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CAST 2011 UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2

Project Reflection Sheet for UDL Educators Checklist

How did you use technology to implement the 9 UDL guidelines? Explain in the nine boxes below.
Resave the file as Group # UDL checklist
I. Provide Multiple Means of Representation: Your notes
1. Provide options for perception 1.1 Before students begin the exploration activity, the
teacher will model the activity using the ELMO projector.

1.2 Students will be able to listen to a You Tube video to help
them get excited about pairs and counting by twos.
1.1 Offer ways of customizing the display of
1.2 Offer alternatives for auditory information
1.3 Offer alternatives for visual information
2. Provide options for language, mathematical
expressions, and symbols

2.1 The teacher will go over all pertinent vocabulary during
the lessons introduction (counting, pairs, adding, total, sum)

2.3 Students will begin to understand the meaning behind
the mathematical operations used to answer questions.

2.5 This lesson utilizes multiple forms of media including the
Promethean board, You Tube, and the ELMO Projector.
2.1 Clarify vocabulary and symbols
2.2 Clarify syntax and structure
2.3 Support decoding of text, and mathematical
notation, and symbols
2.4 Promote understanding across language
2.5 Illustrate through multiple media
3. Provide options for comprehension 3.1 Students will be given background knowledge on
counting by twos and things that come in pairs by watching
and listening to a You Tube video at the beginning of the

3.2 During both the exploration and explanation activities,
students will actively identify patterns and the big idea (1
pair=2 total, 2 pairs=4 total, etc.)

3.1 Activate or supply background knowledge
3.2 Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas, and
3.3 Guide information processing, visualization, and
3.4 Maximize transfer and generalization
II. Provide Multiple Means for Action and Expression: Your notes
4. Provide options for physical action 4.2 Teacher will use the Promethean Board, YouTube, and
the ELMO projector which will all be accessed by students
during this lesson; opening up tools and assistive
technologies to students.
4.1 Vary the methods for response and navigation
4.2 Optimize access to tools and assistive
5. Provide options for expression and communication 5.1 Multiple media is used when watching the YouTube clip
and opens up discussion between students on the material.

5.2 The group activity uses communication skills between
students and the ActivInspire activity opens up constructive
tools in front of the classroom for others to see.
5.1 Use multiple media for communication
5.2 Use multiple tools for construction and
5.3 Build fluencies with graduated labels of support
for practice and performance
6. Provide options for executive functions 6.2 Group work guides students to make executive decisions
including the plans and strategies for completing the
assignment as a group.

6.4 Teacher can monitor progress by using the Promethean
Board exercise to explain any parts of the assignment
students may not have understood fully.
6.1 Guide appropriate goal setting
6.2 Support planning and strategy development
6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources
6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress
CAST 2011 UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2

III. Provide Multiple Means for Engagement: Your notes
7. Provide options for recruiting interest 7.1 Students will be given minimal direction once the
exploration activity is introduced and modeled. Students will
be free to interact with their partners and then record their
results after each game.
7.2 Students will be challenged to think of the things that
they use every day that come in pairs.
7.1 Optimize individual choice and autonomy
7.2 Optimize relevance, value, and authenticity
7.3 Minimize threats and distractions
8. Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence 8.2 Students who were achieving at a higher level in math
will be given more pairs to work with during the exploration
8.3 Group activities on adding twos help build community
among students.

8.1 Heighten salience of goals and objectives
8.2 Vary demands and resources to optimize
8.3 Foster collaboration and community
8.4 Increase mastery-oriented feedback
9. Provide options for self-regulation 9.1 Teacher will encourage all students to give their best
effort and praise students throughout the lesson as theyre

9.3 The students will self-assess by comparing their answers
in the group and during the Promethean Board activity.
9.1 Promote expectations and beliefs that optimize
9.2 Facilitate personal coping skills and strategies
9.3 Develop self-assessment and reflection
How did you integrate technology into the goals, materials,
methods, and assessment for this lesson to improve students
understanding of content?
We utilized multiple means of media by incorporating a You
Tube Video and interactive questions on the Promethean
Board into our lesson plan. By doing so, we believe more
learners will be able to better understand the content focus
of the lesson.
What technology was used? By whom? Why was this
appropriate technology to integrate?
Promethean Board was used by the teacher and students.
YouTube Video was used by the teacher. ELMO projector
was used by the teacher and students. The technology was
age appropriate and integrated well with the math lesson
being taught.