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A Final Outut !"# t$% C"u#&%
Submitted to:
Al,%#t A- Lui&an. E/D
Submitted by:
L"lita R- +i&ita0i"n
MAE/-%/u0- M12tnt-

S%t%2,%# 23. 2'14
De La Salle University - Dasmarias
Philippine education is moving forward with the Enhanced Basic
Education Act of 201! according to the "epartment of Education #"epE"$% &he
bu''word this year is the ( to 12 Program which covers (indergarten and 12
years of basic education #si) years of primary education! four years of *unior
+igh School! and two years of Senior +igh School$% ,n fact! the program has
been rolling since S- 2011.12 when the /niversal (indergarten began% &he
enhanced curriculum for 0rade 1 and 0rade 1 #1
-ear *unior +igh School$ is
rolled out this school year and will be progressively introduced in the other grade
levels in succeeding school years% 0rade 11 will be introduced in S- 2012.2011
and 0rade 12 in S- 2011.2013% &he first batch of high school students to go
through ( to 12 will graduate in 4arch 2013%
&he current administration sees ( to 12 as one of its legacies since
reforming the education system too5 33 years before coming into fruition% ,t was
proposed in 1627 when 4anuel 8% 9ue'on was Senate President and 8eonard
:ood was the ;ivil 0overnor%
<n hindsight! there is a reason to celebrate since the Philippines is the
last country in Asia! and one of only three countries worldwide #together with
Angola and "=ibouti$! with a 10.year cycle%
<ne of the ma=or reforms in basic education is the addition of Senior +igh
School or 0rades 11 and 12% ,t is the two years of speciali'ed upper secondary
education students may choose as speciali'ation based on attitude! interests!
and school capacity%
,n <ctober 2011! a group called the &echnical Panel on 0eneral
Education #&P0E$ submitted a report on the ;ollege >eadiness Standards
#;>S$% &he Standards cover the following sub=ect areas: Science #;hemistry!
De La Salle University - Dasmarias
Physics! Biology! and Earth Science$? 4athematics #including Statistics$? English?
@ilipino? 8iterature? +umanities? and Social Studies% &he sub=ect areas were
divided into two aspects: ;ontent and Performance%
&he report on ;>S shows acceptance as it states that the &P0E is
aware that speciali'ation in the upper grades of basic education is not only
unhealthy but perhaps also unwarranted! given the youthfulness of students and
their lac5 of e)posure to the broad array of disciplines offered in college%
Sen% Edgardo *% Angara in his article on Sunday Bulletin 0lobal
;ompetitiveness: Sustaining the rise! said! government has already underta5en
5ey reforms to rectify our educational systems persistent inability to produce
fresh Science and &echnology talent% ;hanges under (.12 Enhanced Basic
Education Program include a new curriculum aimed at generating a deeper
appreciation! not rote memori'ation! of 5ey scientific concepts% Biology!
;hemistry! Physics! and other natural sciences will now be taught every year of
high school instead of separately% <ur e)perts hope that with such a spiral
approach! students will be better able to grasp not =ust pieces of information but
underlying scientific principle&-
A 1""/ %/u0ati"n i& n" l"n1%# 5u&t a at$6a7 t" ""#tunit7. it i& a
#%-#%8ui&it%- P#%&i/%nt Ba#a09 O,a2a-
De La Salle University - Dasmarias
1- :$at i& t$% Pu#"&% "! t$% K-12 #"1#a2; <O,5%0ti=%>
A. Streamline the curriculum to improve mastery of basic
&o enhance the curriculum of the Enhanced ( to 12 Basic
Education &o Program as the central focus% &he curriculum
enhancement will be designed in line with the desired competencies
and s5ills of a (.12 graduate% &he "epartment of Education will
constitute a body to review the basic education curriculum and detail
the implementation plan%
B. Ensure seamlessness of primary, secondary, and post-
secondary education.
&o develop trac5s based on different competencies and andAor
student interest as an integral component of the program% Basic
education program should develop trac5s based on competencies to
meet the countries varied human capital reBuirements! and to prepare
students for productive endeavour% &he S+S ;urriculum will offer
areas of speciali'ation or electives%
C- Improve teaching and learning outcomes through the use of
enhanced pedagogies.
Enhance the basic education curriculum being underta5en hand
in hand with vigorous efforts to ensure adeBuacy of inputs as part of
De La Salle University - Dasmarias
the bigger basic education reform! e)panding the education program
#additional years of schooling will be pursued mindful of the need to
address the input shortages teachers! classrooms! des5s! water and
sanitation! and Buality te)tboo5% "epEd already included a provision
for substantial physical reBuirements for 2011 and is loo5ing to
introduce in subseBuent years a budget that will constitute a
significant increase not =ust in nominal terms but in real terms%
D- To alter change in two-fold !urriculum Enhancement and
Transition "anagement.
&he intention of (.12 is not merely to add two years of schooling
E)pand =ob opportunities for both graduates and school leavers ali5e
by reducing the mismatch between acBuired s5ills and available =obs!
andp provide stronger foundation for higher learning%
2- :$at E/u0ati"nal %?%#i%n0%& 6ill attain t$% u#"&%&;
,n public school! science is integrated in all the other sub=ects%
+ere is an e)ample of a content Standard in 4athematics: After
12 years of education! a student wishing to enter
college should 5now the 4easures of ;entral &endency%
According to the age map! Senior +igh is composed of 12.11
years old students% &he seven 8earning Areas under the ;ore ;urriculum
De La Salle University - Dasmarias
are 8anguages! 8iterature! ;ommunication! 4athematics! Philosophy!
Catural Sciences! and Social Sciences%
Senior +igh students will choose among three trac5s: Academic:
&echnical.Docational.8ivelihood? and Sports and Arts% &he Academic
trac5 includes three strands: Business! Accountancy! 4anagement?
+umanities! Education! Social Sciences #+ESS$? and Science!
&echnology! Engineering! 4athematics%
Among the five members of the &P0E! "r% ,sagani >% ;ru' too5
charge of the standards for English! @ilipino! and 8iterature% "r% ;ru'! a
former undersecretary of Education! stressed on significant points in the
;>S document% ,n the ;ontent part of the sub=ect area of @ilipino! he said
that! after 12 years of education! a student wishing to enter
college should 5now among others: the number of languages in the
Philippines? the 10 ma=or languages of the Philippines? and the different
levels of discourse in @ilipino% After graduating from Senior +igh! a
student is reBuired to 5now the general concepts in the linguistic and
metalinguistic study of @ilipino! such as language! dialect! idiolect! variety!
4- H"6 0an t$%&% %?%#i%n0%& ,% %!!%0ti=%l7 "#1ani@%/; <M%t$"/>
Education Secretary said! "epEd is set to come up with the new
curricula from 5indergarten to senior high school before the end of
the year% "irector 0en% *oel Dillanueva! meanwhile said &ES"A
will ensure that only Bualified trainors will teach special sub=ects in
De La Salle University - Dasmarias
the secondary education% &he trifocali'ation of our formal
educational system #"epEd! ;+E"! &ES"A$! as well as the
internal structure of "epEd #different bureaus in charge of
elementary! secondary! and alternative education$ used to ma5e it
difficult to create a coherent curriculum$ &hat change when
President Coynoy ABuino convened a Steering ;ommittee for the
( to 12 reform! with three co chairs #Armin 8uistro of "epEd!
Patricia 8icuanan of ;+E"! and *oel Dillanueva of &ES"A%
&oday! everyone wor5ing on curriculum! including those in the
private sector #both in education and in industry$! is involved in
molding the 5 to 12 curriculum%
A- H"6 0an 6% /%t%#2in% 6$%n t$% u#"&%& a#% 2%t; <E=aluati"n>
+ere is an e)ample of a Performance Standard: After 12 years of education! a student wishing to enter college should
be able to find the mean! median and mode of ungrouped
statistical data% As a response! "epEd formulated corresponding
content and performance standards in the ( to 12 curriculum%
"epEd wants to ensure that all Senior +igh School #S+S$
graduates are Bualified to pursue a college degree% &he first
outcome of the new curriculum is for all students to be Buali
De La Salle University - Dasmarias

De La Salle University - Dasmarias
De La Salle University - Dasmarias