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Finance Industry:

As financial intermediary, Non-Bank Financial Institution plays vital role in the development of the country. They provide additional financial services that are not
always provided by the banking industry. According to latest Bangladesh Bank (BB) statistics, out of 31 NBFIs, 3 are Government-owned, 10 are joint venture and
the rest 18 are locally private-owned. Meanwhile, the branch network reached to 170 as on 30 June 2013. So far 23 NBFIs are listed in our capital market. Major
sources of funds of NBFIs are term deposits, credit facilities from banks and other NBFIs, the call money market, as well as bonds and securitizations. A
comparison from December 2012 to June 2013 showed that, aggregate industry assets increased by 13.36% to BDT 378.5 bn, liabilities by 15.31% to BDT 316.3
bn and equity by 9.51% to BDT 62.2 bn. Non-performing loan (NPL) situation deteriorated; as on June 30 2013, NPL was 6.2% whereas in December 2012 it was

Company Information:
LankaBangla Finance Limited was incorporated and commenced its operation on November 05, 1996. The principal activities of the Company are providing
integrated financial services including corporate financial services, retail financial services, SME financial services, stock broking, corporate advisory and wealth
management services. The firm conducts its operation with 19 branches (including subsidiaries). The Company displayed its strong presence in capital market
through three subsidiaries LankaBangla Investment Ltd. (99%), LankaBangla Securities Ltd. (90%) and LankaBangla Asset Management Company Ltd. (99%).
The firm enlisted with DSE on October 17, 2006 and CSE on October 31, 2006. Currently, around 38.67% of shares are held by Sponsors and 61.33% of shares are
held by General Investors.

Financial Postion :

Particulars 2013 ( MN) 2012 (MN)
Operating Income


596,259,991 122%
net profit after tax


510,309,775 95%


3,395,216,186 4%
Loans and Advancements


18,633,845,150 33%
Net Interest Income


529,976,451 48%
Total Equity


6,473,960,231 6%
Retained Surplus


75,690,921 1013%

Table : Financial Position Pic : Share Holder Position

LANKABANFIN is showing a great prospective interms of their
operating income which has increased by 122% as well their Net
profit after Tax which has increased by 95%. LANKABANFIN
recently has realized its profit in their investment in capital market
for which their profit has gone up. Projecting on this factor alone
last year it has showed EPS of 4.58 per share. Depending on
current years performance the annualized EPS stands at 1.24 per
share which is alarming.

A comparison from December 2012 to June 2013 showed that,
aggregate industry assets increased by 13.36% to BDT 378.5 bn,
liabilities by 15.31% to BDT 316.3 bn and equity by 9.51% to BDT
62.2 bn. Meanwhile, total deposit stood at BDT 174.0 bn (19.67%
growth) and loan portfolio was BDT 273.6 bn (8.5% growth). As on
June 30, 2013, primary investment focus of the industry was on
industrial sector (43.8%) followed by real estate (16.7%), trade
and commerce (11.3%), margin loans (5.0%), merchant banking
(4.0%), agriculture (1.5%) and others (17.7%).

Technical Analysis :


Current Trend is downtrend. As the overall Market is undervalued
and preparing itself for a uptrend or non trending phase, it could
give a spike for couple of days and generate a supply at 49 price
level. Monthly the script is in ground to get stabilize but the down
trend is really strong and the price level might get a strong support
at 35 price level.
Sector: Financial Institutions
No Of Securities: 218,766,759.00 Sector PE: 23.09
Current PE 32.66 Sector Cap 138,008,200,205.00
Reserve: 3,561.40 Sector Earnings: 5,976,263,935.04
Last AGM Held: 31/03/2014 Sector Beta: 1.00
Paidup Capital: 2188 M
Market Capital: 8860.05 M
Trade % of MCAP: 0.00
Public Securities 134,410,297.00
Public Cap 2015M
Table : Company Information

Daily Trend Weekly Trend Monthly Trend
RSI (18) 24.73 Down Trend 33.28 Down Trend 42.19 stabilizing
MFI(18) 13.33 Down Trend 14.21 Down Trend 65.75 Down Trend
ADX (14) 45.42 Up Trend 27.85 Up Trend 13.79 Stabilizing
MACD -3.31 Stabilizing -5.02 Down Trend -3.62 Down Trend
ATR 1.50 Uptrend 4.16 Stabilizing 11.25 Down Trend
Recommendation :
Signal Price Fluctuation Current Price: 40.40. Retracement in
Upward Trend. A supply might come at 6.10
Tk Price Level. If the Price Trend Remains
Upward then the price will move towards
8.50 and again a supply will generate.
Daily Buy Moderate
Weekly Buy Moderate
Monthly sell High