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of the


BRAZIL / Salvador
BRAZIL / Bahia

positive mothers per year in order to minimize the risk of HIV virus transmission to newborn children. Budget: $220,000/200 mothers, families

GUINEA Kindia in the village of Menyi is a school for 550 children from Menyi and its neighbor- ing villages, which are impoverished areas in Guinea. The children are orphans and/or are living in the poorest of conditions. Budget: $24,200 / 550 children

INDIA An orphanage and educational center for children displaced by the Tsunami provides basic vaccination, health and education. Building cost $16,500 Budget: $27,127 / 80 children

NIGER Sunflower assists in the development of the Fak community through the rehabilitation of wells, the creation of a cereal bank and the reopening of the local school. Budget: $7,500

PHILIPPINES Sunflower Sibol school provides education for

35 children and also

serves as a community center utilized by young adults for recreational activities as well as by adults for town hall meetings. Building cost: $6,000 Budget: $3,000 / 35 children

KENYA Help from the Distance provides uniforms, schools supplies and

educational support for


street / slum children.

Budget $10,150 /



Sunflower Children is a young, innovative humanitarian aid organization dedicated to helping children around the world overcome the burdens of poverty, disease and disability to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of society. The group currently sponsors 19 operating projects in 13 developing countries around the world. Sunflower focuses on providing vital support-including healthcare, nutritional and other basic needs-that enable children in Sunflower communities to pursue educational growth. The lack of access to education is a global issue, which needs tremendous support today and in years to come. We know it is not easy to change the world, but we believe that if you change one life, you can truly make a difference and can, in fact, change the whole world.

We support educational projects which are fo- cused on working with: • Orphans

• Children with Disabilities

• Children with HIV/AIDS

• Street Children

• Refugees

NICARAGUA The Mobile Clinic Program provides medi- cal support, training and health care for rural areas of the Subtiava re- gion of Leon, visiting 10 communities every 15 days. It supports close to 6,800 people with a pri- mary focus on the health care of children under 5 years and women. Budget: $142,148 / 6,800 people

CAMBODIA Pediatric Clinic and Nutrition Program in Takmeo provides critical medical care

for malnourished and HIV / AIDS children as well as a hospital ward for child patients and a nutritional rehabilita- tion program. Budget: $316,000 / 2,400 Children Out-Patient and 1,350 In-Patient care.

Hope for a Better Future is a school focused on 90 HIV positive children and children orphaned by AIDS. HIV positive children are stigmatized because of their illness and experience much so- cial and personal stress. We are giving these

children the opportunity to learn and grow. Budget: $32,705 / 90 children.

House of Hope Phnom Penh is an orphanage for 25 HIV positive orphans. The home provides children with much needed shelter, love and affection. Budget: $39,570 / 25 children.

PMTCT Project (Pre- vention Mother to Child Transmission) provides comprehensive and vital prenatal, natal and post- natal care to 200 HIV


This Event Has Been Produced By More Than 100 Virtual Volunteers and Partner Benefactors. Here are the faces & stories of Virtual Volunteeer and Partner Benefactors together with the faces & stories of Sunflower Children whose prayers have been answered by their work.


100% of all public contributions directly benefit a Sunflower child. This policy is made possible through the generosity of Private Benefactors who directly underwrite Sunflower Children’s operating expenses and Partner Benefactors who donate vital services to Sunflower. Sunflower’s Board, President, CEO, CTO and General Counsel all serve pro bono.

Rusinga Island is an edu- cational center enabling

40 orphaned children

and other disadvantaged children a place to attend school. Budget: $16,500 / 40



Future Hope School is

a place of safety, love and education for 57 street kids of Kathmandu. It provides school supplies, uniforms and one meal

a day for impoverished children 3-11 years of age. Budget $13,488 / 57 street children


Educational scholarships are given to 52 gifted and talented children so they can attend state schools for basic and secondary education. Sunflower also covers costs associ- ated with building a new school fully-equipped with an apprenticeship

program specializing in carpentry and sewing/ tailoring. Building of School:


23,470 / 52 children


BRAZIL/ Salvador VIVA a VIDA is a drug rehabilitation prgram for

20 boys and is the only residential treatment program in the region specifically catered to street children from low- income backgrounds. Budget $20,060 / 20 boys

BRAZIL/Bahia Brincaderia (Open Door Project) provides a safe educational and social environment for children fromdifficultsitu- ations. It encourages the importance of respect for one another and provides nutritional support for each child. Budget $7,500 / 500 children

CUBA Sunflower provides educational and medical support for children and families of political dis- sidents who have been threatened or forced by the communist regime to give up their freedom of speech and livelihoods. Budget : $5,500

CZECH REPUBLIC Camp Sunshine works with 300 physically handicapped, orphaned and refugee children. The hope is to provide the children with what they too often lack in their lives outside of the

camps: attention, friend- ship, respect and love Budget $40,000 / 300 children

COLOMBIA Casita de Belén provides shelter, nutrition, educa- tion, recreation and med- ical care for orphaned or abandoned “gamines” (street children) aged 0-11. Children who once scavenged street garbage for survival are given the opportunity to have a childhood. Sunflower sponsors Casita’s annual milk, diaper and pediat- ric medicine needs. Budget: $40,000 / 300 children

SOUTH AFRICA Thushang-Tpumani Center provides funding for the renovation of a center for mentally chal- lenged and handicapped children to prevent at- tacks from sexual preda- tors. The center provides nutrition, recreation, a sense of community and psychosocial support. Budget: $18,813 / 100 Children