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We are please to confirm our agreement to buy and your agreement to buy subjects to the
following terms and conditions:
( This contract is made by the buyer and the seller whereby the seller agree to buy and the
buyer agree to buy under mentioned commodities according to the terms and conditions
stipulated below)
The Buyer:
Represented by:
The Seller:
Represented by:
Article 1: Commodities, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount
Description Quantity Unit price Amount
( Pc) (USD) (USD)
1 Apple Iphone 5S 16GB
Gold - Unlocked
100 720 72.000
2 Brother CS 6000i Feature
Rich Sewing Machine with
60 built in stitches 7
styles of 1 step auto size
buttonholes quilting table
and hard cover
100 145 14.500
Total Amount 86.500
Total price: USD 86.500
( Say: eighty six thousand and five hundred dollar only)
Above said price to be understood for CIF HaiPhong Port - Incorterm 2000
Article 2: Quality and Specification
As per sample agreed by both parties and accordance with standard export quality of the
All of the above goods are an international standard of quality
Article 3: Shipment
Time of shipment:
Partial shipment: Not allowed
Transshipment: Not allowed
Port of loading: Any Korea Port
Port of discharge: Hai Phong Port
Shipment Advice
Article 4: Payment
10% total amount as deposit after release Commercial Invoice and Packing List
90% after deliver all the goods to our forwarder.
The Seller must be sent to the buyer following documents:
By an irrevocable letter of credit payable at sight to be opened by Issuing bank in favour
of Beneficiary through the Advising bank:
Name of the bank:
Swift Code
Account No:
Account Name:
Payment shall be made upon presentation of the following documents:
Set (3/3) of Original of Clean Shipped on Board Bill of Lading marked Freight
Collect make out to order of opening bank
Signed commercial invoice : 03 originals
Packing list with detailed serial number: 03 originals
Certificate of Origin Issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of :
Certificate of quality and quantity issued by the seller
Insurance policy or insurance certificate covering All risks clause with claim
payable in Vietnam indicating 110% coverage of the total contract value:
One set of copy shipping documents (01 B/L, 01 Packing List, 01 Commercial
Invoice. 01 Insurance Policy, 01 copy of Certificate of Origin and Certificate of
Quality) shall be sent to the Buyer by email or fax within 05 working days from
the date of shipment
Presentation of documents should be made within 14 working days after the date
of shipment
Banking commission/ chargers outside of Vietnam will be paid by the seller
Article 5: Claims and Arbitration
The two parties must mutually agree to fulfill at the terms and conditions specified in the
contract, party who violates the specified terms and conditions must be responsible for
and compensate the loss caused to the other directly by his violation
Upon receiving the goods, the buyer shall have the goods inspected. If their quality and
specifications are not in conformity with those mentioned in the Contract, the buyer shall
have the right to claim to the Seller. All claim by the Buyer shall be made within 30 days
after airmail together with particulars of Survey report of VINACONTROL of the
Socialist Republic of Vietnam which should be regardless as final.
This contract will be governor by the provision of Incorterm 2000. If any dispute arise
under this contract that is not settled by an amicable agreement between the two sides, the
matter will be transferred to the Arbitration in Vietnam in accordance with the
International Commercial Arbitration Rules. The decision taken by Arbitration Board
will be the final and all the fees and the expenses occurred in this arbitration shall be
borne by loosing party.
Article 6: Force Majeure
Force majeure circumstance must be notified by cable or telex by the one party to the
other within 7 days. After such cable notification, a certificate of force majure issued by
the competent Government Authorities will be sent to the other party. Beyond this time
Force majeure circumstance shall not be taken into consideration.
Article 7: General Direction
This contract shall be effective and binding on the all parties from the date of signing
This contract shall be made in English and signed by fax, in two copies, of which one for
each party
This contract may not be assigned by the Buyer without express written consent of the
For the Seller
For the Buyer