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Oxygen Sensor Simulator Schematic

What is an O2 sensor simulator?

The OBD-II cars (1996-199! ha"e the t#o O2 sensors to measure the amount o$ oxygen in
the exhaust gas% &irst sensor is measuring it right a$ter gases esca'e engine an( this (ata is
use( to a()ust $uel trim o$ the engine* as #ell as catch some $aulty con(itions% The secon(
sensor is locate( a$ter the catalic con"erter* an( is use( to (etect the health o$ catalic
con"erter% The +,- ex'ects the signal $rom the sensor to .e oscillating $rom .elo# /%0" to
a.o"e /%6"* .ut not a.o"e 1%2"* e"ery $e# secon(s #hen cruising%
I$ you install the a$termar1et (o#n'i'e #ith no cat (#hich as #e all 1no# is 'urely $or o$$-
roa( a''lications! the +,- #ill (etect this an( in(icate the error (2I3!% The +,- is 4uite
la5y at (etection* an( (etects this con(ition a''roximately (uring secon( long tri'% 6ou can
reset the +,- to clear the error co(e* .ut it7s "ery incon"enient* as you (on7t really 1no# i$
the error #as .ecause o$ oxygen sensor or some im'ortant thing is #rong an( nee(s to .e
ta1en care o$ 8S89% It7s also 4uite annoying%
:o# to .uil( 6our O#n Oxygen Sensor Simulator;
The rest o$ the 'age sho#s ho# to .uil( an oscillating signal generator #ith )ust the right
$re4uency an( "oltage to $ool the +,-% It is .ase( on classical asta.le o'erating mo(e o$ <<<
timer* so nothing re"olutionary there% :o#e"er #e s'ent $e# (ays o$ $i((ling an( testing to
get the right .eha"ior%
8((itional notes=
I$ you use (i$$erent $la"ors o$ <<< timer chi' or 3+Ds #ith (i$$erent 'arameters you #ill nee(
to rea()ust the "alues o$ >0 an( >2 to get the inter"al an( out'ut "oltage right%
Don7t attach it (irectly to the +,- right a$ter Instea( attach it to the .attery an(
chec1 the out'ut% 6ou shoul( get a''roximately /"?/%@" $li''ing a.out e"ery A%A secon(s
#hen the car is not running* an( /"?/%9" #hen the car is running% The current shoul( stay
.elo# 1/m8%
One 3+D shoul( .e al#ays on #hene"er the 'o#er is su''lie(% 8nother 3+D in(icates #hen
the out'ut signal is high* so it shoul( go on an( o$$ #ith the signal%
When ta''ing the +,- #ires* tri'le chec1 e"erything .e$ore hoo1ing u' the oscillator% The
'o#er source shoul( rea( /" #hen the 1ey is remo"e(* a.out 12%6" #hen they 1ey is at 8,,
an( a.out 10%A #hen the alternator is running% The resistance .et#een groun( #ire an( the
.o(y shiel( o$ the +,- shoul( .e / ohms% 8n( it #oul( .e .est i$ you run the car an(
monitor the "oltage o$ the original oxygen sensor #ire .e$ore cutting it to ma1e sure you ha"e
in(ee( got the right one% The resistance .et#een +,- 9IB C0@ an( groun( is a.out 1%A to 1%6
2 Ohm% The original sensor shoul( still .e (angling aroun(* or 'lugge( into the (o#n'i'e%
The reason is that +,- also monitors the resistance o$ heater circuit insi(e the sensor% I$ you
#ant to ,O29+3T+36 (isconnect it* you #ill nee( to measure the resistance o$ the heater
circuit an( install the right resistor .et#een +,- 9IB C@2 an( +,- 9IB CA1 8ny#ay* there
is no nee( to (o it i$ you )ust lea"e O2 sensor alone an( only interce't the oxygen signal #ire%
8.o"e testing an( 'recautions #ill 're"ent you $rom $rying the +,- an( s'en(ing ma)or DDD
D% 8ny#ay* I assume no res'onsi.ility i$ you still manage to (o so%
>1 1// E Ohm
>2 1 2 Ohm
>A 1// E Ohm
>0 1/ E Ohm
,1 0%@ u&
,2 22 u&
D1 1%@"F2/m8 3+D
D2 1%@"F2/m8 3+D
Oxygen Sensor Simulator
The oxygen sensor simulator as .uilt on a 'roto.oar(% Bote the cigarette lighter 'lug use( $or
'o#er source% The a()ustment 1no. is at the le$t* an( the s#itch is on the right% The re(
in(icator 3+D is in the mi((le% Only use re(* .ecause the "oltage (ro' o$ the 3+D is 'art o$
the circuit;
he schematic (iagram $or the simulator% ,losing the s#itch engages the simulator% Turning the
1no. cloc1#ise simulates a lean con(ition* turns the 3+D o$$* an( the car shoul( start running
rich to com'ensate% The .ig NKN is a (igital "oltmeter(not sho#n in the 'ictures!% -sing a
smaller "alue $or ,1* 'erha's 0%@ u&* #ill ma1e the circuit oscillate $aster an( might .e more
li1e a real oxygen sensor(a ne# sensor s#itches more o$ten than an ol( one!%
The schematic (iagram o$ the a(a'ter ca.le an( oxygen sensor%