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Connect with 7 Young Winged Gods of Love, Passion
and Desire

Eros, Himeros, Pothos, Anthenian, Hedylogus, Anteros
and Hymenaios

Channelled and Compiled
Linda Kaye on ebay

Linda Kaye

Professional Psychic and Reiki Master on ebay
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This attunement and manual is copyright 2009
Linda Kaye. Please DO NOT alter it in any way,
shape or form or place it on any website, etc.
DO NOT give this attunement away as a free
attunement or post it as a free attunement in
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The Winged Gods of Love, Sex and

The Erotes were known as the winged gods of love, a
multiplication of the primal Eros. Their numbers were varied.
The Greek 8
Century Poet, Hesiod. Hesiods writings were
known to be a major source of Greek Mythology, He describes
a pair, Eros (Love) and Himeros (Desire), who were present at
the birth of Aphrodite. Later, a 3rd God, Pothos (Passion),
was discovered to create their little winged triad. Twin
Erotes, Eros and Anteros were often portrayed gracing the
scales of love. Later other lyric poets multiplied them into a
numberless host of winged gods. The Erotes were created out
of poetic invention, and some are known to not have any
distinct mythology of their own.

There are 8 different attunements within the Erotes
Empowerment. First you will be attuned to the Erotes
Empowerment collectively. Then you will be attuned to
each of the individual Winged Gods, and there are 7.
The first time you are attuned, you will be
experiencing them and their powerful benefits
collectively. When you are ready to be reattuned,
you can call in one or more of them depending on your
personal emotional and sexual needs,desires and goals.
When calling in the Gods individually, I discovered
that either one or several of the other Gods may be
following close behind-especially if they feel they can
assist in your meditation. They are a playful and fun
bunch; however, they can also be serious as well. In
one of my meditations while calling them for them
collectively, they played with me and tickled me and
then gave me a wonderful shower. I am also working
on separate attunement manuals for each of the
Winged Gods. I am the founder of the Eros
Empowerment and the Anteros Empowerment, and you
will find these attunements in my webstore at .

POTHOS (or Pothus)
Pothos was the god of passion and of sexual longing, yearning
and desire. Late classical writers describe him as a son of
Zephyros (the west wind) and Iris (the rainbow) to represent
the different passions of love. When the goddess Aphrodite
first emerged new-born from the sea-foam's, she was
greeted by the twin loves Eros and Himeros. Some say
Aphrodite was born pregnant with the twins, and birthed them
with her birth. The pair were her constant companions.

Healing Powers: What do you yearn for? Sometimes we have
to work through issues that keep that sexual longing at bay.
Do you long for more affection and for someone to love you
and hold you or are your longings purely sexual? Let Pothos
know as you are calling him in for your meditation. In one
meditation session, he brought me my biological father to hold
me (something I have yearned for all of my life.

Himeros (or Himerus)
In Greek mythology, he represented lust and sexual desire,
and he was the son of Aphrodite and Ares. He was usually
depicted as winged youth or child, as were the other Erotes.
He was frequently depicted alongside Eros in the scene of
Aphrodite's birth, fluttering around the goddess sailing across
the sea in her conch-shell. At others times he appears as one
of a triad of love gods, his brothers being Eros and Pothos
(Love and Passion). As an individual god, however, Himeros
possessed no distinct mythology or cult of his own. When
paired with Eros he was probably identified with Anteros
(reciprocal love). He was the brother of Eros and of
AnterosHe has, like his two brothers (Eros and Anteros), a
bow and arrow to create desire and lust in people
(uncontrollable desire).

Healing Powers He can help you to feel more uninhibited and
more sexually open and to create uncontrollable desire in the
object of your affection.

Eros means sexual passion, lust, arousal, gratification and
fulfillment in Greek Mythology. The origin of the word came
from the mythical God Eros. The word erotic comes from his
name. Even in ancient times, his quality of love was thought to
be spiritual as well as physical, and was generally believed to
be the deity who caused the love of beauty, healing,
freedom, and many other good things as well as the love
between people. Eros was the son of Aphrodite, and he is
known as the God of Love, Passion and Desire. He is one of
the most beautiful and worshiped amongst all Gods and is
represented in all forms of art. Eros was also the God of

I am the founder of the Eros Empowerment. This particular
attunement came to me while I was being attuned to one of
the Aphrodite attunements. Eros came to me during my
attunement as a huge powerful sensual and sexual male with a
giant and powerful presence. At that time, I had no
knowledge of who Eros was. In my meditation, he told me his
name; so afterwards, I googled him.

Healer Powers: As an adult, Eros is represented as a tall man
with an athletic built who personified beauty in every way. I
realize how important Eros is in modern times. In a world
where the subject of love, intimacy and sexuality is no longer
taboo, men and women need to appreciate that part of
themselves and to know that it is God?s will for us to be
fulfilled emotionally and sexually. For baby boomers growing
up, it was considered taboo to even talk about sex or to even
enjoy sex. So the beliefs of our parents and grandparents
were passed down through generation and unfortunately many
people carry sexual guilt and blockages and fear of intimacy
within heart, mind, body and soul and within their chakras.
Now in what is considered modern times, it is no longer
considered taboo to exercise our freedom of sexual

In Greek Mythology, Anteros was the god of requited
(mutual) love and passion unions. He was also the
punisher of those who scorned love and the advances
of others, or the avenger of unrequited love. His
brother was Eros (Cupid), the God of romantic and
love. His mother was Aphrodite (Venus), the Goddess
of Love, Beauty and sexual rapture. Aphrodite gave
birth to Anteros, because Eros was lonely and needed
a playmate. He is depicted as being similar to Eros in
every way; however, Anteros had long hair and
butterfly like wings..
Healing Powers: Anteros came to me while I was channeling
the Eros Empowerment. He came to me as a healer. He
showed me how my past relationship issues were affecting me
health wise, and it was a very emotional healing for me. I
have attuned myself to Anteros quite a number of times since
then, and each attunement is different and just as powerful
as the last.

Anteros can help you to heal obstacles to finding love, and
he can help you uncover the true reasons why you dont allow
yourself to be loved and then work with you on a regular basis
to resolve your issues of choosing emotionally unavailable men
or women. Those who have walls up to love can sometimes
cause physical illnesses within themselves; and for those of
you who do have physical illnesses you may have avoided illness
if you resolved your patterns of choose partners you are not
able to love. Love is a powerful gift of energy that God gives
to us when we are born. Many of us choose to accept this
gift and many of us choose not to. If we choose not to accept
the gift of love, then we get into relationships of unrequited
love and this is where Anteros comes in. Anteros will help you
to transform your emotional blockages.

He was the god of hermaphrodites and of effeminate men,
and one of the winged love-gods known as Erotes. He was a
son of Hermes and Aphrodite, the gods of male and female
sexuality. Some say he was once a handsome youth who
attracted the love of a Naiad nymph named Salmakis. She
prayed to to be united with him forever and a god, in answer
to her prayer, merged their two forms into one. At the same
time her spring acquired the property of making men who
bathed in its waters soft and effeminate.

Healing Powers: Call Anthenian in when you, as a man, need
to see the softer side of yourself OR, you as a woman, needs
to see the softer side of your man. Call in Antenian when you
feel off balance and need to feel equally balanced in male and
female energy. When you dont feel balanced and if you are a
woman or a man who has a tendancy to scare off your
relationships with overwhelming dominant male energy-sexual
or emotional. He is an excellent God to call in if you are a
gay man who is suffering from an identity crisis or if you are
afraid to come out of the closet and need emotional and
spiritual guidance.

There is not much known about Hedylogus, except to say
that he was the God of sweet talk and flattery.

Healing Powers: When we just need a little boost in our ego.

The God of the wedding ceremony

Healing Powers: He can help you to work through the fear of
commitment either within yourself or someone you are in a
relationship with, and maybe that persons needs is a gentle
spiritual push towards I DO.

You are welcome to use any existing attunement
method that you feel connected to. There is no
prerequisite to be attuned to the EROTES
attunement is sent purely by intent.

It is strongly advisable for you to pick a time and day when
you will have between 30 and 60 minutes of uninterrupted quiet
time, so that you can meditate during the attunement process.
In this way, you can let the energy flow for as long as it needs
to flow. TURN OFF your ringer on your cell phones or home
phones (if you can) and don't answer the doorbell. You will
instinctively know when the energy has stopped flowing.
IN PERSON ATTUNEMENTS Have your client sit in front
of you with his/her eyes closed to receive this attunement.
Call upon her higher self to assist you. Place both hands on
your clients head and first send the Eros Empowerment
collectively by sending the energy into their crown chakra and
see it expanding, glowing and vibrating into their entire body,
mind, soul and spirit and all of their chakras and their aura.
Especially see it finally moving through and vibrating through
their heart chakra and their sacral chakra. Now follow the
same procedure for each of the winged Gods. Once the
process is complete, leave your client in the room alone, Do
not try to enter their sacred space after you have attuned
them. Once they feel complete in their attunement process
and meditation, you will know..

Distant Attunements are just as effective as in-person
attunements by following the same procedure. Ask your client
to close their eyes and say I AM NOW READY TO RECEIVE
THE EROTES EMPOWERMENT, and then just let the energy
flow. The attunement can be sent in real time where you and
your client set up a specific time for him or her to meditate
while you are sending the attunement. It can also be sent by
chi ball, so that he or she can call it in at a time convenient
to him or her.

After receiving your attunement, you can reattune yourself as
often as you like or even attune others to this powerful
system either by calling the Erotes in collectively or

This attunement comes with a 15 page manual written and
copyrighted by Linda Kaye, and it cannot be altered in


Using the Mythical Gods in your affirmations is
a powerful way in invoking the Gods in your love,
sex and romantic life. Here are some examples;
however, feel free to create your own
affirmations according to your needs.
Affirmations should be repeated out loud over
and over again to 1 hour a day.

Anteros is flowing through me now in creating perfect mutual
romantic love between _____ and me.

Pothos is flowing through me now in creating pure divine
uninhibited passion between _____ and me.

Himerous is flowing through me now creating perfect intimate
love making between _____ and me.

Eros is flowing and vibrating through me now in creating the
perfect romantic committed boyfriend/girlfriend relationship
for me.

Hymenaios is creating the perfect marriage proposal from
____ or in creating the perfect marriage between _____ and

Hedylogus is working through me now in boosting my ego and
helping me to feel beautiful and special.


Copyright 1999-2009 Linda Kaye, Peekaboo Psychic, Peekaboo Psychic Readings,
Nice Jewish Psychic, , All rights reserved.

DISCLAIMER: Psychic Readings, Reiki Healings and Attunements are not a
substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health
problem/issue, please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional.


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