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Alternatively referred to as a star network, is one
of the most common network in which all nodes are
individually connected to a central connection
point known as the hub or switch.

This network is sometimes referred to as Local Area Network
(LAN) as the network connects computers in close
proximity.This network is sometimes used in homes, schools and
small businesses.
All traffic emanates from the hub of the star. The central site is in
control of all the nodes attached to it. The central hub is usually a
fast, self contained computer and is responsible for routing all
traffic to other nodes. A star network is often combined with a bus
topology. The central hub is then connected to the backbone of the
bus. This combination is called a tree.

Star Topology

1) As compared to Bus topology it gives far much better
performance, signals dont necessarily get transmitted to all the
workstations. A sent signal reaches the intended destination after
passing through no more than 3-4 devices and 2-3 links.
Performance of the network is dependent on the capacity of
central hub.
2) Centralized management. It helps in monitoring the network.

3) Failure of one node or link doesnt affect the rest of network. At the
same time its easy to detect the failure and troubleshoot it.
4) Easy to connect new nodes or devices. In star topology new nodes
can be added easily without affecting rest of the network. Similarly
components can also be removed easily.
1) Too much dependency on central device has its own
drawbacks. If it fails whole network goes down.
2) The use of hub, a router or a switch as central device
increases the overall cost of the network.
3) Performance and as well number of nodes which can
be added in such topology is depended on capacity of
central device.
Star topology is used in the classroom as it is easy to set up
and the cost is reasonable.

The use of this network can be supervised and controlled by
teachers as it is control by the central device .

Minimize network failure or accidents as failure of a device
does not affect the entire system.

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