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Hi, My name is Susan. I am ten years old.

I am Portguese and I live with my mother, my father and

my brother in Lisbon.
The day starts about 7 olo! , when dad and mum get u". #e usually have brea!fast at $ o
lo! . I li!e to eat ereal with mil! and a toast.
%fter brea!fast my brother and I brush our teeth. #e all leave the house by $.&'. (ad goes to
wor!. He is a dotor. Mum, my brother and I go to shool then my mother athes the bus to her
wor! "lae. She is a sho" assistant.
I always have lunh at shool.
My friend "i!s me u" from shool at )$.&'. Sometimes we go to the sho"s and if we are lu!y
we "lay with our friends in the "ar! before we do our homewor!.
(ad usually gets home about )*.&' and we all have dinner together. My favourite meals is fish
with salad .
In the evenings, I sometimes wath T+ or hat with my friends on my om"uter.
I go to the ballet on #ednesdays and my brother "lays football on Tuesdays.
%t wee!ends I "lay on my om"uter and I usually go out with my friends.
I. ,hoose the best title for the te-t.
a. / Susan0s vaation
1./Susan0s daily routine
./ Susans hobbies
II./(eide wether the sentenes are true or false.
). _______The te-t is about a ten/ year old girl.
2. _______She lives in a flat in north/west Sotland.
&. _______Susan gets u" at 7 olo!.
3. _______%ll the family has the brea!fast together.
4.555555 Shool finishes at a 6uarter "ast five.
7. _______She li!es fish and salad.
7.555555 %t wee!ends she goes to the ballet.
III./%swer the following 6uestions about the te-t.
). #ho is Susan8

2. #ho does she live with8

&. #hat time does she get u"8

3. #hat does she have for brea!fast8

7. #hat does she do after shool8

7. #hat time does the family have dinner8

$. #hen does she do ballet8

II./ write the e-"ressions in the orres"onding images. 1e areful9 There are some e-tra

2 & 3
55555555555555555 55555555555555 55555555555555 5555555555555555
wath tv ta!e the bus have dinner
get u" do a homewor! hat
brush your teeth "lay football "lay on the om"uter
go to shool have lunh do a homewor!

4.55555555555555555 7 555555555555555 755555555555555 $555555555555555