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Good afternoon family and friends, welcome to Groom and Brideswedding reception. We are
extremely delighted that all of you are here to celebrate this important milestone in (name of
Groom and name of Bride's lives. We are your hosts for the evening, I am ____, and this is
____, and we would like to welcome you to the Groom Surname and Brides Surname wedding

First off, we would like to introduce family and friends who played significant parts in this
afternoon's wedding rites.

May we introduce you to the parents of the couple:
Mr. Grooms father & Mrs Grooms mother
Mr. Brides father & Mrs. Brides mother

And now, may we introduce you to the people who stood witness to the couple as they took their

The Principal Sponsors

Mr. ________ Mrs.________
Mr. ________ Mrs.________
Mr. ________ Mrs.________
Mr. ________ Mrs.________
Mr. ________ Mrs.________
Mr. ________ Mrs.________

We would also like to acknowledge the following people who have also played significant roles
during the ceremonies:

The little hands that shared their precious time with the couple:

Ring Bearers: Master ________
Coin Bearer: Master ________
Bible Bearer: Master ________

Flower Girls: Miss ________
Miss ________
Miss ________
Miss ________
Miss ________

The pair that lit the paths of Groom and Bride: (Candle Sponsors)
Mr. ________ & Ms.________

The pair that clothed Groom and Bride:as one:(Veil Sponsors)
Mr. ________ & Ms.________
Mr. ________ & Ms.________

The pair that bound Groom and Bride: ogether as one: (Chord Sponsors)
Mr. ________ & Ms.________
Mr. ________ & Ms.________

The handsome best man and the beautiful Maid of Honor who assisted the couple in their needs:

The Best man: ________ The Maid of Honor: ________

And finally, may we request everyone to stand up as we introduce the newlyweds. Ladies and
gentlemen, family and friends, may we now present to you Mr. & Mrs. Groom and Bride

And now may we call on ________ to lead the prayer of thanksgiving. Prayer commences.

We know that so much has already happened in one day and we still have the entire evening ahead
of us. And nothing less can be expected from the warm and excellent services of <Place>. Enjoy the
afternoon, ladies and gentlemen as we listen to good music while enjoying the sumptuous lunch.

Everyone, lunch is served.


Now, we would like to proceed with some speeches from the friends of the couple. These are the
people who literally saw the romance between Groom and Bride blossom into a serious relationship.
May we call on ___ _ and ____ to share with all of us what they know about the couple.

Speech from friends commences.


Family, friends and guests, please do not forget to sign the guest cards that were given to you upon
you arrival. Pens are available on the table. These guest cards will be collected later on when we
distribute the souvenirs.


A wedding is not complete without traditions. We would like to move on to the first tradition, the
cutting of the cake.

1. Cutting of the Cake
May we request Groom and Bride to prepare for the cake cutting ceremony. The cake, which has
been a part of wedding celebrations since the Roman times, is a symbol of good luck and fertility.
The sharing of this food symbolizes the couple's willingness to fulfill each other's needs, creating a
bond so simple and yet so strong.

Before we proceed to the next tradition, may we call on ____ and ____ to share more of their
personal experiences with the newlyweds.

Speech from friends commences.

2. Champagne Toast
Our next tradition is the champagne toasting. Raising a glass together is a way for everyone to
share in wishing good health and happiness to the newlyweds. As the champagne is poured, our
newlyweds now make wishes for their good fortune, a better future and the best life possible for
them. We would like to invite everyone to raise their glasses to Groom and Bride and join them in
their fervent wishes through good fellowship and camaraderie, love and happiness.

May we now call on the Best man, Mr. ________, to lead the champagne toasting.

3. Tossing of the garter/ Cake charms/ Tossing of the bouquet <sample idea>
Instead of the traditional way of tossing of the garter, we have something different. May ask our
team assistants to proceed to the assigned areas to distribute balloons to all the single bachelors.
The single bachelors should pop the balloon. There is one balloon that contains the garter and
whoever gets that balloon is out lucky bachelor. Team assistant, please escort the lucky bachelor to
the second floor.

While the gentlemen are popping the balloons, may we call on all the single ladies to proceed to the
second floor to get the cake charms. Team assistants, please round up all the single women and
escort them to the second floor.
(After the cake charms)

Ladies, please stay within the area as we now moving on to the tossing of the bouquet. This
tradition has been done over the years and is meant that whoever catches the bouquet would have
luck and protection. Nowadays, it has simply evolved to imply that whoever caught the bouquet
would be lucky and would be wed next. So now may we ask all the single ladies to occupy the
designated area before you for the ceremonial tossing of the bouquet. The single ladies will form a
circle and we will do a trip to Jerusalem bouquet tossing. We will play music and as the music stops,
whoever is holding the bouquet, is the lucky lady.

4. Picture taking with Bachelor and Lucky Lady
May we request the chosen bachelor and the lucky lady to pose for a picture with Groom ____ and
Bride' _____.

To give some highlights of the couple's life before they were united as one, may we call on ____
and ____.

Speech from friends commences.

5. Distribution of souvenirs/Collection of the guest cards
May we request the team assistants to please distribute the souvenirs for each floor. May we also
request the team assistants to collect the filled-up guest cards from each table.

May we call on the father of the bride, Mr. ________ to give an inspirational talk to the newlyweds.
May we also call on the mother of the groom, Mrs. ________ to share some words for the newly

Now, our newlyweds would like to share some thoughts to all of you who are here today. We now
turn you over to Groom and Bride.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for coming here today and sharing this momentous
occasion with Groom and Bride. We do hope that all of you had a great time. This is ____ and ____
signing off. Good afternoon everyone and Let's Party!!!