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Edward de Bonos


The concepts and techniques have been
developed by Edward de Bonoover the last
twenty years. It hasbeen tested and re-tested.
The claims that can be made for DATT (Direct
Attention Thinking Tools) can be fully
substantiated. Hundreds of thousands, if not
millions, of people have already hadtheir lives
enhanced by these concepts.


DATT gives you 10 simple, focused strategies
to direct your thinking energy in a powerful,
managed approach to get pertinent information
and take appropriate action.

DATT gives you 10 simple, focused strategies
for sharpening your perception and directing
your thinking in a more comprehensive,
effective and efcient way.

DATT will enable you to have aviewpoint that is broad and inclusive. It will improve your ability to
consider the consequences before you take action.

DATT tools create aframework for dening your personal and professional priorities and for
making your thinking serve your values.

DATT tools are quick to learn and can be used in virtually all activities, they work equally well with
a diverse group that wants action and needs quick movement -they become asecond nature.
Life is an interminable string of problems and decision making. Some important, some trivial but all
exhausting. DATT has tools to make life easier.

DATT is like 'software for the mind' - the strategies like icons that can be activated by 'clicking 'on
them. Perhaps the icon for OPV (Other Peoples Views) could be a picture of a head with big ears
and no mouth to remind us to listen more than talk.

DATT is for everybody at every age.


Look ahead tosee the consequences of some action, plan, decision or rule (Tool 1:
Consequences and Sequels)
Ensure that all sides of a matter have been considered before adecision or commitment is
made (Tool 2: Plus, Minus, Interesting)
Break a larger concept into smaller, more manageable parts (Tool 3: Recognise, Analyse,
Explore all factors related to an action, decision or plan (Tool 4: Consider All Factors)
Focus directly and deliberately on the intention behind actions (Tool 5: Aims, Goals, Objectives)
Deliberately try to nd alternatives (Tool 6: Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices)
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Look at other people's viewpoints (Tool 7: Other People's Views)
Ensure that out thinking serves our values (Tool 8: Key Values Involved)
Select the most important ideas, factors, objectives (Tool 9: First Important Priorities)
Direct attention to the outcome of the thinking and action that follows (Tool 10: Design,
Decisions, Outcome, Channels, Action)


What is DATT (Direct Attention Thinking Tools)?

Ten tools that will help you consistently make good decisions and solve problems

An aid to thinking. The tools make thinking more deliberate, more structured, more organised -
more effective. They are designed to be simple and usable. Simple tools, used effectively, can
be powerful.

DATT is 'software ofthe mind'. Once you have been trained, you can use the 10 tools to
eliminate some of the frustrations from your life.

A success formula -a powerful managed framework for thinking that creates success in the
workplace and at home.

How can DATT help you and others?

Studies have proven that when people are specically asked to use DATT thinking tools, their
thinking dramatically improves (by as much as 300%)

You can avoid impulsive behaviour and snap judgments by utilising tools that give you broad,
wise views.

The professional success you attain will be attributed to your decision making and idea-
generating skills. These skills may already be strong, but after DATT training they will
beconsistently stronger.

It gives you software for the mind that creates constructive thinking.

It improves your ability to consider consequences before taking action.

DATT tools create a framework for dening asituation, making a decision and taking action.

The tools will help your job well....contribute to team that you and your
skills merit promotion andincreased condent....enjoy life more.

DATT will help you avoid bad decisions. Our current thinking is usually not wrong; it simply is
nottargeted as well as it could be.

Why do we need to develop thinking skills?

Our modern lives, both business and personal, are very fast paced and full of action. We often
confuse action with accomplishment and frequently jump toaction without adequate thinking.

If you tend to take action and then see what happens - if it is good, you keep going: if it is bad,
you stop or cleanup the mess you have created - then DATT can help you. Although this
strategy is better than doing nothing at all, it is inefcient, and usually the pain or mistake rate is
high and possibly permanently damaging.

Opinions and existing mind-sets powerfully drive our thinking, choices and actions. We need
tools and levers to allow ourselves to explore areas outside our self imposed standards and

Why does DATT work?

DATT is based on a fundamental understanding of how the brain handles information. The
methods you will learn are simple and practical. 'Power simplicity' is the key characteristic of

In life things are not neatly put in front of you for you to help yourself. You have to goout and
getinformation, you design a plan, and you take action. You have to direct your mental attention
to those factors that matter most

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How does DATT give you an invisible advantage?

It is how you look at adecision or problem that will determine the degree of your success.
You become an effective solution nder at work and at home.

How will I know which tool to use?

A carpenter buys a set of tools: hammer, saw, chisels, plane, drill, etc. Each ofthese tools is
carefully designed to carry out aspecic function. The carpenter becomes familiar with the tools
and learns how to use them effectively. You will become a thinking craftsman. You will learnhow
and when to use the 10 DATT tools effectively.

In general, the use of the tools can be classied as:

1. Evaluation Tools
2. Exploration Tools
3. Value Tools
4. Action Tools

How can DATT help your organisation?
DATT can help you plan, design, re-engineer and continually improve. It can help you solve
problems, manage quality, build teams, empower people, integrate systems, add value to
customers and create or re-structure products and systems. Using DATT, your decisions will be
effective and innovative in the least amount of time. That is what is called results'.

How will DATT help you?

You will outperform others because you know "How To".

You will be a strong, condent decision maker.

You will quickly and accurately weigh risks against rewards.

You will consistently "make the right call".

You will think clearly with great focus about the right thing.

You will reach optimum solutions quicker than ever before.

You will uncover the hidden opportunities in "problems".

Use "what if" thinking to avoid costly mistakes.

You will look beyond the boundaries of self-limiting perspectives

You will remove obstacles with simple solutions

You will take a fresh look at options

You will be a visionary

You will thoroughly judge a situation.

You will assess all angles of the big picture before making a decision

You will produce answers that inspire

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