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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 Experience

- Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 Experience
In the e-reader has designed and refined in this field, Amazon has been committed to being the
leader. Jst as when Apple!s iPod msic pla"er in the field from the ni#e to the montains and
plains, li$e the Amazon Kindle gradal doing all these "ears is not bad. %espite the moment there
are still some strong competitors sch as &arnes ' (oble )&arnes ' (oble* and +on"!s e-reading
de,ice, bt at least now it seems, lanched last "ear, the Kindle Paperwhite price of - ../ is still
one of the best readers.
0et as the Kindle into 1hina on the twists and trns to get the Japanese ,ersion Kindle Paperwhite
bored with the 2mose2, I $now it!s performance is #ite satisfactor". If a friend as$ed me to
recommend a sitable e-boo$ reader, Kindle Paperwhite is definitel" the best choice. As e-boo$
reader, it is too incompetent3 light weight and size ma$e it sitable for "or poc$et fingertips, low
power consmption E-In$ in$ screen with bac$light reading all da" and night withot difficlt",
pls the Amazon Kindle e-boo$ resorces boo$stores bac$ed b" massi,e spport ...... If "o want
to get with the paper #alit" comparable bt more con,enient to read more science and technolog"
experience, the Kindle Paperwhite is ndobtedl" a prodct ideall" sited.
&t nowada"s hardware replacement prodcts are alwa"s too fast, and when I was in the first
generation Kindle Paperwhite 4o,ers, when in 25.6 a new ,ersion of the Amazon Kindle
Paperwhite has #ietl" placed in front of me. +ppressed excitement eager earl" adopters of the
desired moment I npac$ed a bit confsed3 if not b" ,irte of the bac$ of the 2amazon2 sign, I
thin$ e,en KP7 the two side b" side in front of "o, it is difficlt to point the difference between
the two.
8his loo$s almost exactl" the same, and the first generation ,ersion 25.6 Kindle Paperwhite, in
the end what to impro,e it9 +tate &an$ listed in the new ,ersion, let s pre,iew together.
Appearance3 %esign immtable, alwa"s grip
8he new ,ersion of Kindle Paperwhite contined last "ear of the first generation of minimalist
design, in the shape of the first generation indistingishable. After two generations of prodcts
loo$s exactl" the same as the example is not common, bt also nothing less than three reasons3 too
laz" to change, did not ha,e to change, do not change. I thin$ 2do not change2 shold be abot is
Amazon!s ps"cholog". After all, the first generation of the acclaimed design, Amazon also their
confidence, so the new ,ersion of Kindle Paperwhite is onl" on some hardware and some featres
to ma$e impro,ements.
&t it is also hard for me this 2happ" new 0an:i,2 the experience of those who ali$e. A few da"s
after this new hand, I!,e been sing the new ,ersion of Kindle Paperwhite to read, bt ta$e the
wrong hand simpl" become commonplace. If it is not a first-generation experience, I reall" thin$
m" hands, this de,ice is the old models lanched a "ear ago, becase from the appearance can feel
the change is minimal3 the size and weight of the machine and the former generation of exactl" the
same generation holster can also be ni,ersal, front bottom retained the 2Kindle2 logo, the onl"
difference is the bac$ of the 2Kindle2 to 2amazon2, 4ogo also sed blac$ paint process, feel more
8hese 2change2 excellent experience allow continit" before, :st the right size and weight to gi,e
the 2portabilit"2 has alwa"s been the highlight of Kindle Paperwhite where, after all, 25;g weight
ma$e it the ,ast ma:orit" of boo$s than the mar$et mst light< still comfortable grip, e,en if it is
held in one hand will not feel mch pressre. +pea$ing of leather, and I personall" do not li$e to
se the official Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is e#ipped with a holster, one is more expensi,e, and
secondl", I reall" li$e the Kindle Paperwhite grip. =f corse, the leather can reall" ma$e the
de,ice from wear and tear, also $nown as a ,er" fragile protecti,e screen, also has an atomatic
wa$e-p and sleep fnction ...... morphological ad,antage if "o thin$ abot it, ah, simlated open
boo$ when conted 9
>ardware3 small impro,ements to sol,e big problems
E#ipped with a new ,ersion of Kindle Paperwhite higher contrast screen, new bilt-in reading
light brightness and more niform. I want a friend sed the first-generation de,ice ma" find a
generation after opening screen bac$light state, there will be some ne,en light ble color, the
second generation of the screen is not sch a problem, the brightness will be higher there will not
be dazzling feeling. &t this new Kindle Paperwhite de,ice screen bac$light on m" whole hand to
warm some, bt some of the generation will be colder.
+econd, the new processor, the response dela" of less
In the processor, Amazon said the new de,ice is e#ipped with a faster processor, reportedl" 2?@
faster, althogh this impro,ement is difficlt for most people to detect, bt for those sers who
ha,e sed the de,ice to a generation said reall" significant, considered 2the most conscience2 is
also 2the most worth"2 of impro,ements.
7hat are the biggest problems is the generation Kindle Paperwhite9 %ela". 8och flip dela" after
each tap will need to wait for nearl" one second of time to see the pre,ios or next page, do not
nderestimate this short one second, after se,eral flip "o will catch some mad< addition, the
s"stem le,el, there will be a dela", either comment or browse the shops, set the page, or e,en loc$
screen, almost alwa"s re#ire a few seconds of dela" time. In the end, "o will find that "o
tragicall" than the other fnctions in addition to reading becomes a mere decoration, onl" shel,ed.
8he crrent ,ersion of the Kindle Paperwhite is on these isses has been impro,ed and optimized
for faster page (eedless to sa", to impro,e performance so that it becomes possible to #ic$l" flip.
=f corse, the 2refresh2 phenomenon still exists, which is a lot of people do not li$e the E-In$
screen that - in fact, it is part of the electronic in$ pdate process. 7e can set the page, select
28rn on A off page refresh2 this one to redce the refresh fre#enc" de,ices.
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