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30th June 2013

Since Mesophytes are plants that are exposed to an environment where it is neither too dry too wet they have not
needed any extreme adaptations although they do have a hardship of losing water by evaporation from all aerial parts.
Mesophyte plants have both physiological and structural features that allow them to cope with terrestrial habitats. The
presence of a waxy cuticle in mesophytes is important as it plays a simple but yet very important role in the survival if a
plant the waxy cuticle traps the moisture inside the plants leaves its function is to lessen water loss it does this by not
letting the water diffuse out so easily. The cutile is like a protective film covering the epidermis of the leaves it works as
a protective waxy covering and tends to be thicker on the top of the leaf. Without it the sun would evaporate all the
moisture leaving the leave dry shrivelled and worth less. Also stomata on mesophytes are only present on the lower
epidermis, the stomata close in extreme heat or wind to prevent transpiration , this is due the guard cells around the
stomata which close when the plant starts to wilt and therefore force the stomata closed and prevent an water loss.
Meophytes generally have leaves that are large and thin compared to xerophytes sometimes having a large amount
of stomata on the undersides of the leaves and a dark green colour.
The roots of mesophytes are well developed they are branched and provided with a root cap. Since the roots of
meophytes are well developed this allows absorption of water and minerals form the soil and also anchors the body of
the plant so it can stay stable and there fore survive. The roots work by absorbing water and minerals to be from the
soil and transported by the xylem and phloem (vascular bundle) to be used for photosynthesis and respiration . The
roots also have tiny root hairs that maximize the water and minerals that roots can take in or absorb.The shoot system
on mesophytes is well organised and the stem is generally straight, branched, thick, broad and aerial. Mesophytes
such as deciduous trees and shrubs that live in areas which often experience cold weather and often snow, the trees
loose their leaves during winter and then become dormant (in extremely cold weather) and because the water in the
soil is often frozen due to the weather so therefore cannot be absorbed by the plant also by losing their leaves they
reduce the rate of transpiration so there fore reduces water loss.
Mesophytes Adaptations
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