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Gourmet, September 2003

The Last Touch
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our !otes
Active time: 3" mi! Start to #i!ish: $ hr %i!c&udes coo&i!'(
servi!' size
)a*es about $0 cups+
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$ cup peca!s %3 $,2 oz(, toasted a!d coarse& chopped
- cups p&ai! popcor!
3,. stic* %/ tab&espoo!s( u!sa&ted butter
$ $,2 cups pure map&e srup
$,2 teaspoo! sa&t
Specia& e0uipme!t: a ca!d thermometer
Toss to'ether peca!s a!d popcor! i! a &ar'e bow&+
Li!e a &ar'e sha&&ow ba*i!' pa! with #oi&, the! &i'ht& oi& #oi& a!d a woode! spoo!+
)e&t butter i! a $1 to $ $,210uart heav saucepa! over moderate heat+ Add srup a!d
sa&t, the! boi&, without stirri!', u!ti& mixture re'isters 30023 o! thermometer, $" to 20
4our srup over peca!s a!d popcor!, stirri!' bris*& with oi&ed spoo! to coat+
5mmediate& spread popcor! i! ba*i!' pa!+ 6oo& comp&ete&, the! brea* i!to bite1size
Gourmet, September 2003
The Last Touch
)o!te cristo sa!dwiches
A de&i'ht#u&& mustard versio! o# the battered a!d #ried tur*e, ham, a!d cheese
servi!' size
)a*es 2 servi!'s+
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. %$,31i!ch1thic*( s&ices e'' bread
2 $,2 tab&espoo!s who&e 'rai! 9i:o! mustard, divided
. thi! s&ices a'ed white cheddar cheese %cut to size o# bread(, divided
. thi! s&ices smo*ed tur*e
. thi! s&ices smo*ed ham
. &eaves mustard 'ree!s %trimmed to size o# bread(
2 &ar'e e''s
3 tab&espoo!s butter
4&ace 2 bread s&ices o! wor* sur#ace+ Spread each with $ tab&espoo! mustard+ Top each
with $ cheese s&ice, 2 tur*e s&ices, 2 ham s&ices, 2 &eaves mustard 'ree!s, a!other
cheese s&ice, a!d bread+
7eat e''s a!d remai!i!' $,2 tab&espoo! mustard i! pie dish to b&e!d+ )e&t butter i!
&ar'e s*i&&et over medium1&ow heat+ 9ip both sides o# sa!dwiches i!to e'' mixture+
4&ace i! s*i&&et+ 6over a!d coo* u!ti& bottoms are 'o&de!, about " mi!utes+ Tur!
sa!dwiches over+ 6over; coo* u!ti& 'o&de! a!d cheese is me&ted, about . mi!utes
&o!'er+ Tra!s#er sa!dwiches to p&ates; cut i!to 0uarters+
7o! App8tit, Apri& 200<
=!e1hour Shrimp 4ae&&a
3or a! eve! easier preparatio!, bu a&read1chopped o!io!s a!d be&& peppers; the>re
avai&ab&e at ma! supermar*ets+
servi!' size
)a*es . servi!'s+
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$ tab&espoo! o&ive oi&
- ou!ces $,21i!ch cubes smo*ed ham %about $ 3,. cups(
2 cups chopped o!io!s
$ cup chopped red be&& pepper
$,. teaspoo! %'e!erous( sa##ro! threads, crumb&ed
$,. teaspoo! hot Spa!ish papri*a or hot ?u!'aria! papri*a
3 $,. cups %or more( &ow1sa&t chic*e! broth, divided
$ $,2 cups arborio rice or medium1'rai! white rice
$ pou!d u!coo*ed pee&ed devei!ed &ar'e shrimp
$,2 cup pimie!to1stu##ed 'ree! o&ives, ha&ved
?eat oi& i! heav &ar'e s*i&&et over medium1hi'h heat+ Add smo*ed ham, o!io!s, a!d
be&& pepper, a!d saut8 u!ti& 'o&de! brow!, about - mi!utes+ Stir i! sa##ro! a!d papri*a,
the! 3 cups broth a!d rice+ 7ri!' to boi&+ Spri!*&e with sa&t a!d pepper+ @educe heat to
&ow, cover, a!d simmer u!ti& rice is a&most te!der, about $" mi!utes+ Aest&e shrimp i!to
rice, top with o&ives, a!d drizz&e with $,. cup %or more( broth to moiste!+ 6over a!d
coo* u!ti& shrimp are :ust opa0ue i! ce!ter, about / mi!utes+ Seaso! to taste with more
sa&t a!d pepper+
7o! App8tit, Apri& 200<