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Test 1

Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense. Make all necessery changes
1. A)few minutes later she realized that she __________ (make) a terrible mistake,
but she _________(try) not to panic.
2. They_______________(have) a very important conversation when I _________
(walk) in.
3. The bridge ____________(have) repair when we reached the spot, so we
__________ (have to) find another way to get there.
4. When the film ____________ (release) at cinemas in 1985, it ________(be) a
box-office success.
5. We __________(not get) much sleep last night because our
neighbours_________(have) a noisy party.
6. That was the saddest thing that __________(ever happen) to him.
7. Sonia _____________(almost hit) by car while she was _________(cycle) to
8. He realized that he _____________( follow) but he ________(keep) on walking.
9. Where___________(you/go) for your holidays last year?

II Past Simple or Past Perfect

1. We_________(meet) Paula yesterday.
2. Athur__________(pass) three exams this week.
3. She________(take) two aspirins so far today, but she_______(not take) any last
4. The Foreign Minister_________(return) to London two hours ago.
5. I_________(never/see) a man who could eat so much.
6. He________(be) a great doctor all his much.
7. ________(you/see) Irene lately?
8. We_________(have) two English lessons this week.
9. I __________(not/do) any so far today, and I___________(not/do) any work
yesterday either.
10. In 1990 he__________(shoot) two films. This year he ___________(shoot) only
11. Yesterday I _____________(spend) 1000dinars. Today I ___________(not/
12. He___________(not/be) in Serbia before.

III Present Perfect and Continuous

1. My dauther_____________(talk) on the phone for hour.
2. He_______________his homerwork for hours and he____________it yet (do/ not
3. I_____________(know) Ted since my chilhood.

4. I'm fed up! I ________________(stand here and wait) for a bus for half an hour.
5. This team______________(practice)for a year and they still_____________(not
win) a single match

IV Write the sentences from these words. (Passive )

Sentences 1-7 are present

(the office/ clean/ every day) ________________________________________

( these rooms/ clean/ evry day?)_______________________________________
(glass/make/from sand)______________________________________
(stamps/ sell/ in post office)_____________________________________
( this room/ not/ use/ very often)______________________________________
(we/allow/ to park here?)___________________________________________
(how/this word/ pronounce?)_________________________________________

Sentences 8-15 are past

8. (the office/clean/ yesterday)___________________________________________
9. ( the house/paint/last month)________________________________________
10. (my phone/ steal/ a few days ago)____________________________________
11. (three people/injured/ in the accident)___________________________________
12. (when/this bridge/ bulid?)____________________________________________
13. (I/ not/wake up/ by noise)_____________________________________________
14. (how/ these windows/ break?)_________________________________________
15. (you/ invite/ to Jon's party last week?)___________________________________

V These sentences are not correct. Correct them.


This house built 100 years ago.

Foodball plays in most countries of the world.
Why did the letters send to the wrong addres?
A garage is a place where cars repair.
Where are you born?
How many langauges are speaking in Switzerland?
Sombody broke into our house, but nothing stolen.
When was invited invented the bicycle?

Test 2
I Put the werbs in brackets in the correct form
Yesterday's party was a bore. After half an hour we_________(tell)
we___________(make) to much noise, so we had to turn the music off. I decided to leave
at about 11.00. I___________(give) a lift homeby a guy called Peter. When I got home
I_______________(starve)! After I___________(have) dinner I ____________(watch)
my favourite TV show.
1. It was a hard match. At half-time one of the footballers______________(take) to
2. We need a new car. We___________(have) thid one for ages.
3. We___________(have) this one for ages before we bought a jeep.
4. Where are my jeans? They________________(wash) at the moment.
5. My sister earns a good salary. She______________(sell) computer software.

II Gerund or Infinitive: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the werb in

We decided____________(rent) a house with a swimming pool.

I enjoj________________( visit) places I've never been before.
Even though I told her to shut up she kept____________(talk)
It was so funny. I couldn't help__________(laugh).
Our teacher can't stand__________________(not know) what everyone does in
their spare time.
6. My family avoids______________(talk) about politics or religion.
7. My parents always encoruaged me____________(save) money for rainy day.
8. I don't mind___________(lend) money to my brothers and sisters.
9. My father taught me_____________(drive).
10. My parents always let me_______________(stay out) till after mignight.

III Complete the sentences (Passive)

1. I can't use my office wright now. It_______________(paint)
2. We didn't go to party. We_____________(not invite)
3. The washing machine was broken, but it is OK now. It_____________(repair)
4. The washin machine______________(repair) yesterday afternoon.
5. A factory is a place where things____________(make)
6. How old are these houses? When________________(they/ build)?
7. __________________(the computer/use) at the moment? Yes, Steve is using it.
8. I've never seen these flovers before. What______________(they/call)?
9. My sunglasses____________(steal) at the beach yesterday.
10. The bridge is closedat the moment. It_________________(damage)last week and
it________________(not/ repair) yet.

IV Reported speach
1. Diane: I'm enjoying my new job. She said______________________________
2. Emma: I'm not hungry. She said_____________________________________
3. Mike: I need it. He said____________________________________________
4. Hannah: I do not want to go! She sad__________________________________
5. Susan: You can have it. She said______________________________________
6. Martin: I'll send you a postcard. He said_________________________________
7. Nicole: Robert has gone home. She said_________________________________
8. David: I want to watch TV. He said_____________________________________
9. Mary: I'm going to the cinema. She said_________________________________
10. Mother and father: We'll be home late. They said__________________________

V Put the werbs in the present continuous or present simple

1. ____________________( you/go) out tonight? No, I am too tired.
2. ____________________(we/go) to a concert tonight.
It_____________(start) at 7:30
3. Do you know about Sally? _________________________( she/ get) married next
4. My parents_______________(go) on holiday next week. Oh, how nice. Where
5. Silvia is doing an English course at the moment. The
course____________________(finish) on Friday.
6. There's a party tomorrow night, but______________________( I/not/go).
7. _____________________(I/go) out with some friends tonight. Why don't you
come too? We___________________(meet) outside the Royal Hotell at 8 o'clock.
8. How____________________(you/get) home after the party tomorow? By taxi?
No , I can go by bus. The last bus_______________(leave) at mighnight.
9. Do you want to go to the cinema tonight? Yes, what
time_______________________(the film/begin)?
10. What____________________(you/do) tomorow afternoon?
I ______________________(work).