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Tips To Improve Eyesight

If you spend a lot of time working with a computer, reading or watching

TV you are most likely short sighted. This means that you are unable to
see objects in the distance very clearly.
This occurs because for the majority of the day your eyes are focused
on objects that are close to you, so in effect your eyes become used
to seeing close objects. s a result the eyes becomes less able to see
distant objects clearly.
!ere"s # $uick eye e%ercises you can use to improve your eyesight,
and increase your ability to see objects in the distance.
Eye Exercise 1
&ake an effort to stare at something in the distance every #' ( )'
minutes for at least #' seconds. *ou can do this by simply looking at
the other end of the room you are in, or looking out the window.
This e%ercise will improve your focus of distant objects, by preventing
the eye becoming used to focusing only on objects that are close to
Eye Exercise 2
This is similar to the first e%ercise, but involves you putting your finger
in front of your face about a hands distance away from your nose. +ow
look at your finger for a few seconds, then look at something in the
,hen you do this you should feel you eyes changing focus from the
finger, to the distant object you are looking at. This is an e%cellent
e%ercise for improving the focusing ability of your eyes.
Eye Exercise 3
-or this e%ercise nod your head up and down, like you were nodding
yes to someone. .ook up at the ceiling and down at your toes.
This e%ercise will strengthen the muscles in your neck, thereby
increasing blood circulation to the head and eyes. It will also help to
reduce a sagging chin.
Bonus Exercise - Eye / Brain Program
/lick here to download a program that you can install on your
computer. It contains numerous eye e%ercises and is designed to
improve and increase your reading speed. !ighly recommended0
Instructions (
1 ( /lick on the link above. If it doesn"t work please leave a comment.
2 ( 3nter the code ne%t to the orange download button at the top of the
# ( ,ait for the free download button to appear, then click to download.
4 ( 5urn the file to a /6 or mount it using a virtual drive.
Bonus Advice
/ut down or eliminate the amount of sugar or sweetener you consume.
7ugar can cause poor eyesight, and this includes sugars consumed
from juicing fruit.
lthough carrots are generally thought to improve eyesight, this is
actually false. lthough they are useful in promoting general eye
This rumor was started during the 2nd ,orld ,ar by 5ritain"s ir
&inistry, to mislead the 8ermans into thinking that carrots helped
bomber pilots to see better at night, when in(fact it was radar 9a new
secret system:.
-oods that will improve your eyesight include berries, such as
blueberries or bilberries.
Additional Inormation !n Improving
!ere are some e%tra tips you can follow to improve your eyesight.
1 - "on#t $ear %lasses
&any books and natural vision improvement e%perts will tell you not to
wear glasses, or to wear them as little as possible.
8lasses only provide a temporary fi%, and do not improve your
eyesight over the long term. In fact glasses will make your eyesight
worse over time, which is why many people need stronger
prescriptions each time they visit their optician.
2 - %et &ome Bil'erry Extract
5ilberry is one of the best things you can take to improve your eyesight
naturally, and you should start noticing results in under a month.
The best type of bilberry to get is the standardi;ed e%tract, ideally at
1)'mg. lthough anything over 1''mg should be ok.
3 - Avoid &ugary (oods
s a general rule just remember that sugar is bad news for the eyes.
The more sugar you eat, the worse your eyesight will become. 7ugar
can come in the form of natural and artificial sugar, and also as a result
of eating white flour.
) - "istance (ocus Exercises
7ince most people are short sighted 9can see objects better when they
are closer: one of the best e%ercises you can do to improve your
eyesight is to refocus the eye by looking at near and far objects.
*ou can do this using the finger method described above, or for better
results use an eye test chart.
To do the eye test chart method you first need to download this.
<rint two copies of the eye chart, making sure you read the instructions
so that you get the correct letter si;es.
+ow place one chart at a distance of 2' feet away from you 9measure
with tape measure:. <lace the other chart at a distance of 1' feet away
from you. +ow stand at the back of the room so that you can see both
eye charts.
To do this e%ercise you must first look at the eye chart that is closest to
you. ,ith both eyes open read the first letter on the eye chart, then
read the first letter on the eye chart furthest away from you.
+ow read the ne%t letter on the eye chart closest to you, then read that
letter on the eye chart furthest away from you.
=epeat these steps constantly shifting from the near and far eye charts
reading as many letters as you can. Ideally you are aiming for the
2'>2' vision line.
+ow repeat the same process but this time cover up one eye with your
hand. It is important to cover your eye keeping it open, rather than to
close your eye.
=epeat this step again with your other eye.
This e%ercise provides e%cellent distance training, and will strengthen
both eyes whilst also familiari;ing you with eye charts and at the same
time allowing you to monitor your progress.
* - +se The Eye Exercise Program
6ownload the program mentioned at the start of this article and use it
&onday ( 7aturday. ?n 7unday give your eyes a rest from any eye
8o through each level in the program slowly, and only move up to a
higher level when you find the e%ercises easy to do.
fter you have completed the e%ercise for the day, go into the personal
training section, select eye e%ercise and do the #' second eye e%ercise
using both eyes.
+ow repeat the same e%ercise for each individual eye, by covering up
one eye with your hand.
This will strengthen the eye muscles in both eyes. It is important to do
these e%ercises with both eyes open as this will make your eyes work
better together.
It is also important to do these e%ercises with one eye by itself as this
will strengthen the individual eye, preventing it from becoming reliant
on your stronger eye.
This is often the case with most people, as they will tend to have one
dominant eye whose eyesight is better than the other eye. The weaker
eye is sometimes called the la;y eye.
, - -od .our /ead 100 Times A "ay
6o the neck e%ercise by nodding your head. ,ork yourself up to 1''
nods per day for best results.
1 - Additional Inormation
If you want to read in detail about improving your eyesight naturally
you can read some books on improving your eyesight.
*ou can download them free here.
They go into a lot of detail, and discuss other e%ercises you can do.
lthough the tips I have given here are the best and most effective
combination for improving your eyesight.
If you want to improve your eyesight $uickly, make sure you do all
these additional steps on a daily basis. /onsistency is important. 5ut
remember to give your eyes a rest on 7unday.
I also recommend getting some high strength bilberry e%tract if you
want to improve your eyesight $uickly. This is best taken on an empty
stomach, which means 2 hours before or after you have eaten
2 - 3eocus 4onstantly
,hilst you should set aside some time to do these e%ercises daily, it is
a good idea to refocus your eyes throughout the day by making an
effort to look at objects which are in the distance.
=emember, most of the time you are looking at objects which are very
close to you. 7o take advantage of the times when you can look at
things which are further away.
t the same time avoid staring for long periods at computer or TV
screens. If you have to look at a computer or TV for long periods, try to
occasionally look at something in the distance.
5 - Improve .our /and To Eye
This simple game will test and improve your hand to eye coordination.
,hich basically means how well your hands, eyes and brain work
<ractice this game for a few minutes each day, and you will gradually
improve your hand to eye coordination.