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Sabotor = saboteur
salutul pe mare = ?????????
salvconduct = safe conduct
samurai = samurai
sancionarea infraciunilor n DIU = crimes sanctions in IHL
sanciune = sanction
sanciuni colective = collective sanctions
sanciuni disciplinare = disciplinary sanctions
sanciuni economice = economic sanctions
sanciuni internaionale = international sanctions
sanciuni penale = penal sanctions
San Marino = San Marino
Santinel = guardsman
Sarazini = Saracen
Satisfacie = gratification
Satrap = satrap
Saxoni = the Saxons
sptmna internaional = the International Week
24 - 30 mai, Sptmna solidaritii cu popoarele ce lupta mpotriva
rasismului i discriminrii rasiale = 24
May, The Week of
Solidarity with the People Struggling Against Racism and Racial
25 - 31 mai, Sptmna solidaritii cu popoarele aflate sub administrare
strin = 25
May, The Week of Solidarity with the People under
Foreign Management
24 30 oct., Sptmna dezarmrii = 24
October, Disarmament
schimb de populaie = population exchange
schimb de prizonieri de rzboi = prisoner exchange
schimb de teritorii = territory exchange
Schisma de rsrit = Eastern Schism
Schuman (Planul ~) = the Schuman plan
Sclavia = slavery
scopul rzboiului = war goal
scorpio = scorpio
Scorzeny, Otto (Cazul ~) = the Case of Otto Skorzeny
scrisoare de acreditare = letter of credence
scrisoare de ncredinare = letter of entrustment
scrisoare de marc= ???????
scrisoare de rechemare = letter of recall
Comment [D1]: La acest termen nu gasesc deloc
ce inseamna, nici macar in romana
scutum = lat. for shield. It is a small constellation introduced in the 17

SEATO = South-East Asia Treaty Organization
Secesiune = secession
Sechestrare = sequestration
Secretariatul ONU/Secretarul general = United Nations Secretary/
Secretary General
Secolul Luminilor = Enlightment
secret medical = medical secret
sectoare (teoria ~ ) = Sectors Theory
sectorul de securitate = security department
securis = securis
securitatea navigaiei = maritime security
securitate colectiv = collective security
securitate european = European security
securitate internaional = international security
securitate naional = national security
segregaie rasial = racial security
semnale distinctive = distinctive signals
semnalizare = warning
semnarea tratatului = signing of a treaty
semntura ad-referendum = signature ad-referendum
semne de naionalitate = national signs/ emblems
semne distinctive = distinctive signs
semne i semnale de protecie = signs and signals of protection
semnul de protecie n caz de conflict naval = Protection Signal in case of
maritime dispute/ conflict
semnul distinctiv al Pactului Roerich pentru protecia bunurilor culturale =
the distinctive marking of Roerich Pact of the protection of cultural
semnul distinctiv internaional pentru lucrrile i instalaiile care dein
fore periculoase = International distinctive Sign for the works and
installations containing dangerous forces
semnul distinctiv internaional al proteciei civile = international distinctive
sign of civil defense
semnul distinctiv pentru personalul sanitar civil = the distinctive sign of
civil medical personnel
semnul distinctiv pentru protecia bunurilor culturale = the distinctive sign
for the defense of cultural property
sentina arbitral = arbitration award
sentina arbitral a regelui Spaniei (cazul ~) = the Case Concerning the
arbitral award made by the king of Spain
Serviciul civililor internai din diverse motive (1940, CICR) = the Internment
of Civilians for varied motives (1940, ICRC)
Serviciul de consultan n DIU = Advisory Service on International
Humantarian Law
Serviciul Internaional de Cercetri (SIC) = International Association for
serviciul militar al strinilor = military service of foreigners
sesiunile organizaiilor internaionale = the sessions of international
Serviciul pentru internarea n Elveia = the internment service in
sfera de influen = sphere of influence
Sfnta Alian = the Holy Alliance
Sfntul Imperiu Roman de Naiune German = Holy Roman Empire of the
German Nation
Sfntul Scaun = the Holy See
sfritul ocupaiei militare = the end of military occupation
sfritul rzboiului = the end of war
SFI = IFC - International Finance Corporation
Shintoism = Shintoism - A religion native to Japan, characterized by
veneration of nature spirits and ancestors and by a lack of formal
Sho-go = Sho go - a masculine Japanese given name.
sic stantibus = Latin for "things thus standing"
sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas = lat. reffering to the use of your own
property in such a way that you do not injure other people's: a maxim
often used in cases of nuisance. It is misleading, since only an
unreasonable interference with a neighbour's property is actionable as
a nuisance.
SIDMDR = ?????????????????
Sigiliu = seal
sigla Naiunilor Unite = United Nations Emblem
silex = silex
simbolurile Micrii internaionale de Cruce Roie = the Symbols of the
International Movement of the Red Cross
sinagog = synagogue
sine die = lat. for Without day- without assigning a day for a further
meeting or hearing.
sine qua non = lat. for an indispensable and essential action, condition, or
si omnes = lat. for if all ones
sistem de garanii AIEA = IAEA's safeguards system
sistem de rachete = missile system
Comment [D2]: Nu gasesc pentru este acest
sistem de securitate colectiv = collective security system
sistemul de securitate internaional = international security system
sistemul de securitate latino-american = Latin American security system
Sistemul de Securitate i Aprare Naional = National Security and
Defence Systems
Sistemul Naional de Management al Situaiilor de Urgen = National
Emergency Management System
sistemul Naiunilor Unite = United Nations System
sistemul teritoriilor care nu se autoguverneaz = the System of Non-Self-
Governing Territories
sistemul repartiiei geografice = geographic coordinate system
situaia populaiei civile n teritoriul ocupat = the situation of the civilian
population into occupied territory
situaie internaional = international situation
si vis pacem para bellum = lat. for "If you want peace, prepare for war"
S.M.O.M. = Sovereign Military Order of Malta
SN = the League of Nations
Socialism = Socialism
Societatea Internaional de Drept Militar i Dreptul Rzboiului =
International Society for Military Law and the Law of War.
Societatea Naional de Cruce Roie din Romnia = the Romanian Red
Cross National Society
Societatea Naiunilor = the League of Nations
societile naionale de Cruce Roie i Semilun Roie = National Red Cross
and Red Crescent Societies
societi private de securitate/de prestaii militare = private companies of
security or military benefits
sol = base / ground
solidarismul = the Solidarism
solul i subsolul marin = marine soil and subsoil
SONU (Secretariatul ONU) = the Secretariat of United Nations Organization
spaiu aerian = airspace
spaiu cosmic = outer space
spaiu extraatmosferic = outer space
spaiu marin = maritime space
spioni = secret agents
sponsio = lat. for oath
stabiliment sanitar = medical establishment
stabilirea relaiilor diplomatice = establishment of diplomatic relations
STANAG (v.) AJP 2.5 adaptat = NATO Standardization Agreement see
adapted AJP (Allied Joint Publication) -2.5
starea de asediu = curfew
starea de beligeran = belligerence
starea de mobilizare = mobilization
starea de necesitate = state of necessity
starea de pace = state of peace
starea de rzboi = the state of war
starea de sclavie = the status of slavery
starea de urgen = the state of emergency
stat = state
stat arhipelag = archipelagic state
stat asediat = besieged state
stat beligerant = belligerent state
state asociate n MII statele care s-au alturat coaliiei antihitleriste au purtat
denumirea de = associated states, the countries that have joined the anti-
Hitler coalition were called
stat compus = composed state
stat fr litoral = land-locked State
stat federal = federal state
stat federativ = federated state
stat independent = independent state
stat nebeligerant = non belligerent state
stat neutru = neutral state
stat protector = protective state
stat sub protectorat = protected state
stat suveran = sovereign state
Statul Papal = the Papal State
stat unitar = unitary state
statu-quo = lat. for the state in which, meaning the existing state of affairs
statut = statute/ status
statut consultativ = consultative status
statut de ocupaie = Occupational status
1921, Statutul asupra regimului cilor navigabile de interes naional
Barcelona la 20 apr. = navigable waterways of international concern
contained in the Barcelona Statute of 1921
1928, Statutul comun al Micrii Internaionale de Cruce Roie = 1928. The
Common Statute of the International Red Cross Movement
1945, Statutul Tribunalului Militar Internaional de la Nrnberg = 1945,
the Statute of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg
1945, Statutul Curii Internaionale de Justiie = 1945, The Statute of the
International Court of Justice
1946, Statutul Tribunalului Militar Internaional de la Tokio = 1946, the
Statute of the International Military Tribunal at Tokyo
1950, Statutul naltului Comisariat al Naiunilor Unite pentru Refugiai =
1950, Status of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
1993, Statutul Tribunalului Internaional Penal pentru fosta Iugoslavie =
1993, Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former
1994, Statutul Tribunalului Penal Internaional pentru Rwanda = 1994,
Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
1998, Statutul Curii Penale Internaionale = 1998, Statute of the
International Criminal Court
2002, Statutul Tribunalului internaional special pentru Sierra Leone =
2002, Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone
statutul combatantului n perioada post rzboi rece = the status of the
combatants in the period of Post Cold War
statutul juridic al prilor la conflict = legal status of the Parties to the
statutul populaiei civile = the status of the civilians
statutul refugiailor n teritoriul ocupat = the status of refugees on occupied
statutul ziaritilor n zone periculoase de conflict armat = the status of
journalists in zones involving armed conflicts
staionare forat =
?stri excepionale = exceptional situations
steagul parlamentar - Parliamentary Flag
Stimson (doctrina ~ ). = The Stimson Doctrine
Stratagem = stratagem
Strategia naional a Romniei de aplicare a dreptului internaional
umanitar = Romanian National Strategy of Application of
International Humanitarian Law
strategie internaional de lupt mpotriva terorismului = the International
Strategy for Fighting against Terrorism
strategie militar = military strategy
strategiile Alianei Nord-Atlantice = NATO (North Atlantic Treaty
Organization) strategies
Stratfor = Stratfor

strini inamici = foreign enemies
strini pe teritoriul unei pri n conflict GIV, 35 = foreigners on the territory
of a Party to the conflict
strmtoarea Corfu (cazul ~) Corfu Channel Case
strmtorile Mrii Baltice = Straits of the Baltic Sea
strmtorile Mrii Negre = Straits of the Baltic Sea
structura CICR the structure of ICRC
structura CIJ = structure of CIJ (International Court of Justice)
structura CPI = structure of ICC (International Criminal Court)
structura juridic a Oceanului Planetar = legal structure of the World
structurile politice i militare ale NATO = NATO's political and military
stupefiante = drugs
Subcomisia de lupt contra msurilor discriminatorii i a proteciei
minoritilor (v. Comisia drepturilor omului) = Sub Commission on
Prevention of Discrimination and Protection on Minorities (v. Commission
on Human Rights)
subiect de drept internaional = Subject of International Law
subjugare = subjugation, dependence on/upon
submarin = submarine
submersibil = submersible
sub protecie regal = under royal protection
sub spe rati = lat. for in the hope of ratification
substitut al puterilor protectoare = substitute for the protecting powers
succesiune = succession
succesiunea statelor = succession of states
succesiunea statelor n materie de bunuri, arhive i datorii = succession of
states in respect of state property, archives and debets
succesiunea statelor n materie de tratate = succession of states in respect of
Sud (Planul ~) = South (plan)
suferine inutile = unnecessary suffering
sunna = Arabic, Sunnah
Sun Tzu = an ancient Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher
from the Zhou Dynasty.
supremaie aerian = air supremacy
suspendarea armelor = cessation of arms
suspendarea focului = cessation of fire
suspendarea ostilitilor = cessation of hostilities
suveranitate = sovereignty
suveranitate aerian = air sovereignty
suveranitatea permanent asupra resurselor naturale = permanent
sovereignty over natural resources
suveranitate limitat = limited sovereignty
suveranitate teritorial = territorial sovereignty
SWATO = ??
Comment [D3]: De la ce vine?