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How to reach the Politecnico di Milano
Airports and Railways
Public Transports
Mail and Phone Service
Useful Telephone Numbers
Important Ofces- International Students
Ofcial Enrolment- International Students
Important Ofces- Exchange Students
Ofcial Enrolment- Exchange Students
WebPoliself Services
Residence Permit
Residence Permit Renewal
Te Cost of the Residence Permit
Codice fscale
How to open a bank account
Health Insurance
Politecnico Libraries
Computer Facilities
Student Restaurants
Students Associations
Comitato Universitario Sportivo C.U.S.
(University Sport Committee)
Dear Student,
we hope this practical handbook will help you get to
know more about life at the Politecnico di Milano.
Please read it and keep it for future reference during
your stay. Our aim is to provide you with practical
information about life as a new international/
exchange student at the Politecnico and as a new
member of the wider Milano community.
Te staf of our international ofce wish you well
as you begin your studies at the Politecnico and we
look forward to getting to know you.
Tis booklet is produced for information only. Every
efort is made to ensure that it is accurate at time of
going to print. However, the university is not bound
to any error or omission therein.
June 2009
Campus Leonardo
Te Politecnico di Milano, Campus Leonardo, is
situated within the city of Milano.
In order to reach the Campus take the metro 2
green line and get of at Piola stop.
Campus Leonardo is a couple of minutes walking
distance from the metro station Piola.
Campus Bovisa
Campus Bovisa is located on the north-west of
Milano, not far from the city-centre.
In order to reach the Campus take the metro -
red line to Porta Venezia or green line to Porta
Garibaldi or yellow line to Repubblica.
At one of the metro stations listed above catch the
Passante Ferroviario or blue line to Bovisa.
Once you go out of Bovisa station:
Turn right to reach the Engineering Campus, via
La Masa 34.
Turn lef to reach the Architecture and Design
Campus, via Durando 10.
From the airport, you can reach Milano as follows:
Linate Airport
Bus to Centrale Railway Station every 30 minutes
from 6.05 to 23.45.
Bus n 73 to Piazza San Babila every 10 minutes
from 6.05 to 00.55.
Malpensa Airport
Train Malpensa Express to Cadorna railway
station every 30 minutes from Terminal 1.
Malpensa Bus Express to Centrale railway station
twice per hour (at minutes *.35 and *.55) from
6.35 to 23.35 from Terminal 1, exit 6, stop n 3.
Shuttle Air Pullman to Centrale railway station
every 20 minutes from 5.30 to 00.15. from
Terminal 1, exit 6.
Orio al Serio Airport
Bus to Centrale railway station, 27 daily trips from
8.30 to 01.00.
Bus to Lambrate railway station, 18 daily trips from
05.35 to 23.50.
Milano is served by both Ferrovie dello Stato and
Ferrovie Nord.
Ferrovie Nord: to check
destinations, fares and timetables.
Ferrovie dello Stato: to check
destinations, fares and timetables.
Te public transportation system within the city of
Milano is run by ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi).
It consists of buses, cable cars (TRAM) and subway
By visiting the website you
can create personalized itineraries. Simply click on
GiroMilano then choose the option you like. Many
options are available and the more useful ones are
perhaps Ricerca Indirizzo for fnding out addresses
and Calcola Percorso for getting a complete itinerary.
A urban network ticket costs 1 and it is valid for 75
minutes on all lines but it cannot be used twice on
the subway. Once you have lef the subway station
you must have a new ticket for the next metro-trip.
All students under the age of 27 can purchase a
student monthly pass at a reduced price. To obtain
your Diurno Mensile student pass you must go
to one of the ofcial ATM points, located near
the metro stations of Duomo, Cadorna, Loreto,
Centrale, Romolo (opening hours from Monday to
Saturday 7.45 a.m to 7.15 p.m.), and bring with you:
a passport-sized photo (in colour).
your matriculation letter, also indicating your
date of birth.
Te card is prepared while waiting and is worth 10.
Please, check that the word STUDENTE is written
below on the lef. Te cost for the monthly pass
(valid for Milano) is 17.
Te Diurno Mensile student pass can be used all
week, 24 hours a day, on the entire transportation
Poste Italiane is the national mail service. Ofces are
open from 8 am to 1.45 pm but many, especially in
Milano, are open until 7 pm. Stamps can be bought
not only in post ofces, but also at tobacconists
and bars displaying a T sign. Some services, such
as registered mail, are ofered only by post ofces.
Apart from traditional mail services, Poste Italiane
also ofers banking services such as checking
accounts and pre-paid credit cards.
Please check for more details
about all services ofered, ofce location and
All phone services are provided by diferent
companies, which ofer various services and rates
depending on the time of the day, the type of call etc.
Most houses have a fxed telephone line but mobile
phones are extremely popular.
Mobile phone services are ofered by diferent
companies at various rates.
All companies have the possibility to activate pre-
paid cards (the cheapest possibility) or contracts.
To sign up with one of the companies you need:
A valid ID card or passport
Your codice fscale
It usually takes a few hours to activate your card.
Another alternative are public pay phones, which are
identifed by round signs with a telephone on them.
Tey are spread throughout the city and in many
bars and shopping centres as well as in airports
and railway stations. A phone card is required to
make phone calls from public phones. Cards can be
purchased at newsstands, tobacconists, bars.
Carabinieri (police with military and civil duties)
State Police
Municipal Police
02 77271
Anti-Poison Centre
02 661 010 29
Emergency Doctor Service
02 34567
Emergency Health Assistance
Before and afer your arrival, a Welcome Desk will
support you in organizing your stay.
Tis ofce will provide you with information about
accommodation, stay permit, health insurance and
anything concerning your life in Milano.
Te Welcome Desk Leonardo is located in via Golgi
42 (Campus Golgi-Clericetti), ground foor.
Opening Hours: Monday Tursday 9.30 12.30
Phone: +39 02 2399.2528
Fax: +39 02 2399.2529
Te Welcome Desk Bovisa is located on the 3rd foor
of PK Building in Via Durando 10, Bovisa Campus.
Te Welcome Desk Bovisa receives students at the
Segreteria Studenti - Bovisa Campus,
Opening Hours: Tuesday and Tursday 14:00 17:00

Phone: +39 02 2399.5859
Fax: +39 02 2399.5977
Segreteria Studenti Settore ingressi
Campus Golgi-Clericetti, via Golgi 42, ground foor.
Opening Hours: Monday Friday 9.30 12.30
Tel. 800 420 470
Fax: +39 02 2399 2176
It is also possible to fx an appointment out of the
opening times of the ofces.
In order to start the procedures to enrol ofcially at
the Politecnico di Milano:
- First register at the Welcome Desk of reference
(you will need your codice fscale you can ask the
Italian Embassy for it);
- If you have a credit card and your codice fscale,
you can enrol through the website
- Give the following documents to the Segreteria
Studenti (if not already submitted from the Italian
Embassy/Consulate together with Modello F):
a) Bachelor diploma or a certifcate issued by
a competent ofce, translated into Italian
and certifed by the Italian Diplomatic
Representative in the country the educational
system of the university issuing the diploma
belongs to (for example: for a university with
British educational system in Peruvian territory
the Italian Diplomatic Representative of
reference is the Italian Embassy/Consulate in
b) Declaration of value (Dichiarazione di valore)
issued by the Italian Diplomatic Representative
as indicated in point a), related to the Bachelor
c) certifed academic transcript confrming the
examinations passed, issued directly by the
university and duly confrmed by the Italian
Diplomatic Representative. Te Politecnico
di Milano does NOT require a translation of
certifcations written in English, French or
d) Detailed study programmes for each of the
courses taken at the university to obtain the
Bachelor degree/university qualifcation, on
letterhead or stamped by the university where
the student has achieved the degree. Te
Politecnico di Milano DOES NOT require the
translation of detailed study programmes if
written in English, French or Spanish.
e) Copy of your student visa
StuDesks are reference units of the International
Exchange Ofce for incoming and
outgoing students, in the framework of an exchange
programme. Before, during and afer their
stay at the Politecnico di Milano, incoming students
will get support from their StuDesk.
StuDesk 1
Architecture in Milano Leonardo and Piacenza
via Golgi 42, I-20133 Milano
opening hours: Monday Tursday 9.30 12.30
tel +39 02 2399 2672 - fax +39 02 2399 2677
Studesk 2
Engineering in Milano Leonardo, Lecco and Cremona
via Golgi 42, I-20133 Milano
opening hours: Monday Tursday 9.30 12.30
tel +39 02 2399 2562 - fax +39 02 2399 2564
StuDesk 3
Engineering and Design in Como campus
via Valleggio 11, I-22100 Como
opening hours: Tuesday and Tursday 9.30 12.30
tel +39 031 332 7511 - fax +39 031 332 7565
StuDesk 4
Architecture in Milano Bovisa campus
via Durando 10, I-20158 Milano
opening hours: Monday Tursday 10 12.30
tel +39 02 2399 5721 - fax + 39 02 2399 5675
StuDesk 5
Engineering in Milano Bovisa and Piacenza campuses
via Durando 10, I-20158 Milano
opening hours: Monday Tursday 10 12.30
tel +39 02 2399 5720 - fax + 39 02 2399 5675
StuDesk 6
Design in Milano Bovisa campus
via Durando 10, I-20158 Milano
opening hours: Monday Tursday 10 12.30
tel +39 02 2399 5719/ 5771- fax + 39 02 2399 5675
StuDesk 7
Architecture in Mantova campus
via Scarsellini 15, I-46100 Mantova
opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11 - 13
tel +39 0376 31 7002 - fax +39 0376 31 7053
StuDesk 8
Programmi di Doppia Laurea e Programma
via Golgi 42, I-20133 Milano
opening hours: Monday Wednesday 9.30 12.30
tel. +39 02 2399 2523
StuDesk Progetti Internazionali
via Golgi 42, I-20133 Milano
opening hours: Monday Wednesday 9.30 12.30
tel. +39 02 2399 2523
What you need to do frst when arriving in Milan
is go to the StuDesk (indicated on the application
form) for enrolment procedures, bringing with you
the following documents:
your acceptance letter
your passport or ID card
your student visa if you are an extra-European
a passport-sized photo
You will receive two ofcial matriculation letters,
one in English, the other in Italian, which will be
useful for bureaucratic matters.
Shortly afer your enrolment, your magnetic
student card and your record booklet will be
Te student card will give you access to all campus
facilities (computer rooms, libraries, departments
etc.) and it must also be used to enrol to courses and
exam sessions.
Te record booklet, where professors will write the
exam result, date and title, must be shown at each
WebPoliself are computer services provided to
all students at the Politecnico di Milano. Poliself
computers are located in most of the buildings
within the campuses, but the same service is
available online, by entering the WebPoliself section
on the web-site
Te services ofered by WebPoliself are divided into:
A public area, where the access is open to all
A personal area, where to access the services you
need to log-in by dialling matriculation number
and secret code (both provided at the time of
ofcial enrolment).
Te main services ofered in the public area are:
Class Timetable
Ofce hours for each professor
Examination dates and classes
Instructions on how to submit your study plans
Instructions on how to enrol in examination
Application procedures for enrolment to Laurea
Magistrale and related results
Application procedures for enrolment to the
Laurea Magistrale fnal examination (Appello
di Laurea Magistrale) to be awarded your MSc
Te main services ofered in the personal area are:
Finalization of your Learning Agreement
(Exchange students)
Enrolment in examination sessions
Submission of your yearly study plan
Opportunity to check your examination results
Enrolment in degree examination sessions
Please note that the enrolment to examination
sessions through Webpoliself is compulsory.
Only if enrolment is carried out correctly through
the system, it will be possible to record examination
results in the academic career and insert them in
the transcript of records. WebPoliself services also
provide the opportunity to access an institutional
e-mail account.
If you are an EU citizen, you need to register in the
Ufcio Anagrafe (Registry Ofce) by booking
an appointment on, section
Servizi on line Servizi Anagrafci
Residenza Stranieri.
You should present the following documents:
your passport or ID card
one matriculation letter issued by Te Politecnico
di Milano
photocopy of the documentation certifying the
availability of adequate fnancial resources about
5,400 euro (e.g. scholarship certifcation and print
out of your bank account);
your health insurance (see pg.22)
You will be asked to fll out the registration form.
If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, you will fll
out the so-called kit to apply for a residence permit
within 8 days afer your arrival in Italy.
Please ask your Desk of reference for information
regarding the collection of the Kit, which should be
completed with the following documents:
A photocopy of your passport with visa (all the
pages of the passport must be photocopied)
Four passport-sized photos
Te acceptance letter issued by the Politecnico
di Milano (the duration of your degree course
has to be clearly stated!) Te letter has to be
stamped by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular
representation where the entry visa is issued
A copy of your health insurance. Te health
insurance can be bought abroad: in such case, it
will have to be validated by the Italian Embassy in
your country (if not already in English). You can
also buy a health insurance upon your arrival in
Italy (see pg.22)
When asking for your permit for the frst time,
please remember to specify that it is not a renewal.
In case of renewal of the residence permit, you will
be asked to fll out the kit to apply for a residence
permit (module 1 only), which is available at the
Post Ofce. Te Kit must be handed in at the Post
Ofce together with the following documents:
A valid passport with visa + copy of the page with
personal data and dates of validity and expiration
of the document
Your original permit
Copy of the documentation certifying the
availability of adequate fnancial resources: about
5,400 euro (e.g. scholarship certifcation and print
out of your bank account)
Your transcript of records with proof of 1 exam
successfully passed in case of the 1st renewal and
2 exams successfully passed for each following
Your health insurance
Euro 14,62 marca da bollo (a stamp that can be
purchased at any tobacconist with a T sign out
of the shop) to be put on the residence permit
Euro 30 to be paid at the second step of the
procedure, when handing in the Kit to the Post
Euro 27, 50 to be paid at the Post Ofce to get the
Electronic Residence Permit
Te codice fscale is an alphanumeric identifcation
code issued by the Ministry of Finances. You need to
have your own codice fscale to open a bank account
or to sign any contract.
In order to obtain your codice fscale you have to go
to the nearest Ufcio delle Entrate, according to
the area you live in. You can fnd a complete list of
all the local ofces in Milano on the website
Te main ofce is located in Via della Moscova 2
(MM Moscova, +39 02.636791, open Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m;
Tuesday, Tursday from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.)
If you are a citizen of the EU or of one of the
following countries: Andorra, Argentina,
Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile,
China (Hong Kong and Macao only), South
Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Mexico,
Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama,
Paraguay, San Marino, Singapore, USA, Vatican,
Venezuela, you only need to bring your passport;
otherwise you must bring your passport and
your residence permit receipt.
At the Ufcio delle Entrate you will be asked to
fll out a specifc form for the issue of your codice
Banks are open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30
AM to 1.30 PM, and from 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM.
Te requirements to open a bank account are:
To be of age (at least 18)
To have a valid ID
To have a codice fscale
Not to have gone bankrupt
Afer having signed the contract, the bank supplies
you with an account number. Tis number
will be required in any future transaction so it is
essential not to lose or forget it.
Before being able to make any transaction, it is
necessary to make an initial deposit on your bank
account. Travellers checks, checks and foreign
currency can be exchanged at banks, change
ofces, railway stations and/or airports.
Banca Popolare di Sondrio is the ofcial bank of
the Politecnico di Milano.
It ofers students of the Politecnico di Milano the
possibility to open a bank account at very good
An ofce of Banca Popolare di Sondrio (agenzia n.
21) is located at Leonardo Campus Milano,
in via Edoardo Bonardi 4, 20133 Milano
tel. +39 02 2399 3305
Another ofce of the same Bank (agenzia N. 5) is
located near the Bovisa Campus, in
via degli Imbriani 28, 20158 Milano
tel. +39 02 3931 1498
In order to obtain your residence permit, within 8
working days afer your arrival in Italy, you need
to have a health insurance valid for Italy. Tis can be
either a private insurance subscribed in your
home country, or one purchased in Italy. Among
these you can get your insurance from INA-
Assitalia (98 one-year duration) or SSN (National
Health Service 149,77 yearly for
students). Please, note that the INA-Assitalia
insurance covers emergency treatments at
the hospital only.
In order to register in INA-Assitalia, you must go to
the post ofce and ask for a blank payment bulletin,
which should be flled out with the following details:
c/c postale n. :71270003
intestato a:
Agenzia Generale di Roma INA ASSITALIA
causale: polizza sanitaria studenti stranieri da 6 a
12 mesi (for a yearly assistance)
Te SSN (National Health Service) gives you the
possibility to choose a doctor who will
visit you for any problem (free of charge), and who
will refer you to specialists if necessary (dentists,
orthopedics, etc), as well as prescribe medicines or
specifc health examinations.
In order to register to the SSN, you must go to the
post ofce and ask for a blank payment bulletin,
which should be flled out with the following details:
c/c postale n. :379222
intestato a: Amministrazione P.T. Regione
causale: iscrizione volontaria S.s.n.
Once you carry out the payment, you should go the
ASL local ofce of your city area. You can view a
list of ASL, according to your district of residence,
where you can enrol for the
National Health Services at
If you are an EU citizen, in order to enrol at the SSN
you need to present:
the receipt of a payment to SSN
one of the following European forms:
E106, E109 (o E37), E120, E121 (o E33)
If you are an extra-EU citizen, in order to enrol at
the SSN you need to present:
the receipt of a payment to SSN
your codice fscale
your passport
your residence permit (receipt)
1 matriculation letter issued by the
Politecnico di Milano
For details, you can contact the nearest public
relations ofce (Ufcio Relazioni con il Pubblico)
of any ASL or visit the following website:
University Library Services provide students with a
network of libraries for research and study on
diferent university campuses:
Servizi Bibliotecari Leonardo: includes the
universitys two historic libraries, such as the Central
Engineering Library and the Central Architecture
Servizi Bibliotecari Bovisa: includes the Durando
Campus Library for the Schools of Architecture and
Design and the Engineering Teaching Library.
Servizio Tesi e Documentazione - TeDOC:
includes a collection of graduate theses from the
I School of Architecture (Facolt di Architettura
e Societ), provides planning materials such as
current and historic
maps, urban and territorial plans and specialized
To access University Library System services, users
must be registered and authorized in the university
login system.
Our services at the campuses
Books loan
You can borrow up to 5 books from diferent
Inter-system loan
You can borrow up to 5 books from any SBA library.
In order to facilitate the usability of
the services from the decentralized campuses, it is
possible to use the inter-system loan.
You can consult all the material of the libraries at the
various campuses.
On-line services
the collective catalogue of the University
(OPAC): through this service you can research
documents belonging to the libraries of the
on line papers and data bank: on line
consultation of various data banks and more than
700 on-line papers.
an e-books collection: 1000 electronic books for
Engineering and Architecture.
POLIsearch: meta-search engine for
simultaneously locating and searching in on-line,
subscriber and free resources and an environment
ofering customised services.
interlibrary loan and Documents delivery
the on-line reference service Chiedi@lla tua
biblioteca, available 24 hours a day which brings
you an answer within the next 24 hours.
All these services are available both on the IP net of
the University and at home, through proxy service.
You will fnd all the necessary information at:
All the students of the Politecnico di Milano are
assigned an e-mail account. Te e-mail address is
created according to the following rules:
For example, Mario Bianchi would get:
In order to read messages received through this
account you have to enter the website, then click on Webmail and insert
your matriculation number and your password (you
will receive both of them when you will be ofcially
Te account is available all week, 24 hours a day.
Tis e-mail address is used by the Politecnico di
Milano to send to its students all the necessary
information concerning didactic, cultural and extra-
curricular activities of the institution.
Trough this e-mail account, students can send/
receive messages to/from another e-mail address.
Both Leonardo and Bovisa Campuses have
computer rooms available to students.
Te access is free for all the students: you just need
to show your student card.
Te complete list of classrooms and computer rooms
is available on the website at click on aule in the menu on the
right side of the page, then choose the campus on
your lef and:
click on the type of room you are looking for on
the menu at the bottom of the page to see the
complete list on your screen;
write the name of the room to fnd its location.
Bars are located both in Leonardo and Bovisa
A bar with canteen facilities is located in
Leonardo Campus, below the terrace, in front of
the individual study hall called Acquario.
Another bar, where you can buy pizza and drinks,
is located on the terrace in front of the North
Building in Leonardo Campus.
In campus Bovisa, the bar is located inside the
campus area in via Durando 10.
A restaurant/canteen service (mensa) is available
for students in two diferent locations near
Campus Leonardo:
Mensa Universitaria, via Golgi 20
(open from Monday to Friday from 11.45 to
Casa dello Studente, viale Romagna 62
(open from Monday to Friday from 18.30 to
21.00; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 12.00
to 14.00 and from 19.00 to 21.00)
Another canteen service is held at Campus Bovisa,
inside the School of Engineering (via La Masa).
A number of Students Associations organize both
cultural and sports activities, open to all students.
Among them, the ones who count more members
ESN (Erasmus Student Network) and ESEG
(Exchange Students and Erasmus Guide).
Students registered in one of these associations may
get discounts in many bookshops, fotocopisterie,
phone cards, cinemas, cafs etc.
Both associations also help international students in
fnding accommodation.
ESN Campus Leonardo
tel. +39 02 2399 2676
via Ampere 10, 20133 Milano
ESN Campus Bovisa
tel. +39 02 2399 7114
via Durando 10, 20148 Milano
ESEG Campus Leonardo
tel. +39 399 77 81165
c/o Educaf
p.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 Milano
Students Sport Activities at the campuses of the
Politecnico di Milano, except for the Como Campus,
are organized by the University Sport Committee
(C.U.S.). C.U.S. enrolment costs 10 . Insurance
for all activities as well as medical check-up for
non-competitive performance are included in the
enrolment fee.
C.U.S. members can either take part into sport
courses or participate to the organized competitions.
For further information about C.U.S. activities and
enrolment you can:
go to the C.U.S. ofce at Campus Giuriati,
which is located in front of the Department of
Electronics and Information, via Golgi, at the
corner with via Pascal (ofce hours: Monday to
Friday, 9.30-13.30, tel. +39-02-706 019 03)
contact the Centro Universitario Sportivo - CUS
Milano, Circonvallazione Idroscalo 11, Segrate
(Milano) tel. +39.02.7021141 ofce hours:
Monday to Tusday 10-17, Friday 10-14
visit the C.U.S. web-site
visit, click on Didattica and then
on Altre Informazioni
All the students enrolled in C.U.S. receive the card
to enter the Campo Giuriati sport area for
free. Some activities of particular interest for
the Politecnico di Milano may receive a direct
contribution from the C.U.S. Among them: sailing
(crews of the Politecnico di Milano have taken part
into international races) soccer (11 or 5 players),
cross country race, basketball, volleyball and others.
A Fitness Gym ofering a wide range of resistance
equipment, is located at the Casa dello Studente,
via Romagna 62. Te access for students is free of
Furthermore, students of the Politecnico di
Milano also organize other sport activities such as
international, national or local competitions (soccer,
cross, sky, rugby).