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A friend asks you to demonstrate some of your unusual mental skills. You ask for a deck
of playing cards. After the participant has shuffled the cards and placed them on the table,
you explain, You, of course, realize that common playing cards are derived from the
ancient Tarot deck. Each of the fifty-two cards depicts answers to specific personal
problems, problems we face in day-to-day life.

The cards are spread face-up as you explain the meaning of a couple of the cards as
examples. A group of note cards are taken from your pocket. On them are the meanings
of each of the fifty-two playing cards. They are shown to the participant as you say, See
how each card gives a definite action to take to relieve any particular problem? That is
how Tarot and playing cards are used, not as a form of divination, but as a guide for
personal development.

I sense there is something troubling you. It may seem quite minor, but it is important to
your psyche or spirit. You can discover what that problem is this way. Take these note
cards and mix them up. Make certain your pocket is empty. The lining of your pants
pocket is drawn out to show its emptiness. Then place the note cards in your pocket like
this. The deck of playing cards is put in your pocket.

I need you to randomly select one of the notes from the group. Dont take the first or last
one, but one deep in the mixed group. When you have it, bring it out and place it on the
table so I cant see whats written on it.

Ill do the same with your playing cards, concentrating on you and your needs.

The participant places a single note card face-down on the table. You have also placed a
card face-down next to it.

Please take the card that was attracted to my hand and put it as close as you can to the
spot from where you chose your note. Ill do the same with your chosen note and the

The participant puts the playing card in with the note cards and you put his note in the
pocketed deck.

Very good. Now bring the entire group of notes out of your pocket. Be certain you get
them all.

While he complies with the request, you bring out the deck of cards with his chosen note
card. Both decks are placed on the table.

Lets see what particular problem you chose. Its okay if these other people see it, isnt
it? Fine.
The deck of cards is spread across the table and the lone note card removed and read

I see you have a problem with your visions not being accepted. You probably have
people around you telling you that what you envision cannot be done. Although there
may be some truth in what others say, you must weed out the negative and focus on
expressing yourself in a positive and creative way. You must finally make that decision!
The three of clubs will help you realize this. It is a very positive cardof course, as an
expert soothsayer, I was drawn to the very card you need.

The deck of note cards is spread face-up on the table. The three of clubs is the only
playing card in the group.

Take your deck of cards. Study the three of clubs each night before you go to bed. And
Im sure you will be able to learn what you need to know. To decide NOT to make a
decision, is a decision.

Second effect:

Two blank 3 X 5 cards are shown and wrapped in your pocket handkerchief. A pen is
introduced to the silk package. The participant places his fingers on the edge of the
handkerchief as you do. Soon, the pen moves on its own accord! It seems to stand up and
begins to write as if guided by an unseen hand!

Suddenly it drops. The handkerchief is pulled away and written on one of the cards is an
unearthly message. It reads: Fear not the decision you must make. Alls well that ends


I love tricks that segue smoothly into other tricks. It is beautiful that you can adjust the
second effect to be almost anything. The very problem the participant chose will always
show up in the second effect. That is because the problem is forced.

Forcing the participants problem frees you to learn only as much as needed for the
particular issue. You will never be hit with a problem, issue or inquiry that you arent
prepared to answer. By altering the problems, you will be teaching yourself true reading
techniques. Learn the three of clubs this week, and next week learn the nine of diamonds.
Within months you will know how to give a dozen strong readings; readings that are
important to the participant due to Kentons wonderful metaphors.

You will need to make up a deck of issue cards. This will be explained in detail later.
Kenton will provide you with all fifty-two readings to write on your cards.

To begin the effect, select the issue card you wish to force on the participant. You can
choose to either select an issue or problem that obviously relates to the participant, or on
a beginning level, you can use the card with which you are familiar. Because the issues
arent just about relationship, love, money, career, travel or health. All the issues will
apply to everyone in some degree. Place this self-selected issue card in the upper corner
of your pocket.

When the time comes for you to show a couple examples of what the playing cards mean,
look for the one that matches your force issue card. Cut the deck as you bring examples
to the face of the deck, finally leaving the force card on top of the deck. At this point you
could palm the card off and secretly slip it into your pocket, but it is really unnecessary.
The deck has been mixed beforehand and you will be handling it anyway. No one
suspects that you have done anything sneaky because you are not demonstrating a trick at
this point. Still, if you feel better, you can add a simple false cut before putting the deck
into your pocket.

Here is an important selling point. Tell the participant to be certain that his pocket is
empty, and at the same time show yours to be empty. This is done by pulling the lining
out and leave the hidden issue card tucked high in the pockets corner. You have put the
attention on his pocket, not yours, and you have shown yours empty while doing so.
Notice that the words used have been carefully chosen by Kenton and Docc to bring
about the strongest possible presentation. Reminding the participant to be certain he gets
them all suggests that you have done the same. Of course, you have left his actual chosen
note card behind, but he will never suspect this because of your words. Even the fact that
the issue cards are called notes and not cards is important. They are a group and not a
deck. You are making the contrast between the two decks as large as possible.

The participant will choose a random issue card. You will take the top playing card from
the deck. It is the matching force card. The participant will put your force card in his
deck of issue cards. You will pocket his choice and put the issue card you had previously
hidden in your pocket, in the middle of the deck.

Both decks are placed on the table. The trick is now over, the mystery can take place.
Spread the playing cards out and remove the single issue card. Asking the participant if
its alright if you read the card aloud reinforces that he chose the card based on his
private issue. If it was not his conscious choice, it wouldnt matter if others heard what is
on the card. You have given the issue personal importance.

Reveal the issue and the solution and give your reading to the participant. This is what
the effect is all about! You have forced an issue or problem, along with its solution on
the participant. You can take time to answer his questions about the issue. You can guide
him in the solution. Everything you need to remind you what to say in your reading is
written on the issue card. As far as the participant is concerned, this is the entire effect.
He has revealed his problem and you have shown him a solution.

When finished with the reading, spread the deck of issue cards face-up, and the matching
playing card will be seen. It is a wonderful verification of your psychic abilities. The time
lapse between seeing the participants issue and revealing your choice of playing card
strengthens the belief that you psychically knew his issue.

After the effect is over, many things will happen in the participants mind. He will most
often recall that he chose the issue himself, consciously, not randomly. This happens
because in most readings, the participant is aware of his problem. Notice in the opening
remarks that you state, it may seem quite minor This statement is to cover any
discrepancy in the value of the forced issue. If the participant has recently broken up with
a lover, his suppressed creativity may seem much less important. Yet, you have proven
that the issue is important; so important that he was drawn to choose that note.

Your words claim that you did not choose a playing card to match. This is not a
mindreading demonstration. The card pulled your hand to it! His problem was in control
of the choices. There could be no other choices made other than the two cards that fit the
issue. This is what makes this effect so very strong.

Because you have used a borrowed deck of playing cards, and because the routine leaves
this deck complete, the participant can actually do as suggested and meditate on the
special card. This, in fact, will help the participant. And that is the secret of giving a
really good reading, wanting to help the sitter.

You are set to repeat the effect with the same force card; however, it is better to pocket
the issue cards and use a different force card for a different participant. Very few strong
mentalists tricks that use a force card allow such lateral motion. Kenton and Docc have
done hours of readings with the Hermit of Dreams effect, varying the issue each time.
Often a crowd will watch the readings while waiting in line and never has the method
been questioned. Its all about the reading, not the matching playing card.

The second effect described is simple. A pre-written 3 X 5 card, some slate moves and a
Glorpy handkerchief. You can substitute mechanical slates or chemical writing, but the
powerful point is that the same issue comes up. This is further proof that the issue was
important. It is also a way for a psychic performer to take advantage of a force. The
participant will believe that he chose the issue, not that it could possibly have been
controlled by you. Using this strategy enables you to create a near miracle for the second
effect. Imagine the possibilities.

How to make issue cards:

The issue cards, or notes as they are called, can best be made on a blank deck of playing
cards with a permanent, thin-line marker. You can, however, make them on the backs of
your business cards or on blank 3 X 5 cards if you wish. Blank playing cards have the
distinct advantage of looking professional. They also have the disadvantage of looking
like blank playing cards. Docc and Kenton like the similarity of size when using blank
playing cards. The spread looks ascetically pleasing on the table at the end of the effect.
Both have used business cards and 3 X 5 cards as well. The choice is up to you.

On one side of the issue cards write the issue, the playing card it matches and the
solution. Be certain that the name of the card is clear and easily read. It should occupy the
majority of the center of the card. The metaphors are hand-written because they are your
personal notes. You may wish to add some of your own lines to what Kenton has given
you. This effect will teach you how to give real readings, so use every opportunity to

Kentons Symbolic Issue Meanings and Solutions

HEART: Issues with RELATIONSHIPS. Partnerships. Interactions, and Personality

Solution - Careful listening and ATTENTION.

DIAMOND: Issues with Culture. Society, and/or WEALTH.

Solution - ACCEPTANCE of Self and Inner Worth.

SPADE: Issues with Aggressive Behavior, Overwhelming Task, Cutting or Sharp

Solution - CALM Evaluation with Small Steps Forward. PAUSE, when Upset.

CLUB: Issues with Criticism, Thinking and Intellectualism.

Solution - Make a DECISION. ACT as Best You Can. DECISIVE ACTION. Adjust if
needed later.

The following numbers (values) indicate the problem and issue as well as the
SOLUTION. Consider an area in which you have an issue and see how the following
words can fit both issue and solution. A lack of these words may make for the
current issue, or the word itself may state the issue directly.

Ace: ATTENTION HABITS. It is your repetitive habits of attention, and lack of
attention in other areas that cause this issue. Please pay attention to where your attention
is going. You get what you attend to. You lose what you do not attend to.

Two: LISTENING HABITS. It is your habits of listening, or not listening well, at
times, that is causing such an issue. Hear now that how you listen, and to what,
determines the quality of this issue.
Three: CREATIVE HABITS. Your repeated use of creativity, or repeated lack of use,
is causing problems. You have creativity even if you dont think that you do. Get into the
habit of trying to use it, and things will work out in the long run.

Four: LOGICAL NATURE. How you continue to use your logic, or continually not use
it, is causing problems. Overbearing logic is heartless. Heart without good sense is
secretly produced from fear. Use your logic well, just do not overdo it.

Five: HUMAN NATURE. It is important to recall that you are a human being. Humans
have tendencies they must keep in check. Humans are a higher form of creation, so act
like it. Dont get caught in the lower forms of human activity.

Six: HIGHER GUIDANCE. Everyone needs direction that is not all of his or her own
making. No one is an island. Putting human beings on pedestals however is asking for an
eventual let down. Seek guidance as best you can, but do not put all of your trust in the
advice of people either. That includes me.

Seven: CALM VICTORY. Being self-assured is vital to being victorious. Utter calmness
without action is inaction, however. You must move with calm confidence. Do not let
things upset you so. Neither be heartless or without compassion. You do nothing all

Eight: USE of ENERGY. Your use or misuse of your inner energy and strength is the
issue here. Might is not always right. Inner strength is most valuable. Do not waste your
energies on situations or illusions that do not matter. Put your energy into what is worth
keeping, and worth actual effort.

Nine: INNER FOCUS. Your lack of inner focus and inner guidance may be a real
problem here. You should not collapse yourself into being a depressive hermit hiding
away from others however. You must see how you can use your inner focus and inner
awareness to guide things in the outer world. Then get into the outer world and do based
on what is within.

Ten: SUCCESS HABITS. Your habits of striving for success, or lack of it, is an issue
here. What you continually do to build yourself or others up; or tear yourself or others
down is becoming overbearing. You need to be in the habit of lifting yourself up, as well
as others not one at the expense of another. Not working towards true success, within as
well as without, can cause heartache.

Jack: YOUTHFUL NATURE. A youthful approach can breathe new life, as long as you
are not immature. Youth can be foolish ignorance as well as lighthearted. Learn to
balance happiness with real world success. Keep a young outlook while progressing
forward through life.

Queen: MOTHERLY NATURE. It is important to tap into that part of your nature that
is loving, nurturing, supportive and compassionate. This does not mean you must be
submissive, however. Mothers can be strong and forceful while retaining their caring and
helpfulness. This is the true nature of motherhood.

King: RULING NATURE. It is fine to rule graciously in the world, but first you must
have rule over your own impulses. Demanding you be above others is sure to bring you
down. Rule yourself well and by fine example, others will raise you up.

You need not write these entire phrases out. They give patterns for your mind, conscious
and subconscious to absorb and put into good use. The key words will naturally trigger
all the rest and much more. Write out the words in all capitals, and then write a line or
two of those you like the most.

If you cannot recall whether one of these numbers is a habit, nature or something else, do
not worry. These words are examples of a secret language that causes spectators to come
up with their own meanings. You dont have to recall whether FOCUS, HABIT,
ENERGY, NATURE or ATTITUDE goes with which number. You might find it useful
to learn these in time, but do not let it bother you while you are yet learning.

At-A-Glance Charts

The following are the basic Issues and Solutions as outlined above in greater detail. This
is to help you construct the issue cards. By making your own deck of issue cards, you are
actually learning what to say. The information will actually be retained and when you
glance at an issue card, you will remember what you learned.

Lets make an issue card. Get one blank-faced card. Choose a playing card. Write its
name taking up the middle third of the blank card. Find the cards suit on the chart below.
Choose an issue associated with the suit. Write it down on a slip of paper. Find the cards
value on the chart. Choose an issue associated with the value and write it on the same
paper. Combine what you have into a single, easy to understand issue. Write this on the
card. Now do the same with the solution. Choose a solution associated with the selected
suit and value of your card. Go back and read what Kenton says about the solution. Write
this in your own words and write it on the bottom of the issue card.

Notice in the example that the issue on the card does not say everything that the chart
says. It says:

You have issues with your visions being suppressed. They need expression, even if others
fail to see the value of your originality.

The solution is also slightly different than what is suggested by Kentons metaphors. The
card says:

Dont let others stifle your creativity. Dont believe everything others say about your
projects. MAKE A DECISION!

There is a definite call for some sort of action.

Kentons metaphors are a suggested guideline. Use them to make fifty-two different
readings. Different from each other. You dont want every club to be about criticism or
every three about creativity. You must look beyond the obvious and see the combination
of criticism and creativity, as in the example.

After you have made the entire deck of Issue cards, select one that both the issue and
solution appeals to you. This will be the force card for the trick. Soon you can use a
second force card, then a third. And before you know it, you will know how to give a
very good reading for any card in the deck.

By then, of course, you may not wish to use any trick with your readings.

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