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Opening: The meeting started at 1:44pm with a worship session led by Bro. Henry Ogunjobi
followed by the opening prayer taken by Bro. Seyi Owoade at 1:48pm.

Exhortation: Brief exhortation was given by Bro. Femi Saliu, titled “Let not your heart be
troubled”, with the text taken from John 14:26-28. He encouraged members to be of good cheer
irrespective of situations we are going through as Jesus encouraged us to do so. Also, we are to be
strong, as show of weakness in trying times could affect our home. According to him, remaining focus
and keeping our faith in God is all that we need according to Isah. 26:3, we must also continue to stand
on the word of God, go on our knees, because our God is able to turn all situations around.

Welcome: One new member in person of Bro. Funsho Gbodi was welcome to the meeting.

Apologies: A notice of absence was received from Emmanuel Ebeh, Bola Ositelu, and Obaro.

Adoption of October minute: A brief recap of the last meeting minute was done by Bro.
Bayo Ayinde after which the motion for the adoption of the minute was moved by Bro Deji and
seconded by Bro Seyi Owoade.

Testimony: This section was anchored by Bro Nnnana Okorie. Bro. Yanju gave testimony of God’s
goodness in his life as he marks another birthday. Bro. Chuks Mordi appreciate God for the gift of a
baby girl to his family, Bro Yomi give God glory for seeing him through his Master’s programme while
Bro. Elijah thank God for healing him. The section was roundup with prayers for our pregnant women
and those looking for the fruit of the womb.

Financial Update:
The report on MOVE finance was given by Y.E (Financial Secretary). The total amount so far collected
is £3250 with our expenses standing at £2,351.12 and balance of £898.88 in MOVE purse. Members
were again encouraged to pay their dues.

NOTE: MOVE Account Details: Bank of Scotland, Acct. No: 06014507 & Sort Code: 801130.

Topical Issue: The topic for the month is Social Housing. The presentation was given by Bro.
Gbenga Fashoro. Please, refer to the attached PowerPoint file for the copy of the presentation.

Night Vigil: The EXCO promised to communication a new day our monthly vigil to members as the
vigil could not hold on 13th November because of the joint prayer meeting of all RCCG churches that
have been schedule for the date.

AOB: It was also agreed at the meeting that committee planning the church Xmas Dinner should make
arrangement that will allow parents to come along with their children if that is more convenient for
them. Also, proposed get-together outing for men (Men’s night out) was announced to members. The
event has been scheduled for 19/12/2009 as other modalities is still being worked on by Bro. Yomi

Adjournment: The motion for adjourned was moved by Bro. Ify Osadebe, seconded by Bro. Deji.
The next general meeting will be coming up on Sunday 13th of December 2009 at the Education Centre.

Closing Prayer: Closing prayer was given by Bro. Ishola Akiropo. The meeting ended around