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Kertas 2

Oktober 2001

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Kertas 2 Dua Jam Lima Belas Minit

1. Kertas ini mengandungi 3 soalan.

2. Jawab semua soalan.

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You are advised to spend about 30 minutes on Section A, 45 minutes on Section B and an hour on Section C.

SECTION A: Directed Writing

Question 1

Imagine that you are a reporter working for a local newspaper. Recently, a horrific road accident occurred in your neighbourhood. You are asked to report the accident.

Using the notes below, write a report for the newspaper that you work for. You may add other relevant details.

® four young friends on an outing in town – new car

® met with an accident on their way home – late at night

® three of the friends died instantaneously – one escaped with cuts and bruises

® driver – out of control – too fast crashed into a stationary lorry

® another car and van from opposite direction involved – not injured

® deceased claimed by family

When writing your report, remember to include:

suitable headline for your report

use the format of a newspaper report

eye witness account as well as comments from relevant authorities

use all the notes given below and elaborate each point with relevant details

ensure that the report is informative, relevant, clear and logical.

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(30 marks)


SECTION B: Summary

Question 2

He and his mother had had many disagreements over the past few years. She had often threatened to take her money and live somewhere else. In fact, during his wife’s absence, Linkworth and his mother had another violent argument. The old lady took all her money out of the bank and made plans to leave Sheffield


the next day. She told her son that she was going to live with friends in London. He saw his chance, and that evening he strangled her. During the night, he buried the body in the small back garden behind the shop. His next step, before his wife returned, was a very sensible one. The next morning he packed up all his mother’s clothes. He took them down to the station


and sent them off to London by passenger train. In the evening, he invited several friends for supper and told them about his mother’s departure. He openly admitted that he and his mother had never really agreed with each other. He said that he was not sorry that she had left. He added that she had not given him her London address. That too seemed quite natural, but it was a clever idea all the same.


Linkworth did not want his wife to write to the old lady. When his wife returned, Linkworth told her the same believable story and she accepted it completely. Indeed, this is not surprising, for there was nothing strange or unusual about it. And for a while everything went very well. At first, Linkworth was clever. He did not pay the money he owed immediately. Instead, he took a


paying guest into his house. This young man rented the old lady’s room. At the same time Linkworth mentioned to everyone how he was making money from his little shop. It was a month before he used any of the money from the locked drawer in his mother’s room. Then, he changed two fifty-pound notes and paid back the money that he owed.


Eventually he became careless. He began to pay another two hundred pounds into the bank. Linkworth began to worry about the body in the garden. He spent one whole summer building a rock garden over the grave. When the flowers grew, then only he felt safer. One day, something unexpected happened. His mother’s luggage had arrived at Kings Cross Station in London, and of course


nobody collected it. It was eventually sent to the lost-luggage office. It stayed there waiting for its owner until there was a fire at the office. The luggage was partly destroyed and the railway company wrote a letter addressed to Mrs. Linkworth at her Sheffield address to inform her about it. When the letter arrived, naturally Linkworth’s wife opened it. The letter was


the beginning of the end for Linkworth. Why was his mother’s luggage still in the lost luggage office? Linkworth could give no reasonable explanation. Of course he had to call the police to tell them that his mother was missing. Then, men in dark suits came to visit Linkworth’s shop. They inspected the rock garden behind his shop and they enquired at his bank. Eventually Linkworth was arrested and put on


trial. They did not take long to find him guilty and condemn him to death.

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Linkworth went to his death with a calm expressionless face. The prison

chaplain did his best to persuade Linkworth to confess his crime. Linkworth refused to admit his guilt. On a bright September morning, the sun shone warmly on the terrible little group that cross the prison yard. The chaplain prayed. Then, the


prison officers put a black cloth over the condemned man’s head. They tied his hand behind his back. Then they led Linkworth to the hanging–shed to punish him for his crime.


was Doctor Teesdale’s job afterwards to make sure that the man was dead.

He did so. He had seen it all, of course. He had heard the chaplain praying. He


had watched the prison officers putting a rope around the condemned man’s neck. He had seen the floor opened up underneath him, and he had watched the body drop down into the black hole below. He had looked down and watched the body trembling and kicking. That lasted only for a few moments; It was a perfect death. An hour later it was Teesdale’s duty to examine the body, and again everything


was normal. The prisoner’s neck was broken; death had been quick and painless. However, as he continued to examine the body, Teesdale suddenly had a very

strange feeling as if Linkworth’s spirit was very near to him. At that point, Linkworth had been dead for an hour. Then another strange thing happened. One of the prison officers came into


the room and asked Teesdale whether someone had brought the rope into the room because he could not find it anywhere. Teesdale thought no more about it. The disappearance of the rope, although it was strange, was not particularly important. Later in the day, when Teesdale was sitting alone in his study at home, he felt the presence of a strange spirit in the room. Suddenly, the telephone on his


desk began to ring very softly. He got up and picked up the receiver but all he could hear was a whisper, “ Speak louder, please! I can’t hear you.” he said. Again the whisper came but it was even softer and died away. Doctor Teesdale telephoned the operator to find out where the call had come


from. To his surprise he was given the number of the prison. He called them at once. Prison Officer Draycott who answered the call told Teesdale that none of the prison officers had telephoned him. Teesdale thought about the phone call and the quiet whisper that he heard over the phone.


wonder ……….” he said. “No, no, it’s impossible!.”


At half past nine the next evening, the telephone in Teesdale’s study rang again. The ringing was softer than the night before. Teesdale picked up the receiver and heard a heartbroken and hopeless cry. “This is Doctor Teesdale. What can I do for you?” he asked kindly. “Who are you?” he was sure he knew the answer.



soft voice spoke to him.

“This is Charles Linkworth, sir. I’m very miserable. I killed her. I confess. I

want to be forgiven.”

(Adapted from “The Confession of Charles Linkworth” by E.F. Benson

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This story tells you about how Charles Linkworth killed his mother in order to get her money.

Summarise How he killed his mother and how he tried to conceal it. How the murder was discovered. What happened to him after his arrest.

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30 marks


SECTION C: Continuous Writing

Question 3

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics.




Malaysia is surrounded by many beautiful islands. Describe your visit to one of the islands.

My favourite movie star.

Begin a story with this line:

‘ It all started when my best friend suggested jungle trekking at the National



Patriotism is declining among Malaysian youths. Do you agree?

(e) Friendship


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(40 marks)