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BA Political Science I
Is the Scientific Method Useful in Selecting a Spouse? Why or Why not?
The scientific method is not useful as a tool in selecting a spouse. When we say scientific, we
are merely talking about science itself; although human feelings are associated with psychologywhich
is a credible science in itselfI dont believe that selecting a spouse via the scientific method is a
plausible method. Love in itself is simply too subjective and unknown to be calculated and deduced using
an objective, factual methodology.
The scientific method is a logical process used to assess scientific phenomena: phenomena which
are tangible and observable, and fall under the three branches of science. The method is used mainly to
aid the process of studying real, non-abstract concepts. Try as we might, we just wont ever be able to
measure or prove that love is a tangible object. There is little doubt that love exists, but to prove that it
does using current scientific tools is akin to finding a needle within a haystack or fitting a camel through a
needle eye. Each human being has different tastes, layers and dimensions which all translate to a
multitude of variables which are impossible to fit into the mould of a single method. People do not really
go around trying to find the perfect spouse; try as we might to search for love, most of us will still agree
that love is spontaneous and unpredictable. It sprouts in the most unexpected of places and the most
surprising of times, and there is no sure-fire method to finding the perfect one.
Therefore, one can conclude that the scientific method is neither an effective nor efficient tool to
find someone to love. It is not because it is a flawed method; rather, it is because there is simply no
formula or procedure to find love. There are some things that simply cannot be quantified nor assessed:
these are the abstract emotions which define us as individual humans. Even though we all have our
specific criteria we use to search for our other halves, in the end, we still tend to fall for the people we
least expect to be romantically attracted to. It is the mind alone that controls and decides who we choose
to fall for, and no methodhowever scientifically accurate or useful it may bewill ever help us in
searching for person our hearts are completely set on.