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SUMMER WAS BACK AGAIN; my mother had returned to
the country, to the estate which we had acuired on!y recent!y"
My #ather, en$rossed in his %usiness, had remained in
the city" &e re$retted ha'in$ (urchased this estate which he
had acuired at my mother)s insistence"
*+ou)re the one who wanted this country house,* he
said" *Go out there i# you wish %ut don)t #orce me to $o"
Besides, my dear Anna, you can rest assured that I)m $oin$ to
rese!! it at the #irst o((ortunity"*
*But, dear,* said my mother, *you ha'e no idea how
much $ood the country air wi!! do the chi!dren" " "*
*+es, yes, I ,now,* re(!ied my #ather, consu!tin$ his
note%oo, and ta,in$ his hat, *I $a'e way to your whim %ut I
was wron$"*
So my mother !e#t #or her cam(a$ne, as she (ut it,
intendin$ to ma,e the most o# what mi$ht (ro'e to %e a short
She was accom(anied %y a youn$er, sti!! unmarried
sister, a maid, %y myse!#, her on!y son, and %y one o# my
sisters who was a year o!der than I"
We arri'ed in the %est o# s(irits at the country house,
which the (eo(!e o# that district had nic,named Le Chteau"
- . /
Le Chteau, which was an o!d dwe!!in$ no dou%t datin$
#rom the .0
century, had once %e!on$ed to wea!thy #armers"
1he interior was s(acious %ut the arran$ement o# the
rooms was so e2traordinary that the house was rea!!y rather
incon'enient to !i'e in, with numerous wasted ste(s occasion3
ed %y the architectura! disorder" 1he rooms were not dis(osed
as in ordinary houses, %ut were se(arated %y a mass o# dar,
(assa$es, windin$ corridors, s(ira! staircases" In short, the
(!ace was a 'erita%!e !a%yrinth and it too, se'era! days o#
e2(!orin$ the house %e#ore one had any rea! notion o# the
!ayout o# the a(artments"
1he out%ui!din$s, where the #arm and sta%!es were
!ocated, were se(arated #rom the main house %y a courtyard"
Ad4oinin$ these %ui!din$s was a cha(e! which cou!d %e
entered as easi!y #rom courtyard, main house, or out%ui!din$"
1his cha(e! was in a $ood state o# re(air" 5ormer!y a
mon, had o##iciated there" &e had !i'ed in the chateau and
administered to the s(iritua! needs o# the !itt!e 'i!!a$e round
Since the !ast one died, the o##ice had ne'er %een #i!!ed
a$ain, and on!y on Sundays and 5eastdays, as we!! as #rom
time to time to hear con#essions, did a cha(!ain #rom the
nei$h%orin$ monastery come to our cha(e! to conduct those
ser'ices indis(ensa%!e #or the eterna! sa!'ation o# the worthy
When the mon, came, he ine'ita%!y stayed to dinner,
and a room was (re(ared #or him near the cha(e! in case he
cared to s(end the ni$ht there"
My mother, my aunt, and the maid, Kate, were %usy
$ettin$ the room ready; the %ai!i##, the #arm 'a!et, and a
ser'ant were he!(in$ them"
- 6 /
Since the har'est was a!ready a!most com(!ete!y in, my
sister and I were (ermitted to $o #or wa!,s where we (!eased"
We ram%!ed throu$hout the chateau, throu$h a!! its noo,s and
crannies, #rom ce!!ar to roo#" We (!ayed hide and see, around
the co!umns, or e!se one o# us, ta,in$ re#u$e %ehind a
staircase, !ay in am%ush #or the other to (ass, then s(ran$ out
with a %!ood3curd!in$ shrie,"
1he wooden staircase !eadin$ to the attic was 'ery
stee(" 7ne day I had (receded Berthe down and hidden myse!#
%etween two chimney #!ues where, in contrast to the staircase
which was !i$hted %y a s,y!i$ht in the roo#, it was 'ery dar,"
When she a((eared, comin$ down cautious!y, I s(ran$ out,
imitatin$ the %ar,in$ o# a #erocious do$" Berthe, who had not
sus(ected I was there, was so #ri$htened that she s!i((ed,
missed the ne2t stair down, and #e!! so that her head was at the
%ottom o# the staircase whi!e her !e$s remained a%o'e on the
&er dress was natura!!y um%re!!aed u(ward unti! it
co'ered her #ace, !ea'in$ her !e$s e2(osed"
When I a((roached her, !au$hin$, I noticed that her
%!ouse had s!i((ed u( a%o'e her na'e!"
Berthe was not wearin$ any (anties, %ecause, as she to!d
me !ater, hers were dirty, and we had not yet had time to
un(ac, the !inen"
So it was that #or the #irst time I saw my sister in an
immodest state"
1o te!! me truth I had a!ready seen her na,ed %ecause
we had o#ten %een %athed to$ether durin$ the (ast #ew years"
But I had seen on!y the %ac,side o# her %ody, or at most the
side, %ecause %oth my mother and my aunt had (!aced us %ac,
to %ac, with our !itt!e %uttoc,s toward each other as they
- 8 /
washed us" Both !adies too, $ood care to see that I didn)t
(ee(, and when they handed us our !itt!e ni$ht$owns, they
%ade us (!ace our hands care#u!!y in #ront o# us"
So it was that Kate, one day when she had ta,en my
aunt)s (!ace in $i'in$ Berthe her %ath, had %een sco!ded #or
#or$ettin$ to %id Berthe (ut her hands in #ront o# her"
I was a!ways %athed either %y my mother or %y my aunt"
When I was in the !ar$e %athtu% I was to!d, *A!! ri$ht, Ro$er,
now you can remo'e your hand"* And as you can we!!
ima$ine, it was a!ways one o# them who soa(ed and scru%%ed
My mother, who %e!ie'ed in me (rinci(!e that chi!dren
shou!d %e treated as chi!dren as !on$ as (ossi%!e, had ,e(t this
system in (ractice"
At that time I was thirteen years o!d and my sister
Berthe #ourteen" I ,new nothin$ at a!! a%out !o'e nor e'en
a%out the di##erence %etween se2es"
But when I #e!t myse!# na,ed in #ront o# women, when I
#e!t their so#t, #eminine hands wanderin$ here and there o'er
my %ody, I e2(erienced a curious sensation"
I remem%er 'ery we!! that e'ery time my aunt Mar$aret
washed and dried my se2ua! (arts I was conscious o# an un3
#ami!iar, 'a$ue, %ut e2treme!y a$reea%!e sensation" I noticed
that my !itt!e (enis sudden!y %ecame as sti## as stee!, and that
instead o# droo(in$ as %e#ore, it reared its head" Instincti'e!y I
drew c!oser to my aunt and (ushed and thrust my %e!!y
#orward as #ar as I cou!d" 7ne day when this ha((ened, my
aunt Mar$aret %!ushed sudden!y, and that made her de!icate
#eatures e'en more %eauti#u!" She had noticed that my !itt!e
,no% was erect, and, #ei$nin$ i$norance, %ec,oned to my
mother who was %athin$ her #eet with us" Kate was then %usy
- 9 /
washin$ Berthe, %ut she, too, immediate!y %ecame attenti'e"
As a matter o# #act I had noticed that she much (re#erred to
ta,e char$e o# me than o# my sister, and that she ne'er missed
an o((ortunity o# he!(in$ my mother and aunt when they
attended to me" Now she too wanted to see what was $oin$
She turned her head and !oo,ed at me without the !east
constraint whi!e my aunt and my mother e2chan$ed si$n3
i#icant $!ances"
My mother was in (etticoats, and had tuc,ed them u(
a%o'e her ,nees so that she cou!d cut her toenai!s more easi!y"
I had cau$ht a $!im(se o# her (retty, (!um( #eet, her %eauti#u!
ner'ous ca!'es, and her round white ,nees" 1he si$ht o# my
mother)s !e$s had a##ected my 'iri!ity as much as had my
aunt)s caresses" My mother (ro%a%!y rea!i:ed this, %ecause she
%!ushed and !et her (etticoats tum%!e down"
1he !adies smi!ed and Kate %e$an to !au$h, unti! she
was sto((ed %y the disa((ro'in$ $!ances o# my aunt and
mother" But she tried to 4usti#y herse!# %y sayin$; *Berthe a!so
!au$hs when I come to that s(ot with a warm s(on$e"* My
mother ordered her to ho!d her ton$ue"
At that 'ery moment the %athroom door o(ened, and my
e!der sister E!i:a%eth came in" She was #i#teen years o!d and
went to hi$h schoo!"
A!thou$h my aunt had adroit!y thrown a shirt o'er my
%are %ody, E!i:a%eth had time to see me, and that irritated me
no end" 5or a!thou$h I was not at a!! ashamed in #ront o#
Berthe, I didn)t !i,e E!i:a%eth seein$ me na,ed, %ecause #or
#our years now she had no !on$er ta,en her %ath with us, %ut
%athed either with the !adies or with Kate"
I was 'a$ue!y annoyed that a!! the women o# the house3
- < /
ho!d had the ri$ht to come into the %athroom when I was
there, whereas this same ri$ht was denied me" And I #ound it
a%so!ute!y outra$eous that I was denied entry e'en when on!y
my sister E!i:a%eth was %ein$ %athed, #or I saw no earth!y
reason why she shou!d %e treated any di##erent!y #rom us in
s(ite o# her youn$ !ady)s a##ectations"
Berthe herse!# was incensed %y E!i:a%eth)s un4ust (re3
tensions, #or E!i:a%eth had one day re#used to undress in #ront
o# her, and yet did not hesitate to do so when my aunt and my
mother were a!one with her in the %athroom"
We cou!d not understand such %eha'ior, which actua!!y
stemmed #rom the #act that E!i:a%eth had reached the a$e o#
(u%erty" &er hi(s were rounded, her ni((!es were %e$innin$
to swe!!, and, as I !earned !ater, the #irst (u%ic hair had
a((eared on her mound"
1hat day Berthe had mere!y heard my mother say to my
aunt as they were !ea'in$ the %athroom, *With E!i:a%eth it
came on sur(risin$!y ear!y"*
*+es, mine was a year !ater"*
*And mine two years !ater"*
*We)!! ha'e to $i'e her a %edroom to herse!# now"*
*She can share mine,* my aunt had re(!ied"
Berthe had re!ated a!! this to me, and natura!!y under3
stood as !itt!e a%out it as I did"
But on that (articu!ar occasion, as soon as my sister
E!i:a%eth had come in and seen me com(!ete!y na,ed with my
!itt!e (ric, standin$ as sti## as an an$ry !itt!e coc,, I noticed
that her $a:e was ri'eted on that s(ot, and that she cou!d not
concea! a mo'ement o# (ro#ound astonishment" But she did
not dro( her eyes" 7n the contrary"
When my mother as,ed her sudden!y i# she too wou!d
- = /
!i,e to ta,e a %ath, she %!ushed and stammered, *+es, Mama"*
*Ro$er and Berthe ha'e a!ready #inished theirs,* my
mother said, *you can $et undressed"*
E!i:a%eth o%eyed without hesitation and stri((ed down
to her chemise" I had 4ust time enou$h to see that she was
more de'e!o(ed than Berthe, %ut that was a!! %e#ore they
hust!ed me out o# the %athroom"
A#ter that I was no !on$er %athed with Berthe" Either my
aunt Mar$aret or my mother was sti!! (resent, %ecause e'er
since my mother had read somewhere o# a chi!d)s ha'in$
drowned in his %ath she had %een mor%id!y a#raid to !et me
%athe a!one" But the !adies, thou$h they continued to wash the
rest o# my %ody, hence#orth re#rained #rom touchin$ my too!
or %a!!3%earin$s" Ne'erthe!ess there were sti!! times when I
$ot an erection in #ront o# my mother or aunt Mar$aret" 1he
!adies noticed it a!! ri$ht, a!thou$h my mother turned her head
away when she !i#ted me out o# the tu% and he!(ed me on with
my ni$htshirt, and my aunt dro((ed her $a:e to the #!oor"
My aunt Mar$aret was twenty3si2, ten years youn$er
than my mother, %ut since she had a!ways re#rained #rom
$i'in$ her heart away, she %ore her a$e e2treme!y we!! and
a((eared to %e a youn$ $ir!" My na,edness seemed to ma,e
uite an im(ression on her, #or each time she %athed me she
s(o,e to me in a so#t #!utey 'oice"
7nce when she had soa(ed and rinsed me 'i$orous!y
her hand %rushed my !itt!e coc," She recoi!ed as thou$h she
had touched a sna,e" I noticed it and, s!i$ht!y (ee'ed, said to
her, *>earest dar!in$ auntie, why don)t you wash your !itt!e
Ro$er a!! o'er?*
She %!ushed dee(!y" *But I did wash you a!! o'er,* she
said to me ner'ous!y"
- 0 /
*Come now auntie, wash my (ric,!y (ear as we!!"*
*5or shame, you wic,ed !itt!e %oy@ +ou are (er#ect!y
ca(a%!e o# washin$ it yourse!#"*
*No auntie, (!ease, you wash it" I can)t do it near!y as
we!! as you can"*
*7h the !itt!e rasca!@* said my aunt, smi!in$" And ta,in$
the s(on$e she care#u!!y washed my (ric, and %a!!s"
*Come, auntie dear, !et me $i'e you a $reat %i$ ,iss #or
%ein$ so sweet,* I said"
And I ,issed her (retty cherry3red !i(s %ehind which
s(ar,!ed her %eauti#u!!y white teeth"
As soon as I was out o# the %athtu% I %eseeched her to
dry me"
So my aunt dried me, !in$erin$ (erha(s e'en !on$er
than was necessary o'er my sensiti'e (arts" 1his so e2cited
me that, ho!din$ #ast to the ed$e o# the %athtu% in order to
(rotrude my %e!!y e'en #arther, I %ecame so a$itated that my
aunt to!d me $ent!y, *1hat)s enou$h, Ro$er, you)re no !on$er a
!itt!e %oy" 5rom now on you)!! ta,e your %ath a!one"*
*7h no, auntie, (!ease not a!one@ +ou must %athe me" I
en4oy it e'er so much more when you %athe me than when
Mama does it"*
*Get dressed, Ro$er"*
*Be a nice auntie and ta,e a %ath with me some time"*
*Get dressed, Ro$er,* she said, mo'in$ to the window"
*No@ I want to see you ta,e a %ath too,* I said"
*Auntie, i# you don)t I)!! te!! >addy that you)'e ta,en my
,no% in your mouth a$ain"*
My aunt %!ushed dee(!y" As a matter o# #act she rea!!y
had done that, %ut on!y #or a second, one day when I had not
- A /
wanted to ta,e my %ath" 1he water had %een too co!d and I)d
run o## to my room to hide" My aunt had come !oo,in$ #or me
and at !en$th had ta,en my !itt!e (enis in her mouth,
suee:in$ it %etween her !i(s #or a second" I had en4oyed it so
much that I had #ina!!y re!ented and %ecome doci!e as a !am%"
Besides, in a simi!ar circumstance my mother had done
the same, and I ,now many instances o# this (ractice" Women
who %athe !itt!e %oys o#ten do it" 5or them the e##ect is the
same as that (roduced #or us when, as men, we see and touch
a youn$ $ir!)s tender cre'ice, %ut women ,now %etter than
men how to 'ary their (!easures"
>urin$ my ear!iest years I had an e!der!y chi!d)s nurse
who tic,!ed my tidd!ey and %a!!s when I cou!dn)t $et to s!ee(
or e'en $ent!y suc,ed at it" I e'en remem%er that one day she
(!aced me on her warm %e!!y and ,e(t me there #or a !on$
time" But as a!! that ha((ened so !on$ a$o I remem%er it on!y
As soon as my aunt had reco'ered her com(osure she
said to me an$ri!y, *1hat was on!y a 4o,e, Ro$er, and you
were on!y a !itt!e %oy then" But I see that it)s im(ossi%!e to
4o,e with you any !on$er, you)re a man now"* And she
$!anced a$ain at my erection" *What)s more, you)re a wic,ed
!itt!e scam(, I don)t !o'e you any more"* And so sayin$ she
$a'e my coc, a !itt!e s!a("
1hen she %e$an to !ea'e and I he!d her %ac,, sayin$;
*E2cuse me, auntie dear, I won)t say anythin$ to anyone e'en
i# you $et into the %athtu%"*
*I su((ose I can do that at !east,* she said smi!in$" She
s!i((ed her %are #eet out o# her red s!i((ers, (u!!ed her
dressin$ $own a%o'e her ,nees and c!im%ed into the %ath" 1he
water reached the to( o# her ca!'es"
- B /
*Now I)'e done what you as,ed, Ro$er, %e $ood and $et
dressed !i,e a nice %oy or e!se I)!! ne'er !oo, at you a$ain"*
She said it with such con'iction that I rea!i:ed she
meant it" By then I no !on$er had a hard on" I too, my ni$ht3
shirt and s!i((ed into it whi!e my aunt was %athin$ her #eet"
But then, so that I wou!dn)t ma,e any #urther demands on her,
she announced that she wasn)t #ee!in$ we!! and that she
wou!dn)t ta,e a %ath a#ter a!!"
When I was dressed she $ot out o# the tu% to dry herse!#"
1he towe!, the same one which I had used, was wet" I $ot
down on my ,nees and wi(ed my aunt)s dainty #eet" She made
no (rotest" When I wi(ed %etween her toes she !au$hed and
when I touched and tic,!ed the so!es o# her #eet her $ood
humor returned com(!ete!y and she a$reed to !et me dry her
When I reached her ,nees, howe'er, she to!d me not to
$o any hi$her" I o%eyed, a!thou$h #or a !on$ time I had had a
%urnin$ desire to ,now 4ust what it was that women carried
%eneath their s,irts which was so (recious that they were
a!ways #rantic to hide it"
My aunt and I were #riends once a$ain %ut #rom then on
I %athed a!one"
My mother no dou%t !earned these thin$s #rom my aunt
%ut she ne'er $a'e me any indication o# it"
Now it is time to turn aside #rom these o%ser'ations,
which were necessary #or what is to #o!!ow, and to return to
(ic, u( the thread o# our story"
- .C /
M+ SIS1ER &A> 5ADDEN to the #oot o# the stairs and was
!yin$ with her s,irts a!! to(sy3tur'y" E'en when she saw me
standin$ ri$ht %eside her, she made no e##ort to $et u("
It was as thou$h, #rom #ear and the shoc, o# her #a!!, she
had %een struc, %y !i$htnin$" 1hin,in$ she was mere!y tryin$
to #ri$hten me, I !et my curiosity $et the %etter o# any #ee!in$s
o# (ity I mi$ht otherwise ha'e had"
My eyes were ri'eted on her na,edness" Where the
!ower (art o# her %e!!y 4oined her thi$hs, I saw a (ecu!iar
e!e'ation in the #orm o# a #!eshy trian$u!ar mound, on which a
#ew %!ond hairs were 'isi%!e" A((ro2imate!y where the thi$hs
4oined I noticed that the mound was c!e#t %y a !ar$e cre'ice
a%out an inch and a ha!# !on$, on either side o# which two !i(s
o(ened !e#t and ri$ht" I $!im(sed the s(ot where that c!e#t
came to an end 4ust as my sister started to scram%!e to her
She (ro%a%!y had not had the #aintest notion that she
was !yin$ so e2(osed, #or otherwise she wou!d immediate!y
ha'e arran$ed her c!othes" But sudden!y, as she drew her #eet
down %eneath her, her thi$hs s(read and I noticed that the
!i(s, on!y (art o# which I had seen when the thi$hs had %een
c!osed, continued unti! they came to$ether near the %uttoc,s"
>urin$ this uic, mo'ement o# her !e$s she had ha!#3o(ened
- .. /
her s!it, which at that time must ha'e %een #rom three to three
and a ha!# inches !on$, and I was a%!e to see that the #!esh
inside was red, in contrast to the mi!, whiteness o# me rest o#
her %ody"
7n!y one s(ot %etween her thi$hs, near the !i(s, was
s!i$ht!y red" But that (a!e red had dou%t!ess %een caused %y
sweat and (iss"
1he width o# a #ew #in$ers se(arated her cunt, whose
#orm resem%!ed the s(!it in an a(ricot, #rom her %uttoc,s"
1here in a!! its s(!endor !ay Berthe)s (ot3ho!e, which I
$!im(sed when she turned her %ac, to me as she was $ettin$
u(" 1he ho!e, o# a dar,er co!or, was no !ar$er than the ti( o#
my #in$er" Between her chee,s the s,in was s!i$ht!y reddened
%y the sweat which the day)s heat had (ro'o,ed"
My curiosity had %een so aroused that I had not rea!i:ed
how %ad!y my sister must ha'e hurt herse!# in #a!!in$, %ut
#ina!!y awa,enin$ to that (ossi%i!ity, I #!ew to her rescue" 1hat
who!e scene had certain!y not !asted #or more than a minute" I
he!(ed Berthe to her #eet" She was unsteady on her (ins and
com(!ained o# a headache"
1here was o# course an am(!e su((!y o# co!d water in
the courtyard we!!, %ut had we $one there we wou!d certain!y
ha'e %een s(otted and ca!!ed to account, with the resu!t that
a!! #urther e2cursions throu$hout the chateau wou!d ha'e %een
#or%idden us" So I su$$ested that we $o to the !itt!e (ond at
the end o# the $arden which we had one day es(ied #rom the
U(on reachin$ this s(ot we #ound, a!most hidden amon$
dense under$rowth, some arti#icia! roc,s, where a s(rin$
#!owed into the (ond"
Berthe sat down on a stone %ench" I made some com(r3
- .6 /
esses with our hand,erchie#s" She was s!i$ht!y o'erheated and
out o# %reath" But it was we!! %e#ore noon, and at the end o#
ha!# an hour she was #ee!in$ much %etter, a!thou$h she sti!!
s(orted an im(ressi'e !um( on her head" 5ortunate!y, how3
e'er, her hair concea!ed it"
>urin$ that ha!# hour I had cata!o$ued a!! I had 4ust
seen, and #u!!y en4oyed !ettin$ my mind !in$er o'er these new
disco'eries" But I had no idea how, in the !i$ht o# them, I
shou!d act with Berthe"
5ina!!y I decided what I shou!d do; whi!e Berthe had
%een !yin$ there na,ed I had noticed that under her #eathery
%ush she had a %eauty s(ot at the (oint where her cunt ended"
It so ha((ened that I had one too, in e2act!y the same
(!ace, 4ust %ehind my %a!!s"
My mother and aunt had one day !oo,ed at it !au$h3
in$!y, and I had ne'er understood why"
Dater I had e2amined my %uttoc,s in the mirror and
disco'ered it"
When I to!d Berthe a%out it she a((eared sur(rised and
%!ushed (ro#use!y" At #irst she (retended not to understand,
and when I care#u!!y descri%ed its (osition to her, stretchin$
out on the $round with my !e$s s(read to show her how I had
ha((ened to see it, she %ecame horri%!y em%arrassed"
I had to ma,e sure that we were a!one in the $arden"
1he surroundin$ 'e$etation was hi$h enou$h to hide us #rom
any distant eye, and we cou!d easi!y see i# anyone were
I un%uttoned my sus(enders and, !ettin$ #a!! my !i$ht
summer trousers, !ay down on my %ac, direct!y in #ront o# my
*7h, $oodness, Ro$er, i# anyone were to see you@* she
- .8 /
said ha!#3a!oud, without, howe'er, shi#tin$ her $a:e"
*1here)s no%ody around here, Berthe,* I re(!ied in the
same ha!#3hushed tone" 1hen, $ettin$ u(, I stood in #ront o#
her, !i#ted my shirt and said; *Since I saw a!! o# you, you can
see a!! o# me"*
Berthe)s curiosity was aroused, and she !oo,ed at me
without constraint" &er $a:e was %e$innin$ to a##ect me; my
mem%er %e$an to stir, then rose and, sti##enin$, %ared its head"
*+ou see, Berthe, I (iss out o# that !itt!e ho!e, %ut now I
can)t, e'en thou$h I want to"*
*I)'e had to $o #or a !on$ time,* she said so#t!y, *%ut I)m
ashamed to" >on)t !oo, at me, Ro$er"*
*Now, Berthe, don)t %e such a (rissy" I# you ho!d it too
!on$ your %!adder wi!! %urst and you)!! die" 1hat)s what our
o!d nurse used to say"*
Berthe $ot u(, $!anced a!! round, then suatted %eside
the %ench and %e$an to (iss" I %ent down uic,!y so as not to
miss a tric,, and saw a thin %ut steady stream s(urtin$ #rom
the to( o# her c!e#t and #a!!in$ o%!iue!y to the $round"
*No, Ro$er@* she said tear#u!!y, *that)s not nice"*
She #inished (issin$ and stood u("
*But Berthe, no%ody can see us,* I (rotested, *don)t %e
!i,e that"*
I smi!ed and added, *Doo, at me, I)m not shy in #ront o#
you"* I %e$an to (iss, %ut in 4er,s, %ecause my mem%er was
sti!! sti##" Berthe %urst out !au$hin$" 1a,in$ ad'anta$e o# her
$ood mood, I de#t!y raised her s,irts, #orced her to suat and
made her (iss"
She no !on$er resisted, %ut s(read her !e$s and %ent
#orward s!i$ht!y" I saw the stream which #e!! to the $round
with a s(!ash, %e#ore it s!ac,ened o##" My sister seemed to %e
- .9 /
#orcin$ at the end, and her cre'ice o(ened near the to(,
re'ea!in$ the red #!esh"
A!! this !asted on!y a #ew seconds" 1he stream had dried
to a mere dri%%!e"
Sudden!y I sei:ed the !i(s o# her Dady Eane and drew
them a(art" She seemed to en4oy it immense!y, #or otherwise
she wou!d ne'er ha'e !i#ted her s,irts so o%!i$in$!y"
In so doin$, I disco'ered that her crac,, which mi$ht %e
com(ared to a ha!# o(ened musse!, contained two additiona!
!i(s, sma!!er than the outside ones" 1hese inner !i(s, a
%eauti#u! red, were shut ti$ht" At the to( was the !itt!e ho!e
throu$h which she had 4ust (ee(eed" A !itt!e 4ut o# #!esh the
si:e o# a (ea was a!so 'isi%!e" I touched it and #ound it to %e
e2treme!y hard"
My caresses seemed to (!ease my sister, #or she
remained motion!ess, (ushin$ her %e!!y out s!i$ht!y"
She %ecame 'ery e2cited and !i#ted her s,irt e'en
hi$her, to a%o'e her na'e!" 1hen I caressed her %e!!y, mo'in$
my hands e2(!orin$!y across her #!esh" I tic,!ed her na'e! and
ton$ued around it" 1hen I mo'ed o## to $et a %etter 'iew, and
saw #or the #irst time the !o'e!y down adornin$ her so#t
rectan$u!ar mound"
1he hair was s(arse, short and downy, so %!ond that one
wou!d rea!!y ha'e had to %e c!ose to see it" Not that I had
much more myse!#, %ut mine was dar,er"
I twisted the hair a %it and to!d Berthe how sur(rised I
was to #ind that the co!or o# our (u%ic hair was so di##erent"
*It)s a!ways !i,e that,* she re(!ied"
*&ow do you ,now?*
*Kate to!d me so once when we were a!one in the %ath"
Besides, I)m $oin$ to ha'e my (eriods soon"*
- .< /
*What are they?*
*1here)s a #!ow o# %!ood e'ery month #or se'era! days
#rom your Dady Eane" Kate had her (eriods and hair when she
was my a$e"*
*>oes she ha'e hair !i,e yours?*
*>on)t %e si!!y@* Berthe said with e'ident su(eriority"
And !ettin$ her c!othes #a!! %ac, into (!ace she added;
*Kate has red hair and mine is %!ond" She uses oi! on
her head to ma,e her hair seem dar,er" Besides, she has so
much hair down %e!ow that you can on!y see her thin$ama4i$
i# she s(reads her !e$s a(art"*
Whi!e Berthe had %een sayin$ a!! this my mem%er had
Berthe noticed it and said;
*+ou see, your tidd!ey has shrun, a$ain" Kate to!d me
a!! a%out it one day when I as,ed her why she had !au$hed in
the %athroom" She to!d me that Ro$er)s mem%er had stood u(
strai$ht !i,e a man)s" As a matter o# #act, she says that it)s
(retty %i$" I# he were a man, she said, I)d !et him stic, me"
Watch your ste( that he doesn)t try to stic, you, Berthe"*
*What)s that mean, to stic, someone?*
*We!!, you ,now, when two (eo(!e stro,e each other"
Kate)s a!ready done it to me, and she made me do it to her too"
I en4oy what she does much more than what you did to me
4ust now" She a!ways wets her #in$er"
*She made me use my thum%, %ecause it seems that
that)s the #in$er which $oes in the #arthest" So I mo'ed it %ac,
and #orth as #ast as I cou!d and she !o'ed it" She did it to me
and I !o'ed it too, %ut the #irst time she made me do it to her
she scared me )most to death" She %e$an to si$h and (ant, and
then when she started to shout and sha,e a!!o'er I thou$ht I)d
- .= /
hurt her and was $oin$ to sto(" But she said, )No, Berthe, don)t
sto(") and %ecame e'er so e2cited and cried out, )7h, Berthe,
it)s comin$, oh, oh, oh@ " " "*
*And then she #e!! %ac, on the %ed as thou$h she had
#ainted" When I too, my #in$er out o# her crac, it was
co'ered with somethin$ $!uey" She made me wash and
(romised to ma,e me come when I was a !itt!e o!der and had
hair on my mound"*
A thousand thou$hts raced across my mind" I had a
hundred uestions I wanted to as,, #or there was much o# a!!
this that I didn)t uite understand"
Who ,nows what mi$ht ha'e ha((ened i# the dinner
%e!! had not run$" I cast a #ina! $!ance at Berthe)s treasures,
and showed her mine" 1hen we %oth set our c!othes in order
and ,issed, (romisin$, on our word o# honor, to say nothin$ to
anyone o# what had trans(ired %etween us" We were on the
(oint o# !ea'in$ when the sound o# 'oices detained us"
- .0 /
BU1 1&EN WE READIFE> that the %e!! which had 4ust run$
was not #or us, %ut to ca!! the ser'ants to !unch" And since we
were res(ecta%!e, we were in no s(ecia! hurry to !ea'e, since
anyone comin$ u(on us there wou!d ha'e had a%so!ute!y no
in,!in$ o# what we had 4ust %een doin$"
1he noise we had heard c!ose %y had come #rom %eyond
the $arden" We soon saw that the 'oices %e!on$ed to some
ser'ant $ir!s who had %een wor,in$ in the #ie!ds direct!y
%ehind the $arden" But since the ser'ants) !unch %e$an on!y
#i#teen minutes a#ter the #irst %e!!, we cou!d watch their s(ort"
It had rained the ni$ht %e#ore" 1he #resh!y (!owed earth
c!un$ to the $ir!s) #eet, and their s,irtsGin truth they each
a((eared to %e wearin$ on!y oneGwere e2treme!y short,
reachin$ %are!y to their ,nees" 1hey were not e2traordinari!y
(retty, %ut they were ne'erthe!ess sturdy sun3tanned (easant
$ir!s, whose a$es ran$ed %etween 6C and 8C"
When they reached the s(rin$ they sat down on the
$rass a!on$ the %an, on the stream and di((ed their #eet into
the water"
As they %athed their #eet they set to chatterin$ !i,e a
#!oc, o# ma$(ies"
1hey were direct!y in #ront o# us and not 8C #eet away"
1he contrast %etween their %ron:ed ca!'es and white ,nees
was c!ear!y 'isi%!e, and in some cases e'en the hint o# the
- .A /
Berthe did not seem to %e en4oyin$ this s(ectac!e in the
!east, and %e$an tu$$in$ on my arm #or us to !ea'e"
But then we heard #ootste(s c!ose %y and saw three
hired men a((roachin$ a!on$ a !itt!e (ath which ran %eside
our hidin$ (!ace"
Some o# the $ir!s set to arran$in$ their c!othes when
they saw the men a((roachin$, and in (articu!ar one $ir!
whose coa!3%!ac, hair and c!ear $ray ro$uish eyes !ed one to
%e!ie'e that she was o# S(anish descent"
1he #irst o# the hire!in$s, a du!!3!oo,in$ c!od, too, no
notice o# the women)s (resence and, standin$ direct!y in #ront
o# our hidin$ (!ace, un%uttoned his trousers to (ee"
&e too, out his mem%er, which !oo,ed much the same as
mine, e2ce(t that his $!ans was com(!ete!y hidden" &e un3
co'ered it to (iss" &e had !i#ted his shirt3tai! so hi$h that the
hair surroundin$ his $enita!s was 'isi%!e" &e had a!so (u!!ed
his %a!!s out o# his trousers and was scratchin$ them with his
!e#t hand whi!e ho!din$ his mem%er in his ri$ht"
I was as %ored %y a!! this as Berthe had a((arent!y %een
when I had (ointed out the (easant $ir!s) ca!'es to her, %ut
now she was a!! eyes" 1he $ir!s (retended not to notice him"
1he second hired man !i,ewise un%uttoned his trousers and
%rou$ht #orth a (ric, which was sma!!er than his com(anion)s,
%ut %rown and ha!#3unco'ered" &e %e$an to (iss" At that the
$ir!s a!! %urst out !au$hin$, and their shrie,s $rew e'en more
hi!arious when the third a!so assumed the (osition"
By this time the #irst #e!!ow had #inished" &e unco'ered
his (ric, com(!ete!y, and sha,in$ o## the !ast %it o# dew, %ent
his ,nees s!i$ht!y to re(!ace the (ac,a$e in his (ants" In so
doin$ he !et #!y a c!ear, em(hatic #art and $a'e a dee( si$h o#
- .B /
satis#action which set the $ir!s to !au$hin$ e'en more"
1he hi!arity increased when they noticed the third
#e!!ow)s 4oy3stic,"
&e had (!aced himse!# on a s!o(e, so that we cou!d see
%oth his mem%er and the (easant $ir!s seated %eyond"
&e raised it s,yward and sent his #ountain archin$ hi$h"
1he $ir!s) !au$hter reached a new (itch" 1hen the men
a((roached the maids, and one o# the !atter %e$an to s(!ash
water (!ay#u!!y on the stu(id3!oo,in$ hired man" 1he third
man remar,ed to the %runette who, u(on seein$ the men
arri'e, had sett!ed her s,irts;
*A !ot o# $ood it does you to hide it, Ursu!a" I)'e a!ready
seen that artic!e you ho!d so dear"*
*1here)s (!enty o# thin$s you ha'en)t seen yet, Ha!entin@
And a !ot you)!! ne'er see,* Ursu!a re(!ied couettish!y"
*7h you thin, so, do you?* said Ha!entin, who was now
standin$ direct!y %ehind her"
And sei:in$ her shou!ders he #orced her %ac,ward to the
$round" She tried to remo'e her #eet #rom the water, %ut
ne$!ected to ,ee( her !i$ht s,irt and %!ouse #rom %i!!owin$
u(ward, so that she wound u( in the same (osition as my
sister had %een in a !itt!e whi!e %e#ore" Un#ortunate!y, this
en4oya%!e s(ectac!e !asted on!y a #ew seconds"
But it had ne'erthe!ess !asted !on$ enou$h #or me to see
that Ursu!a, who had a!ready shown herse!# to %e the (roud
owner o# a (air o# s(!endid ca!'es, a!so (ossessed a (air o#
thi$hs which in themse!'es were worthy o# the hi$hest
honors, and %uttoc,s whose chee,s !e#t a%so!ute!y nothin$ to
%e desired"
Between her thi$hs, at the %ottom o# her %e!!y, !ay a
%ush o# dar, hair which e2tended #ar enou$h to en'e!o( %oth
- 6C /
(retty !i(s o# her cunt" But there the hair was more s(arse!y
scattered than a%o'e, where it co'ered an area whose
dimensions my hand wou!d scarce!y ha'e su##iced to co'er"
*+ou see, Ursu!a,* said Ha!entin, %y now uite e2cited,
*now I)'e seen your %!ac, marmot"*
And without #!inchin$ he too, the series o# %!ows and
insu!ts which the $ir!, now rea!!y an$ry, rained u(on him"
1he second hire!in$ wanted to (u!! the same stunt with
another o# the $ir!s as Ha!entin had tried with Ursu!a" 1his
second (easant $ir! was #air!y (retty" &er #ace, nec, and arms
were so co'ered with #rec,!es that it was a!most im(ossi%!e to
distin$uish the rea! co!or o# her s,in" &er !e$s were a!so
#rec,!ed, %ut the #rec,!es there were !ar$er and more
dis(ersed" She had an inte!!i$ent !oo, a%out her; her eyes
were a dee( %rown, her hair red and crin,!y" She wasn)t rea!!y
(retty, %ut ne'erthe!ess a tem(tin$ enou$h morse! to $i'e a
man ideas" And the hired man Miche! seemed to ha'e a #ew"
*&e!en,* he said, *you shou!d ha'e a red mound" I# it (ro'es
to %e %!ac,, that means you)'e sto!en it somewhere"*
*>irty do$@* s(at the !o'e!y (easant $ir!" &e $ra%%ed
her as Ha!entin had done"
But she had had time to $et to her #eet, and instead o#
$ettin$ a $!im(se o# her (retty mound, Miche! recei'ed such a
storm o# %!ows #u!! in the #ace that he must ha'e seen a!! the
(!anets and ha!# the stars"
1he other two $ir!s 4oined in the #racas and %e$an to
(umme! him"
But at !ast he %ro,e away and, (ursued %y the three
$ir!s) moc,in$ !au$hter, ran to catch u( with his com(anions"
1he $ir!s had #inished %athin$ their #eet and had !e#t" 7n!y
Ursu!a and &e!en remained, and they were $ettin$ ready to
- 6. /
1hey were whis(erin$ to$ether" Ursu!a %urst out !au$h3
in$ and, wrin,!in$ her #orehead, made a wry #ace" &e!en was
!oo,in$ at her and noddin$ her head in assent"
1he #ormer seemed to %e thin,in$ o'er what &e!en had
to!d her" &e!en shot a $!ance around her to ma,e sure that
e'eryone had !e#t, then uic,!y !i#ted her s,irts in #ront and,
ho!din$ them hi$h with her !e#t hand, s!i((ed her ri$ht hand
%etween her thi$hs at the s(ot where one cou!d see the #orest
o# red hair" By the mo'ement o# the hair, which was much
thic,er than Ursu!a)s, one cou!d see that she was suee:in$
her !o'e !i(s %etween her #in$ers" Ursu!a was watchin$ her
intent!y" Sudden!y a stream shot #orth #rom the %ush; instead
o# #ai!in$ strai$ht to the $round, it arched and descri%ed a ha!#
circ!e in the air" Both Berthe and I were astonished to see it,
#or neither o# us had e'er ima$ined that women cou!d (iss
!i,e that"
Ursu!a !i,ewise seemed sur(rised, and a((arent!y
wanted to try it herse!#, %ut she $a'e u( the idea, #or 4ust then
the second and !ast %e!! #or !unch ran$, and the two $ir!s set
o## (osthaste"
- 66 /
W&EN BER1&E AN> I RE1URNE> to the chateau we
#ound the ta%!e a!ready !aid" But my mother and my aunt had
not uite #inished arran$in$ the dinin$3room" Whi!e Berthe
was he!(in$ them I (ic,ed u( the news(a(er which my #ather
had #orwarded us, and read a short artic!e which re!ated how a
Mr" I" " " had ra(ed a Miss A" " " I !oo,ed u( the meanin$ o#
the word *ra(e* in the dictionary, and #ound; *to de#!ower"*
Which didn)t he!( matters much, a!thou$h it $a'e me another
su%4ect #or thou$ht"
At ta%!e Berthe and I, contrary to our wont, did not
e2chan$e a sin$!e word" My aunt and mother were sur(rised
%y our si!ence, %ut the !atter conc!uded mere!y; *1hey)'e
(ro%a%!y %een #i$htin$ a$ain"* It seemed wiser to us to con3
cea! our new3#ound intimacy %eneath the #actitious 'ei! o#
My mother e2(!ained how she had arran$ed the rooms
#or my #ather and herse!#, and #or my aunt" 1heir rooms were
on the #irst #!oor, a!on$ with Berthe)s and Kate)s" Mine was on
the $round #!oor, %ehind the stairway !eadin$ to the !i%rary"
A#ter !unch I went u( to the !i%rary to !oo, around" It contain3
ed an im(ressi'e num%er o# o!d %oo,s, and a smatterin$ o#
modern wor,s"
1he room (re(ared #or the #riar was ri$ht ne2t to the
!i%rary" It was se(arated #rom the cha(e! %y a corridor" 1he
- 68 /
cha(e! contained two !ar$e sta!!s set near the a!tar, where the
#ormer (ro(rietors had sat at mass" Behind one o# these sta!!s
was the master)s con#essiona!, whereas the ser'ants) con3
#essiona! was tuc,ed at the #ar end o# the cha(e!"
I had time to note a!! these detai!s a#ter dinner, since
Berthe had %een ca!!ed to he!( the !adies, and I had scarce!y
had time to $i'e her a stea!thy ,iss when I had $one out to see
i# I cou!d %e o# any he!("
Se'era! days (assed without anythin$ noteworthy ha(3
Berthe was sti!! ,e(t %usy %y the !adies, who had not yet
#inished $ettin$ the house into order"
Since the weather had turned %ad, I s(ent most o# my
time in the !i%rary, where I had %een (!easant!y sur(rised to
come across an anatomic at!as in which I #ound an i!!ustrated
descri(tion o# the intimate (arts o# %oth se2es" 1he %oo, a!so
contained an e2(!anation o# (re$nancy and o# a!! the (hases o#
maternity, none o# which I had ,nown %e#ore"
1his !ast interested me es(ecia!!y %ecause the %ai!i##)s
wi#e was then (re$nant, and the si$ht o# her enormous %e!!y
had $reat!y aroused my curiosity"
I once had heard her discussin$ the matter with her
hus%and" 1heir uarters were on the $round #!oor ri$ht ne2t to
mine, near the $arden"
Need!ess to say, the e'ents o# that memora%!e day,
when I had seen my sister na,ed, and a#terward the s(ort o#
the (easant $ir!s and men, had %een constant!y with me" My
mind returned to them a$ain and a$ain, with the resu!t that I
had an erection most o# the time" I #reuent!y e2amined and
(!ayed with my mem%er" 1he (!easure I #e!t when hand!in$ it
incited me to continue"
- 69 /
In %ed I amused myse!# %y !yin$ on my %e!!y and
ru%%in$ myse!# a$ainst the sheets" My #ee!in$s $rew more and
more sensiti'e e'ery day" A wee, (assed in this way"
7ne day when I was sittin$ in the o!d !eather chair in
the !i%rary, the at!as o(en in #ront o# me to the (a$e descri%in$
the #ema!e $enita! or$ans, I had such an erection that I
un%uttoned my trousers and too, out my (ric," 5rom constant
ru%%in$ it now unco'ered easi!y" I was as a matter o# #act
si2teen %y now, and considered myse!# a man" My hair had
$rown thic,er and resem%!ed a handsome mustache" 1hat
(articu!ar day I #e!t such a (ro#ound and unaccustomed
'o!u(tuousness as I ru%%ed it that my %reathin$ $rew short" I
ti$htened the $ri( on my mem%er, !oosened it, stro,in$ %ac,
and #orth" I unco'ered the ti( com(!ete!y, tic,!ed my %a!!s and
my arse3ho!e, then e2amined my $!ans, which was dee( red in
co!or and as shiny as !acuer"
1he (!easure I #e!t was %eyond words" I ended u( %y
disco'erin$ the ru!es #or the #ine art o# mastur%ation, and
stro,ed my dic, re$u!ar!y and rhythmica!!y, unti! #ina!!y
somethin$ a%out which I had (re'ious!y %een unaware
1he #ee!in$ was so 'o!u(tuous that I was !ed to stretch
my !e$s out in #ront o# me and (ush a$ainst the !e$s o# the
ta%!e" My %ody s!i((ed down and was (ressin$ a$ainst the
%ac, o# the chair"
I #e!t the %!ood sur$in$ into my #ace" My %reathin$ was
%ecomin$ di##icu!t" I c!osed my eyes; my mouth dro((ed
s!i$ht!y o(en" A thousand thou$hts raced throu$h my mind in
the s(ace o# a minute"
My aunt, in #ront o# whom I had stood na,ed; my sister,
whose (retty !itt!e (ussy I had e2(!ored; the (ower#u! thi$hs
- 6< /
o# the two maids; a!! these ima$es #!ew across my mind" My
hand stro,ed my (ric, #aster and #aster" An e!ectric shoc,
coursed throu$h my %ody"
My aunt@ Berthe@ Ursu!a@ &e!en" " " @ I #e!t my mem%er
swe!!, and #rom the dar, red $!ans $ushed #orth a whitish
!iuid, #irst with a (ower#u! s(urt, then in a series o# !ess
(otent 4ets" I had 4ust dischar$ed #or the #irst time"
My too! #e!! !im(" I now !oo,ed with interest and
curiosity at the s(erm which had s(i!!ed into my ri$ht (a!m" It
%oth !oo,ed and sme!!ed !i,e the white o# an e$$, and had the
consistency o# $!ue" I !ic,ed it and #ound it to taste !i,e a raw
e$$" I shoo, o## the !ast #ew dro(s c!in$in$ to the ti( o# my
mem%er, which was now com(!ete!y su%dued, and wi(ed it on
my shirt"
5rom what I had (re'ious!y read, I ,new that I had 4ust
$i'en myse!# u( to the (!easures o# onanism" I !oo,ed the
word u( in the dictionary, and #ound a !on$ artic!e on the
su%4ect, in such detai! that anyone who had not (re'ious!y
%een aware o# the (ractice wou!d ine'ita%!y ha'e %een #u!!y
1he artic!e had once a$ain e2cited me" 1he #ati$ue
resu!tin$ #rom my #irst e4acu!ation was (ast" 1he on!y tan$i%!e
e'idence o# my act was a de'ourin$ a((etite" At ta%!e my aunt
and mother remar,ed u(on my a((etite, %ut dismissed it as
mere!y due to $rowth"
I soon came to rea!i:e that onanism is !i,e drin,; the
more you indu!$e, the more you want" " "
My (ric, was constant!y hard, and my thou$hts inc3
reasin$!y 'o!u(tuous, %ut the (!easures o# 7nan cou!d not
satis#y me #ore'er" I thou$ht more and more a%out the
o((osite se2; it seemed a shame #or me to waste my s(erm
- 6= /
My too! %ecame dar,er, my (u%ic hair a handsome
%eard, my 'oice dee(ened, and a #ew microsco(ic hairs
a((eared on my u((er !i(" I rea!i:ed that I !ac,ed on!y one
e2(erience o# manhood; coitus , which is the term %y which
the %oo,s desi$nate that act which I had ne'er as yet tried"
A!! the women o# the househo!d noticed the chan$es that had
ta,en (!ace in me, and I was no !on$er treated as a chi!d"
- 60 /
1&E 5EAS1 >A+ o# the chateau)s (atron saint was at hand"
It was the occasion #or a ma4or ce!e%ration, which was to %e
(receded %y the con#ession o# a!! mem%ers o# the househo!d"
Both my aunt and mother had decided to $o to con#ession, and
the others intended to #o!!ow their e2am(!e"
I had succeeded in #ei$nin$ i!!ness, and had ,e(t to my
room since the (re'ious e'enin$ in order to a'oid arousin$
anyone)s sus(icions" 1he Ca(uchin #riar had arri'ed and had
dinner with us" Co##ee had %een ser'ed in the $arden, and
a#ter Kate had #inished c!earin$ the ta%!e, I #ound myse!#
a!one" Since time was wei$hin$ hea'y on my hands, I
wandered into the !i%rary, where I chanced u(on a hidden
door that I had ne'er noticed %e#ore" It $a'e on to a dar, and
narrow concea!ed staircase which was !i$hted on!y %y a sma!!
circu!ar window at the end o# the u(stairs corridor"
1he staircase !ed to the cha(e!, and #rom %ehind the
!oc,ed door, which was rusted #rom !on$ years o# disuse,
dri#ted the 'oice o# the #riar" &e was te!!in$ my mother that he
wou!d hear her con#ession on the #o!!owin$ day in the same
1he con#essiona! was set a$ainst a wooden (artition,
throu$h which e'ery word cou!d %e distinct!y heard" So it
seemed to me that here wou!d %e an idea! 'anta$e (oint #rom
which to ea'esdro("
- 6A /
I was o# the o(inion that this stairway must ha'e %een
insta!!ed in years (ast %y some 4ea!ous !ord desirous o#
!istenin$ to his wi#e)s con#essions"
1he ne2t day, a#ter my mornin$ co##ee, the %ai!i##)s wi#e
came in to c!ean u( my room"
I)'e a!ready mentioned that she was (re$nant, and I
care#u!!y studied the enormous contour o# her %e!!y, and the
unusua! si:e o# her ni((!es which %ounced to and #ro %eneath
her !i$ht %!ouse"
She was a (!easant !oo,in$ woman with (retty #eatures"
Unti! the %ai!i## had (ut her in the #ami!y way she had %een
one o# the chateau)s maids"
I had a!ready seen women)s %reasts in (ictures and on
statues, %ut ne'er in the #!esh"
1he %ai!i##)s wi#e was in a $reat hurry" She had %uttoned
on!y one o# her %!ouse %uttons" When she !eaned o'er to
strai$hten my %ed, this so!itary %utton came undone, and I
saw her entire %osom, #or the H3nec,ed 4ac,et she was
wearin$ was 'ery !ow3cut"
I s(ran$ to my #eet; *Madam, you)re $oin$ to %e co!d@*
And (retendin$ to he!( her re%utton her dress, I untied
the ri%%on ho!din$ it on her shou!ders" As I did, the two
ni((!es seemed actua!!y to !ea( out o# their hidin$ (!ace, and I
sensed their %u!, and #irmness"
1he %uttons on each %reast stood out; they were red and
surrounded %y a !ar$e %rownish ha!o"
&er titties were as #irm as a (air o# %uttoc,s) chee,s,
and as I #ond!ed them I cou!d ha'e sworn they were a (retty
$ir!)s %ehind"
1he woman was so ta,en a%ac, that I had time, %e#ore
she reco'ered her wits, to ,iss her ni((!es at !eisure"
- 6B /
She sme!!ed o# sweat, %ut in a way that e2cited me" It
was that odor di #emina which, as I was !ater to !earn, eman3
ates #rom a woman)s %ody and, accordin$ to the indi'idua!,
(ro'o,es either desire or dis$ust"
*7h, ooh@ What are you thin,in$ o#? " " " No" " " 1hat)s
not ri$ht" " " @ I)m a married woman" " " Not #or anythin$ in the
1hese were her words as I steered her toward the %ed" I
had o(ened my dressin$ $own and !i#ted my ni$htshirt,
re'ea!in$ my mem%er in a state o# hy(er3e2citement"
*Det me a!one" I)m (re$nant" 7h, Dord God, i# anyone
shou!d see us@*
She was sti!! resistin$, %ut !ess #orce#u!!y" As a matter o#
#act her $a:e was #i2ed steadi!y on my se2ua! (arts" She was
su((ortin$ herse!# a$ainst the %ed onto which I was tryin$ to
#orce her"
*+ou)re hurtin$ me@*
*My dear woman, no one can see or hear you"*
She was %y now sittin$ on the ed$e o# the %ed" I was
sti!! (ushin$" She !ay %ac, and c!osed her eyes"
My state o# e2citement was %eyond a!! %ounds" I !i#ted
her dress, her (etticoat, and saw a (air o# thi$hs which #ired
my enthusiasm e'en more than had the (easant $ir!s)" Between
the c!osed thi$hs I cau$ht si$ht o# a sma!! tan$!e o# chestnut3
co!ored hairs, amon$ which the crac, was concea!ed"
I dro((ed to my ,nees, sei:ed her thi$hs, !et my hands
roam caressin$!y, !aid my chee,s u(on them and co'ered
them with ,isses" My !i(s ad'anced #rom the thi$hs to her
mound o# Henus, where the sme!! o# urine on!y added #ue! to
my e2citement"
I !i#ted her s,irt e'en hi$her and !oo,ed with
- 8C /
astonishment at the enormous %u!, o# her %e!!y, u(on which
the na'e! was raised instead o# in a ho!!ow as was Berthe)s"
I !ic,ed her %e!!y %utton" She !ay motion!ess, her %reasts
#!o((in$ down on either side" I !i#ted one o# her !e$s and
(!aced it on the %ed" &er cunt came into 'iew" At #irst I was
#ri$htened %y the two thic, and (u##y reddish3%rown !i(s"
&er (re$nancy $a'e me a chance to re'e! in that si$ht"
&er !i(s were s(read and when I darted a $!ance inside I
disco'ered a rea! %utcher)s sta!! o# moist red meat"
Near the to( o# the !i(s was the (ee(ee ho!e, crowned
%y a sma!! $rain o# #!esh which my anatomica! research had
in#ormed me was ca!!ed the c!itoris"
1he u((er (art o# her s!it was !ost in the hair co'erin$
her o'er!y #!eshy mound o# Henus" 1he !i(s were a!most
hair!ess, and the s,in %etween the thi$hs was dam( and red
#rom sweat"
A!! in a!! it was not a 'ery a((eti:in$ (icture, %ut I
a((reciated it ne'erthe!ess %ecause the woman was 'ery
c!ean" I cou!d not he!( insertin$ my ton$ue into her cre'ice
and !ic,in$ it hasti!y %e#ore mo'in$ to the c!itoris, which
hardened under my (assionate ton$uin$"
I soon tired o# this s(ort, and since the cre'ice was %y
now we!! moistened, I re(!aced my ton$ue with my #in$er"
1hen I !aid ho!d o# her ni((!es, ta,in$ the ti(s in my mouth
and suc,in$ them %y turns" I ,e(t my inde2 on the c!itoris,
which $rew harder and !ar$er unti! it had assumed the
(ro(ortions o# my !itt!e #in$er or therea%outs"
But at that (oint the woman came to her senses and
%e$an to whim(er, %ut without howe'er !ea'in$ the (osition
into which I had #orced her" I #e!t s!i$ht!y sorry #or her, %ut I
was too wor,ed u( to rea!!y care" I ta!,ed to her ca4o!in$!y,
- 8. /
tryin$ to com#ort her, and ended u( %y (romisin$ to stand as
$od#ather #or the chi!d she was e2(ectin$"
I went o'er and, ta,in$ some money #rom the drawer,
handed it to her" She had %y then $ot herse!# decent a$ain" So
I !i#ted my ni$htshirt, %ut #e!t somewhat ashamed to #ind
myse!# na,ed a$ain in #ront o# a woman, es(ecia!!y one who
was married and (re$nant"
I too, her moist hand and (!aced it on my mem%er" 1he
touch was e2uisite"
She suee:ed, $ent!y at #irst, then more #irm!y" I had
$ras(ed her ni((!es, which he!d a stran$e #ascination #or me"
I ,issed her on the mouth, and she readi!y $a'e me her !i(s"
My who!e %ein$ was attuned to (!easure" I (!aced
myse!# %etween her thi$hs, %ut she e2c!aimed;
*Not on to( o# me" It hurts too much" I can)t do it the
#ront way any more"*
She $ot o## the %ed, turned round and %ent o'er with her
#ace on the %ed" She said nothin$ e!se, %ut my instinct
su((!ied me with the so!ution o# the eni$ma" I remem%ered
once ha'in$ seen two do$s $oin$ at it that way" 5o!!owin$
Medor)s e2am(!e, I !i#ted >iana)s s,irt"
5or >iana was her name"
&er %uttoc,s ho'e into si$ht, %uttoc,s such as I had
ne'er e'en dreamed e2isted" Berthe)s may ha'e %een (!easin$,
%ut it was rea!!y nothin$ ne2t to this" My two chee,s (ut
to$ether wou!dn)t ha'e made e'en one o# this e2traordinary
rum(, whose #!esh, sur(risin$!y enou$h, was not at a!! #!a%%y"
Di,e a!! %reasts and handsome %uttoc,s, hers were a $!eamin$
In the s!it were some %!ond hairs, and the crac, itse!#
was !i,e a chasm di'idin$ her su(er% chee,s"
- 86 /
Be!ow the co!ossa! %uttoc,s, %etween the thi$hs, !ay the
#at 4uicy cunt, in which my (ro%in$ #in$er %urrowed"
I (!aced my chest a$ainst the woman)s %are %uttoc,s
and with my arms tried to encirc!e her e!usi'e %e!!y, which
hun$ down !i,e some state!y $!o%e"
I caressed her chee,s, then ru%%ed my mem%er a$ainst
them" But my curiosity was not yet satis#ied" I s(read her
chee,s and ins(ected her arse3ho!e" Di,e her na'e!, it was
e!e'ated and thou$h %rown, was 'ery c!ean"
I started to insert my #in$er, %ut she $a'e such a start
that I was a#raid I had hurt her, so I didn)t (ress the (oint" I
(!aced my %urnin$ (ric, in her cunt; it was !i,e a ,ni#e cuttin$
into a mound o# %utter" 1hen I %estirred myse!# !i,e a coc, on
a hot $ridd!e, %ouncin$ my %e!!y a$ainst her e!astic %ehind"
I was !i,e one (ossessed" I was no !on$er conscious o#
what I was doin$, %ut I reached the 'o!u(tuous c!ima2, and
#or the #irst time in my !i#e shot my s(erm into a woman)s
A#ter the dischar$e I wanted to stay #or a whi!e in that
a$reea%!e (osition, %ut the %ai!i##)s wi#e turned round and
chaste!y arran$ed her c!othes" Whi!e she was re%uttonin$ her
s!ee'e!ess 4ac,et, I heard the sound o# somethin$ dri((in$; it
was my s(erm runnin$ #rom her cunt onto the #!oor" She
smeared it under#oot, and dried her thi$hs on her s,irt"
When she saw me standin$ in #ront o# her, with my red,
moist (ric, (art!y erect, she smi!ed, too, out her hand,erchie#
and meticu!ous!y dried it"
*Get dressed, now, Master Ro$er,* she said" *I)'e $ot to
!ea'e" But #or the !o'e o# God,* she added, %!ushin$, *don)t !et
anyone hear a%out what ha((ened 4ust now or I)!! ne'er
#or$i'e you"*
- 88 /
We em%raced, e2chan$ed ,isses, and she de(arted,
!ea'in$ me !ost in such a #!ood o# new sensations that I a!most
#or$ot that con#ession had dou%t!ess a!ready %e$un"
- 89 /
WEARING SDIJJERS, I threaded my way as uiet!y as
(ossi%!e a!on$ the narrow corridor unti! I reached the wooden
(artition" I soon #ound the most !i,e!y s(ot #rom which to
ea'esdro(" 1he Ca(uchin had arran$ed thin$s so that the
(erson con#essin$ was a!one in the oratory, whi!e those
waitin$ their turn remained in the cha(e!"
It was there#ore unnecessary #or anyone to s(ea, in a
whis(er, and the con'ersation was uite distinct" I surmised
%y the 'oice that a (easant was (resent!y in the con#essiona!"
1he con#ession must ha'e %een a!ready we!! a!on$, #or
the Ca(uchin was sayin$;
The ConfessorG So you say that you a!ways (!ay with your
mem%er in the toi!et? Why do you? &ow !on$ do you
(!ay with it, and how o#ten?
The PeasantG Genera!!y twice a wee,, %ut sometimes e'ery
day, unti! I come" I can)t he!( it" I 4ust (!ain en4oy it too
The ConfessorG And ha'en)t you e'er done it with women?
The PeasantG 7nce, with an o!d woman"
The ConfessorG 1e!! me a%out it, and don)t ,ee( anythin$
The PeasantG 7nce I was u( in the hay!o#t with o!d Rosa!ie"
- 8< /
I %e$an to $et a hard on, and I said; *Rosa!ie, is it a !on$
time since you)'e had a man?* And she said; *7h, you
scoundre! you@ &ea'ens to Betsy, can I ha'e ri$ht!y
heard my ears? At !east 9C years" And I can)t say that I)m
han,erin$ to ha'e one now" I)m a!ready =C years o!d"* So
I said to her; *Come o## it, Rosa!ie, I)d sure !o'e to see a
woman star, na,ed once in my !i#e" Come on and $et
undressed"* She said; *I)d %e a#raid, the de'i! mi$ht
a((ear"* 1hen I said; *1he !ast time you did it he didn)t
a((ear"* And then I (u!!ed the !adder u(, so that no one
cou!d ta,e us %y sur(rise" I too, out my mem%er and
showed it to her" She !oo,ed at it and said; *Dordy Dou@
It)s e'en %i$$er than my %u$$ered Eean)s was"* So I said
to her, *And now Rosa!ie, you)'e $ot to show me your
%o2"* She didn)t want to show it to me, %ut I (u!!ed her
s,irts u( o'er her head and too, a $ood !oo,"
The ConfessorG Come now, what ha((ened ne2t?
The PeasantGAt the %ottom o# her %e!!y she had a !ar$e s!it,
(ur(!e as a !ate autumn (!um, and a%o'e it a %ush o# $ray
The ConfessorG 1hat)s not what I as,ed you" I as,ed what
you did"
The PeasantG I sho'ed my sausa$e into her s!it, ri$ht u( to
the %a!!s, which I cou!dn)t $et in" As soon as I had it in,
Rosa!ie %e$an to sha,e her %e!!y %ac, and #orth, and
ho!!ered to me; *1a,e me under the %uttoc,s, Ji$" Jut
your hands there and do !i,e I)m doin$"* So we started
sha,in$ to$ether, %oth o# us, so that I %e$an to $et hot,
and Rosa!ie, sa'in$ your (resence, $ot so wor,ed u( that
she dischar$ed #i'e or si2 times" And I dischar$ed myse!#
- 8= /
once, sa'in$ your (resence" 1hen Rosa!ie %e$an shout3
in$, *Suee:e me ti$hter, Ji$, it)s comin$, it)s comin$@*
and damned i# I didn)t come a$ain myse!#" But they #ired
her, (oor Rosa!ie, %ecause one o# the sta%!e $ir!s had
o'erheard us and went tatt!in$ o'er hi!! and da!e" And
that)s why I ne'er wanted to $o runnin$ a#ter the youn$
The ConfessorG We!!,i# that)s not a nice ,ett!e o# morta! sins@
What e!se do you ha'e on your conscience?
The PeasantG I ne'er #or$ot Rosa!ie" 7ne day in the cow
%arn whi!e the ser'ant $ir!s were out eatin$, I noticed that
one o# the cows is in heat" *She)s $ot a cunt 4ust !i,e
Rosa!ie)s,* I say to myse!#" I ta,e out my (ric, and sho'e
it into her" But the cow didn)t stay (ut !i,e Rosa!ie had"
But I !i#ted her tai! u( and was a%!e to ,ee( it in" And I
mana$ed to screw her a!! ri$ht, and en4oyed it more than
with Rosa!ie" But, sa'in$ your (resence, she shit a!! o'er
me; my %a!!s and trousers were co'ered with the stu##"
1hat)s why I ne'er tried to screw her a$ain"
The ConfessorG +es, %ut what ma,es you stoo( to such acts?
The PeasantG 7ur she(herd does the same thin$ with his
$oats, and our hired $ir! Ducie one day !ay down with a
%i$ $ander %etween her thi$hs, %ecause it)s so 'ery $ood
#or the %e!!y, as she said to one o# the nei$h%ors" And the
nei$h%or a!so $a'e it a try"
1he rest o# the con#ession was without interest" I !e#t my
hidin$ (!ace and dashed into the cha(e! to see what the
(enitent !oo,ed !i,e"
- 80 /
I was astonished to disco'er that it was the du!!3!oo,in$
c!od who had so stu(id!y yie!ded to the (easant $ir!)s #ro!ics
%eside the (ond"
&e was the !ast o# the men to con#ess" My mother rose
to ta,e her (!ace in the oratory" My aunt and the saucy Kate
were ,nee!in$ %eside her" A!! the chateau)s maids were %ehind
them in one o# the %ac, (ews"
I was sur(rised to notice that my sister Berthe was
1he %ai!i##)s wi#e had %een e2cused %ecause o# her
ad'anced state o# (re$nancy"
My mother)s con#ession was uite innocent, %ut
interestin$ nonethe!ess; *I)'e $ot somethin$ e!se to as, you,
5ather,* she said, a#ter enumeratin$ the !ist o# her dai!y sins"
*5or some time now my hus%and has %een ma,in$ certain
demands o# me"
*7n the ni$ht o# our marria$e he made me stri(
com(!ete!y, and on se'era! occasions since he has made me
do the same thin$" But now he (ersists in seein$ me na,ed,
and he e'en showed me an ancient %oo,, written %y a (riest,
in which it says, amon$ other thin$s; )Married cou(!es sha!!
(er#orm the carna! act com(!ete!y na,ed, so that the man)s
seed may mi2 more intimate!y with the woman)s") But the
o!der I $row, the more ua!ms I ha'e on the su%4ect"*
The ConfessorG 1his %oo, was written in the Midd!e A$es,
when it was sti!! not customary to wear ni$htshirts" 7n!y
(ersons o# hi$h station wore them" Common #o!, s!e(t
shirt!ess in the con4u$a! %ed, and there are sti!! some
(!aces in the country where that custom (ersists today"
7ur (easants, #or instance, a!most a!! s!ee( thus,
- 8A /
es(ecia!!y %ecause o# %ed%u$s" 1he Church re#uses to
!oo, u(on this (ractice with an a((ro'in$ eye, %ut it does
not, howe'er, e2(ress!y #or%id it"
My MotherG +ou)'e reassured me on this (oint, 5ather" But
my hus%and a!so ma,es me assume certain (ositions I)m
ashamed o#" Date!y I had to $et down na,ed on a!! #ours
whi!e he watched me #rom %ehind" Each time he $i'es
me a cane and ma,es me (arade na,ed around the room,
shoutin$ orders at me as thou$h he were commandin$ a
mi!itary dri!!; )5orward, March@) or )&a!t@) or )By the ri$ht
#!an,, March@), )By the !e#t #!an,, March@)
The ConfessorG 1his shou!d not %e; %ut i# it is on!y %y
o%edience that you su%mit to it, you are not committin$ a
My MotherG Ah, I ha'e somethin$ e!se wei$hin$ on my
heart, %ut I)m ashamed to s(ea, o# it"
The ConfessorG 1here is no sin too $reat to %e a%so!'ed, my
dau$hter" Un%urden your conscience"
My Mother My hus%and is #ore'er wantin$ to ta,e me #rom
%ehind, and he acts so that I come c!ose to #aintin$ with
shame" Date!y I #ee! him (uttin$ his #in$er, co'ered with
ointment, in my" " " in my" " " anus" I try to $et u(, he
reassures me, %ut ne'erthe!ess I #ee! him insertin$ his
mem%er" At #irst it hurt, %ut, why I don)t ,now, a#ter a
!itt!e whi!e I en4oyed it, and when he)d #inished I had the
same sensation as i# he)d $one in the natura! way" K1he
rest was s(o,en in such hushed tones that I cou!dn)t ma,e
it out"L
The ConfessorG 1his is indeed a sin" Send your hus%and to
- 8B /
me #or con#ession"
1he rest o# her con#ession was %orin$" Short!y therea#ter, my
aunt too, her (!ace in the con#essiona!, and I heard the
(!easant sound o# her 'oice" 5rom what I cou!d hear, she was
admittin$ ha'in$ o#ten missed con#ession" But you cou!d ha'e
%ow!ed me o'er with a #eather when she added, in !ow,
ha!tin$ tones, that a!thou$h she had ne'er %e#ore #e!t any
carna! desires, she had %een mo'ed to (assion u(on seein$ her
youn$ ne(hew in his %ath, and had !i%idinous!y touched his
%ody, %ut #ortunate!y had %een a%!e to dominate these wic,ed
desires" E2ce(t once when her ne(hew was s!ee(in$; the
%!an,et had s!i((ed o## the %ed, !ea'in$ his se2ua! (arts
e2(osed" She had stood there !oo,in$ at him #or a !on$ time,
and had e'en ta,en his mem%er in her mouth" She s(o,e with
di##icu!ty, as thou$h the words were stic,in$ in her throat" I
e2(erienced an e2traordinary sur$e o# emotion"
The ConfessorG &a'en)t you e'er sinned with men, or
ha'en)t you e'er (o!!uted yourse!# a!one?
My AuntG I am sti!! a 'ir$in, at !east as #ar as men are
concerned" I)'e o#ten !oo,ed at myse!# in the mirror, and
caressed my (ri'ate (arts with my hand" 7nce" " " Kshe
The ConfessorG Coura$e, my chi!d, concea! nothin$ #rom
your con#essor"
My AuntG 7nce my sister said to me; )7ur maid uses an
e2or%itant num%er o# cand!es" She)s certain!y readin$
no'e!s in %ed, and one o# these ni$hts she)s $oin$ to set
the house on #ire" +ou s!ee( near her, you want to %e
- 9C /
care#u!@) 1hat 'ery e'enin$, seein$ a !i$ht in Kate)s room,
here)s what I did" I)d !e#t the door o(en, and noise!ess!y
entered her room" She was sittin$ on the #!oor, her %ac,
ha!#3turned towards me, !eanin$ #orward in the direction
o# the %ed" In #ront o# her was a chair on which a mirror
was (!aced, and on the !e#t and ri$ht o# the mirror two
cand!es were %urnin$" Kate was in a ni$ht$own, and I
c!ear!y saw in the mirror that she was ho!din$ somethin$
!on$ and white which she was mani(u!atin$ %ac, and
#orth %etween her we!!3s(read thi$hs" She was si$hin$
dee(!y and trem%!in$ a!! o'er" Sudden!y I heard her cry
out; )7h@ oh@ oh@ it #ee!s so $ood@) She %owed her head,
c!osed her eyes and seemed com(!ete!y out o# this wor!d"
1hen I mo'ed" She s(ran$ to her #eet and I saw that she
was ho!din$ an a!most concea!ed cand!e in her hand"
Whereu(on she e2(!ained to me that she was doin$ this
in memory o# her !o'er who had %een dra#ted into the
army" I e2(ressed ama:ement that one cou!d do such a
thin$, %ut she %e$$ed me not to te!! anyone" I !e#t, %ut this
(er#ormance had made such an im(ression on me that
#rom then on, my 5ather, I cou!dn)t he!( tryin$ the same
thin$, which, a!as@ I)'e o#ten re(eated since" +es, I)'e
#a!!en !ow, 5ather" I)'e o#ten !i#ted my ni$ht$own and,
#o!!owin$ Kate)s e2am(!e, $i'en myse!# u( to these sin#u!
1he reader can easi!y $uess, in the !i$ht o# my aunt)s and
mother)s re'e!ations, what Kate)s con#ession consisted o#" But
I !earned %esides that she was more and more desirous o#
ha'in$ a man, and that her #riendshi( with Berthe was
$rowin$ %y !ea(s and %ounds" 1hey o#ten s!e(t to$ether, and
- 9. /
#reuent!y com(ared their %uttoc,s in the mirror, a#ter ha'in$
mutua!!y e2amined each other)s %odies"
1he maids) con#essions were a!! sim(!e" 1hey)d !et the
hired men #uc, them, %ut their ta!es were stri((ed o# a!!
adornment" And they had ne'er a!!owed the men to enter the
room in which they a!! s!e(t to$ether na,ed" But durin$ the
mi!itary maneu'ers their (recautions (ro'ed to %e in 'ain" A
who!e re$iment had (assed throu$h the nei$h%orhood" 1hus
a!! the $ir!s, and e'en one who was (retty we!! a!on$ in years,
were o%!i$ed to ta,e them on, e'en #rom %ehind, which !ast,
moreo'er, seemed to the maids a morta! sin" When the #riar
as,ed them i# they had ne'er mastur%ated a!one or with a $ir!
#riend, they re(!ied; *Who)d want to stic, her hand in such a
sme!!y cunt?*
But they didn)t consider it sin#u! to watch each other shit
or (iss, or to ha'e used chic,ens, (i$eons or $eese to ma,e
them come"
7ne o# them had once !et a do$ !ic, her !o'e !i(s" When
as,ed i# she had !et him screw her, she answered;
*I wou!d ha'e %een on!y too $!ad to, %ut he wasn)t %i$
I too, e'ery (ossi%!e (recaution to esca(e %ein$ seen as
I returned to my room"
- 96 /
S&7R1D+ A51ER I &A> RE1URNE> to my room, my
aunt and mother came in to announce that my #ather was
comin$ to (ay us a 'isit" 1hey a!so to!d me that Berthe was
not #ee!in$ we!!, and had %een (ut to %ed" 1hey added that she
was not serious!y i!!, and wou!d soon %e %etter, %ut that it
wou!d %e (re#era%!e #or me not to $o to see her"
1he announcement aroused my curiosity, and in two
sha,es o# a !am%)s tai! I)d decided what I shou!d do" I ,new
that my aunt and mother were to s(end the a#ternoon in the
'i!!a$e with the #riar, 'isitin$ a (oor sic, !ady, and that Kate
was $oin$ with them to ta,e a %as,et o# c!othes #or her"
Whi!e the !adies were con'ersin$, I studied them
attenti'e!y and saw them in a com(!ete!y new !i$ht as a resu!t
o# the con#essions I had o'erheard"
1he dar, c!othin$ they were wearin$ acted as a #oi! to
their a((earance, accentuatin$ my mother)s %!ossomin$
countenance and my aunt)s ti$ht!y !aced #i$ure"
Each was as desira%!e as the other; one, whose 'ir$inity
was as yet unsoi!ed %y mascu!ine contact, ho!din$ out the
(romise o# undreamed3o# 'o!u(tuousness; the other, whose
e2citin$ maturity and con4u$a! e2(erience with an ima$inati'e
hus%and had !ed her throu$h a ma:e o# sensua! ca(rices"
I was washin$ as they came in, and e2(!ained that I had
tried to $o to %ed, #or in rea!ity my (retended i!!ness was
- 98 /
%e$innin$ to %ore me considera%!y"
My aunt, who had ne'er seen either my room or the
!i%rary, wandered into the !atter" My mother hurried o## to the
,itchen to su(er'ise the (re(arations #or !unch"
Bein$ a!one with my aunt, who now seemed dou%!y
desira%!e to me, e2cited me no end" But I was sti!! #ee!in$ the
e##ects o# my session with the %ai!i##)s wi#e, and I rea!i:ed #u!!
we!! that I wou!d easi!y com(romise my (!ans %y %ein$ o'er3
Mar$aret, a#ter ha'in$ ins(ected the !i%rary, had
a((roached the ta%!e and was standin$ there !oo,in$ at what
was on it"
She cou!d we!! ha'e made some interestin$ disco'eries"
1he 'o!ume *7* o# the encyc!o(edia was !yin$ on the ta%!e
with a %oo,3mar, stuc, in the (a$e dea!in$ with onanism" I
had (enci!ed a uestion mar, in the mar$in %eside it"
I heard her c!ose the %oo,, and then the At!as o#
Anatomy, o'er certain o# whose (!ates she had !in$ered #or
uite some time"
So I was not sur(rised, u(on enterin$ the !i%rary, to #ind
her chee,s a %urnin$ red"
I (retended not to notice her em%arrassment, and said to
her in a uiet 'oice; *+ou, too, must $et %ored sometimes,
auntie dear" 1he (riest who !i'ed here %e#ore had uite a
co!!ection o# interestin$ %oo,s dea!in$ with the (ro%!ems o#
human !i#e" Why don)t you ta,e some with you to your
I too, two and s!i((ed them into her (oc,et; Marria$e
Un'ei!ed and Do'e and Marria$e" When she a##ected
re!uctance, I added; *Natura!!y, this is %etween you, and me
and the !am(3(ost; we)re not chi!dren any !on$er, are we,
- 99 /
auntie?* And I sudden!y sei:ed her and $a'e her an em(hatic
She had her hair arran$ed in a (retty chi$non, and the
na(e o# her nec, was e2traordinari!y !o'e!y" Jretty chi$nons
and nec,s ha'e a!ways had a tremendous e##ect on me, and
the series o# resoundin$ ,isses that I (!anted on my aunt)s
nec, into2icated me com(!ete!y"
But Mar$aret was sti!! under the sway o# her recent
con#ession" She (ushed me away, %ut not harsh!y, and a#ter
dartin$ a #ina! $!ance in the direction o# my room, she !e#t,
carryin$ the %oo,s in her (oc,et"
In the course o# the a#ternoon I heard the #riar and the
!adies !ea'e #or the 'i!!a$e" I decided to $o and #ind Berthe
and as, her what had (rom(ted her to #ei$n i!!ness to $et out
o# con#ession"
But such was not the case" She was in %ed and rea!!y
a((eared to %e sic," My 'isit cheered her u( enormous!y
My %!ac,$uardism was not !on$ in awa,enin$" But
when I tried to reach under the co'ers to touch her, she turned
away and said; *No, Ro$er, I had my (eriod the day %e#ore
*Ah, your menstruas,* I said, *so you)re no !on$er a
!itt!e $ir!, %ut a woman now" And do you ,now that I)'e a!so
%ecome a man, Berthe,* I added (roud!y" And un%uttonin$ my
trousers I showed her my (u%ic hair and the %ared head o# my
(enis" *And I)'e done it too, you ,now" 1hou$h I can)t te!! you
with whom"*
*+ou)'e done it,* she ueried, *done what?*
So I e2(!ained coitus to my attenti'e sister" *And do
you ,now what,* I conc!uded, *Mama and Ja(a do it too a!!
- 9< /
the time"*
*Not rea!!y@ &ow dis$ustin$@*
But since her tone im(!ied e2act!y the o((osite, I added;
*>is$ustin$? Why were two se2es created then, Berthe?
+ou)'e no idea how $ood it #ee!s, much %etter than
when you do it a!one"*
*+es, I a!ways did en4oy it more when Kate did it to me
than when I did it myse!#" 1he day %e#ore yesterday, oh,
rea!!y@ I thou$ht I was in hea'en@ 1hen Kate said to me; )Now
that you)'e come, Berthe, watch out, you)!! %e ha'in$ your
(eriod soon") 1hat 'ery day I had a stomach3ache, and a!! o# a
sudden somethin$ wet ran down my thi$hs" When I saw it
was %!ood I was #ri$htened ha!# out o# my wits" Kate %urst out
!au$hin$ and went to #ind Mama, who came and !oo,ed at me"
)Get yourse!# to %ed now, my Berthe,) she said, )you)!! %e
ha'in$ these e'ery month #rom now on #or three or #our days"
When you sto( %!eedin$ you shou!d chan$e your ni$ht$own,
and %e sure not to wash yourse!# %e#ore the %!eedin$)s
sto((ed" By the way, you shan)t %e wearin$ !itt!e3$ir! dresses
any more) I)m $oin$ to %e$in wearin$ !on$ dresses !i,e Mama
and auntie,* Berthe conc!uded (roud!y"
*Come on, Berthe, !et)s do it, * and drawin$ her c!ose, I
hu$$ed her"
*+ou must %e care#u! not to hurt my %reasts,* Berthe
said" *I)m 'ery sensiti'e now"*
But she o##ered no (rotest when I o(ened her ni$ht3
$own to see her !itt!e %reasts, which were 4ust %e$innin$ to
1hey were a (air o# $ent!y s!o(in$ hi!!oc,s, which
reminded me o# Jsyche)s or &e%e)s" But they a!ready had the
c!assica! #orm, and were #irm, cu!minatin$ in two !itt!e rose3
- 9= /
co!ored sweetmeats"
I whis(ered reassurin$ words to her and she wi!!in$!y
!et me #ond!e her and e'en suc, her titties" In #act she was
%ecomin$ e2cited"
A#ter a #ew uncon'incin$ (rotests, she !et me see her
Dady Eane, %ut on!y a#ter she had ro!!ed u( her %!ood3stained
She a!ready had more hair than I" A !itt!e watery %!ood
was tric,!in$ a!on$ her thi$hs; it was certain!y not the most
a((eti:in$ si$ht in the wor!d, %ut I was too e2cited to care"
She was ho!din$ her thi$hs ti$ht!y to$ether, %ut my
(ro%in$ #in$er soon #ound her c!itoris" Under the (ressure o#
my hand, her thi$hs %e$an to s(read"
5ina!!y I was a%!e to $et my #in$er into her cunt, %ut not
'ery #ar, #or she drew %ac," I (ressed a$ainst her hymen, in
the midd!e o# which there was a!ready a !itt!e ho!e" Berthe
$a'e a short cry o# (ain, and ti$htened u( a$ain" By now
wor,ed u( to a hi$h (itch o# e2citement, I undressed hasti!y,
!i#ted my shirt and c!im%ed on to( o# my sister with the
intention o# #orcin$ my mem%er, which was hard as a roc,,
into her cunt" Berthe (rotested wea,!y, %e$an to cry, then
$a'e a shar( cry o# (ain, when I went we!! into her 'a$ina"
But her short3!i'ed (ain soon a((eared to me!t into a #ee!in$
o# sensua! (!easure" &er chee,s were hot, her (retty eyes
shone %ri$ht, her !i(s were s!i$ht!y (arted" She c!as(ed me in
her arms and %e$an to res(ond to my mo'ements"
Be#ore I had #inished, nectar had started to #!ow #rom
her cunt" &er eyes, ha!#3c!osed, were #!utterin$ ner'ous!y" She
cried out, %ut her cries were o# (!easure" *Ro$er, ah@ oh@ RoG
o$er" I" " " I" " " aah@* She was com(!ete!y %eside herse!# with
(!easure" I had 4ust (!uc,ed my sister)s cherry"
- 90 /
Because o# my mornin$)s session with the %ai!i##)s wi#e,
and %ecause o# my e2citation, I had not yet come" But seein$
my sister)s sensua! de!i$ht, I %ecame e'en more e2cited and
ste((ed u( the rhythm o# my mo'ements" But sudden!y I #e!t
somethin$ warm in Berthe)s cunt" I withdrew, and a dar, red
mass o# s(erm mi2ed with the %!ood caused %y the (iercin$ o#
the maidenhead and the menstruation #!owed out"
We were %oth #ri$htened" My mem%er was co'ered
with %!ood, which stuc, to my %a!!s and hair"
But ima$ine our #ri$ht when we heard a 'oice %ehind us
sayin$; *My, my my@ What a (!easant con'ersation the youn$
ones are ha'in$"* Kate was standin$ %eside us"
She had #or$otten somethin$ and had %een sent %ac, to
#etch it" So a%sor%ed had we %een in what we were doin$ that
we had not heard her c!im% the stairs, %ut a((arent!y she)d
%een watchin$ us #or some time #rom the ha!!way, and had
then o(ened the door uiet!y and ti(toed into the room durin$
Berthe)s 'o!u(tuous or$asm"
&er ro$uish #ace re#!ected the e2cited state into which
the si$ht and sound o# our (!ay had wor,ed her" Berthe and I
were so ta,en a%ac, that #or ha!# a minute we did not e'en
thin, to arran$e our disorder!y c!othes" Kate had am(!e time
to o%ser'e Berthe)s serious %!eedin$, as we!! as the dec!ine
and #a!! o# my too!, which my #ri$ht had caused to unsti##en"
*When you do such thin$s, at !east ha'e the #oresi$ht to
shut the door,* and she went o'er and shot the %o!t"
*Berthe, your mother #or$ot to te!! you not to do it
durin$ your (eriods" But,* she !au$hed, *I ,now how it is,
that)s 4ust when you most want to"
*Now (ut a dry c!oth %etween your !e$s and stay in %ed
!i,e a $ood $ir!" But %e sure not to (ut your shirt in the dirty
- 9A /
c!othes) %as,et, Ro$er, un!ess you)'e a!so started ha'in$
And !oo,in$, I saw that my shirt was s(otted with
%!ood" Kate (oured some water into a hand %asin and
a((roached me"
*Duc,i!y it comes out easi!y,* she said" *Get u(, Ro$er,
and !et me wash you"*
I stood u( in #ront o# her so she cou!d wash my shirt in
the %asin" She !i#ted my shirt3tai! hi$h, e2(osin$ me a$ain to
the 'iew o# the two $ir!s"
She washed my shirt, (o,in$ #un at me as she did so,
then said serious!y;
*Come here now,* and washed the %!ood o## me with a
At this contact, my too! s!ow!y %e$an to rear its s!ee(y
head" *7h, you wic,ed !itt!e (ric,, $oin$ into Berthe)s cunt
!i,e that@* and she $a'e it a #ew saucy s!a(s with the (a!m o#
her hand" Sudden!y she $ra%%ed me, #orced me to my ,nees,
and s(an,ed me as hard as she cou!d"
I started to how! %!oody murder, whi!e Berthe a!most
s(!it her sides !au$hin$"
My #anny was stin$in$, %ut my state o# e2citement was
e'en $reater than %e#ore"
When I was youn$er, then or therea%outs, my mother
had o#ten hoisted me %etween her thi$hs a#ter I)d done
somethin$ or other I shou!dn)t ha'e, !owered my trousers and
s(an,ed the de'i! out o# me" But I remem%er that a#ter the
#irst stin$ o# (ain had su%sided, a #ee!in$ o# sensua! (!easure
had !in$ered with me the rest o# the day"
When Kate noticed that my (ric, was once a$ain
res(ecta%!e, she %ro,e out !au$hin$" *Goodness $racious,
- 9B /
what a %i$ hand!e@* She too, it in her hand, suee:ed it, then
unco'ered it" 1hat was 4ust too much" I $ra%%ed Kate)s
%reasts; she (retended to resist" So I s!i((ed my hand %eneath
her s,irt" She wasn)t wearin$ (anties" I sei:ed her a(ricot" She
tried to draw away, %ut I he!d her %y her !o'e hair, encirc!ed
her %uttoc,s with my !e#t arm, dro((ed to my ,nees, and
dro'e the thum% o# my ri$ht hand into her warm %o2,
maneu'erin$ it %ac, and #orth"
Kate !ost (ossession o# herse!# and #e!! %ac, onto the
%ed" I !i#ted her dress and !aid %are her cunt" &er hair was red,
not as thic, as I wou!d ha'e ima$ined #rom what Berthe had
to!d me, %ut #air!y !on$ and moist with sweat"
&er s,in was as white as mi!,, and so#t as si!," &er
white thi$hs were we!! rounded, and she was wearin$ (retty
%!ac, stoc,in$s in which a (air o# #irm round ca!'es were
I threw myse!# u(on her, #orced my (ric, %etween her
thi$hs unti! it eased $ent!y into her cunt" But I drew it out
a$ain a!most immediate!y" I was in an e2treme!y (oor
(osition, with nothin$ to %race my #eet a$ainst"
But %y now Kate was hot and %othered" She 4um(ed u(,
(ushed me into a chair near the %ed, and threw herse!# on to(
o# me" Be#ore I had time to say Eac, Ro%inson, my mem%er
was im(risoned in her cunt"
I #e!t her !on$ hair a$ainst my %e!!y" She he!d my
shou!ders and was roc,in$ %ac, and #orth" At each stro,e her
!ar$e !i(s touched my %a!!s" She too, o## her mus!in 4um(er,
and to!d me to (!ay with her %oo%ies, %ecause *it #ee!s so
$ood,* she said"
&er ni((!es were natura!!y more de'e!o(ed than
Berthe)s, and harder thou$h much sma!!er than those o# the
- <C /
%ai!i##)s wi#e" &er %reasts were as white as her thi$hs and
%e!!y, and were ti((ed %y two red (oints, surrounded %y a
ye!!ow crown on which there were a #ew tiny hairs"
Kate was 'ery e2cited, and was a((roachin$ the c!ima2"
So 'io!ent were her mo'ements that my (ric, had twice
s!i((ed out o# her cunt, and she had hurt me in (uttin$ it %ac,
in, thou$h she seemed to %e $ettin$ her share o# (!easure #rom
the o(eration"
I was !a$$in$ %ehind her, whereas she, in (!easure3#i!!ed
tones, was e2u!tin$; *Now" " " now" " " no" " " it)s comin$" " " ah@
ah@ God A)mi$hty@ &ow $ood your (ric, #ee!s@* And with that
she came, and there was an increased #!ow o# her !o'e 4uice"
At the tai! end o# her c!ima2, the sensiti'e cham%ermaid %it
my shou!der"
5ee!in$ her %oi!in$ e4acu!ation, I rea!i:ed that my own
c!ima2 was not #ar o##"
Kate had uic,!y re$ained contro! o# herse!#"
*Ro$er, your tai!)s %ecomin$ hotter and hotter; you)re on
the (oint o# dischar$in$"* And she stood u( a%ru(t!y, sei:ed
my s(erm3co'ered mem%er in her ri$ht hand and %e$an to
stro,e it 'io!ent!y, sayin$; *7therwise I mi$ht %ecome (re3
I)d a!so risen to my #eet" Kate (u!!ed me toward her with
her ri$ht arm; I ton$ued her ni((!es" I must ha'e s(read my
!e$s" Standin$ there na,ed as the day I was %orn in #ront o#
the two attenti'e $ir!s, my %e!!y was sei:ed %y a #it o# con3
'u!sions" Sudden!y my s(erm went #!yin$"
Berthe watched the e4acu!ation intent!y, and $a:ed
curious!y at the white !iuid which had #a!!en on to the %ed"
Whi!e I was dischar$in$, Kate had tic,!ed my %uttoc,s
and encoura$ed me with; *1here now, my Ro$er, how nice!y
- <. /
you)re comin$, that)s it, that)s it@*
My or$asm was %eyond a!! descri(tion"
I #e!! %ac, onto the chair" Kate was actin$ as i# nothin$
had ha((ened" She was arran$in$ e'erythin$; she wi(ed my
(ric, with her hand,erchie#, re%uttoned her %!ouse, (ic,ed u(
her %as,et and, in her customary $ay 'oice said; *God %e
(raised that thin$s turned out as they did" Now !et)s a!! %e
$ood chi!dren" +ou, Berthe, remain uiet and $et some rest"
And you, Ro$er, return to your room"*
She !e#t, and I went down to my room, a#ter ha'in$ $ot
dressed a$ain and ,issed Berthe $ood3%ye"
- <6 /
1&E >A+)S EHEN1S &A> W7RN ME to a #ra::!e" My one
desire was to rest" When I awo,e the ne2t mornin$, I was
!yin$ on my %ac,, a (osition which usua!!y $i'es me an
erection" Short!y therea#ter I heard the sound o# a((roachin$
#ootste(s" Wantin$ to (!ay a 4o,e on the %ai!i##)s wi#e, I !i#ted
my ni$htshirt, threw the %!an,ets o## me, and (retended to %e
But instead o# the %ai!i##)s wi#e, it was her sister3in3!aw,
a woman o# thirty3#i'e or so, the a$e when a woman is at the
hei$ht o# sensua!ity"
In her youn$er days she had %een a housemaid" &a'in$
married an e!der!y %ut!er who mana$ed to amass a neat (i!e o#
sa'in$s, she (resent!y !i'ed with her hus%and and three
chi!dren Ka son and two dau$hters o# ten, e!e'en and thirteen,
res(ecti'e!yL in her %rother the %ai!i##)s uarters"
Madame Mu!!er was neither u$!y nor %eauti#u!" She was
ta!!, had a stri,in$!y $ood #i$ure, a dar, com(!e2ion and her
hair, !i,e her eyes, was (itch %!ac," She seemed inte!!i$ent,
and #u!!y worthy o# a %out with my Eohn 1homas"
And you cou!d %et your !ast (enny that she)d seen more
than one such anima! in her !i#etime" So, I reasoned, why not
!et her see mine as we!!" I !ay there motion!ess"
Madame Mu!!er set the co##ee on the ni$ht stand" 1hen
seein$ Eohn 1homas standin$ sti##!y at attention, she had a
- <8 /
moment)s hesitation" But she was a reso!ute woman, #ree #rom
a!! #a!se modesty" She s(ent se'era! seconds $a:in$ at me with
a((arent (!easure" 1hen she cou$hed discreet!y to awa,en me,
and as I stretched my !im%s in such a way as to $i'e my (ric,
an e'en more inso!ent air, she a((roached the %ed, !oo,ed
down #or a second, then (u!!ed the co'ers u( and said; *+our
co##ee, Master Ro$er"*
I o(ened my eyes, wished her $ood mornin$, and
com(!imented her on how we!! she was !oo,in$, etc" 1hen I
sudden!y 4um(ed out o# the %ed, sei:ed her and assured her
that she was the most %eauti#u! woman in the who!e chateau"
She resisted wea,!y; s!i((in$ my hand %eneath her
s,irts, I disco'ered a 'ery hairy mound" 1hen I dro'e my
#in$er into her cunt" As is the case with a!! sensua! women,
hers was dry, %ut my #in$er3wor, soon remedied that" &er
c!itoris was e2treme!y hard"
*But what)s come o'er you? Sto( that@ What wou!d my
hus%and say i# he ,new@*
*Mr" Mu!!er)s in the cha(e!"*
*+es" I ,now" &e does nothin$ %ut (ray a!! day !on$"
But sto( that now, you)re hurtin$ me" My sister3in3!aw mi$ht
come in" She)s waitin$ #or me" 1hat)s enou$h now@ I)!! come
%ac, toni$ht" My hus%and)s !ea'in$ today #or two or three
days in the country" But now we)re !ia%!e to %e interru(ted" " "*
And with that she too, her !ea'e" 1hat e'enin$, a#ter
ha'in$ eaten a hearty dinner, I too, some wine, ham and
dessert %ac, with me to my room" 1he chateau was soon
as!ee(" 5ina!!y, a#ter what seemed !i,e hours, Madame Mu!!er
came in" My heart was %eatin$ !i,e a tri(hammer" I em%raced
her, and $a'e her a 5rench ,iss, which she returned" I
undressed uic,!y and showed her my (ric, in a most
- <9 /
(resenta%!e condition"
*>on)t $et so e2cited,* she warned, *or we)!! wa,en the
who!e house and set the ton$ues to wa$$in$"*
She %o!ted the door" I #astened her mound in a ti$ht
$ri(, and #ound it s!i$ht!y swo!!en, and her c!itoris e2treme!y
hard" I stri((ed her down to her (etticoat, and !i#ted it hi$h"
Seein$ her dressed you)d ha'e ta,en her #or thin, %ut she
wasn)t in the !east" In #act i# anythin$ she was on the #!eshy
side" &er dar, (u%ic hair, I noticed, c!im%ed a!! the way u( to
her na'e!"
She must 4ust ha'e washed, #or her Dady Eane was
odor!ess" 1hen I stri((ed her com(!ete!y and was ama:ed to
#ind how #irm her %reasts were" 1hey were on!y moderate!y
!ar$e, and her ni((!es were set in a sma!! #ie!d o# !i$ht %rown
Di#tin$ her %reasts, I saw that she a!so had some short,
#ine %!ac, hairs underneath" &er arm(its were !i,ewise
co'ered with hair as thic, as a man)s"
What sur(rised me most as I e2amined her more
c!ose!y, were her we!! raised %uttoc,s, whose chee,s were set
c!ose to$ether" A!on$ her %ac,%one ran a #ine !ine o# %!ac,
hair, #rom to( to %ottom" 1he si$ht o# a!! this hea!thy #!eece
caused Eohn 1homas to harden e'en more"
I ri((ed o## my ni$htshirt and stradd!ed the !o'e!y
creature, whose rhythmic mo'ements set my (ic,!e s!a((in$
%ac, and #orth a$ainst her %e!!y"
We were in such a (osition that we cou!d c!ear!y see
ourse!'es in the mirror" I !ed her toward the %ed, where she
sat down and said; *I ,now you want to see a!! o# me"* She
raised her !e$s and dis(!ayed her hairy cunt ri$ht u( to her (ot
ho!e" I immediate!y set to ton$uin$ her, and !in$ered at the
- << /
tas, #or uite some time" &er !i(s %e$an to swe!!" When I
went to insert my too!, she !au$hed and said; *Not !i,e that"
Get on the %ed"*
I as,ed her to (!ease use the #ami!iar *thou* #orm with
me, and to a!!ow me to do the same with her"
I $ot onto the %ed" She c!im%ed on to( o# me and I thus
had her who!e %eauti#u! %ody %e#ore my eyes" She to!d me to
(!ay with her %oo%ies" 1hen she $ras(ed my (ric,, (araded it
awhi!e a$ainst her !o'e !i(s, and at the same time as,ed me to
%e sure not to come inside her" 1hen she sudden!y sho'ed my
too! in ri$ht u( to the %a!!%earin$s" She was ridin$ me so
strenuous!y that it was a!most (ain#u!" Round a%out that time
she came, and I cou!d #ee! a!! the warmth o# her cunt, hear her
hea'in$ si$hs, and see her eyes ro!! %ac, in her head"
Rea!i:in$ that I was a!so on the (oint o# comin$, she $ot
uic,!y to her #eet"
*&o!d on a minute, youn$ #e!!ow, my !ad,* she said in a
'oice sti!! trem%!in$ with emotion, *I ,now sti!! another that)!!
satis#y you without ma,in$ me (re$nant"*
She turned round; her %uttoc,s were now #acin$ me"
She %ent down and too, my (ric, in her mouth" I #o!!owed her
e2am(!e and %e$an ton$uin$ her !o'e !i(s, !a((in$ u( the
#ema!e !o'e34uice which tasted !i,e a raw e$$" She ste((ed u(
the (!ay o# her ton$ue a$ainst my $!ans, and with one hand
she tic,!ed my %a!!s and %uttoc,s, whi!e with the other she
$ri((ed my (enis"
I sti##ened with (!easure" She thrust my (ric, as #ar in
her mouth as (ossi%!e" &er most secret (arts were starin$ me
#u!! in the #ace" I sei:ed her %uttoc,s, and (!un$ed my ton$ue
into her (otho!e" I !ost contro! o# myse!# and e4acu!ated in her
- <= /
When I reco'ered #rom my momentary ra(ture, she was
!yin$ %eside me and had (u!!ed the %!an,ets u( o'er us" She
was caressin$ me, than,in$ me #or the (!easure I had $i'en
her, and as,ed me i# I had en4oyed it as much as she"
I had to admit that I had en4oyed that (osition e'en
more than norma! coitus" And then I as,ed her why she hadn)t
!et me come inside her, since she was married"
*5or that 'ery reason,* she said" *My hus%and is
im(otent, and can te!! whene'er I cheat on him" 7h, God in
&ea'en@ what I ha'e to (ut u( with #rom that man@*
I as,ed her to te!! me a!! a%out it" She said that her
hus%and cou!d $et an erection on!y i# she %eat him with a rod
unti! she drew %!ood"
She !i,ewise had to !et him stri,e her, %ut on!y with his
hand, and now she was so used to it that she en4oyed it more
than it hurt her" &e a!so made her (ee(ee and shit in his
(resence, so ea$er was he not to miss a tric," And he $ot
es(ecia!!y wor,ed u( when she had her (eriods"
A#ter she had struc, him #i#ty or e'en a hundred times,
she had to hurry and s!i( his ha!#3erect mem%er inside, #or
otherwise it #e!! !im(, e2ce(t when she !ic,ed his %uttoc,s or
!et him !ic, her %etween the toes" Whene'er that ha((ened he
was a%!e to ,ee( a $ood hard on, %ut a!! these thin$s were
(retty disa$reea%!e"
*And on to( o# a!! that,* she conc!uded, *the o!d rasca!
s(ends a!! his time in church"*
&er story had aroused the #!a$$in$ s(irits o# my Eohn
1homas" Madame Mu!!er had hastened the resurrection %y
tic,!in$ my %a!!s" She had me $et %etween her !e$s, and
turned o'er on her side" She scissored my %uttoc,s with her
!e$s, so that we were %oth !yin$ on our sides, #ace to #ace" It
- <0 /
was a $ood (osition, a!!owin$ us to !ie c!ose!y inter!aced, and
at the same time !ea'in$ her titties e2(osed to my ton$ue"
I was ho!din$ her cunt, which the %out o# (!easure had
caused to narrow, with my hand" Both o# us thrust our #in$ers
into the other)s arse3ho!e" I !et my (ric, s!ide so#t!y into her
cunt, and %e$an to roc, as %e#ore, suc,in$ her ni((!es a!! the
I ,e(t my #in$er mo'in$ in her thro%%in$ arse3ho!e" She
came a second time with a cry o# de!i$ht" She had ta,en ho!d
o# my %a!!s #rom %ehind and was suee:in$ them so ti$ht!y
that she hurt me, and I had to as, her to !et them $o"
A#ter ha'in$ caressed me $ent!y, she turned her head
toward the (i!!ow, so that her ma$ni#icent %uttoc,s were
(rominent!y dis(!ayed" I had her rise to her ,nees and !i#t her
%uttoc,s hi$h" I sent a wad o# s(it #!yin$ into her (otho!e, and
thrust my (ric, in easi!y" At each stro,e I #e!t my %a!!s %ounce
o## her %uttoc, chee,s"
She ,e(t te!!in$ me how $ood it #e!t" I cou!d touch her
hairy cunt with one hand and #ond!e her %reasts with the
other" Eust as I was a%out to come I started to withdraw %ut
she contracted her %uttoc, musc!es around my $!ans, and I
e4acu!ated suare!y into her arse3ho!e" A#terwards she to!d me
that that was the #irst time she)d done it that way, and that,
a!thou$h it had hurt in the %e$innin$, in the end she)d en4oyed
5ee!in$ my (ric, harden in her %uttoc,s ho!e, her
sensua! #orces had awa,ened and she had had another or$asm
at the same time as mine"
*But that)s a%out enou$h #or today,* she decided,
1hat was a%out a!! I cou!d ta,e too" I o##ered her some
- <A /
dessert, %ut she insisted that I come and ha'e a short !iueur
in her room instead" A#ter which, I came %ac, to my room and
#e!! into %ed"
- <B /
7NE >A+ M+ M71&ER decided that a!! the maids wou!d
hence#orth s!ee( on the to( story o# the chateau, ri$ht under
the ea'es" 1hey %e$an mo'in$ their $oods and chatte!s
u(stairs, and were to start s!ee(in$ there the same e'enin$ I
watched them mo'e" As one o# them, her mattress under her
arm, was c!im%in$ the !ast #!i$ht o# stairs, I snea,ed u( %ehind
her and !i#ted her (etticoats"
1he #irst thin$ I $ra%%ed was a (air o# #irm %uttoc,
chee,s, which I drew %ac, a$ainst me, at the same time
thrustin$ my thum% into her moist cunt" She raised no cry, %ut
turnin$ round and reco$ni:in$ me, smi!ed as i# #!attered %y
my $a!!antry"
It was Ursu!a, the %runette" I !ed her u( to the to( #!oor
and em%raced her"
She reacted #a'ora%!y to the #irst ,iss, and res(onded
acti'e!y to the second" Whereu(on I sei:ed her %!ouse at the
%osom, and had soon succeeded in s!i((in$ inside to caress
the #irm, %rown3ti((ed hemis(heres" A swi#t mo'ement o# the
!e#t hand %eneath her short dress, and the we!!3$rassed mound
was mine"
She suee:ed her thi$hs to$ether and %ent s!i$ht!y
#orward" I too, a ni((!e in my mouth and suc,ed it $ent!y,
whi!e my #in$er (!ayed with her e2cited c!itoris" Soon I had
mana$ed to s!i( my hand %etween her thi$hs, unti! one, two,
- =C /
three #in$ers had (enetrated her cunt"
She tried to $et away, %ut I (ushed her a$ainst the wa!!"
I #e!t her who!e %ody trem%!in$ %eneath her #!imsy
c!othin$" I de#t!y e2tracted my Eohn 1homas and thrust it into
her %o2" 1he (osition was aw,ward, the $ir! was ta!! and
stron$, and I wou!d ne'er ha'e %een a%!e to screw her un!ess
she had done her share o# the wor,"
So I #uc,ed her standin$ u(" She must ha'e %een as hot
as an o'en, #or she uic,!y reached the c!ima2" I too was on
the (oint o# comin$, due to the #ati$uin$ (osition we were in,
%ut 4ust then we heard a noise in one o# the ad4oinin$ rooms,
and Ursu!a %ro,e away" But the sound soon died away" I
showed her my dar,, red (ric,, dri((in$ wet #rom her
dischar$e" She !oo,ed at it, and was mo'ed %ecause, as she
said,it was the #irst time she)d e'er seen a city #e!!ow)s (ric,"
*A!! ri$ht now, tit #or tat,* I said" *Det)s see yours"*
She res(onded modest!y" I raised her s,irt, !aid %are a
(air o# !o'e!y !e$s and, %etween her thi$hs, an im(ressi'e
mo( o# %!ac, hair" 1han,s %e to God she was not wearin$
(anties, as the city3%red $ir!s do, who (ut on a!! sorts o# airs
when you medd!e with their roots, des(ite the #act that they
rea!!y !i,e it as much, i# not more than the (easant $ir!s"
1hen I stuc, my nose into her Dady Eane; it $a'e o## the
odor o# raw e$$Gdue to her recent dischar$eGand o# (iss"
When I %e$an to ton$ue her c!itoris she !au$hed and !et her
s,irt #a!! %ac, into (!ace" But I he!d on ti$ht and, suattin$
%eneath the #o!ds o# her dress, !et my ton$ue wander at
random across the !en$th and %readth o# her %ody, as a resu!t
o# which I $ot an e'en more im(ressi'e hard on" But the
sounds %e$an anew, and Ursu!a %ro,e away a$ain, this time
#or $ood"
- =. /
I was o%!i$ed to !ea'e, %ut as Ursu!a turned to $o I !i#ted
her s,irts one !ast time #rom %ehind, re'ea!in$ a (air o# rea!!y
s(!endid, e2traordinari!y #irm %uttoc,s"
*Eust a wee %it more, Ursu!a"* I said, retainin$ her %y
her %!ouse"
I ,issed the chee,s o# her rum(, mani(u!ated them,
o(ened them to sme!! her arse3ho!e, which $a'e o## no odor o#
shit, %ut on!y o# (iss" But #ina!!y she %ro,e away, remar,in$
that it was %eyond her (owers o# com(rehension how a #e!!ow
!i,e myse!# cou!d $et any (!easure #rom sni##in$ a (oor
(easant $ir!)s stin,in$ (arts"
1hat e'enin$, at dinner, I discreet!y as,ed Berthe i# I
cou!dn)t (!ease #uc, her" She said no" I went u(stairs !ater to
see i# I mi$ht (erha(s #ind the o((ortunity o# doin$ what I so
%ad!y wanted to do" Resu!t; :ero"
1he co'ers o# my %ed were a!ready turned down" I
undressed and, stretchin$ out on my %e!!y, s(read a hand3
,erchie# %eneath me, hu$$ed my (i!!ow and, thin,in$ o# my
aunt, my sister, o# a!! the cunts and %uttoc,s with which I)d
e'er come in contact, I so#t!y %e$an to stro,e a!one" 1hen I
rested awhi!e %e#ore startin$ the (rocedure a!!o'er a$ain" Eust
as I #e!t my s(erm comin$, I heard a 'oice #rom %ehind the
door say; *Are you a!ready as!ee(, Master Ro$er? I)'e
%rou$ht you your water"*
I rose, s!i((ed on a dressin$ $own, and o(ened the door"
It was &e!en, one o# the $ir!s who wor,ed in the ,itchen" As
soon as she was inside, I !oc,ed the door" So $reat was my
desire that my (ric, was thro%%in$ !i,e a (endu!um"
I $ra%%ed the !o'e!y, (retti!y dressed (easant $ir!)s
sturdy %uttoc,s and as I #ond!ed her %reasts, (!anted a (air o#
sa'ory ,isses #u!! on her mouth"
- =6 /
She too, it in the ri$ht s(irit, %ut when I reached her
!o'e !i(s she said, %!ushin$; *It)s my (eriod"* Eust my !uc,@ I
was as erect as a %are3#ooted #riar, and she was !oo,in$ at my
(ric, $ood3natured!y" She (!ayed with it (retti!y" At !east I
cou!d amuse myse!# with her han$in$ $ardens" I o(ened her
4ac,et and her %reasts s!i((ed into my waitin$ hands" Di,e the
$ir! herse!#, they were #rec,!ed, %ut aside #rom that I saw
nothin$ to re(roach them #or"
I didn)t sto( (esterin$ her ti!! she !et me see, a!thou$h
a$ainst her wi!!, her %uttoc,s and Dady Eane, to whose
crin,!y, reddish hair %!ood was stic,in$" I (ushed her onto a
chair and !et her (!ace my dic, %etween her %reasts" A most
(ractica! method; it disa((eared amon$ the #!eshy #o!ds o# her
de!ecta%!e hi!!oc,s" But it wou!d ha'e %een %etter with a %it o#
!u%rication" I to!d her so" She s(at on my (ric, and suee:ed it
ti$ht!y %etween her %oo%ies"7n to( the $!ans (ee,ed out, and
at the %ottom my %a!!s were han$in$ down"
I %e$an to roc, %ac, and #orth, whis(erin$ sweet words
to her and at the same time caressin$ her #ace or (!ayin$ with
the wis(s o# cur!s a!on$ her nec," A (ower#u! dischar$e
#o!!owed, which she watched attenti'e!y, #or the (osition was
as no'e! #or her as it was #or me"
&a'in$ had my #i!!, I made her a $i#t o# a si!, scar#,
which she $rate#u!!y acce(ted, once a$ain e2cusin$ herse!# #or
her condition" She added that the $ir!s who wor,ed with her in
the ,itchen were !ate in $oin$ to %ed, %ut that they s!e(t much
!ater in the mornin$ than the others who rose ear!y to $o
mi!,in$" Shou!d I 'enture u( there some mornin$, I)d #ind
more than enou$h to ,ee( me ha((y"
I was o'er4oyed %y the news" 1he #o!!owin$ mornin$ I
$a'e out that I was $oin$ to %ui!d a %ird house #or the do'es
- =8 /
under the ea'es, in order to ha'e an e2cuse #or c!im%in$ to the
maids) $arret" But I was constant!y interru(ted and my (ro4ect
came to nou$ht"
7nce I mana$ed to watch Berthe in the toi!et, and once
Kate, and so $ot a (ee, at their cunts" But %ecause o# the
inc!ement weather my aunt and mother sewed assiduous!y;
neither Kate nor Berthe dared touch my (ric, as they went %y"
1o (ass the time more (!easant!y, I)d dri!!ed a ho!e in
the toi!et (artition; the toi!et itse!# was nothin$ more than a
ho!e in the $round"
And I cou!d thus s(end my a#ternoons watchin$ a!! the
$ir!s and !adies (iss, shit and #art" I cou!d study %uttoc,s, (ot
ho!es and Dady Eanes in a!! their $!ory, and I remar,ed that
amon$ them there was !itt!e to choose #rom e2ce(t di##erence
o# hair co!or and si:e" I %ecame con'inced o# the truth o# a
statement attri%uted to a #arm !ad whom a countess had
a!!owed to screw her" As,ed how it had %een, the !ad re(!ied;
*1he %!ouse was o# #iner materia!, %ut aside #rom that 4ust !i,e
with any other woman"*
I thus (assed my time contem(!atin$ a!! the cunts and
%uttoc,s in the chateau, and the si$ht o# e'en those I had
a!ready had was a source o# constant (!easure to me"
Meanwhi!e, I)d $i'en Ursu!a a (retty shaw!, #or it had
not %een her #au!t that I hadn)t %een a%!e to #uc, her
com(!ete!y" 1he other $ir!s had noticed it, and without
e2ce(tion %ecame e2treme!y nice to me, #or they were no
dummies, and were uic, to rea!i:e how (!easant it must %e
%oth to %e #uc,ed and to recei'e a (resent to %oot"
At !east that)s what one o# them to!d me one mornin$
ear!y, when the (ro#ound si!ence was %ro,en on!y %y the
distant rumor o# $oin$s and comin$s in the sta%!es"
- =9 /
I had $one u(stairs and disco'ered an un!oc,ed door
which !ed into two o# the maids) %edroom"
1he room)s atmos(here was one o# the mi2ed odors
emanatin$ #rom the $ir!s) %odies" 1heir c!othes were han$in$
in disarray #rom wooden (e$s, or were dra(ed across the #oot
o# the %ed" At #irst these odors were disa$reea%!e, %ut as soon
as one $ot used to them they %ecame e2citin$ rather than
su##ocatin$; the 'erita%!e odor di #eminaGthe (er#ume which
$i'es an erection"
1he %eds, made in the ancient sty!e, were dou%!e" 1hey
were a!! em(ty e2ce(t one, in which a !ass !ay snorin$ dee(!y"
She was !yin$ on her side, turned toward the wa!!" 7ne o# her
#eet was on the wooden %edstead, and her %uttoc,s were
nice!y e2(osed, since she was s!ee(in$ in the nude"
&er coarse ni$htdress was dra(ed o'er a wooden chair,
on which the rest o# her c!othes were a!so strewn" 1he
s!ee(in$ %eauty, whose name was Ba%ette, had not the #aintest
notion that she was %ein$ scrutini:ed #rom head to toe" &er
s,in cou!d ha'e %een so#ter, %ut her #rame, thou$h rou$h3
hewn, was not s,inny"
I %rou$ht my head c!ose to her %uttoc,s and inha!ed the
(enetratin$ odor o# sweat" &er arse3ho!e showed a #ew traces
o# her !ast shittin$" Be!ow it her we!!3#ormed s!it, crowned %y
chestnut hair, was c!ear!y 'isi%!e"
I so#t!y tic,!ed her %uttoc,s) chee,s and cunt" As soon
as I had inserted my #in$er she $a'e a start and turned round,
and I cou!d contem(!ate her #rom in #ront" &er #!eece was
crin,!y and sme!!ed stron$!y o# urine, which #act I remar,ed
when I stuc, my nose a$ainst it"
I mi$ht add that the maids washed their cunts on!y on
Sundays" As a matter o# #act, there are many #ine !adies who
- =< /
se!dom ha'e the time to wash themse!'es" But comin$ %ac, to
that odor, it had aroused me, and I was a!ready hard"
I %o!ted the door and stri((ed" 1hen I s(read her thi$hs
a(art" She ha!#3o(ened her eyes" *Ba%ette,* I said, thrustin$
three #in$ers into her %o2, *you)re my !itt!e sweetheart" Doo,
what an erection I)'e $ot@*
She stirred, (ointed toward the other room, and said;
*Ursu!a)s in there too"*
*No matter" We)'e $ot time to ha'e a $o %e#ore she
wa,es u(" Doo, what I)'e %rou$ht you"*
And I handed her a !itt!e imitation 4ewe! rin$ that I)d
%ou$ht #rom a (assin$ (edd!er" 1hen without another word I
,nee!ed %etween her thi$hs, which she wi!!in$!y s(read" I !et
her (!ay with my too! and %a!!s awhi!e, and reci(rocated %y
tic,!in$ her cunt" When she was we!! oi!ed, I dro'e it in u( to
the %a!!s, too, her under the %uttoc,s and tic,!ed her arse3
ho!e" She c!as(ed me a%out the nec, and we (!un$ed into a
#ren:y o# 'o!u(tuousness which, a#ter a %rie# %out, ended in a
'io!ent dischar$e on %oth sides"
>urin$ the act she had (ers(ired (ro#use!y, and her
hea!thy (easant odor made me ho(e that we cou!d start a!!
o'er a$ain" But she was a#raid o# %ecomin$ (re$nant" Besides,
it was hi$h time #or her to %e u(, #or it was Ursu!a)s day to
s!ee( !ate" I had com(!ete!y #or$otten that Ursu!a was there,
and Ba%ette !au$hed hearti!y when I said that I)d certain!y !i,e
to wa,e her u("
Whi!e Ba%ette was wi(in$ her (ri'ate (arts with her
ni$htdress, I entered the other room" Ursu!a was !ost in a dee(
She was a!so !yin$ in the nude, %ut had the %!an,ets
(u!!ed u( to her %osom" She was s!ee(in$ on her %ac,, with
- == /
her arms coc,ed %ehind her head so that the thic, %!ac,
%ushes o# her arm(its were in #u!! 'iew"
&er (retty %reasts were thrown into #u!!er re!ie# %y the
(osition o# her arms, on either side o# which her !on$ rich
!oc,s tum%!ed $race#u!!y down" 1he who!e (icture was
charmin$ to %eho!d" What a (ity she was a mere (easant@ I
ha'e ne'er understood how a man cou!d (re#er a !ady)s
a##ected charms to the natura! %eauty o# a (easant $ir!"
&er im(ecca%!y c!ean ni$htdress was !yin$ %eside her" I
sni##ed it and was astonished %y the hea!thy odor with which
it was im(re$nated"
So#t!y, so#t!y, I drew the %!an,ets %ac, and stood there
admirin$ her na,ed #orm" I remained motion!ess an instant,
ama:ed %y the %eauty o# her we!!3(ro(ortioned !e$s, her
$rassy Henus mound, whose hea'y hair e2tended #rom her
!o'e !i(s to her thi$hs" She awo,e when I %e$an to caress her
%reasts" At #irst start!ed, she hasti!y drew the co'ers o'er her"
1hen she reco$ni:ed me and $a'e me a %road smi!e"
Eust then Ba%ette stuc, her head inside and said; *Stay
in %ed, Ursu!a, I)!! ta,e care o# your wor, #or you"* And with
that she !e#t"
I co'ered Ursu!a with ,isses unti! she was hot" I as,ed
her to $et u( and had her wa!, a%out the room whi!e I
e2amined her !o'e!y %ody #rom head to #oot and #rom a!!
sides, mar'e!in$ at her %eauty"
1hen I too, her in my arms, and #or a !on$ time we
stood there in a c!ose em%race"
I (!aced my hands on the chee,s o# her %ehind and
(u!!ed her %e!!y c!ose a$ainst mine" She cou!d #ee! the #u!!
sti##ness o# my (ric,, her !o'e hair tic,!ed my %a!!s"
She en4oyed the s(ort" She (ut her arms around my
- =0 /
nec,, hu$$ed me to her" I (!uc,ed some hairs #rom her
arm(its" She was com(!ete!y %eside herse!# with desire" I (ut
my hand into her cunt, which was moist and distended" &er
c!itoris was 'ery hard"
We $ot into %ed" I made her rise to her ,nees and ho!d
her %uttoc,s hi$h" I e2(erimented #e'erish!y with her (otho!e"
&er cunt, crowned %y 4et %!ac, hair, was ha!#3o(ened, and
a#ter re'e!in$ in the si$ht o# the red interior, I ru%%ed my
$!ans a$ainst her !i(s"
She en4oyed the stro,in$ and seconded my mo'ements"
So#t!y I (ushed it ti!! it was a!! the way in, then drew it out
a$ain, %ac, and #orth, unti! #e!t myse!# on the (oint o# comin$"
She acted !i,e one (ossessed" &er cunt, com(!ete!y distended,
$ri((ed my mem%er ti$ht!y" I thrust it in u( to the hi!t, hu$$ed
her %uttoc,s, sei:ed her han$in$ %eauties, and roc,ed !i,e a
maniac, com(!ete!y $one" She si$hed dee(!y at e'ery stro,e"
With one hand I (ressed her %oo%ies, with the other I tic,!ed
her c!itoris" We came simu!taneous!y" I heard my (ric,
s!a((in$ inside her wet cunt" We !ay there as thou$h dead"
When I withdrew I sti!! had a hard on" Ursu!a was
ashamed, %ecause she had ne'er done it that way"
What she)d most en4oyed had %een the s!a((in$ o# my
%a!!s a$ainst the !ower (art o# her cunt" I had not yet had my
#i!!, and wou!d $!ad!y ha'e stayed a whi!e !on$er with that
!o'e!y, %!oomin$ !ass" &ad it %een (ossi%!e, I wou!d ha'e
married her"
She to!d me that she had to $et downstairs" She s!i((ed
on her %!ouse and I he!(ed her to dress" She smi!ed at me
amica%!y" I e2amined her #rom a!! sides once more %e#ore
!ea'in$" I (romised to %uy her a #ine sou'enir, and she a$reed
to come and s(end the ni$ht with me sometime soon"
- =A /
1&E C&A1EAU WAS S1IDD ASDEEJ when I came %ac,
downstairs and c!im%ed into %ed" My mother wo,e me u(
when she %rou$ht my %rea,#ast" She in#ormed me that I)d
ha'e to $o to the station the ne2t day to meet my #ather, who
was arri'in$ with my e!dest sister, E!ise"
My mother was in an e2ce!!ent mood, %ut not so Berthe,
who was u(set %y the arri'a! o# her e2treme!y (retty sister"
She to!d me that E!ise was ha'in$ a #!irtation with the son o#
one o# our #ather)s %usiness associates, and that the youn$
man wou!d (ro%a%!y marry her when he had #inished his
mi!itary ser'ice"
She to!d me %esides that there were many thin$s that
she had not understood %e#ore which were now c!ear as
crysta! to her" Kate and E!ise must certain!y ha'e wrest!ed #or
a !on$ time to$ether and they had once a$ain remained a!one
#or an hour in the %athroom"
1he ne2t day I was ha((y to note that my mother was
ta,in$ a %ath in antici(ation o# her hus%and)s 'isit"
At the station I was astonished to disco'er u(on the
arri'a! o# the train that my sister had %!ossomed into a
charmin$ youn$ woman" &er (retty !itt!e #eet were encased in
a (air o# e!e$ant shoes, and she #!uttered a%out with such
$race that I #ound myse!# $rowin$ 4ea!ous o# her 5rederic," I
had decided that e'ery #ema!e in the immediate 'icinity
- =B /
shou!d %ecome a mem%er o# my harem, and the si$ht o# my
sister on!y con#irmed that idea in my mind"
My 4ea!ousy increased when I (ercei'ed that my #ather
had %rou$ht a #riend with him, Mr" 5ranc,, an e!der!y
%ache!or who entertained ho(es concernin$ my aunt" 1he
introductions were cordia!" My sister was as sur(rised %y my
de'e!o(ment as I was %y hers, and our em%race was more
than #raterna!"
We had not counted on Mr" 5ranc,, and since the
carria$e was !ar$e enou$h #or on!y two (eo(!e, I su$$ested
that Ja(a and Mr" 5ranc, use it, whi!e E!ise and I went home
on #oot" My sister concurred" 1he way home was 'ery (retty"
1he con'ersation soon %ecame interestin$" My sister
was e2treme!y #!attered %y the com(!iments I (aid to her
When she inuired a%out Berthe, I re(!ied that she had
her (eriods and was nu%i!e" She !oo,ed at me with
*She stays !oc,ed in the %athroom as !on$ as you used
to,* I added" 1hen, watchin$ her c!ose!y, I continued; *1hey
s!ee( to$ether in the same room, i# you ,now what I mean"*
My sister %!ushed dee(!y %ut said nothin$"
*1here is no reason to %e em%arrassed, E!ise,* I said
amica%!y, *I)m no !on$er a !itt!e %oy" Besides you must ha'e
noticed when we were !itt!e and they %athed us to$ether that
my (ric,)s no worse than your 5rederic,)s"*
*Why, Ro$er@*
*We)'e $ot hair %etween our !e$s now and we ,now that
there)s somethin$ %etter than (!ayin$ stic,#in$er"*
She was as red as a %eet, her %osom was hea'in$, %ut
she was at a !oss #or words" Sudden!y she shot a $!ance round
- 0C /
a%out to ma,e sure no one was watchin$ us, and as,ed;
*Is it true, Ro$er, that %e#ore %ecomin$ so!diers youn$
men ha'e to stri( and !et themse!'es %e e2amined na,ed? I
heard auntie and Mama sayin$ somethin$ o# the sort and at
the %oardin$ house they were a!so discussin$ it"*
*5rederic,, my #uture %rother3in3!aw, cou!d ha'e
en!i$htened you on that matter" Certain!y they ha'e to" 1hey
e2amine them !i,e a %ride on her weddin$ ni$ht" But they
don)t $et erections %ecause they)re scared" No dou%t 5rederic,
didn)t $et a hard on either"*
*Not rea!!y@ But how ashamed they must %e" " " Is it
(u%!ic? Can women see that?*
*Un#ortunate!y not,* I said serious!y" *But I)d ha'e no
ua!ms in #ront o# you, E!ise"*
I em%raced her in a #riend!y manner" We were in a !itt!e
co(se near the chateau"
*>o you ima$ine,* I added, *that there)s a %ride
anywhere in the wor!d who doesn)t ha'e to stri( on her
weddin$ ni$ht and %e du!y ins(ected %y her hus%and? &e
stri(s too, you ,now"*
*But it)s not the same thin$ #or a man"*
*Why not? I# I stri((ed in #ront o# you, you cou!d see
e'erythin$ I)'e $ot; my hair, my (endu!um, my %a!!s; %ut i#
you undressed I cou!d on!y see your hair" +our cunt wou!d
remain hidden" >o you ha'e much hair, E!ise?*
*7h, !oo, at the !o'e!y straw%erries, Ro$er@* she said"
I he!(ed her (ic, some" We went dee(er into the woods"
Erect as a %oar, I hu$$ed her"
*What)s that o'er there?* she as,ed"
*A huntin$ !od$e that %e!on$s to us" I)'e $ot the ,ey"*
1he %ui!din$ was set in a thic,et o# trees"
- 0. /
*Wait #or me, Ro$er, I)!! %e %ac, in a second" Watch
that no%ody comes"*
She went %ehind the !od$e" I heard her (issin$" I
watched her" She was suattin$, %ent s!i$ht!y #orward with
her !e$s a(art and ho!din$ her s,irt hi$h enou$h so that I
cou!d see her (retty ca!'es"
Beneath the ,nees the !ace o# her (anties was dan$!in$"
A stream was s(urtin$ %etween her !e$s" When it sto((ed
#!owin$, I withdrew, %ut she remained in a suattin$ (osition"
She hoisted her s,irts a%o'e her !oins, and s!i((ed her (anties
down" 1he %uttoc,s3ho!e was in #u!! 'iew as we!! as her #irm,
s(ot!ess chee,s" &er e##orts $a'e %irth to a thin sausa$e which
s!i((ed #rom her arse3ho!e, dan$!ed an instant, and then
wri$$!ed to the $round" A %it o# 4uice #o!!owed, then she
(issed a tri#!e more"
1his time I c!ear!y saw the stream s(urt #rom %etween
the thic,, chestnut3co!ored hairs" When she had #inished, she
hunted a%out #or some (a(er and when I saw that she had
#ound none, I a((eared and $a'e her some"
*&ere, E!ise"*
5or a moment I thou$ht she was $oin$ to %e an$ry"
*>on)t %e that way,* I to!d her, *I ha'e to $o too"*
I (u!!ed out my dic, and, a!thou$h it was sti!! erect,
%e$an to (iss" Reca!!in$ the hired man, I aimed so hi$h that
my sister cou!dn)t he!( !au$hin$" She)d #inished with the
(a(er" We heard 'oices and E!ise %ecame #ri$htened" I (ushed
her into the huntin$ !od$e and (u!!ed the door shut %ehind us"
We watched throu$h a crac," A (easant and a maid, with a
ro$uish air a%out them, a((roached" &e threw her onto the
$round and c!im%ed on to( o# her, too, out his Eohn 1homas,
raised her s,irts and they went at it hammer and ton$s, $roan3
- 06 /
in$ !i,e a cou(!e o# wi!d anima!s"
I had encirc!ed E!ise)s waist and (u!!ed her c!ose to me"
&er scented %reath warmed my chee,s" &er %osom was
hea'in$ dee(!y as si!ent!y we watched the s(ort" I (u!!ed out
my (ric, and (!aced it in her warm hand whose touch was
so#t as si!," 1he cou(!e mo'ed o##" I cou!dn)t resist and sei:ed
E!ise" In s(ite o# her resistance, I de#t!y s!i((ed o## her (anties
and 4ac,et" My hand (!ayed with her hair" 1he thi$hs were
!oc,ed, %ut I cou!d #ee! that her c!itoris was hard"
*No, Ro$er, you)re carryin$ this too #ar@ Aren)t you
ashamed@ I)!! scream@*
*I# you scream they)!! hear you in the chateau" No one)!!
,now" Adam and E'e did the same thin$"*
*But we aren)t Adam and E'e, Ro$er"*
*E!ise, what i# we were on a desert is!and" " " @*
I mana$ed to $et my #in$er in"
*I# my 5rederic, on!y ,new what was ha((enin$@*
*&e won)t ,now" Come on, sweetheart"*
I sat down on a chair and drew my sister on to( o# me"
When she #e!t the enormous (ric, a$ainst her !o'e !i(s she
$a'e u( the stru$$!e" She was not a 'ir$in and admitted
ha'in$ done it once with her 5rederic,"
&er cunt was 'ery narrow, warm, and (!easant!y moist"
She res(onded to my ,isses" I o(ened her %!ouse and %rou$ht
#orth her !o'e!y %reasts which shoo, as I suc,ed them" I
(!aced my hands on her !ower s(heres, those ma$ni#icent
%uttoc,s" She %ecame hot as a #ire3crac,er" We reached the
c!ima2 to$ether" A#terwards, we 'owed eterna! discretion" We
e2amined each other at our !eisure, then set o## to the chateau"
- 08 /
A1 1ABDE EHER+7NE WAS HER+ GA+" My #ather was
ta,in$ $ood care o# my mother" Mr" 5ranc, was most
attenti'e to my aunt" I chatted with my sisters" 1hey had $i'en
my room to the $uest" I was to s!ee( on the same #!oor as the
women, in E!ise)s room, whi!e she shared Kate)s and Berthe)s"
When e'eryone was as!ee( I (ee,ed into my sisters)
Berthe was s!ee(in$ %ut E!ise wasn)t there" I noticed a
!i$ht, hid myse!#, and was a%!e to see E!ise and my aunt
standin$ in their ni$ht$owns s(yin$ throu$h a crac, in my
(arents) door" 1he sound o# hea!thy s!a(s on a %are #anny was
audi%!e to us a!!" 1hen my #ather)s 'oice; *Now, dro( your
ni$ht$own, Anna" " " &ow !o'e!y you are with your %!ac,
Kisses and whis(ers"
*March, Anna" 5orward, march" " "@ &a!t@ Arms u( in
the air@ What a !ot o# hair you ha'e under your arms" " " Doo,
at my erection, Anna, ta,e it" " " Jresent arms" " "@ Shou!der
arms@ " " " come here@*
*Now, Char!es, don)t $et so e2cited" " " you)re hurtin$
me" " " you)'e seen me #or !on$ enou$h now" I)m ashamed to
!et you !oo, at me #rom %ehind"*
*>on)t worry, my chi!d" " " Get on the %ed" " " #eet u(
there@ My treasure" " "*
- 09 /
+ou cou!d hear the %ed crea,in$"
*Comin$, Anna?*
*Near!y, Char!es" " "*
*7h" " " ah, Anna" " " I)m comin$" " " @*
*7h yes" " " @ yes@ wonder#u!, Char!es" " "*
1he sound o# Kate)s 'oice came #rom the direction o#
the stairs" E!ise heard it and disa((eared uic,!y into her
room" My aunt s!i((ed into hers without shuttin$ the door"
She came out a$ain" My (arents turned out their !i$ht" I
s!i((ed into my aunt)s room" When she returned she started
with #ri$ht" I %!urted out my #ee!in$s #or her" She turned on
the !i$ht" I ,issed her without sayin$ a word and #e!t the
(ressure o# her mature %ody a$ainst mine" She was trem%!in$"
I mo'ed my hand %eneath her ni$htdress and $ro(ed at her
cunt" She #ou$ht; I whis(ered reassurin$!y; *Det)s %e hus%and
and wi#e, %eauti#u!, dar!in$ Mar$uerite"*
My #in$er (!ayed with her c!itoris and a!! the resistance
went out o# her" I unco'ered her %eauti#u! %reasts which were
as white as snow and at the same time I coa2ed her $ent!y
toward the %ed" I too, out my (ric," 1he cham(a$ne she had
drun, had e2cited her" I (!aced her hand at my (ric, and
%e$an to ru% myse!# a$ainst her; the (!easure was too $reat"
She wri$$!ed a%out and her c!itoris swe!!ed" I mo'ed my
#in$ers to her cunt and suc,ed at her teats" 1hen I !i#ted her
ni$htdress ri$ht u( o'er her haunches and (ressed her a$ainst
me, mouth to mouth, and with a #orward %e!!y stro,e !aunched
my (ric, into her 'ir$ina! cre'ice"
She uttered a short cry %e#ore her who!e %ody $a'e way
to the sudden, a!most immediate (!easure o# it" An in#!amed
woman now, she a%andoned herse!# to her own (ure
- 0< /
A short encounter, %ut whose sensations were in#inite,
%rou$ht us %oth to the !imit o# the most #ren:ied ecstasy, and
it was with the most %ruta! stro,es that I #i!!ed her with my
!i#e3$i'in$ %a!m"
1he (!easure had %een too $reat; I was sti!! sti## as a
ramrod" I caressed her and then re!i$hted the cand!e" She had
her #ace in the (i!!ows; her modesty had returned to her, %ut I
drew the co'ers %ac, to e2amine her Henus) %ody" 1here was
a s!i$ht trace o# %!ood on her cunt3hair, mi2ed with our s(erm"
I wi(ed her with my hand,erchie#, turned her round, caressed
her %ac, and her %uttoc,s and thrust my ton$ue u( her arse3
1hen I mounted her, my head %uried in the (er#umed
wa'es o# her hair" I $ird!ed her %ody with my arm, raised her
s!i$ht!y and (!un$ed home my Eohn 1homas into her moist
s!it a$ain" A !on$ %att!e ensued durin$ which we (ers(ired
throu$h e'ery (ore in our %odies" Shoutin$ !i,e a mad
woman, she was the #irst to reach the c!ima2" Mine #e!t so
$ood that it a!most hurt" 1hat was enou$h; we se(arated"
* * *
5or se'era! wee,s I amused myse!# in 'arious ways" Mr"
5ranc, was courtin$ my aunt more and more assiduous!y"
7ne day, E!ise and my aunt came into my room in tears" 1hey
were (re$nant" But neither dared say in the other)s (resence
that I was the $ui!ty (arty" I si:ed u( the situation uic,!y"
*E!ise, marry 5rederic,, and you, auntie, marry Mr"
5ranc," I)!! %e your %est man"*
7n the mornin$ o# the #o!!owin$ day the door o(ened
and Ursu!a entered" She a!so was (re$nant" I ad'ised her to
- 0= /
marry the %ai!i##)s cousin who)d %een ma,in$ cow)s eyes at
her, and I (romised to stand as $od#ather to her chi!d" 1hen I
undressed her and !ic,ed around her cunt and %uttoc,s" I
washed myse!# with eau3de3co!o$ne and had her !ic, my arse,
which tric, so e2cited me that I #uc,ed her with a $usto that
made her hair trem%!e on the %ed"
1hese marria$es soon too, (!ace" A!!)s we!! that ends
we!!, and I continued s!ee(in$ with the mem%ers o# my
harem, each in her turn" Each ,new what I was doin$ with the
others and they were a!! sym(athetic"
Ursu!a soon $a'e %irth to a %oy, and short!y a#terwards
E!ise and my aunt to $ir!s" I %ecame $od#ather to Ursu!a)s
Ro$er, E!ise)s !itt!e Douise and my aunt)s !itt!e Anna on the
same day, a!! chi!dren o# the same #ather, thou$h they wi!!
ne'er ,now it"
I trust that I sha!! ha'e many more, and in doin$ so I
sha!! %e #u!#i!!in$ my (atriotic duty, that o# increasin$ my
country)s (o(u!ation"
1&E EN>
- 00 /

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