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We often hear the word sex and almost never lonely perch in the ears of our daily lives. Sex is a
word that dangle from 3 letter but have meanings and meanings are many and varied. Sex is the
most controversial topics in our society. Most people we see sex as something scary, ugly,
disgusting, dirty and contemptible. Sex is considered as a taboo and do not deserve to be discussed
openly without any apparent reason. Besides, sex is often associated with something unclean
sinful. To overcome these problems required an understanding and illumination of sex is right and
proper that is based on religious values, culture and ethics in society. Counseling and information
about sex should be based on science and religious values, so that a teenager will get the right
information and the right to based on religious values and a strong belief that a teenager can be
spared from the negative things and reprehensible issues related to sex. For that sex education is
indispensable. Now I'll identifies national or free sex free sex.
What is a free sex?
Free sex is the kind of relationship that is illegal, and very loud banned by many parties such as
government, parents, and religion. because it involves a moral. free sex is a lifestyle that is founded
on the belief that the human right to decide something for himself. when the two was consensual
why there should be other parties that govern their relationship in a bond called marriage?! if the
mindset and outlook on life as it is held, the marriage is not the right medication to cope. once this
has mushroomed in many circles, no wonder why more and more people are infected with AIDS.
Free sex is not only done by a pair of lovers who fell in love and can not withstand the emotion and
passion, and finally they have intercourse. free sex also talk about other relationships are prohibited.
The impact of free sex (free sex), especially in adolescents can be divided into:
1. Physical Hazards
Physical hazards that may occur is a venereal disease (Sexual Transmitted Diseases / STD) and
HIV / AIDS and the dangers of early pregnancy is not desired. STDs are diseases that can be
transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. Signs of STDs in men include:
a pimple filled with fluid,
blisters or ulcers on the penis / genitals,
wound does not hurt, hard and red on the genitals,
the presence of warts or grow meat such as chicken's comb,
intense itching throughout the genitals,
extreme pain when urinating,
gonorrhea or foul-smelling blood,
heat swelling and pain in the groin which later turned into an ulcer.
In the majority of women with no symptoms, so often times do not realize. If there are symptoms,
usually in the form of, among others:
pain or pain during urination or sexual intercourse,
pain in the lower abdomen,
expenditure of the vagina / genitals,
whitish milky white, clotted and accompanied by itching and redness of the genitals or the
surrounding areas,
whitish frothy, greenish, foul-smelling, and itchy,
blood splotches arise after sexual intercourse,
rash contains fluid,
blisters or ulcers on the genitals.
2. Dangers of behavioral and psychiatric
Free sex will cause a disorder of sexual desire to always have sex. Sipenderita always occupied his
time with various sexual fantasies, jima, kiss, hug, hug, and images of the female body shape
outside and inside. Sipenderita be a slacker, trouble concentrating, memory loss, dazed, blank, body
so thin and psychiatric become unstable. Her mind sex is just sex and lust and desire for seduction.
3. Social dangers
Free sex would also cause a person no longer thought to form a family, have children, let alone bear
the responsibility. They just want to live on top of false freedom. Worse yet a woman do free sex will
eventually fall into the valley of prostitution and prostitution.
4. Danger economy
Free sex offender will weaken the economy because of reduced productivity due to the offender's
physical condition and mental decline, scattering possessions to fulfill the sexual desires freely.
5. The dangers of religious and hereafter
The young men who fall into the mud kehanyutan free sex destruction will fall into the hole and
forget about their own religion.
The following are some things to see and understand in, so as not to fall into promiscuity,
considering we're all just ordinary people who can not stand the temptation:
avoid reading, drawing, conversation, and watch movies porn.
avoid promiscuity.
divert the mind that is obscene, do positive activities
should have the right to live perinsip and positive thinking.
dress decently and in place.
Avoid physical contact with a person who holds or not our partner.
avoid places that allow it to do free sex.
avoid the temptations that come in any form (of course, we know ourselves and weaknesses
each individual is different).
So we must have an understanding and illumination of sex is right and proper that is based on
religious values, culture and ethics in society, so that we as teenagers can avoid the negative things
and reprehensible associated with the sex issue. We as a nation must be able to understand the
successor to which is best for us and deserves to be our example.