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PHASE-I (Prerequisites)

Your domain is & network is

Server name is & IP is
For Yum Server, The baseurl is t!"//!u#/r$e%6
Other domain &et'or( is
Following are the basic requirement o !our s!stem "
#. The e$aminer can login into !our s!stem as root using the %assword redhat.
&. Your s!stem Static IP address is #'&.#().*.+. ,-heck !our IP and assign !our IP as
static with .autilas mode i.e. /0I mode.
1. Fi$ .etmask o !our s!stem is &22.&22.&22.*.
3. Fi$ /atewa! o !our s!stem is #'&.#().*.&23.
2. Fi$.ame server is #'&.#().*.&23.
(. Your 45- Password should be like this 6667 station$ , where + is !our IP
You have to get 9*: marks to quali!ing this e$am in ;<-S=.
You have ) $r. to %erorm e$am.
*H+SA ,E-E,
.01" -reate user l!ne, bob and alice with ollowing criteria.
,=> create bob, l!ne users %assword should be %assword and whose secondar! grou%
will be s!susers.
,?> -reate alice user who should not get interactive shell and %assword should be %assword.
.02" Your s!stem has a new %artition mounted under 5mnt5new o e$t3 ile s!stem
and #** 4? in si@e. ,-om%ulsor!>
.ote" 6 because %artition si@es are seldom e$actl! what are s%eciied when the!
are created, an! si@e between ranges o '* to ##* 4? is ok.
.0)" A!ne should get a message <ello -B/ at *#"*2 =4 ever! da! .
/#i&/ec$o He%%o
.04" ,=> -reate director! s/susers in 5common. The iles created in this director!
Cill be altered b! users o s!susers grou% but not b! other users including root.
,;emember even i !ou denied %ermission to root can access b! root>.
,?> Other users canDt read, write and delete the iles in this director!.
,-> =lso iles created in this director! whose grou% automaticall! set to
s!susers grou%.
.05 ?ob user canDt use crond services.
.06 -o%! 5etc5stab ile into 5var5tm%5stab .
.ote" donDt give the e$ecute %ermission to an! user.
,a>user l!ne can read & write in this ile.
,b> user bob neither read and can not write in this ile.
,c> user alice can onl! read but neither writes nor accesses it.
,> Other user neither read nor writes in this ile.

.00 -reate a tar or backu% o 5common director!, b! using task6scheduling ,Ecron FobE> . ?ack
u% timming is On Bver! Saturda! o each month 8 *("** P4.
.08 -hange user name bob,rename user name bob to maninder> and Set 0IG o maninder user
as (''
.09 -reate two grou%s sotware, hardware, .ow add a user hari, whose belongs to both grou%s
as a Su%%lementar!.
H Secondar! I

.10 Set the B$%ire Gate &*##6#&61# ,or the user account o maninder
.11 -reate user ton! and create grou% develo%er now add develo%er as a %rimar! grou% o ton!
.12 -reate a su%%lementar! grou% called %grou% with a grou% IG o 1***
.1) -reate a user account with the ollowing attributes
0SB; .=4B 66 7 tom
Full .ame 66 7 tom Ferr!
Password 66 7 %ractice
.ow add the tom user to the %grou% as a su%%lementar! grou%.
.14 4odi! tom user accountDs so the %assword e$%ires ater &* da!s.
.15 Aock the tom user account so he can cannot log in.
666666666666666666666666666666666666T<B B.G666666666666666666666666666666666666666