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A Secured Environment for Cloud Computing

, M.Thariga

Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science, Pondicherry University
Puducherry, India-14.
Department of Computer Science, Pondicherry University
Puducherry, India-14.
mnandhini2!", mthariga.$%&'"
Abstract: Cloud computing has emerged as a most
important technological breakthrough for small to
medium scale enterprises and software users who
are looking for dynamic scalability at a low or zero
initial investment. This paper offer a brief view on
cloud services; evolution of cloud computing; and
an outline of the opportunities cloud services bring
to the enterprise. Also, proposing one secured
architecture for cloud computing using M! and
A"# algorithm in cloud data server.
Keywords: Cloud computing, architecture, security,
models, services.
(. (NT)*+,CT(*N
The (nternet has e-perienced massive increase in the
last decade, and hundreds of millions of users no.
depend on it for dail# ne.s, entertainment and
commerce. Cloud Computing is a ne. processing
method in .hich computer processing is performed in
the internet called /Cloud0 meaning that the user need
not concern .ith the processing details. Cloud
computing is a general term for an#thing that involves
delivering hosted services over the (nternet. Cloud is an
environment .here properl# secured, highl# scala1le,
and elastic services can 1e easil# consumed over the
(nternet on an as2needed 1asis. (n Cloud computing, the
privac# and securit# concerns .ill differ 1et.een
consumers using a pu1lic cloud application, a medium2
si3ed enterprise using a customi3ed suite of 1usiness
applications on a cloud platform. The shift of each
categor# of user to cloud s#stems 1rings a different
pac4age of 1enefits and ris4s.
According to the 5u##a617 et al. Cloud Computing
is defined as8 /a type of para!!e! and distri"uted system
consistin# of a co!!ection of interconnected and
virtua!i$ed computer that are dynamica!!y provisioned
and presented as one or more unified computin#
resources "ased on service-!eve! a#reements0.
The Cloud Computing came into e-istence
.ith the reasons8
9o. Costs
9o. 5arriers to Entr#
(mproving Securit#
(ncreased Mo1ilit#
9imitless Scala1ilit#
Strong Compliance
(n this paper .e present a secured environment for
Cloud Computing services. The paper is organi3ed as
follo.s8 first, evolution of Cloud Computing: ne-t,
descri1ing the services provided 1# the Cloud: and at
last descri1ing securit# in architecture .hich .ould
ma4e Cloud Computing in highl# secured manner.
((. E;*9,T(*N *< C9*,+
Evolution of Cloud Computing is sho.n in <ig.1.
5efore cloud computing has emerged, there are man#
other processing scheme to do their tas4. (n the <ig.1,
the 1lue color portion is latel# called Cloud Computing.
The green color portions are some of the underl#ing
.or4 done that led to Cloud Computing.
<ig. 1 Evolution of Cloud Computing
1? C!uster Computin#% A computer cluster is a group
of lin4ed computers, .or4ing together closel# thus in
man# respects forming a single computer. The
components of a cluster are commonl# connected to
Proceedings of National Conference on Advanced Computing and CommunicationNCACC11, April.1, !"11
each other through fast local area net.or4s. 5ut it is
not al.a#s connected to the internet.
2? Super Computin#% Super Computing .ill perform
a specific tas4 ver# fast nearl# 1illions of instructions
per second. 5ut it .ill perform a single tas4 at a time.
@? &rid Computin#% >rid computing is a term
referring to the com1ination of computer resources
from multiple administrative domains to reach a
common goal. The grid can 1e thought of as a
distri1uted s#stem .ith non2interactive .or4loads that
involve a large num1er of files.
A? Uti!ity Computin#% ,tilit# Computing is the
pac4aging of computing resources, such as
computation, storage and services, as a metered service
similar to a traditional pu1lic utilit# Bsuch as electricit#,
.ater, natural gas, or telephone net.or4?. This model
has the advantage of a lo. or no initial cost to acCuire
computer resources: instead, computational resources
are essentiall# rented 2 turning .hat .as previousl# a
need to purchase products Bhard.are, soft.are and
net.or4 1and.idth? into a service.
After all these computing process, Cloud computing
emerged and this has all these technologies .or4ing
together and it has three services such as =aaSBplatform
as a Service?, SaaSBSoft.are as a Service?,
(aaSB(nfrastructure as a Service?.
(((. C9*,+ C*M=,T(N> SE);(CES
AN+ M*+E9S
A. C!oud Computin# Services
The <ig.2 illustrate a1out the Cloud Computing
Services. Cloud computing has three Services6@76A7
such as
<ig. 2. Cloud Services
1? PaaS'P!atform as a Service(% The consumer
uses a hosting environment for their applications. The
consumer controls the applications that run in the
environment Band possi1l# has some control over the
hosting environment?, 1ut does not control the
operating s#stem, hard.are or net.or4 infrastructure
on .hich the# are running. The platform is t#picall#
an application frame.or4.
2? IaaS'Infrastructure as a Service(% The
consumer uses Dfundamental computing resourcesD
such as processing, storage, net.or4ing
components or middle.are. The consumer can control
the operating s#stem, storage, deplo#ed applications
and possi1l# net.or4ing components such as fire.alls
and load 1alancers, 1ut not the cloud infrastructure
1eneath them.
@? SaaS'Soft)are as a Service(% The consumer
uses an application, 1ut does not control the operating
s#stem, hard.are or net.or4 infrastructure on .hich
itEs running.
*. C!oud Computin# +ode!s%
The <ig.@ depicts a1out the Cloud Computing models.
The cloud models6@7 are as follo.s8
<ig. @ T#pes of cloud models
1? Private C!oud% A private cloud offers man# of the
1enefits of a pu1lic cloud computing environment, such
as 1eing elastic and service 1ased. The difference
1et.een a private cloud and a pu1lic cloud is that in a
private cloud21ased service, data and processes are
managed .ithin the organi3ation .ithout the
restrictions of net.or4 1and.idth, securit# e-posures
and legal reCuirements that using pu1lic cloud services
might entail. (n addition, private cloud services offer
the provider and the user greater control of the cloud
infrastructure, improving securit# and resilienc#
1ecause user access and the net.or4s used are
restricted and designated.
Ad#iparasa$t#i %ngineering College, &elmaruvat#ur
2? Pu"!ic C!oud% (n simple terms, pu1lic cloud
services are characteri3ed as 1eing availa1le to clients
from a third part# service provider via the (nternet. The
term /pu1lic0 does not al.a#s mean free, even though
it can 1e free or fairl# ine-pensive to use. A pu1lic
cloud does not mean that a userFs data is pu1licall#
visi1le: pu1lic cloud vendors t#picall# provide an
access control mechanism for their users. =u1lic clouds
provide an elastic, cost effective means to deplo#
@? ,y"rid C!oud% A h#1rid cloud is a com1ination of
a pu1lic and private cloud that interoperates. (n this
model users t#picall# outsource non21usiness critical
information and processing to the pu1lic cloud, .hile
4eeping 1usiness2critical services and data in their
(;. C9*,+ C*M=,T(N> A)CG(TECT,)E
The s#stem primaril# is composed of cloud
=artners, local servers and cloud central s#stem. The
<ig.A illustrates the architecture of cloud computing6!7.
According to the architecture, each individual offers the
necessar# resources to the cloud s#stem from its
availa1le resources. To 4eep the data secured in cloud,
M+!BMessage2+igest algorithm !? and AESBAdvanced
Encr#ption Standard? algorithms are used. Hhen it .as
tested .ith e21usiness in Cloud +ata Server6$7,
environment is effectivel# protected 1# these
algorithms and produces the efficienc# ratio of
Gence, decided to propose the architecture .ith
these algorithms in order to ma4e general secured
environment for secure data transformation in cloud
<ig.A >eneral architecture
C+S is a Cloud +ata Server. (t has man# data servers
each performing and maintaining their o.n tas4. The
cloud data server .ill fetch the resultant tas4 from the
appropriate data server and it sends the resultant
information to the user. (n 1et.een cloud data server
and the user there e-ist virtual controller their tas4 is to
monitor the .e1 server and anal#3e its status. The main
tas4 is to maintain the information secure. Securit# is
the concurrent e-istence of
(n the a1ove cloud computing architecture, securit#
should 1e maintained in t.o places such as in cloud
data server and .ith users. T.o algorithms are used to
maintain the securit#. The# are M+! and AES
algorithm627. M+! algorithm is used to generate the
hash code and AES algorithm is used to encr#pt the
hash code.
A. -irtua! Contro!!er%
The ;irtual Controller is used to monitor the .e1
server and anal#ses its status. (f an# failure occurs,
1ased on the level of failure it generates an alarm to the
administrator. The virtual controller .ill monitor .e1
servers at ever# second and also at ever# reCuest. (t
stores the data a1out the failure and automaticall# ta4es
*. C!oud Data Server%
C+S provides service ta4ing care of securit# and
persistent availa1ilit# reCuired for a .e1 service. Hhen
the C+S gets a reCuest, instead of providing the
response it holds the reCuest and connects to the virtual
controller and chec4s the agreement protocol. (f the
agreement protocol is satisfied, then the response for
the reCuest is sent to the user from the cloud. Thus the
controllers .ere the hash code resides segregated from
the cloud during the agreement protocol process
ensuring ina1ilit# to hac4 the s#stem.
<ig.! AES algorithm in C+S
The a1ove fig.! illustrates the .or4ing of a cloud
data server. (n this stage securit# should 1e
maintained. Gere it is maintained using AES
algorithm627. The user reCuest .ill come as a hash code
Proceedings of National Conference on Advanced Computing and CommunicationNCACC11, April.1, !"11
to the C+S. The C+S .ill encr#pt the hash code in a
high manner to response for the reCuest. Hhen the
cloud offers response information it is encr#pted using
AES algorithm and sent to the user, thus resulting .ith
secures information transfer.
C. C!oud User
The Cloud user .ill receive the information
securel#. The <ig.$ illustrates the .or4ing of M+!
algorithm627 to send the information securel# in the
<ig.$ M+! algorithm
(n cloud user portion the reCuest and response is
generated as a hash code using M+! algorithm.
;. C*NC9,S(*N
Cloud Computing provides a plethora of 1enefits for
the cloud users. Cloud is an environment .here
properl# secured, highl# scala1le, and elastic services
can 1e easil# consumed over the (nternet on an as2
needed 1asis. (n this paper .e presented a secure
architecture for cloud computing using M+! and AES
algorithm .hich provides a secure information
transformation along their path.
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