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Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP)

1. Going to anchor

Is/are the anchor(s) ready for dropping? = Este/sunt ancorele gata pentru fundarisire?
We are going to an anchorage = Ne ndreptm spre un loc de ancoraj
a!e (port/star"oard/"oth) anchor(s) ready# = $regti%i ancora/ancorele din
We &ill drop ( port/star"oard/"oth) anchor(s) = 'om lsa (fundarisi) ancora/ancorele din
$ut(shac)les in the &ater = *sa%i ##chei de lan% n ap
$ut (shac)les in the pipe# = *sa%i (chei de lan% in nar
$ut (shac)les on dec) = *sa%i(chei de lan% pe punte#
Wal) "ac) (port/star"oard/"oth) anchor(s) one/one and a half shac)le(s) = +ila%i
ancora/ancorele din
"a"ord/tri"ord/am"ele o cheie/ o cheie de lan% ,i jumtate#
We &ill let go ( port/star"oard/"oth) anchor(s)(shac)le(s) and dredge it/them = 'om mola
ancora/ancorele din "a"ord/tri"ord/am"ele/cu##chei(e) de lan% ,i o/le !om grapa#
-rop port/star"oard/"oth) anchor(s) = +unda ancora/ancorele/ din "a"ord/tri"ord am"ele#
$ay out the ca"le(s) = +ila lan%ul/lan%urile de ancor
.hec) the ca"le (s) = .ontrolea/a lan%ul/lan%urile de ancor
old on (port/star"oard/"oth ca"le(s) = 0ine lan%ul/lan%urile de ancor/din
o& is the ca"le leading? = .um ntinde lan%ul o na!a?
1he ca"le(s) is/are leading (ahead/astern/to port/to star"oard/round the "o& up and do&n) =
de ancora ntind(e)/nainte/napoi/spre stnga/dreapta/ du"lnd pro!a/ la pic#
Is/are the anchor(s) holding? = 0in(e) ancora/ancorele?
2re you "rought up? = E,ti ancorat/oprit prin ancorare?
3&itch on anchor light(s) = 2prinde%i lumina/luminile de ancoraj
3&itch off anchor light(s) = 3tinge%i lumina/luminile de ancoraj
oist anchor "all = 2r"ora%i "ula neagr
*o&er anchor "all = .o"or%i "ula neagra
.hec) the anchor position "y "earings = 'erifica%i po/itia de ancoraj cu rele!mente

2. ea!ing the anchorage

o& much ca"le is out? = .t lan% de ancor este deasupra ancorei?
3tand "y to hea!e up = $regti%i4! pentru !irat
$ut the &indlass in gear = .uplati !inciul de ancor#
ea!e up the ( port/star"oard/"oth) ca"le(s) = 'ira%i lan%ul/lan%urile din "a"ord/tri"ord/am"ele
o& much &eight is on the ca"le? = .t este de solicitat/!irat lan%ul de ancor?
5uch &eight is on the ca"le= *an%ul de ancor este solicitat (!irat) mult
1oo much &eight is on the ca"le = *an%ul de ancor este solicitat (!irat) prea mult#
No &eight is on the ca"le = *an%ul de ancor nu este solicitat (!irat)#
3top hea!ing = 6pri%i !irarea
o& many shac)les are left to come in ? = .te chei de lan% mai sunt de adus la post?
1here is a turn in the ca"le(s) = *an%ul/lan%urile pre/int o rsucire
2nchor(s) a&eigh/clear of the "ottom = 2ncora/ancorele s4a/s4au desprins de fund
2nchor(s) is/are clear of the &ater = 2ncora/ancorele este/sunt li"er/li"ere/a/au ie,it din ap
2nchor(s) is/are home = 2ncora/ancorele este/sunt la post
2nchor(s) is/are foul = 2ncora/ancorele este/sunt/ag%ate/prins/prinse
2nchor(s) secured = 34a/s4au asigurat ancora/ancorele la post

". SMCP in conte#t.

7ole 4play the follo&ing anchoring scenario8 then imagine and role4play an anchoring
scenario of your o&n#

1he 9$astoria: is approaching the anchorage# 1he .hief 6fficer is ma)ing preparations for a
standing moor#
e is on the forecastle head &ith the carpenter8 ;rey and other hands#

.hief 6fficer< 1a)e the co!ers off the spurling gates and unplug them8 .hippy#
.arpenter< =es8 3ir#
.hief 6fficer< ;rey8 ta)e the lashings from the ca"les and ease "ac) the compressors#
;rey< *ashings off# .ompressors eased "ac)8 3ir#
.hief 6fficer< .hippy> $ut the gipsy of the port anchor in gear and lo&er the anchor out of the
.arpenter< =es8 3ir(2nchor clear of the ha&se4pipe8 3ir#
.hief 6fficer< ;ood# 3ame for the star"oard anchor no&#
.arpenter< =es8 3ir# 3tar"oard anchor clear of the ha&se4pipe8 3ir#

We are all ready no& to ma)e a standing moor# 1he ship is tra!elling against the tide to&ards
her intended
anchorage# 6n the "ridge the .aptain is &atching the situation closely# e says to the

.aptain< =ou see that &hite to&er one point to star"oard8 ?en)ins?
?en)ins< =es8 3ir#
.aptain< 3teer for it#
?en)ins< =es8 3ir
.aptain< 'ery &ell# 3top her#
@rd#6fficer< 3top her8 3ir(Engine stopped8 3ir#

No& that the &ay is off the ship8 she is ta)en a&ay "y the tide and "egins to come astern# 2s
she does so8 the
.hief 6fficer on the forecastle head &aits for the .aptainAs signal "efore gi!ing orders#

.hief 6fficer< *et go port anchor#
.arpenter< *et go port8 3ir#
.hief 6fficer< 6ne shac)le(t&o(three# .hec) her# +our(fi!e(siB shac)les8 3ir#

3iB shac)les of ca"le ha!e "een !eered# 1his no& lies in a straight line on the sea "ed# 1he
9$astoria: has
"een "rought up and the star"oard anchor is no& let go underfoot#

.hief 6fficer< *et go star"oard anchor#
.arpenter< *et go star"oard8 3ir#

6n the "ridge8 the .aptain &ill ease the strain on the port anchor "y going ahead#

.aptain< -ead slo& ahead#
@rd 6fficer< -ead slo& ahead 8 3ir#
.aptain< Ceep the &hite to&er ahead8 ?en)ins#
?en)ins< 2y8 ay8 3ir#

2s the ship "egins to mo!e for&ard8 the .hief 6fficer says<

.hief 6fficer< ea!e in the port ca"le8 .hippy# ;rey8 slac) out the star"oard ca"le8 easy#
.arpenter< ea!e in port ca"le#
;rey< 3lac) out star"oard ca"le#
.hief 6fficer< 1&o(three shac)les# 2!ast hea!ing# 1hatAs enough# 5a)e all fast#
;rey and .arpenter< 2y 8ay8 3ir# 5a)e all fast#

Standard $hrases used in the te#t a%o!e&

2 standing moor = 2ncorare cu dou ancore cu ma,ina oprit#
3purling gates = nri de ancor
1o unplug = 2 degaja (nrile de ancor)
1o ta)e the lashings from = 2 de/arma (lan%urile)
1o ease "ac) the compressors = 2 sl"i stopele
1o put the gipsy/&indlass in gear = 2 cupla !inciul de ancor
a&se4pipe = 5an,on al nrii de ancor
6ne point to star"oard = Dn cart la dreapta
No& that the &ay is off the ship = 2cum8 pentru c na!a a fost stopat
3iB shac)les ha!e "een !eered = 34au filat ,ase chei de lan%
1o ease the strain on the port/star"oard anchor = 2 reduce solicitarea ancorei "a"ord/tri"ord
2!ast hea!ing = 3top !irarea
5a)e all fast = 'olta peste tot
Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) Re'ating to (erthing and

1. (erthing

We &ill "erth port/star"oard side alongside = 'om acosta cu "ordul "a"ord/tri"ord
We &ill moor to (a ) "uoy(s) ahead and astern = Ne !om lega la (o) geamandur/geamanduri
n pro!a ,i n
We &ill moor alongside = 'om acosta cu "ordul
We &ill moor to dolphins = Ne !om lega la pilo%i
3end out((head/stern/"reast) lines = -a%i parEme(pro!a/pupa/tra!ersa
3end out(spring(s) for&ard/aft = -a%i(spring(uri) pro!a/pupa
We &ill use(shore (head/stern/"reast) lines/&ires = 'om folosi(
parEme/srme/pro!a/pupa/tra!erse de la
mol (cheu)
-o you ha!e tension &inches? = 2!e%i !inciuri de ntindere?
a!e hea!ing lines ready for&ard and aft = $regti%i "andule la pro!a si pupa
3end a (hea!ing/head/stern/"reast) line ashore = -a%i o parm "andula/pro!a/pupa/tra!ersa la
a!e a messenger line ready = $regti%i o parm intermediar
Dse the centre/panama lead for&ard/aft = +olosi%i nara central/panama din pro!a/pupa
Dse the "o& lead = +olosi%i nara din centru
Dse the port/star"oard Fuarter lead = +olosi%i nara din pupa "a"ord#/tri"ord#
ea!e on(line(s)/spring(s) = 'ira%i parEm/par%mele/springul/springurile
$ic) up the slac) on the(line(s)/spring(s) = *ua%i din "anda
ea!e a&ay = !ira%i
3top hea!ing = 3top !irarea
3lac) a&ay(line(s)/spring(s) = +ila%i parEm/parEmele/springul/springurile
3top slac)ing(line(s)/spring(s) = 3top filarea parEmei/parEmelor/springului/springurilor
old on( line(s)/spring(s)= 0ine parEm/parEmele/springul/springurile
ea!e in easy = 'ira u,or
ea!e alongside = 1rage%i pe parEme de4a lungul cheiului
Ceep lines tight = 0ine parEmele ntinse
-o not "rea) the lines = Nu rupe parEmele
7eport the for&ard/aft distance to( = 7aportea/a distan%a pro!a/pupa la(
We ha!e to mo!e(metres ahead/astern = 1re"uie s ne deplasm(metri n pro!a/pupa
We are in position = 3untem in po/i%ie

2. )n%erthing

Is/are the engine(s) ready? = Este/sunt motorul/motoarele gata?
o& long does it ta)e to ha!e the engine(s) ready? = .t durea/a pregtirea
It ta)es(minutes to ha!e the engine(s) ready? = -urea/(minute pentru pregtirea
2re you ready to get under&ay? = 3unte%i gata de mar,?
$repare to let go = $regti%i de molat 3ingle up(line(s) and(springs for&ard and aft =
7educe%i parEm/parEmele(,i
springul/springurile(pro!a ,i pupa#
3lac) a&ay (head/stern/"reast) line = +ila%i parEm/pro!a/pupa/tra!ersa
3lac) a&ay (for&ard/aft) spring = +ila springul pro!a/pupa
ea!e on (head/stern) line = 'ira parEm pro!a/pupa
ea!e on (head/stern) spring = 'ira springul pro!a/pupa
*et go e!erything for&ard/aft = 5ola toate parEmele la pro!a/pupa
*et go (head/stern) line = 5ola parEm#pro!a/pupa
*et go to&ing line = 5ola parEm de remorcaj
*et go spring = 5ola springul
Ceep someone for&ard to stand "y the anchor = 0ine%i pe cine!a n pro!a s pregteasc

Standard Marine Communication Phrases in conte#t.
Ro'e $'a* the %erthing scenario %e'o+ and then imagine and act out a
%erthing,un%erthing scenario o- *our o+n.

1he 9$astoria: is coming up the ri!er on the flood tide# er "erth is on her star"oard side8 and
ca"les ahead# 1he .hief 6fficer is on the forecastle and is gi!ing the "oats&ain orders#

.hief 6fficer< 2nchors are clearG got the hea!ing lines8 fenders and mooring ropes ready8
Hoats&ain< =es8 3ir#
.hief 6fficer< 1he .aptain is going to ta)e her round8 no&#

1he neBt thing8 after seeing that the eFuipment is ready8 is to turn the ship round and stem the
tide# We are
no& a little &ay past our "erth and .aptain ?ones is doing this#

.aptain< ard4a4star"oard# 3top her# +ull ahead#
elmsman< ard4a4star"oard8 3ir#
@rd 6fficer< +ull ahead8 3ir#
.aptain< 5idship# 3top her# +ull astern#
elmsman< 5idship
@rd 6fficer< +ull astern8 3ir#
.aptain< 3top her# $ort a "it#
@rd 6fficer< 3top her8 3ir#
elmsman< $ort a "it#

1he 9$astoria: &as turned around "y this manoeu!re# No& she is stemming the tide#

.aptain< 3lo& ahead# 3teady as you go#
@rd 6fficer< 3lo& ahead8 3ir#
elmsman< 3teady as you go8 3ir#

1he ship is no& approaching the "erth against the tide8 and .aptain ?ones has gi!en us a slight
cant to&ards
it# 6n the forecastle8 the .hief 6fficer says<

.hief 6fficer< ea!ing line ready? Hend on the head rope# No& pay her out#

1he shore party ma)es her head rope fast#

.aptain< 3top her#
@rd 6fficer< 3top her8 3ir#

No& the &eight comes on the head rope and the ship is dropping alongside# 6n the stern of
the 9$astoria:
the 3econd 6fficer is in charge# e says<
.aptain< 5a)e fast your stern rope#

3tern rope8 "reast ropes and spring are no& led ashore and made fast# 6n the "ridge8 the
.aptain says<

.aptain< 7ing 9+inished &ith the engine:8 1hird#
@rd 6fficer< +inished &ith the engines8 3ir#
.aptain< 'ery good# elmsman8 finished &ith the &heel#
elmsman< +inished &ith the &heel8 3ir#

.oca%u'ar* and e#$ressions used in the te#t a%o!e.

1o come up the ri!er = 2 na!iga n amonte
+lood tide = $erioada de fluB
Herth = -an
1o stem the tide = 2 na!iga contra mareei
1o gi!e a slight cant = 2 aduce u,or
ea!ing line = Handul
1o "end on = 2 lega
1o pay out = 2 fila
3hore party = Echipa de la cheu
No& the &eight comes on the head rope = 2cum parEm pro!a fiind solicitat(
1he ship is dropping alongside = Na!a !ine prea repede la cheu
5a)e fast your stern rope = 'olta%i parEm pupa
*et ashore = da%i (pamele) la cheu
Standard Marine Communication Phrases Re'ating to /o+ing
We &ill use(tug(s) = noi !om folosi(remorcher(e)
3tand "y to ma)e fast tug(s) = pregti%i4! s !olta%i remorca/remorcile
5a)e(tug(s) fast = !olta%i ##remorca/remorcile
5a)e(tug(s) fast for&ard = !olta%i( remorca/remorcile n pro!a
5a)e(tug(s) fast on the port "o& = !olta%i(remorca/remorcile n pro!a4"o"ord
5a)e tug(s) fast on the star"oard "o& = !olta%i(remorca/remorcile n pro!a4tri"ord
5a)e(tug(s) fast aft = !oltati(remorca/remorcile n pupa#
5a)e(tug(s) fast on the port Fuarter = !olta%i(remorca/remorcile n pupa "a"ord#
5a)e(tug(s) fast on the star"oard Fuarter = !olta%i (remorca/remorcile n pupa tri"ord#
1he for&ard tug &ill ma)e fast alongside on the port side = remorcherul pro!a se !a lega n
"ordul "a"ord#
1he for&ard tug &ill ma)e fast alongside on the star"oard side = remorcherul din pro!a se !a
laga in "ordul
1he aft tug(s) &ill ma)e fast alongside on the port side = remorcherul/remorcherele pupa se
!a/!or lega n
"ordul "a"ord#
1he aft tug(s) &ill ma)e fast alongside on the star"oard side = remorcherul/remorcherele se
!a/!or lega n
"ordul tri"ord#
5a)e(tug(s) fast on each "o& = !olta%i( remorca n fiecare pro!a
5a)e(tug(s) fast on each Fuarter = !olta%i( remorca/remorcile n fiecare pupa#
1he tug(s) &ill pull = remorcherul/remorcherele !a/!or trage
1he tug(s) &ill push = remorcherul/remorcherele !a/!or mpinge
Dse the to&ing lines of the !essel = folosi%i parEmele de remorcaj ale na!ei#
Dse the to&ing lines of the tug(s) = folosi%i parEmele de remorcaj ale
Dse the centre/panama lead = folosi%i nara centrala panama#
Dse the fairlead on the port side = folosi%i turnichetul din "a"ord#
Dse the fairlead on the star"oard side = folosi%i turnichetul din tri"ord#
Dse the fairlead amidships = folosi%i turnichetul de la cuplul maestru#
Dse the fairlead on the port "o& = folosi%i turnichetul din pro!a "a"ord#
Dse the fairlead on the star"oard "o& = folosi%i turnichetul din pro!a tri"ord#
Dse the fairlead on the port Fuarter = folosi%i turnichetul din pupa "a"ord#
Dse the fairlead on the star"oard Fuarter = folosi%i turnichetul din pupa tri"ord#
3end t&o to&ing lines to the tug = da%i parEme de remorcaj la remorcher#
3end a hea!ing line to the tug = da%i o "andul la remorcher#
*o&er the to&ing line to the tug = co"or%i parEma de remorcaj la remorcher *o&er the
to&ing line(metre(s) from the &ater = co"or%i parEma de remorcaj(deasupra apei
3lac) a&ay the to&ing line = fila%i remorca
5a)e fast the to&ing line = !olta%i remorca
$ut/do not put the eye of the to&ing line on the "itts = pune%i/nu pune%i ga,a parEmei de
remorcaj pe "inte
Ceep &ell clear of the to&ing line(s) = pstra%i distan% mare de parEm/parEmele de remorcaj
3tand "y to let go the tug(s) = fi%i pregti%i s mola%i remorca/remorcile
*et go the tug(s) = mola%i remorca/remorcile
1he to&ing line has "ro)en = remorca s4a rupt
Standard Marine Communication Phrases re'ated to Pi'otage

1. Pro$u'sion s*stem

Is the engine a diesel or a tur"ine? = Este motorul diesel sau cu a"uri
1he engine is a diesel/a tur"ine = 5otorul este diesel/cu a"uri
Is the engine4room manned or is the engine on "ridge control? = Este sala ma,inilor deser!it
de personal sau se controlea/a ma,ina din comanda de na!igatie?
1he engine4room is manned/is on "ridge control = 3ala ma,inilor este deser!it de
personal/este controlat din comanda de na!iga%ie
o& long does it ta)e to change the engine from ahead to astern? = .t durea/ mane!ra de
punere a ma,inii de la nainte la napoi?
It ta)es###minutes to change the engine (from ahead to astern) = 5ane!ra de punere a ma,inii
de la nainte la napoi durea/(minute#
o& long does it ta)e to start the engine from stopped? = .t durea/ pornirea ma,inii din
po/itia stopat?
It ta)es(minutes to start the engine from stopped = $ornirea ma,inii din po/i%ia stopat
Is eBtra po&er a!aila"le in emergency? = In ca/ de urgen%8 eBist mijloace suplimentare de
alimentare cu energie electric?
=es/No8 eBtra po&er is/is not a!aila"le = -a/nu eBist mijloace suplimentare de alimentare cu
energie electrica#
-o you ha!e a controlla"le or fiBed pitch propeller? = 2!eti elice normala sau cu pas
We ha!e a controlla"le/fiBed pitch propeller = 2!em elice cu pas !aria"il/elice normala
-o you ha!e a right4hand or left4hand propeller? = 2!e%i elice cu rotire spre dreapta sau spre
We ha!e a right4hand/left hand propeller = 2!em elice cu rotire spre dreapta/stnga
-o you ha!e a single propeller or t&in propellers? =2!e%i o singur elice sau dou?
We ha!e a single propeller/t&in propellers = 2!em o elice/doua elice
-o you ha!e a "o& thruster or stern thruster? = 2!e%i propulsor pro!a sau pupa?
We ha!e a "o&/stern thruster/No8 &e ha!e no thrusters = 2!em un propulsor pro!a/pupa/nu8
noi nu a!em propulsoare#
What is the maBimum manoeu!ring po&er ahead/astern? = $uterea maBim de mane!r
nainte/napoi este()ilo&ati#
What are the maBimum re!olutions ahead/astern? = .are este numrul maBim de rota%ii
1he maBimum re!olutions ahead/astern are = Numrul maBim de rota%ii nainte/napoi este(
-o the t&in propellers turn in&ard or out&ard &hen going ahead? = .um se rotesc cele doua
elice la mane!ra nainte8 spre interior sau spre eBterior?
1he t&in propellers turn in&ard/out&ard &hen going ahead = .ele dou elice se rotesc spre
interior/spre eBterior la mane!ra nainte
2. 3m%ar4ing,disem%ar4ing $i'ot

3tand "y pilot ladder = $regti%i scara pilotului
7ig the pilot ladder on port side/star"oard side(metres a"o!e &ater = .o"or%i scara pilotului
n "a"ord/tri"ord(metri deasupra apei#
=ou must rig another pilot ladder = 1re"uie s co"or%i alt scar a pilotului#
1he pilot ladder is unsafe = 3cara pilotului nu este sigur What is &rong &ith the pilot ladder?
= .e nu este in regul cu scara pilotului?
1he pilot ladder has "ro)en/loose spreaders = 3cara pilotului are distan%ierele rupte/desprinse
7ig the accommodation ladder in com"ination &ith the pilot ladder = .o"or%i schela n
com"ina%ie cu scara pilotului
$ut lights on at the pilot ladder = 2prinde%i lumina la scara pilotului
5an ropes are reFuired/not reFuired = 3e solicit/ nu se solicit parEme 9%in4te "ineA
a!e a hea!ing line ready at the pilot ladder = $regti%i o "andula la scara pilotului
.orrect the list of the !essel = .orecta%i nclinarea na!ei
5a)e a lee on your port side/star"oard side = +ace%i adpost n "a"ord/tri"ord
5a)e a "oarding speed of()nots = 'ite/a de a"ordare (a pilotului) de##noduri
3top engine(s) until pilot "oat is clear = 6pri%i motoarele pn se ndeprtea/ pilotina#
$ut helm hard to port/star"oard = $une%i crma "anda stnga/dreapta
2lter course to((cardinal point)4the pilot "oat cannot clear the !essel = 3chim"a%i de drum
(punct cardinal indicat)4 pilotina nu se poate ndeprta de na!
Em"ar)ation is not possi"le = 2m"arcarea pilotului nu este posi"il
Hoarding arrangements do not comply &ith 36*2347egulations = 2ranjamentele de urcare
la "ord a pilotului nu sunt n conformitate cu pre!ederile 36*23
'essel is not suited for the pilot ladder = Na!a nu este potri!it pentru scara pilotului