agrid so muc%? 'e0s not even %ead o& *r(&&indorB
9%( not %ate Mc*onagall? $%ere must be some e-planation &or !%( t%e
Sl(t%erins direct t%ier %atred most at 'agrid.
4. 9%( is #umbledore al!a(s sending 'agrid out on missions !%en %e is not an
accomplis%ed !i+ard or t%e most competent person (no matter %o! lovable %e
ma( be)? Ma(be %e %as some sort o& immunit(?
). It seems unli,le( no!, but !ouldn0t Ms. o!ling !ant to put in somet%ing t%at
adds a t!ist to t%e boo,? / %al& blood prince not being even a &ull- &ledged
!i+ard? Seems li,e somet%ing s%e !ould do in m( perspective.