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Taha Ahmed Qureshi

April 4 2014

Personal Biography

Taha Qureshi, born in Pakistan on the 12
of January in 1994, where he lived
there until the 15
of April 2001. Having his parents made a decision to move to Canada
and to get settled there. At the age of 7, Taha moved a lot within Canada and attended
multiple schools. When he first landed in Toronto, he attended Global Public School until
2003 because he later found out his family has to move to Vancouver where his father
attended university. When moved to Vancouver, Taha Qureshi attended two schools until
the year of 2005. Afterward, when his father graduated, Taha moved back to Toronto and
settled down in Mississauga for five years and attended two schools: Elementary; Camilla
Senior Public school '08 and also attended high school Father Michael Goetz Secondary
School until '10. His family decided to move to Markham where again he had to attend
two different high schools, St Augustine Secondary School until the year 2012 and then
decided to attend an Islamic School. Taha Qureshi graduated from Islamic Foundation of
Toronto high school in 2013 with honor roll and most improved award. Taha Qureshi
walked out of the High school with a dream, a dream to become a doctor.

Taha Qureshi believes a doctor should not only medically assist the patient, but
also should feel their pain and be able to emotionally help them as well. With his friendly
personality, ability to help and console others, interest in medicine, and professionalism
are the reasons why he desires to enter the medical field to become a doctor. His interest
in medicine started since childhood because he grew up in a house where his father is a
dentist. Seeing his father love his job in the medical profession, and the kinds of things he
did, have inspired Taha to do the same. Because of this, Taha Qureshi had tagged along
with his father and volunteered at his clinic many times as well as volunteered with other
doctors, such as Dr. Cheema. Taha also took this interest in volunteering at school. Along
with that, Taha also volunteered at many events such as Rheumatology Education Day at
Sick Kids Hospital and dinners to help fundraise for an MRI machine at The Scarborough

Along with volunteering and doing many things to get closer to a career as a
doctor, Taha has taken many science and mathematics courses throughout high school.
He took basic science and math in grades 9 and 10. In grade 11, He took math, and
branched science out into biology, chemistry, and physics. In grade 12, He took the
sciences again as well as Calculus and Vectors. According to the Ontario Education
system, science courses are optional after grade 10, but his reason to take them was solely
because of his interest in these courses, as well as pursuing a career in the medical field.

According to Taha, a doctor can either come to their practice and hate everyday of
it and show that to their patients, or a doctor can show that they love what they do and
want to do anything and everything they can to help their patients out. Taha would prove
to be the doctor that loves what they do because he has that interest and care for others.
To be a successful doctor, one must be caring, dedicated, liked in society, and a well-
rounded person. These are just some of the qualities Taha Qureshi possess which he
believes will make me a successful doctor and be perfect in the medical field.