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Te greater part of the programme consists of
the mandatory onshore traineeship where you
will start with a 2 3 month introduction at our
HQ in Lyngby (Greater Copenhagen). You will get
acquainted with the majorit of the depart-
ments and most importantly, with Operations.
During the rst days you will be assigned a Men-
tor, who will guide you throughout the whole
programme. You will also get the learning plan
for your next rotation.
Te programme also covers time oshore,
which will take you through a number of rota-
tions on one or several of Maersk Drillings rigs.
Te onshore programme oers you 3 rota-
tions with dierent Rig Teams at various
locations around the world. Upon graduation,
you should expect that you will assist a Rig
Manager in the daily tasks, where you will
deal with rig operations, maintenance, report-
ing, budgeting as well as commercial, HR and
other matters. You will have the opportunit
to familiarize yourself with all those tasks
during your traineeship and prepare for great
performance in your next job role.
Rig Manager
Development Programme
Te Rig Manager Development Programme will prepare you for
your next position and future career in Maersk Drilling.
During the oshore programme you will get
acquainted with life oshore, get to know peo-
ple, their responsibilities, their daily routine and
possibly tackle extraordinary situations. Tis is
important when working in the oce environ-
ment where you will be in constant contact
with your colleagues oshore. Knowing things
from the books might be necessary to nd
correct solutions, but your oshore experience
will be key to reacting quickly and eciently
to whatever situation that occurs on the rig.
Equally important, people contacting you
would know that you are on the same page.
We will make sure to make it exciting by plan-
ning your rotations in a way that you will get
most out of the months spent oshore. You
will be assigned a supervisor, who will guide and
assist you through the oshore programme.
You will participate in dierent stages of rig
operations and learn about organisation and
reporting structure. We aim to give you experi-
ence from at least one Jack-up rig and one
Deepwater semi-sub. Depending on the loca-
tion, your schedule will most likely be 28 days
oshore and 28 free days onshore. Rotation
Programme structure
plan and location will depend on our contrac-
tual situation and can therefore change.
You will go through training and courses dur-
ing your onshore rotations. We believe this
will create a good foundation and add to the
practical hands-on knowledge. Some courses
involve travelling and will be provided by spe-
cialised training centres. Others are organised
in-house and online.
You will be free to plan your course schedule
with your manager and our training depart-
ment with the responsibilit of being certied
in all of them by the end of your programme.
All trainings require 2 3 months combined.
* Sequence of rotations may vary
** Introduction includes Starters Day, Oshore Survival course, Meet/Greet Mentor, and HR introduction
BA in Engineering
Assistant Rig Manager
MD owned Rigs
BA in Engineering with
similar Oshore experience
(min 2 3 years)
HQ in Lyngby HQ in Lyngby
North Sea (Jack-ups)
Other (Semis)
North Sea (Jack-ups)
Other (Semis)
(12 15 months)
Entry level
Intro in HQ
(2 3 months)
programme *
(6 8 months
each rotation)
Introduction to MD** Introduction to MD**
(1 3 weeks)

Who: You are an engineer, preferably (but
not necessarily) with oshore experience.
If you lack oshore experience, we will put
you through an accelerated oshore training
process of 12-15 months before entering the
actual programme.
Maersk Drilling designs, develops and oper-
ates a global eet of advanced drilling rigs.
With oces throughout the world, Maersk
Drilling is a truly global player in the oshore
drilling market delivering world-class drilling
eciency to oil companies. With a eet of
Jack-up rigs, Semi submersibles and drilling
barges, we promise a service that meets
our customers high expectations. It is our
devoted people that ensure this is exactly
what we deliver.
By joining Maersk Drilling, an integrated part
of the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group, you should
be prepared for a career that can lead you
Maersk Drilling
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