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Try An Eye Exercise
Here is an eye exercise that you can try. It's from the Rebuild Your Vision Program. It's called
"3 Cups" and it's actually one of my favourite exercises.

1. Refer to the above image labeled "#3 - 3 CUPS." You will also need a pen or pencil.
2. Sit relaxed and adjust your chair so that you are 12 to 24 inches from the computer
monitor at eye level. If the image is not perfectly clear to you, that's all right, as long as you
can make out the image.
3. Hold the pen vertically between the two circles approximately 1 inch from the screen. The
top of the pen should be at the same level as the image.
4. Focus on the top of the pen as you slowly bring it toward your face. (Refer to Figure 3.2
below.) As you bring the pen closer to your face you will notice the two circles appear to
become three circles. When it appears that the three circles are all the same shape and
proportion, stop moving the pen.
5. Try to shift your focus from the pen to the center circle. This may be difficult and could
take a few days to master. If you have trouble doing this, refer to "Troubleshooting" below.
6. Once you can focus on the center circle, move your pen away while maintaining your focus.
Try to see the center circle as clearly as possible. As you increase your focus you will notice
that the center circle becomes three-dimensional. It will look as if you were peering down into
a Styrofoam cup. (Refer to Figure 3.3 below.)
7. Your final goal for Level 1 is to look at the two circles and create the three circles, the
center one appearing three-dimensional, without using your pen. Once you can easily
achieve this, proceed to level 2 as described in the Rebuild Your Vision daily training routine.
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8. Continue to levels 2 and 3 of the 3 Cups eye exercise as detailed in the Rebuild Your
Vision Program.

Troubleshooting for Level 1:
a) You have trouble creating the third circle.
Move closer or farther from the monitor. Also, your eyes may have become tired very quickly,
so briefly look away or perform the Distant Night eye exercise to refresh your eyes.
b) You see four circles.
Focus closer to the tip of your nose. Bring the pen closer to your face and keep your eyes
focused on it. This should transform the four circles into three. Another option is to move a
few inches farther from the monitor.
c) You cannot focus on the center circle.
If you can see the center circle but have trouble focusing on it without the pen, be assured
that this is normal when you're first performing this eye exercise. Focus on the top of the pen,
then slowly look over it at the center circle. Keep going back and forth between the two until
you are able to focus on the center circle without the pen.

This Eye Exercise is Courtesy The Rebuild Your Vision Program

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