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1. However saintly garb a man may wear,

He cannot conceal his inward impurity.
Guru V, Gauri Rag

2. Brother, what have you gained by reading Puranas?

You have neither worshipped God, Nor fed the hungry,
Nor controlled lust, anger, greed, and backbiting;
All your efforts have gone in vain.
Parmanandji, Sarang Rag

3. He, whose heart is corrupt and yet calls himself a saint,

Is a hypocrite and can never realize God.
Guru III, Sri Rag

4. I have cleansed my body from outside,

But my mind is full of passions.
Ravidasji, Gauri Rag

5. The hypocrite keeps fast;

He will neither attain God nor be honoured.
Kabirji, Gond Rag

6. By wandering about in a Yogi's garb,

One cannot get salvation.
Guru III, Basant Rag

7. His heart is polluted,

And he shows himself to be pure;
He has lost the game of his life.
Guru III, RamkaliRag

8. His mind is full of deceit.

And he calls himself a saint,
His desires are not fulfilled,
And he meets his end in shame.
Guru III, Gajri Rag

9. Says Nanak:
Those who are pure from inside live with the
Guru for ever.
Guru III, Ramkali Rag

10. The heart is full of spite,

Yet he talks sweetly,
He meets his end in misery
Guru V, Gauri Rag

11. By mere fasting,

One cannot attain God.
Kabirji, Gond Rag

12. A yogi is recognized neither by his clothes,

Nor by his dirty garb.
Guru III, Shlokas

13. Inwardly our hearts are dark but outwardly we appear bright;
We pretend to copy those who wait on the Lord at His gate,
And are absorbed in the Lord, enjoying the utmost bliss.

Guru I, Sri Rag

14. With sandal paste on the forehead, And beads in the hand,
They have disguised their real self, Thinking the Lord a toy.
Kabirji, Bhairo Rag

15. The hypocrite closes his eyes and nose to deceive the people;
He closes his eyes with his fingers saying; I see the three worlds;
But he knows not what passes just behind him

Guru I, Dhansri Rag

16. Those who are lost in greed and passions,

Cannot cheat the Master, They make a show of their piety,
But their minds are intoxicated with the wine of Maya;

17. They have followed the devil,

And have to pass through many births,
They suffer according to their actions.
Guru V, Gauri Rag

18. He cannot be attained by mere talk; Through the grace of the Guru,
He resides in the heart.
Guru I, Asa Rag

19. A hypocrite shall never attain, The Supreme God.

GuruIII, Shlokas

20. If your heart is crooked what is then the use

Of your going on a pilgrimage to Kaaba or saying the Nimaz?
Kabirji, Prabhati Rag

21. Those who make a show of Nimaz, Do not hesitate to devour men;
Those who wear sacred thread, Do not hesitate to use the dagger.
Guru I, Shlokas

22. Small indeed is the merit of making

Pilgrimages, penances, compassion and alms-giving,
If one has not been within oneself,
And has not bathed in the ambrosial river within;
If one has not felt holy inspiration within,
If the seed of nam is not put in the soil of heart,
And if love has not yet sprung.
Guru I, Japji

23. There is deceit in his heart, And outwardly he prays;

What is the use of his going on a pilgrimage to Kaaba?
Kabirji, Prabhati Rag

24. The falsehood and deceit cannot remain con cealed for long, The false
appearance vanishes.
Guru IV, Gauri Rag
25. He changes many garbs and wanders, But there is deceit in the heart;
He does not reach the palace of God, After death he becomes a person full of
Guru I, MajhRag

26. Those who wear dhotis of three and a half yards length,
Those who wear threefold sacred thread,
Those who wear rosaries round their necks,
And carry shining pails in their hands,
Are not the saints of God;
They are the cheats of Benaras.
Kabirji, Asa Rag

28. He recites the holy Mantras, But tells lies;

That is the condition of this Guru-less person.
Guru V, Maru Rag

29. The Qazi sits for administering justice;

He tells the beads of rosary,
And makes a show of the Name of God,
He accepts bribes and harms the right cause.

Guru I, Ramkali Rag

30. The disciple turns to the Guru for food,

For the love of food, he comes to dwell with the Guru.
Guru I, Asa Rag

31. He studies Vedas but quarrels,

He doth not remember God and hath no respect.
Guru III, Sorath Rag

32. There is a mark on the forehead,

And a rosary in the hand, This is the garb;
People have considered God as a toy.
Kabirji, Maru Rag

33. O heretic, do not be hypocritical,

Always remember the Name of the Lord.
Namdevji Ramkali Rag

34. We are good at talk,

But vicious in our deeds,
Our minds are black from within,
Though they appear white from withou;
We mimic the ways of those,
Who serve at the Lord's door.
Guru I, Shlokas

35. Man doeth evil deeds and pretends to be pure,

In the Lord's Court, he is bound down like a thief.
Guru V, Gauri Rag