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The Philippines District

It has been said that the modern Filipino has the

head of an American , the heart of a Spaniard,
the belly of an Asian, and the body of a Malay.
This metaphor is inspiration to the theming of the
districts. S o u t h w o o d s Ecocentrum is a
tribute. It mirrors the roots of Philippine history
and culture and celebrates the heritage of the various
continents that have shaped our nation's character. It
provides an entertaining and interactive filled with unlimited wonders
Wonders of our native land are celebrated in this unique districts through indigenous
landscapes and architecture. Traditional Filipino values come to vibrant life, cultivating
pride in our national identity. Central to the district is the Philippine Cultural Pavilion, a
palatial tribute to the people, the culture, and the interactive theater, a hi-tech special
effects show, and a museum.

The Asia District
An open-air setting of rich landscapes,
water bodies, and shaded pathways
present the Orient in its splendour. The
district features authentic Asian food and
a sojourn in the Island of the Dragon -- a
specially designed haven for children with
themed rides and a soft play area.
The Americas District
Relish the galmour of Hollywood and the
best of Broadway through the media of
fashion, cinema, retail, music, and food.
Here, the emerging trends in hi-tech
entertainment create a world of virtual
reality. The overall experience is exactly what the
consumers are looking for -- theat extra spice!
The sights and sounds of eclectic, neon-lit U.S.A. fill this upmarket urban setting
of curving streets and plazas. This districts exemplifies the integration of iron
rides with the mall's infrastructure. The heart of America beats strongly in the
various themed restaurants and dinner theater.

The Spanish - Europe District
Spanish Europe has the building
characteristics of an Andalucian town in th Old
World , while featuring the finest in modern
European shopping and dining. Three centuries of European influence are
revisited , laden with tales of lost treasures and voyages aboard the Spanish

A Splashing Adventure
The country's biggest and most wonder-filled water park is situated in the
southern portion of Southwoods Ecocentrum. Splash Island is six whole
hectares of lust tropical landscapes and aqua adventures for the whole family. If
featues body slides, inner tube slides, mat racers, a family raft ride, and kiddie
slides, among others.It also includes a beach volleyball court. an interactive
kiddie pool, a 1,200-feet long lazy river, and the county's largest wave pool with
waves up to 4-feet high.

Rides and Attractions
Throughout the four districts, guests can enjoy a
unique variety of themed rides and attractions not found in existing malls and
parks. State-of-the-art rides from the industry's leading manufacturers were
selected for the enjoyment of the entire family. Atmospheric entertainers, such
as strolling musicians and live performers, interact with the guests for a shared

Ecocentrum Exhibit Hall
The exhibit hall is the venue for trade shows
and one-of-a kind world-class exhibits featuring valuable and priceless
collections from museums around the world. These short-term special events
create an interactive environment guaranteed to educate and entertain guests
of all ages.
Retail Mix
Southwoods Ecocentrum offers a comprehensive
retail mix comprising specialty lifestyle retail, food, personal service, and
entertainment facilities. Here, retail is fully integrated into a themed
intertainment environment ith complementary components appealing to the
widest possible market. Each district is designed to ensure retailer
segmentation synergy, optimal space use, convenient shopping patterns, and
shoppers propensity to linger.

Southwoods Ecocentrum
Southwoods Ecocentrum is envisioned to be the ultimate
destination dedicated to the Filipino family. It is the first
center of this format in the country, which integrates the
retail, food, and entertainment mix, drawing on strong
cultural and ecological themes. it is considered to be the
largest theme park-based development in the Philippines,
merging the powerful functions of education and
entertainment. Fil-Estate Ecocentrum Corp. (FEEC) is the
owner and developer of this ambitious project. FEEC is
55% owned by Fil-Estate Golf and Development, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fil-
Estate Land Inc.

Southwoods Center to become to P2.5B BPO Center and IT Park
SOUTHWOODS is set to become Laguna's biggest development this coming 2013.
Southwoods Center, launched today, is a15-hectare project which will include a strip
mall, residential condominium towers, an outlet center, a lifestyle park and a Business
Process Outsourcing (BPO) center, among other facilities.
Proclaimed by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as of July 2010 as a
"Special Economic Zone," a P2.5 billion IT Center is being built for BPO locators.
To maximize its economic zone status, the Southwoods Center will also have a 3.5
hectare Lifestyle Park that will have restaurants and al fresco dining. Aside from this, a
first-of-its-kind Outlet Mall will have seven buildings all devoted to the pleasure of
shopping for luxury brands at economic zone prices.
In the spirit of community, the residential area will have three condominium towers. The
Sto. Nio Church and Colegio de San Agustin have already been established in the
area. A hospital is also set to be launched.
Today's inauguration of Southwoods Avenue, a 180-meter tunnel that links the
Southwoods exit toll directly to the Southwoods Golf & Country Club, signals the
speeding up of developments at Southwoods Center, soon making it the premiere
destination for business, shopping and entertainment in the south."We are excited for
the opportunities that this will bring Laguna not only in terms of income but also in terms
of employment and tourism," Binan Mayor Marlyn "Len" Alonte-Naguiat said at the
With the fast-developing residential and business areas in the south, Southwoods
becomes the most ideal location for investors due to its accessibility to Metro Manila. It
is situated at the exit of Southwoods Interchange along the South Luzon Expressway
(SLEX) in Bian, Laguna, which is immediately after Susana Heights and even before
Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay.
With all these developments, Southwoods is definitely poised to become the Souths
premiere BPO and shopping hub.
Mayor Marlyn "Len-Len" Alonte and Mr. Bob Sobrepea, Chairman of Southwoods
Ecocentrum, cut the ribbon to inaugurate Southwoods Avenue. It was blessed by Sto.
Nino parish priest Fr. Danny Dagsaan. The event was also attended by the Southwoods
Ecocentrum Board of Directors led by Mr. Rafael "Peng" de Tagle, Laguna local council
members and investors in the business process outsourcing industry. (PR)

BIAN CITYThis city recently welcomed one of the biggest private sector
Developer Southwoods Ecocentrum laid down plans for what it said would be the next
major development in Laguna province.
Southwoods Center is envisioned to be a premiere business, shopping and
entertainment hub that will also house the P2.5-billion facility for business process
outsourcing (BPO) companies, according to Robert John Sobrepea, company
chairman of the board and chief executive officer and former head of Fil-Estate Corp.,
which fell into heavy debts a few years ago.
The launch kicked off recently with the opening of the 180-meter tunnel on Southwoods
Avenue that provides a direct link from the South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) to the
Southwoods Center.
By August, Sobrepea says they would begin with the first phase of construction that
includes a shopping strip and an activity center that is expected to be operational next
The rest of the project that includes a transport terminal, a school, medium-rise
condominium buildings, and a lifestyle park complete with a man-made lagoon would be
completed over four to five years.
The entire Southwoods Center covers 35 hectares.
It will be a simultaneous development, says Andrew Gene Lamb Jr., Southwoods chief
operating officer.
New jobs
Another major component of the Southwoods Center is the construction of the
Information Technology (IT) or BPO park.
The IT park will have a total of 25 buildings that, when completed, can (each house)
2,500 to 3,000 employees. Thats a total of 60,000 to 70,000 new jobs created right
here, Sobrepea says.
The BPO park would have its groundbreaking in 90 days and would be operational in 10
Raymond Lacdao, executive director of the Business Process Association of the
Philippines (BPAP), says that since 2006 it has been a trend in the BPO industry to
open its facilities in nearby provinces.
We have decongested Metro Manila from 83 percent down to 75 percent and we want
that to get lower. Not only in contact centers, but we are also looking for people to fill in
non-voice (facilities, such as in the fields of) financial accounting, engineering, medical
services, analytics and research, Lacdao says.
Jojo Uligan, executive director of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines,
says another factor considered was the security provided in this city since most of the
BPO employees work at night.
Both say they see no competition arising between this city and neighboring Sta. Rosa
City, which at present houses a number of contact centers.
Bian City Mayor Marlyn Alonte-Naguiat welcomes the venture and the jobs it could
generate for the citys residents.
I remember decades ago when my father (a former mayor here) was telling me about
these (developments). We want Bian to be back to its old glory, when Bian was first
in Laguna. We are the (provinces) gateway by the way, she says.
Bian became a city in 2009 with an annual income of P1.2 billion.

Inaugurated on July 25, 2012, Southwoods Center, located in Barangay San Francisco,
situated at Southwoods Exit along the South Luzon Expressway, has been proclaimed
by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as of July 2010 as a Special
Economic Zone. It is a 15-hectare project which will include a strip mall, residential
condominium towers, an outlet center, a lifestyle park and a Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO) center, among other facilities. This soon will become the
CALABARZON's premiere BPO and shopping hub.

BINAN CITY, Laguna - The 180-meter tunnel of Southwoods Avenue that links the
Southwoods exit to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) was formally opened
The tunnel will give direct access to the Southwoods Golf and Country Club.
Leading the inauguration and ribbon-cutting of Southwoods Avenue City Mayor Marlyn
Alonte and Robert John Sobrepena, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of
Southwoods Eco-Centrum.
The Southwoods Center is poised to become Laguna's biggest development project
next year. The 15-hectare project will include a strip mall, residential condominium
towers, an outlet center, lifestyle park and a Business Process Outscoring (BPO)
center, among the facilities.
Alonte said that more than income, the center will also help generate 50,000 jobs,
including call center agents, for Bian residents.
"I will also invite investors to invest and I know Bi an will be back to its old glory", the
mayor said.
Proclaimed by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as a Special Economic
Zone, a P2.5-billion facility is being built for BPO locators and the area will soon become
home to an IBM Campus.(Ferdinand Castro)

Ecocentrum Mixed Use Development (Philippines)
C.T. Hsu International, in collaboration with the Jerde Partnership and Lyon Group,
embarked on a major land use study and entertainment retail project for Ecocentrum,
a 65-hectare development located south of Manila, Philippines.
This project combines convenience
shopping, specialty outlets, commercial
office space, dining and attractions in
series of themed villages based on the
cultural history of the Philippines. A town
center features traditional Spanish-
influenced architecture. Four themed
villages represent America, Spain, Europe
and Asia. Attractions throughout the
villages include entertainment venues, a
national aquarium and a variety of motion-
based rides.

Ecocentrum Binan, Laguna, PhilippinesWelcome to
Splash Island at Southwoods Ecocentrum in Binan, Laguna.
The resort slides, rides and attractions were designed to
provide you with a day filled with aqua thrills and adventure.
To ensure your safety, please take time to acquaint yourself
with the rules and regulations. The resort staff are trained to
assist you with your special needs. The facilities are
maintained in accordance with the highest standards of safety
and cleanliness.
Located on 3.1 acres, the tropical-themed Splash Island includes three waterslides, an
interactive play area for all ages including kiddie slides, water jets, ropes and guns, a
gentle winding river, lily pad crossing, two pulsating vortexes, and plenty of deck space
and grassy areas for sun bathing and family fun.

Finalist entry - Eco Centrum, University of Indonesia - national open competition

The project design is inspired by what is around the area of the centrum and what is in
the centrum area, ranging from land boundaries, the land of 25 hectares with a potential
green belt rubber by 3 hectares of forest and lake blue belt ylang potential of 5 acres,
Centrum UI design concepts and then based on the superimposition of the natural
potential and the potential of the node - the node that is able to activate this area so as
to have a dream that centrum UI landscape into areas that have a good response to the
issue of environmentally sustainable
The first concept, UI focused areas into pedestrian areas and bicycle riders with
superblock development.The second concept, area of development focuses on the
issue of node connectivity - nodel transport with pedestrian paths and bike lanes with a
maximum distance of 200m. The third concept that connects the gum forest on the west
side and the east to form a green belt preserve natural habitats and habitats of rubber
trees, especially termites, with the further development of the centrum UI rubber trees
will be forwarded from the south side to the north, forming a green belt so that it will
form a forest area of 6.5 is equivalent to 650 ha and parking. And lowers the
temperature by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. The concept yag fourth, improving konktifitas
water system with water reservoir while the sluice system, to form a firm belt is a
gathering place for the UI, which activates the concept of the fifth centrum area by
maximizing the potential of existing natural and programs - creative programs such as
cafes - Outdoor cafes, galleries - an open pavilion, flower garden, fishing place
students, publishers bookstore bookstore ui combined with commercial, souvenir shop
UI. With a minimum distance of 200 m from each other.
Overall centered in the middle transportation path towards bioclimatic tower which is the
center of the bike lanes and pedestrian paths as well as an observation tower, recycling
centers, electrical mechanical space of the area centruk ui with the integration and
placement of electrical lines turbnin angina and solar photo voltaic to support the
research function to renewable energy. Placement of plants are distinguished into 6
different characters to form color fields - the colorful eco centrum a structure-based
development, environmental sustainability by maximizing connectivity and activate
centrum UI with the program - the program to the creative ideal conditions, zero carbon