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Yoga - Parivartana

Wednesday, 03 March 2010 21:40 Rafal Gendarz

Article explain the interpretation of sign exchange ased on the traditional !no"ledge and #aterials$disc%ssion "ith #y G%r%&i' (ari)artana
as type of yoga, ca%se of change and re)ersals' *xa#ples incl%ded'

(ari)artana +oga
-ased on Monier Willia#s ,ictionary the "ord Parivartana #eans:
.a%sing to t%rn ro%nd
/%rning or "hirling ro%nd, #o)ing to and fro
Re)ol%tion, end of period
-arter, exchange
.%tting or clipping the hair
(rotecting, defending
0n)erting, ta!ing or p%tting anything in "rong direction
Re1%ital, ret%rn
2ne of the na#es of r3 4%r#a A)atara

Parivartana #eans exchange of place#ents and rings co#plete re)ersal or change of effects5 for so#e calc%lations planets eha)e li!e
eing in s)a!shetra a)asth6 d%e to this type of yoga' Whilst analysing so#e place#ent as the referal point li!e 7agne8a or deter#ining the
sex of those "ho are related to %s "e sho%ld ta!e this yoga into acco%nt as this has the potential to re)erse$alter o%r predictions' /his yoga
sho%ld e analysied in all )argas and specifically R68i, 9a)6 8a and :hastya#sa for o)erall change or transfor#ation' ,istr%%tion of
energy and lessings can e )ery dyna#ic, its "ay, nat%re and associated e)ents are possile to e read fro# the chart' As the y%ti is
#ore connected to "ord ;and;, pari)artana can refer to "ord ;instead;'

(lanet A eing in the sign lorded y planet - and planet - eing in sign lorded y planet A5
*xa#ple: .andra eing in Mith<n, -%dha eing in 4ar!a' Mith<n R68i is lorded y -%dha, "hilst 4ar!a R68i is lorded y .andra'

(ari)artana is the stronges type of yoga "hich is the relation et"een the planets leading to experience =an%ha)a> of the so%l in partic%lar

Table: Four type of Yogas
Name Formation Level of interaction
(ari)artana *xchange of signs 100? =p%rna>
+%ti .on&%nction of t"o planets in r68i$h6)a @A?
Graha d i M%t%al =sa#drsti> planetary aspect of t"o planets A0?
(artial drsti 2ne planet aspects the 2nd one, "hilst the 2nd aspects the sign of the first one 2A?

Table: Three types of Parivartana
Ri R68i ased pari)artana in R68i or 9a)6 8a
!iva 9a!8atra lords exchange
"ra#a 46ra!a of ho%ses exchange

Ri Parivartana
/hese sho"s the change et"een the planets on le)els of h6)a, tatt)a, g% a and a)asth6'

$u a - essence of change
G% a #eans 1%ality, pec%liarity and attri%te of property'

/ale: G% a and Grahas
:at)a :<rya, .andra, G%r%
Ra&as -%dha, B%!ra
/a#as :hani, Mars, R6h<, 4et<

Refer to -haga)ad Gita or :ri#ad -haga)ata# =.anto 11th> for #ore infor#ation'

/his in pari)artana sho"s i#pact on the "orld, if its a%spicio%s =%plift#ent to higher g% a> or ina%spicio%s =or detoriation to lo"er le)el>'

Tattva - type of activity

Table: Tattva
/att)a is the essence of s%stance of anything as the first ele#ents in the creation proccess =srsti>'
Tattva %eva $rahas
A!asha Cishn% G%r%
Agni :%rya$:hi)a :<rya, Ma gala, 4et%
Cay% R%dra Bani, R6h<
(rth)i Ganesha -%dha

Dala ,e)i .andra, B%!ra

/his sho"s sa#andha et"een the type of energy, if the tatt)as are friendly then they are #%t%ally coo"or!ing and this is a%spicio%s,
re)erse for the ini#ically disposed tatt)as'

%&pt'i (vastha
0n R68i pari)artana analysis "e sho%ld ta!e the d3pt6di a)asth6 into acco%nt as if one of the planets is nica =deilitated> then the one
ele#ent of pari)artana "ill fail$s%ffer in co%rse of exchange proccess'

)hva - circumstances
/his ele#ent of the interpretation relates to o&ect or occ%rences ta!ing the part in the exchange'

-ased on the lordships in)ol)ed Mantras)ar =a%thor of (haldipi!a> #a!es the follo"ing categorisation:
%ainya -et"een d%sth6na lord and other
a%spicio%s ha)esha
/he dasa of lord eing placed in a%spcio%s h6)a rings the a%spicio%sness related to its
yoga, oppoite for the lord eing placed in d%sth6na5 co#ing in and o%t of s%ffering
*aha -et"een t"o a%spicio%s
/his can e r6&ayoga ased on the lords in)ol)ed5 a#ong these three this is a%spicio%s5
lessings of r3#ati 7a!8#i
"hala -et"een 3rd lord and other
3rd lord dasa "ill e a%spicio%s, opposite for the 2nd lord of pari)artana' -ha)atna Ratna!ara
also has si#ilar 8lo!a ao%t the 3rd lord related to y%ti type of +oga5 4hala in A)asta refers to
ad sign place#ent

Table: )havas
+ )hava "ara#a ,lements associate' Type
1 7agna$Edaya :% /aste =rasa>, na#e =na#a>, health, intelligence =dhi>, pr6 a,
irth =&an#a>, presence =)arta#ana>
4endra, /ri!o a
2 ,hana ha)a D% Fa#ily =!%t%#ha>, finances =dhana>, eyes, speech =)ac> Mara!a, (a aphara,
3 -hratri$(ara!ra#a Ma .o##%nication, agree#ents, silings, g%r% %padesa, sex%al
i#p%lse, :hort tra)els, ear
Epacaya, Mild ,%sth6na,
Apo!li#6, /rishadaya
4 Matri$:%!ha Mo Mother =#atri>, ed%cation and !no"ledge =)idya>, fa#ily,
co#forts, )ehicles, relati)es =andh%>, nose
.at%rasraya, 4endra
A Mantra$(%tra D% Mantra, children =santhana>, po"er =r6&ayoga>, e#otions, lo)e,
a%thority, st%dents, f%t%re =ha)isya>, discri#ination =)i)e!a>,
para)idya =spirit%al !no"ledge>
/ri!o a, (a aphara
G :hatr%$+%ddha$,anda :a :hadrip%s ="ea!nesses>, ene#ies =shatr%>, diseases rising
d%e to shadrip%, legal cases, "ar, danda
,%sth6na, Epacaya,
Apo!li#6, /risahadaya
@ Ci)aha$Asti Ce Marriage =)i)aha>, serio%s partner =harya> 4endra, Mara!a
H Randhra :a 7onge)ity =ay%>, siseases d%e to ni&a dosha, transfor#ation,
loans, dets
.at%rasraya, ,%sth6na,
(a aphara
I G%r%$,har#a D% /eachers =g%r%>, father =pitr>, &apa, tapasya, WorldJ)ie", tra)el,
fort%ne, g%idance, oss, to%ch, past =h%ta>
/ri!o a, Apo!li#6
10 4ar#a$0ndra Me 4ar#a, senses =0ndra h6)a>, r6&ayoga, s%ccess, %nderta!ings,
pro&ects, corporation, sigth
11 7aha$Kara D% Finances =laha>, friends =#itra>, l%rrings, p%nish#ent =hara>,
Epacaya, (a aphara,
12 Cyaya :a 7osses =)yaya>, reno%nce#ent order of life =sannyasa>,
pranaya#a, #editation =dhyana>, physical co#patiility in
sa#andha, rina =dets to"ards ancestors, de)as, rsis>
,%sth6na, Apo!li#6,

If the yoga is involving Lagna- Lagnesha or .r/ ha lagna the it brings the transformation upon the native- the planet 0hich has
the yoga 0ith mentione' points 0ill sho0 the final result of it1 2hara#ara#as involve' 0ill sho0 people engage'3associate' 0ith
the transformation1


0n the ao)e exa#ple R6h< and :%rya are in pari)artana and the 2nd gro%p is :hani and -%dha' As :hani is on 7agna it "ill sho" the final
stage of pari)artana' When it co#es to lagnesha then 4% ha sign "ill sho" the final stage of transfor#ation' /ransfor#ation of direction
and attit%de is expected d%e to in)ol)#ent of 7agna and 7agne8a'

-%dha "ith #alefic in sixth ho%se gi)es person "ho is opposing the order of society' (erson "as in)ol)ed in ani#al lieration p%rs%its for a
long ti#e, then after so#e ti#e person t%rn into spirit%alis# and especially yoga' :hani is in lagna and Moon is in 12th ho%se "hich sho"s
r6h#aJ a yoga' /his transfor#ation has occ%red d%ring 200@$200H and it "as period of Bani dasa' Alto%gh the :hani sho"s lo"er g% a,
its in)ol)ed in the spirit%al yoga and controlling the )yana pr6 a in the heart is responsile for spirit%ality' B%!ra playing the role of !ar#esh
fro# .andra is enor#o%sly strong in the 6dha!a sth6na hence the person #o)ed to foreign co%ntry J Enited 4ingdo# fro# (oland' Bani
is ,ara!ara!a so the person has #o)ed "ith the girlfriend'

5imsottari %asa:

:%n M,: 2004J0GJ2A =13:33:1H> J 2010J0GJ2G =2:2A:1@>

Antardasas in this M,:

:%n: 2004J0GJ2A =13:33:1H> J 2004J10J1A =H:2A:0H>
Moon: 2004J10J1A =H:2A:0H> J 200AJ04J12 =3:31:3G>
Mars: 200AJ04J12 =3:31:3G> J 200AJ0HJ21 =@:1@:14>
Rah: 200AJ0HJ21 =@:1@:14> J 200GJ0@J14 =22:A3:43>
D%p: 200GJ0@J14 =22:A3:43> J 200@J0AJ01 =2:31:3G>
6at: 7889-8:-8; <7:=;:=>? - 788@-8A-;; <7;::;:;7?
Merc: 200HJ04J11 =21:A1:12> J 200IJ02J1G =22:30:A0>
4et: 200IJ02J1G =22:30:A0> J 200IJ0GJ2A =20:1A:42>
Cen: 200IJ0GJ2A =20:1A:42> J 2010J0GJ2G =2:2A:1@>

Navamsa Parivartana
0ts the 2nd type of pari)artana' For#ation is sa#e as for R68i pari)artana %t the )arga chart of the foc%s is the 9a)6 8a' R68i,9a)6 8a
and Bastia#sa are for all spheres of life and praradha !ar#a can e deciphered fro# those' /his "ill sho" the 1%ality of people changing
and sho%ld e analysed for the Antarada8a le)el of ,a8a' *xa#ining the position in R68i "ill sho" the #anifestation of occ%rence' /he
exchange of ,a8a Grahas is act%al for this type of pari)artana'
0n the ao)e 9a)6 8a chart R6h< is placed in the B%!ra R68i, "hilst B%!ra is placed in R6h< sign J 4% ha' /here is also G%r%J4et<
pari)artana occ%ring in R68i chart' A8tottari and :hoda8ottari are not applicale %t lagna is Cargotta#a and Batadi!a ,asa can e the
prognostication tool to consider' Esing Ci#8ottari :h%!ra Mahadasa "as fro# 1IHI to 200I and person has een ailing for the &a"
infla##ation' Hth lord eing in C aha R68i sho"s adhistana =place of disease> in the region of #o%th' R6h< eing in the rasis lorded y
the rogesh sho"s )iral ca%se of prole#' 0nfla#ation is seen fro# the /ri 86 8a' R6h< eing in)ol)ed in the yoga has ring these
experience to the nati)e in :h%!ra Mahadasa sho"ing pro)ing 9a)6 8aJpari)artana principle to e right and acc%rate'

6/# ma Parivartana
:<! #a #eans ac%te, s%tle, feele, insignificant, #in%te, s#all, fine, thin, narro", short, nice, exact, precise, ato#ic, s%tle allJper)ading
spirit and is one of th I :ha!tis of Cishn%, it also refer to Cedanta philosophy'
:<! #a pari)artana occ%rs "hen there is exchange et"een )i#8ottariJna!8atra lords'
/his type of pari)artana sho"s occ%rents in the social ac!gro%nd, i#pact of the society and the transfor#ation of attit%de related' We are
ad)ised to exa#ine Mahadasa fro# the .andra' -enefics sho" %s%ally good i#pact, opposite for the #alefics' /he #eanings of the
ha)as fro# .andra 7agna sho%ld e %nderstood d%ring esti#ation of phala =res%lts>' Mahadasa fro# Moon sho"s ho" society approach
the person and the res%lt "ill e seen y the exchange graha "hich "e call Bi)a =end res%lt of transfor#ation>'

$raha Na#atra 5imshottari-Lor'ship
:<rya ('-hadra G%r%
.andra ,hanistha Ma gala
Ma gala ,hanistha Ma gala
-%dha E'-hadra Bani
G%r% 4ritti!a :<rya
B%!ra A8"ini 4et<
Bani A8lesha -%dha
R6h< .hitra Ma gala
4et< A8"ini 4et<
:<rya is in (%r)aJ-hadra na!shatra lorded y G%r%, "hilst G%r% is in 4ritti!a star lorded y :<rya' Kence the :<! #aJpari)artana occ%rs
et"een :%rya and D%piter'

Ci#sottari ,asa:

Maha ,asas:

Mars: 1I@3J12J2@ =1:43:1G> J 1IH0J12J2G =20:43:1A>
Rah: 1IH0J12J2G =20:43:1A> J 1IIHJ12J2@ =11:3@:2H>
!up: ;BB@-;7-79 <;;:=9:7@? - 78;A-;7-79 <;A:8A:;8?
:at: 2014J12J2@ =14:04:10> J 2033J12J2@ =11:01:2@>
Merc: 2033J12J2@ =11:01:2@> J 20A0J12J2@ =1I:3@:3H>
4et: 20A0J12J2@ =1I:3@:3H> J 20A@J12J2@ =14:44:22>
Cen: 20A@J12J2@ =14:44:22> J 20@@J12J2@ =1@:42:4G>
:%n: 20@@J12J2@ =1@:42:4G> J 20H3J12J2H =G:4G:A3>
Moon: 20H3J12J2H =G:4G:A3> J 20I3J12J2@ =20:1@:0G>

D%piter =:hi)a graha in GrahaJ#ali!a yoga> eing in the se)enth ho%se sho%ld ring the foc%s on the relationship eing in )i)aha h6)a and
in fifth fro# Moon as the fifth lord J ho%se of e#otions and progeny' 0nstead person is f%lly foc%sed on the spirit%ality =#3na r68i> and "or! J
:<ryaL-%dha yoga =nip%na> "ith the Mr< ha lagna' :%rya is tenth lord and Hth lord fro# Moon ringing oth spheres of life' :%rya eing in
4ar!aJa#sa "hich is the fifth ho%se fro# M3na rings a lot of foc%s on recitation of -%ddhist #antras' /here is no connection et"een
:<rya and stronger 7agnesh 4et% sho"ing person re&ects irthJreligion' Mars, R6h< and B%!ra ho"e)er ring the sa#andha et"een
lagnesh and G%r% sho"ing spirit%al interest' Mars refers to ahi#sa, R6h< to foreing infl%ence and lot of astract and dhyana =12th ho%se>,
"hilst :h%!ra "ith 4et< in sixth sho"s that this "ill e strengted and #aintained y celiacy =rah#acarya>'

0ts interesting that the next ,a8a of :h%!ra has :<! #a pari)artana "ith -%dha' :hani eing in se)enth fro# Moon sho"s #any
traditionalists and s%ccesf%lJ r6&ayoga =:hani in cancer> people "ill approach the nati)e, %t the res%lts "ill ca%se e)en #ore spirit%ality as
-%dha is nica in Mr< ha lagna contri%ting to pra)ra&ayoga'

"ra#a Parivartana
46ra!a #eans instr%#ent "hich rings ao%t the action denoted y the na#e'
/his type of pari)artana occ%rs "hen the h6)a !ara!as of the t"o ho%ses exchange theirs place#ents'

Table: )hva an' "ra#a
+ )hava "ara#a
1 7agna$Edaya :%
2 ,hana ha)a D%
3 -hratri$(ara!ra#a Ma
4 Matri$:%!ha Mo
A Mantra$(%tra D%
G :hatr%$+%ddha$,anda :a
@ Ci)aha$Asti Ce
H Randhra :a
I G%r%$,har#a D%
10 4ar#a$0ndra Me
11 7aha$Kara D%
12 Cyaya :a

Res%lt of this yoga is that people are exchanging their roles' For exa#ple friends can act as nati)e;s ene#ies, father can act #ore li!e a
friend for the person' /he #ain !6ra!a for the h6)a sho%ld e seen for that scenario to occ%r' /his can in)ol)e associates of nati)e;s or
the e)ents eing presented in one;s life' +oga in)ol)ed sho"s the occ%rences associated "ith the pari)artana'
0n the exa#ple :hani the !6ra!a for sixth ho%se is in fifth, "hilst the fifth ho%se !6ra!a J G%r%, is in sixth ho%se' /he !6ra!a pari)artana is
present in the chart' Fifth and *le)enth sho"s open and hidden or %n!no"n "ell"ishers respecti)ely, "hilst sixth and t"elfth sho"s open
and hidden ene#ies'

We can %se A8tottari ,asa per the follo"ing conditions:

.onditions =oth #%st e applicale>:
1' R6h< in !endra$tri!o a to 7agne8a'
2' -irth in 4 6 (a!sha and ,ayti#e 2R in B%!la (a!sha and 9ightti#e

At the order of 200I$2010 the friend of the nati)e has eco#e acting li!e an ene#y against the goals of the nati)e' /his "as related to the
apart#ent conditions as forth lord fro# Moon J Bani and 4et< are eing engaged in the yoga' /his "as )ery open deate so the fifth and
sixth ha)as are in)ol)ed' 4et< eing in third fro# Mr< ha lagna descries the type of strategy of the nati)e eing )ery fixed =sthira r68i>
and %nforgi)ing =Crsci!a the sign of nica for the Nandra>' 9at%rally these sho%ld e expected in the dasas of grahas in)ol)ed in the yoga:
(lanets in)ol)ed in +oga are 4et< $D%piter on one side and :haniL.andra'
Ashtottari ,asa =contro)ersial na!shatra dasa>:

6at *%: 788A-8:-7B <;7:=A:8A? - 78;A-8:-=8 <7:89:::?

Antardasas in this M,:

D%p: 2004J0AJ2I =12:34:04> J 200GJ03J02 =13:3H:00>
Rah: 200GJ03J02 =13:3H:00> J 200@J04J12 =3:1G:4A>
Cen: 200@J04J12 =3:1G:4A> J 200IJ03J22 =I:0G:24>
:%n: 200IJ03J22 =I:0G:24> J 200IJ10J1A =2:44:4G>
*oon: 788B-;8-;: <7:AA:A>? - 78;;-8=-87 <78:7@:;7?
Mars: 2011J03J02 =20:2H:12> J 2011J12J01 =3:3I:10>
Merc: 2011J12J01 =3:3I:10> J 2013J0GJ2G =1@:40:02>
:at: 2013J0GJ2G =1@:40:02> J 2014J0AJ30 =2:0@:AA>