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A bad workman blames his tools.
Make hay while the sun shines.
Many hands make light work.
All work and no play makes Jak a dull boy.
!e"er put o## till tomorrow what you an do today.
$oo many ooks spoil the broth.
Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy% wealthy and wise.
$he de"il makes work #or idle hands.
$he early bird athes the worm.
&# a 'ob is worth doing it(s worth doing well.
* the donkey work+ the most di##iult work that nobody wants to do
* make light work o#+to #inish something easily
* make short work o#+to #inish something ,uikly
* work like a bea"er+work #ast and with enthusiasm
* work like a dog+work hard % "ery muh
* work wonders+sodakat tes-
* work like magi
* be all worked up+e.ited
* work o## steam+to release tension
* work one(s #ingers to the bone+work "ery hard
/. to get down to doing something
0. to keep up with someone
1. to take something down
2. to #all behind
3. to hand something in
4. to put something o##
5. to get through something
6. to srape through something
7. to ath up with something
/8. to go through something
a. to be behind with something% not at the le"el e.peted
b. to start work on something
. to postpone% to deide to do something at a later date
d. to pass an or a test
e. to hek that something is orret% to e.amine something
#. to reah the same standard or position as someone else
g. to gi"e something to someone in a position o# authority
h. to remain at the same standard or position as someone else
i. to reord in writing what someone is saying
'. to pass an but with a "ery low grade
to ha"e di##iulty &! 9doing: something
to ha"e problems ;&$< 9doing: something
to onentrate O! 9doing: something
to be good=,uite good
not good=bad A$ 9doing: something
/. ;hih o# the ,ualities in the list are neessary #or these 'obs>
patient% physially strong% emotionally strong% intelligent% aring% alm% honest% puntual%
deisi"e% hardworking% persuasi"e% ourageous% heer#ul% persistent% alert% ,uik*thinking
0. Dhoose a word #rom the list to omplete the sentenes belowE
wage% salary% pay% sa"ings% pension% interest% ash% poket*money
/. <e earns a lot o# FFF. on the money he has in"ested.
0. <ow muh FFF. )oes she gi"e the hildren>
1. Both parents need to beFFF.. earnesr nowadays.
2. ;hat & really want ot know ia what will be in my FFF.. paket e"ery month.
3. ;ill you pay in FFFor by redit ard>
4. Most o# my monthly FFFFF.goes on paying the bills.
5. &n my ountry both men and women get theirFFFat 48.
6. Paying #or the ar to be repaired has really eaten into hisFFF. .
1. Math the phrases.
/. & really an(t a##ord
0. Gou shouldn(t ha"e
spent so muh
1. &t really isn(t worth
2. Gou must ha"e paid
3. $hey must ha"e bought
4. & bet it ost
5. &t really was a waste
6. ;e were o"erharged
7. She makes a li"ing
/8. $hey made a lot o# money
a. o# time and money.
b. you an absolute #ortune.
. by selling the pitures that she paints.
d. to go out again this week.
e. using up our sa"ings.
#. when they sold their house.
g. on the holiday.
h. it with the money they inherited.
i. #or it on redit ard.
'. #or the ta.i #are.
/. $here is nothing in our bank aount. ;e("e run out o# money.
0. John(s been putting money by #or his holiday all yearH he(s sa"ed o"er 388 pounds.
1. & had to take out a loan to buy my new ar. &(ll pay bak the money & borrowed o"er
three years.
2. )oing this ourse is really eating into my sa"ingsE E"ery week & ha"e to pay o"er 38
3. &# you lea"e your 'ob% what are we going to live on>
4. ;e(re spending too muh money e"ery weekE ;e(ll ha"e to cut down on lu.uries.

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