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"Be a Bar topnotcher.

Challenges that Bar examinees may face: communication skills, handwriting,

poor English, defective logic, carelessness, inadequate preparation.
here is no relation at all in the grades in law school and your chances to top
the Bar.
!now your enemy.
"ew #all game each year. $lso take note of new rules, like: designation of two
examiners per su#%ect.
&repare your petition papers early. 'uly is already a late period to prepare
(ou don)t have to read all the cases. *ead only the landmark cases.
+ather all the codals.
&ay attention to: knowledge, recollection, communication, and speed.
Be very careful in the afternoon #ecause the alloted time is lesser.
,rite fast. ,rite legi#ly. hree short sentences, except in enumerations and
,hat is the impact of the two-examiner rule. he /-sentence rule may no
longer #e applica#le #ecause the examiner will have more time to evaluate
your #ooklet and analy0e your answers.
$re you ready to review for the Bar. (ou need a plan, to determine your
(ou only have 334 days left #etween $pril 56 to $ugust 57, 5667.
(ou need a minimum of &86,666 for the review.
(ou only have a max of 9 reading hours a day.
*eading speed is / minutes per page including comprehension and
understanding. here are 36,666 pages you have to read.
"eed for speed. est your speed :read his #ook on how to do this;.
<f you make it easy for the examiner to check your note#ook, he)ll repay you
with a high grade.
&hysical resources: +et a thorough physical exam, especially an eye exam.
(ou would #e putting your eyes to extreme strain during the review period.
*eview materials: Better that you use your old #ooks= they are like old
*eview supplies: < don)t recommend yellowpads and reading from the
computer. >se 8" x ?" index cards for your notes as they could easily #e
inserted and are porta#le. $udio recorders are a waste of time and money if
you don)t pay attention to the lecture #ecause you)re thinking that you)re
recording it anyway.
@inancial resources: 1ave. Borrow. Beg. he #ottomline: (ou should no longer
worry a#out money #ecause it will distract you from your review.
*eview school: Aook for the lecturers in choosing a good review school. Be
aware of those #rilliant or star lecturers who will %ust put you to sleep.
1ometimes, the daily review lectures can #e a waste of time.
1ta#ili0e your EB.
*est on 1unday.
$dhere to your daily review schedule as if your life depends on it.
*eading everything would lead you to perdition. Be selective on where to
focus on. Because even if you read everything, you cannot remem#er them
(ou can recall if you need to, and if you want to. Cave a strong motivation to
(ou must limit the materials that you have to master.
<t is motivation that allows you to concentrate.
*ead one section at a time #efore marking.
Bring your #ook during lectures so that you can mark appropriate portions
related to the lecture.
Cave your own mock Bar exams.
*ead the area covered #y the lecture prior to the lecture.
Be well rested when you attend lectures. 2therwise, you)ll end up sleeping in
the comforta#le, airconditioned environment of the lecture hall.
$ wrap-up review will help.
&re-week is for psychological preparations.
Exam Days: ,ar 0one is still in Aa 1alle, not in >E as earlier rumored.
$n answer is complete if it cannot anymore #e su#%ected to the question
$lways look at the rationale #ehind every law or provision.
<t is always the fear of the unknown that is diEcult to surmount. Kaya ninyo